Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 202: The Ending

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Chapter 202: The Ending 

Looking at the frightened expression on Zhang Fengxian’s face, Zhang Deqin hurriedly came at his side and asked, “Dad, what happened?”

Zhang Fengxian struggled to look up. As he looked at Zhang Deqin’s nervous expression, his lips creeped out a few times as he said with a bitter tone, “Kang Xia just called me. She said that your Second Uncle absconded 1-2 billion funds from the collective account. All of the money has been transferred to a Swiss bank account. And now, he and several staffs of the Finance Department ran away. Kang Xia accused me as the one who gave the order behind this façade and reported this to the police.”

“WHAT?!” Zhang Deqin was so scared that even her legs felt numb and almost fell to the floor.

The sky collapsed!

She was very well aware that if her Second Uncle really did that, it would only mean that their Zhang Family was as good as finished. Either the Long or Ouyang Family, they definitely would never let the Zhang Family go.


Although her heart was full of fear, however, she wasn’t scared silly because of that. Her eyes stared tightly at Zhang Fengxian and spoke with a sinking tone, “Dad, I believe there’s no way in h.e.l.l Second Uncle would do this! Everything is machinated and definitely a conspiracy! I suspect that the ones who schemed against us, is not only the Long Family, but also the Ouyangs. I even dare say that Kang Xia herself is also involved in this conspiracy. Thus, the money must have been transferred by them… And Second Uncle, perhaps… perhaps he has encountered an unexpected accident!”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Fengxian’s face suddenly changed greatly. He suddenly jumped up from his chair and immediately shouted, “Quickly contact Long Hanwen. Tell him I want to see him, NOW!”

“Yes!” The young secretary immediately answered.

Shortly after, the young secretary said, “Boss, Long Hanwen is at the Long’s Dining Hall. He said that he’s currently accompanying a few important guests so he doesn’t have time to see you. if you really have an urgent matter, he said to go to the Long’s Dining Hall."

Zhang Fengxian gripped his fists tightly. In this split moment, he was sure that everything was set up by the Long and Ouyang Families, whereas his Zhang Family was the sole target of their machinations. Everything that happened now was definitely their conspiracy.

“Prepare the car to the Long’s Dining Hall!” After Zhang Fengxian figured out everything, a murderous intent to kill Long Hanwen and Ouyang Lei gushed out inside his heart, as he immediately called out.

Zhang Deqin quickly followed him and exclaimed, “I’ll go with you, Dad!”

A few minutes later, three cars quickly drove off from the Zhang Group HQ’s underground parking lot and traveled toward Long’s Dining Hall.

Inside a dozen-storied building at the opposite side of the Zhang Group’s HQ, a tall and st.u.r.dy man holding a binocular was observing the Zhang Group’s HQ’s underground parking lot’s exit. After he confirmed the license plate, he immediately grabbed his phone and dialed a number.

“The snake is out of the hole, be prepared to commence the follow-up plan!”

"Roger that!"

Ten minutes later.

There were only a few cars on the road, but there was a traffic accident which blocked the three cars’ path. Zhang Fengxian, who was sitting in the middle seat of the Mercedes-Benz, frowned and said, “Go there and take a look, tell them to make way and open the road!”


The young secretary who was sitting on the co-pilot seat complied as he opened the door and got off.

After several seconds, six vans which were on the three lanes of the roads drove fast as braking sounds hurriedly sounded, disgorging a dozen or so big men who quickly rushed out and surrounded the three cars in extremely fast movements. The car's doors were pulled open as they grasped 6-7 people from the inside.

Zhang Fengxian’s pupils contracted. Whilst facing the tall and burly man who pulled out his collar, he struggled and shouted loudly, “Who the h.e.l.l are you?! I’m Zhang Fengxian, the boss of the Zhang Group. Do you know the consequences of offending me?! LET! ME! GO!... LET ME GO!”


A fist fiercely punched out and directly hit his forehead, causing him to faint. Zhang Deqin was also stunned by another big guy as the latter directly held her and dragged her into the van.

At the same time, in other eight places, another eight important clansmen of the Zhangs were also captured by mysterious big guys lightning fast.

They moved extremely fast and chose extremely hidden places, so n.o.body noticed them.

At South Gate Town.

Tang Xiu put down his phone as the ruthless glint inside his eyes faded away gradually. A total of 12 high-level clansmen of the Zhang Family had been captured. In addition, nine more people, the staffs who were working in Zhang Group, also had been grasped and were hidden in a safe place. The call just now was from Long Hanwen, asking him as how to deal with these people.

If it were according to his previous style, he would naturally kill all of them.

However, the Zhang Family was, after all, a well-respected family in Star City, and there are a lot of people who pay attention to them. It would be inevitable that numerous forces would pay attention with such big happenings. If the news that a large number of their family’s corpses were to be reported in the headline news, this incident would be very difficult to end.

Furthermore, this matter had yet to conclude.

When the Zhang Group had been annexed, then, it would be the perfect time to deal with the high-level clansmen of the Zhangs.

Tang Xiu left his villa and came to the Property Management Office. After he met with Long Xueyao, he said, “Could you take me to Lakeview Manor?! I have no car, so it’s inconvenient to go out.”

