Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 196: Making Someone To Taste His Own Medicine

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Chapter 196: Making Someone to Taste His Own Medicine

Long Hanwen got up and greeted him with a smile, “It’s alright. Nephew Ouyang and I have almost finished talking. Besides, old brother Zhang and I haven’t drank together for a long time, have we? So, how about we have dinner together?”

“No problem. But I’ll play the host. Anyhow, this should be the business genius from Jingmen Island’s Ouyang Family, yes? Truly, heroes have always sprouted from the young, and seeing you in person is much better than hearing from rumors.” Zhang Fengxian said.

“Ah, you’re overpraising me.” Ouyang Lei replied with a smile. Then, he immediately turned to Long Hanwen and said, “Uncle Long, this is?”

“He’s also one of the great figures in Star City. You have heard about the Star City’s Zhang Group, haven’t you? He’s the Boss, Zhang Fengxian.” Long Hanwen replied.

“Well, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time now.” Ouyang Lei casually nodded and said with a smile.

After some courtesies, everyone then sat on the sofa.

Zhang Fengxian clearly saw that there was the original drawing of architectural complex design on the coffee table. However, Long Zhengyu hastily rolled up the design paper and put it into the box. He then said with a smile, “Brother Long, I’ll be frank with you. The reason I came to see you this time is to buy this design blueprint. You say the price.”

Long Hanwen’s expression changed. The smile on his face faded as though receding tides. With a bit of hazed expression, he forced out an insincere smile and said, “To think you know I have this blueprint design, Brother Zhang truly the means! It seems there’s a traitor close to me. But since I have carried out the legal filing for this design, I’m the owner of this blueprint. I won’t sell it!”

“Brother Long, you misunderstood me. Someone has taken this architectural design of yours with a mobile phone and leaked it on the internet. There should be a lot of people know that about it now. And I myself came to know about it by chance.” said Zhang Fengxian.

Long Hanwen’s complexion changed again as he shouted with a sinking tone, “Zhengyu! How could this happen?”

“I don’t know! I’m the one who kept this blueprint. And I can guarantee that n.o.body has seen it aside from you and brother Ouyang.” Shaking his head, Long Zhengyu replied.

“If this didn’t leak out from you, then from who? Could it be...” with a sinking tone Long Hanwen asked.

“It shouldn’t be! The expert who drew this design has a good and reliable reputation. He spent six months to help us design this architectural complex blueprint.” Replied Long Zhengyu with a forced smile.

“Hahaha, Brother Long, n.o.body is accountable; and nowadays, accountability is literally useless. Since you’re the owner of this design, n.o.body can take it away from your hands even if it’s been spread out throughout the world. Since you don’t want to sell it, could it be that you want to start the project yourself? Furthermore, I’ve heard that you also have called several banks presidents and even met the top leaders from the government?” Zhang Fengxian laughed and said.

Long Hanwen snorted and said, “Hmph, it seems that the world truly has no wall without cracks. I’ve done everything as carefully as I can, but I didn’t expect that ambitious people still sniffed this out.”

“Brother Long, you need not hold any hostility toward me. In all due honesty, the reason I came to see you is to offer a win-win solution. I already saw this architectural design blueprint, and the amount of work is quite huge since it includes a commercial district as well as a residential area. Not to mention that some buildings with a few hundred-meter-high height are also quite big projects in itself. What I’m saying is, we should cooperate.” Zhang Fengxian said with a smile.

“So, you want your share of the cake too, huh?” Long Hanwen frowned and replied.

“Brother Long, a project as huge as this one is not something that can be swallowed solely by your Long Family. I believe that this project will run smoothly if we cooperate. You too know that we both are the main leaders of the real estate business in Star City. It will bring about great benefits for the both of us once we cooperate.” Zhang Fengxian categorically said.

“What you say is true. I also know that my Long Family doesn’t have the means to monopolize this big cake. But, Jingmen Island’s Ouyang Family also wants to cooperate with me. I know it will take more time if we begin the project and build per cl.u.s.ters and phases, but still, the profits are also quite considerable. So…” Long Hanwen replied with a dry smile.

Zhang Fengxian waved his hand to interrupt Long Hanwen’s speech as he said with a sinking tone, “Brother Long, time is money. The earlier the project is completed, the faster the investment will return. I don’t have any problem with the Ouyang Family cooperating in this, since we can still sign a tripart.i.te agreement to co-fund the project. Fortunately, my Zhang Group has sold several estates recently and we have received our investment also. So it won’t be a problem for us to provide dozens of billion in liquid funds.”

Long Hanwen knitted his brows and looked at Ouyang Lei. The latter pondered for a moment before he slowly said, “Our Ouyang Family also has no problem with it, provided that the Zhang Group has enough funds. However, I have a request. We must start this project within a short time. In addition, with the co-funding of the three of us, I want the leaders.h.i.+p of the venture to be taken by the one who contributes the most.”

"This…"  Long Hanwen and Zhang Fengxian looked at each other with hesitation.