“Is it very urgent? If not, please wait for a while. I still have things to deal with. Wait until I take take care of a few things, then I’ll speak with you again.” Long Xueyao said with a smile.

Tang Xiu nodded.

He was no stranger to the Property Management Office. After he came to the rest area, the staff of the office sent him a hot tea enthusiastically, whereas he—himself was thinking as how to deal with the Zhangs and what he needed to do afterward.

The College Entrance Test would soon be releasing the scores.

He wasn’t worried about his performance. But now, he need to think about what school to enroll. The Blue City University was a good choice. It was located in the provincial capital and was also one of the top universities in the country. However, Tang Xiu also thought that Shanghai University was also a good one. Shanghai was the most developed city in the country and had good transportation means. It would be very easy for him to go abroad as he didn’t need to transit from Star City or other places to Shanghai.

The island he had purchased was in the Pacific Ocean, and he hadn’t seen it yet. After he finished registering, he planned to take a trip there. Although he had no money currently, which meant that he had no means to rebuild the island. However, he still had to go there in advance and make some arrangements as well as find some people to take care of it.

“Ring, ring…”

His mobile phone’s ringtone sounded, abruptly interrupting his train of thought.

Tang Xiu took out his mobile. As he looked at the caller ID and found that it was Mu Qingping, he immediately received the call and asked, “Big Sis Mu, is there something?”

“Your mother is here, at home!”

"I see. I’ll be back right away."

After ending the call, he looked at Long Xueyao, who was still busy. He didn’t greet her and directly walked toward his villa. Inside, he saw Mu Qingping chatting with his mother.

"Hi, Mom!" Tang Xiu smile as he greeted her.

Seeing Tang Xiu, Su Lingyun’s eyes suddenly brightened up as she said with a smile, “Xiu’er, tomorrow is the day for applying and registering to university, isn’t it? Mom came this time to ask you. Have you picked an university yet?”

“Not yet, Mom. I haven’t thought it through.” Tang Xiu shook his head and answered.

Upon hearing this, Su Lingyun suddenly said anxiously, “How so? The application must be filled out tomorrow. If you haven’t thought it well, then you’ll only waste time. Tell Mom which university you want to enter. Have you thought about the university which your College Entrance Test results can pa.s.s its pa.s.sing grade?”

“Mom, I can guarantee that my scores can pa.s.s any university’s pa.s.sing grade in the country. If you really want to know, I have two choices now. The first one is the Blue City University in our provincial capital. The reason to consider it, is because it’s in our province as well as quite close to Star City and you. So if you don’t want to leave your restaurant business, I can always come back here to see you at any time. The other one is Shanghai University. Shanghai has the fastest economic development as well as is the most prosperous city. Studying there with means of transportation to the outside world, will be much more convenient in the future.” Tang Xiu said.

Su Lingyun’s eyes turned a bit nervous before she asked, “You… have you considered entering Beijing University?”

“I did, but I don’t want to go there!” Tang Xiu shook his head and answered.

Upon hearing his answer, Su Lingyun suddenly relaxed as a smile reappeared on her face. Then, she said with a smile, “Although Beijing is our country’s capital, but if you go study there, you’ll be bound to face fast rhythm and high pressure after you’ve graduated. So Mom thought that you should go to Shanghai.”

Tang Xiu’s brows slightly p.r.i.c.ked.

“Fast pace and high pressure? This kind of situation is indeed the case with Beijing, but isn’t Shanghai also the same? Mom seemed to not want me to go to Beijing. And the way she spoke before, she seemed to be very anxious, especially when she spoke about Beijing. Is there a secret here?”

Tang Xiu probed out, “Mom, if I were to choose study in Beijing, will you not object to it?”

"This…" Su Lingyun hesitated.

Tang Xiu’s eyes slightly narrowed before he returned to normal. Then, he said with a smile, “I’m kidding you, Mom! Even if you let me go to Beijing, I won’t go there either! So be it then. If you’re willing to close your restaurant and go with me to Shanghai, then I’ll fill the application to enroll Shanghai University. If you’re not willing to, then I’ll apply for the Blue City University.”

Su Lingyun quickly said, “Xiu’er, our restaurant business is very flouris.h.i.+ng at present. So it’s kinda a pity to close down the business for now. You needn’t mind me about this. Star City is, after all, our home. I’ll be staying here and you will apply to Shanghai University! The inst.i.tution is a first-cla.s.s university after all, so you need to study well there, so you’ll certainly become more skillful in the future. Besides, the transportation means are very developed nowadays, so if Mom misses you, I also can visit you there at any time! You can also come home on Sunday or other holidays.”

For a moment, Tang Xiu was silent, as then he slowly nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you, Mom! However, I’ll buy a property in Shanghai, nearby Shanghai University, so if you’re bored in Star City, you can go and stay there for a while. In addition, you also have to move to this villa after I go to Shanghai University! Such a big villa surely cannot be left empty.”

“Okay, if your College Entrance Test grades can pa.s.s Shanghai University, I’ll come and live here.” Su Lingyun said with a smile.

“It’s a deal, Mom!” Tang Xiu finally made up his mind, causing his mood to be very good as replied with a smile.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 202: The Ending

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