“My family will invest 5 billion and I also have brought the money, I can invest it at any time into the project. The two of you are the local businessmen in Star City, so I need to take precautions in this cooperation. That’s why I suggested our three parties to deposit the funds and sign an agreement that anyone cannot withdraw the fund if the projects have yet to complete. I myself don't hope such a situation to occur, for it will affect the entire implementation of the plan.” Ouyang Lei slowly explained.

“Then, your meaning is that our three parties will provide staff to form a management team? I see. This approach itself does sound reasonable, but a team without a leader will inevitably affect the project in itself.” Long Hanwen said with a surprised expression.

Zhang Fengxian himself also understood the reasoning behind this approach. He nodded and said, “Nephew Ouyang hasn’t had engaged with real estate business, yes? A management team consisted of three parties would have quite a troublesome situation; particularly when the project has been started and encounters some problem, whereas each and every party would propose their ideas and n.o.body is agreeing with anyone. So I suggest that we should elect a CEO who is solely responsible for the project.”

Ouyang Lei thought for a long while as he then said slowly, “If you want to appoint a CEO, I should be the one to find the person. You can rest a.s.sured, I won’t use someone from my Ouyang Family, I will hire a reputable and highly-renowned manager for this. If you agree to my request then we’ll shake hands; but if you don’t, Ouyang Family will recede from the cooperation.”

Long Hanwen glanced at Zhang Fengxian as he replied with sinking tone, “I can agree to this condition, but on the premise that I also have the rights to voice my opinion on the candidates. If I think the professional manager you hire is not qualified, then your candidate will be overruled.”

“I agree to this condition!” Zhang Fengxian quickly said.

“I believe you heard of this friend of mine. Kang Xia! As early as tomorrow morning, I’ll go to the Capital to invite her. What do you think?” Ouyang Lei said slowly.

Kang Xia?

A strange expression pa.s.sed on Long Hanwen and Zhang Fengxian’s face, while there was also a trace of pity in their eyes.

Zhang Deqin, who was at the side, felt somewhat familiar with the name, but she couldn’t remember where she heard it. After trying to recall for a moment, she asked with a low voice, “Dad, who’s this Kang Xia, is she very famous?”

“Famous?! This name shook the business world! You haven’t a.s.sumed the authority position in the family so you don’t know much about the topmost Gold Medal Managers in the world. However, it’s a pity though…” Zhang Fengxian said with a sigh.

“Why is it a pity?” Zhang Deqin asked with a confused expression.

“It’s a pity that Kang Xia no longer wants to become a CEO for other corporations, for she herself has established her own company. She even chose our Star City as the base. You have heard about the Magnificent Tang Corporation, haven’t you? This corporation has just been established in Star City recently, and Kang Xia is exactly this company’s CEO.” Zhang Fengxian forced out a smile as he replied.

Zhang Deqin suddenly realized as to why she felt that the Kang Xia name was quite familiar when she heard it. The said person was a CEO of a newly formed corporation. She also remembered that the recent financial and economic magazines often reported her interview.

Being surprised after hearing the talk between the father and daughter, Ouyang Lei asked, “Did you say that Kang Xia is in Star City and has established her own company?”

“Yes. It’s called Magnificent Tang Corporation.” Zhang Fengxian nodded and said.

Ouyang Lei took out his mobile and dialed a number. After the call was connected, he quickly spoke, “Kang Xia, it’s Ouyang Lei here. Is it true that you’ve established your own company? I just heard about it.”

“Ah, old friend, aren’t you kinda late on the news? I did have set up a company, but I’ve just built its framework for now and it will take quite a long time to have it on the right track. Anyways, is there something you want?” Kang Xia’s laughter and voice came out of the phone.

“d.a.m.n. I caught the news way too late. Anyways, where are you now? Are you in the capital or in Star City?” Ouyang Lei forced out a smile and said.

“Star City!”

“Hey, I’m also in Star City, you got time for us to meet?”

“You’re also in Star City? Of course! We’re old friends. It’s been almost a year since we met, right? Where are you now? I’ll catch up with you now.”

“Long’s Dining Hall!”

“Ah, the world’s really small. You’re here too, huh? Tell me your box’s number, I’ll be there shortly.”


Ouyang Lei hang up the phone. With an expression as though he was talking to himself, he forced out a smile and said, “To think that she actually established her own company, this is truly unexpected. I met her in the United States around seven or eight years ago, helping her settle some little problems back then. She told me she would return the favor in the future. To be honest, I want to use this favor and make her the CEO for this project. But it seems there’s no hope.”

Long Hanwen’s expression moved as he said, “In fact, I think it’s not that bad since Kang Xia is still willing to see you. As far as I know, Magnificent Tang Corporation’s framework and structure have been completed. Apparently, they will take the cosmetic business, but their progress in setting up the manufacturing line isn’t doing well. So it’s still unknown when they’ll be able to begin producing the products. On the other hand, since we have undertaken the early stage of the project, we might still be able to pull her to supervise this project. Besides, she herself resides in Star City and it will be very convenient.”

“I wonder whether she would agree to work with us. I have heard some news about her character.” Zhang Fengxian forced out a smile as he replied.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 196: Making Someone To Taste His Own Medicine

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