Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 205: Sensation

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Chapter 205: Sensation

Tang Xiu was startled. He didn’t expect that Zhang Fengxian would still have so much money. After thinking for a moment, he looked at Long Zhengyu and said, “Collect the money and release them.”

“Do you really want to let them go?” Long Zhengyu looked distracted for a moment and hesitated.

“Yes!” Tang Xiu said with firm expression.

“You’re not afraid that it will leave trouble for the future, letting the tigers loose in the mountain?” Long Zhengyu asked with a helpless expression.

Tang Xiu sneered, “Are they tigers? If they still dare to offend me, let alone in China, even if they fled to any country abroad, I have means to track them and make them unable to beg for their lives.”

The Zhang Family kinsmen were struck with cold sweat down their spines as each and every one of them lowered their heads and didn’t utter a word.

At this moment, Tang Xiu motioned Long Zhengyu and then turned to leave the chamber.

After returning to the teahouse, Tang Xiu’s gaze swept over at everyone who looked at him, and said with a faint smile, “Well, we’ve gotten quite a harvest. Zhang Fengxian is willing to buy his entire family with another three billion.”

“You agree to it?” Long Hanwen asked.

“Why should I? But, we’ll get the money first, and after we get it we’ll discuss it later, whereas Zhengyu stays there to take care of it. Anyone has any idea to completely uproot the Zhang Family but keep those important members of the Zhangs alive?”

“I have a way.” Shao Mingzhen said.

“What is it?” Tang Xiu’s expression moved and asked.

“Let them kill the other members of their own family. And then find ways to send them as well as their family members abroad! Although we’ll be the ones who persecuted them to kill their own people, they also won’t be able to avoid the responsibility. When the time comes, they will keep their own mouths shut in this matter. Furthermore, since they’re not in the country, they won’t be able to create any storm either. Let me take care of this, you can be sure that it will be completed.” Shao Mingzhen sneered.

“If so, do it!” Tang Xiu nodded.

The next day.

Tang Xiu left South Gate Town and took a cab to Star City First High School. Today was the day to fill the application to register to a university, so he naturally wouldn’t miss it. Furthermore, he also had decided the school he would enter and only needed to go there and fill the application. Then, he could go home and wait for his test’s score to come out.

“Flas.h.i.+ng News: The Zhang Group suddenly collapsed along with the disappearance of a group of their top executives. Rumor has it that the Long Group, the Ouyang Group and the Magnificent Tang Corporation issued a joint statement that a senior executive of the Zhang Group—Zhang Fengming was found stealing from these three major corporations, worth of tens of billions yuan of funds, which were soon to be used in the “Paradise on Earth” project. Being afraid of the repercussion, the suspect has fled…”

A news came out from the radio in the taxi.

The cab’s driver was a young man. After hearing the broadcast content, he turned his head to glance at Tang Xiu who sat on the co-pilot seat and exclaimed, “This truly fulfills the saying that ‘humans will die for riches, just as birds will for food’. The Zhang Group is a major enterprise and has a lot of a.s.sets, but even their top management executives are unexpectedly greedy to steal the project funds and run away. They’re truly depraved and starved people, just like snakes wanting to swallow an elephant! I dare say there should be someone from the Zhang Family pulling the strings since they also disappeared, no? It’s an ironclad truth that they must be running away together!”

Without being salty nor cynical, Tang Xiu replied back, “Well, let’s just say that you can find all sorts of birds in the forest.”

The young driver patted the steering wheel and said approvingly, “True enough. This time, the Zhang Group is as good as finished. Those who work with them are truly unlucky, though. And the people who have business cooperation with this company will also collapse just like the falling b.l.o.o.d.y fungus.”

“Unlucky?” Tang Xiu secretly laughed inside.

Not only did they suffer no loss, but they even annexed the Zhang Family’s a.s.sets. How could it be said to be unlucky?

“Brother, I believe you also have heard about the news, no? The scandals committed by the Zhang Group exploded in the news channels recently. They are accused of inciting local ruffian and gangsters to rob the project as well as engaging in garbage projects. But heck! Anyways, they persisted in evil deeds, that brought about them their own destruction. The closing down of this corporation, for common people like us, is kinda of a huge celebration.” The cab’s young driver continued saying.

“Huh? The Zhang Group has no good reputation?” Tang Xiu asked with doubt.

The young driver rolled his eyes and snorted, “What good reputation? They’re simply notorious! Even some of the Zhang Group’s employees began whispering about how bad their projects are. They said there are shady schemes inside their company; and there’s a lot of them! In short, now, either in the newspaper, television, the Internet, all are cursing the Zhang Group with inhumane words.”

Upon hearing it, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but secretly admire Long Hanwen, Chen Zhizhong and the others who came up with such methods. Although he did take the leaders.h.i.+p in this motion and he knew clearly about most of the machinations, however, in the real operation, there were really too much knowledge included within, whereas the effects it produced were also amazing.

At the same day, each major media corporation in Star City, even the headlines in the country, were all about the news of the Zhang Group. Even the Supreme Prosecutor Office had been involved in the investigation. Once the investigation was clarified, the Zhang Group would probably disappear forever from Earth.

Furthermore, the naked reality was that, once again, verified the common saying that, “n.o.body would support an unfavorable cause such as them, and no one would want to stand for the falling wall”. At present, the Zhang Group had already arrived at a precarious juncture, it was only a matter of time before the closure.

After Tang Xiu came to Star City First High School, he directly went to the Cla.s.s 10. Because it was the last time all the students could meet with each other, and they probably wouldn’t be able to see the other for the rest of their lives, therefore, everyone was very much cheris.h.i.+ng the moments of friends.h.i.+p and affection toward the other cla.s.smates. Those students who used to look at Tang Xiu as someone who was not pleasing to the eyes, didn’t even show any hostility toward him.

Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan, Xia Wanfen and Li Xiaoqian were talking in whispers. When they saw Tang Xiu’s arrival, Yuan Chuling directly pulled him to their group.

“Eldest Brother, have you decided to which university you are going to enroll?”

“Yep, I’m going to Shanghai Uni.” Tang Xiu nodded and answered.

Yuan Chuling said with a smile, “Well, I know clearly about my scores. Even after you gave me those tutoring courses, I’m afraid that the score I got from the College Entrance Test might not be enough for me to enter Shanghai University. But heck, since I also intend to go studying in Shanghai, I’ll also apply there. Besides, this university is one of the top universities.”

“As for me, I’m going to study in Beijing. My sister has been transferred back there, so I can only go back with her. Xiaoqian is quite good, though. You can go study in the Regal Cla.s.sical Music Academy in Blue City. Previously I didn’t know that she has a very good talent in music, even Teacher Huang Ji took her as her student.” Cheng Yannan said.

“Congrats Xiaoqian!” Tang Xiu looked at Li Xiaoqian and said with a smile.

Li Xiaoqian replied with a humble manner, “Tang Xiu, I’m just taking the account in your light, to be honest. Teacher Huang Ji originally really wanted to pull you into the Regal Cla.s.sical Music Academy as a professor, but you didn’t want it. Afterward I maintained contact with them and then got one seat from Teacher Huang Ji’s quota.”

“Well, I’m not interested in music, to begin with, so I’m not going to take that path; neither do I want to enter the Regal Cla.s.sical Music Academy. By the way, how about you, Wanfen? Where are you going to study later?” Tang Xiu said.

“I want to apply for Jiangnan University, but I don’t know if my CET score will pa.s.s, though. If I can’t be admitted with the first choice, I think I’ll apply for the Blue City Inst.i.tute of Technology.” Xia Wanfen said.

“I really wish you all success in advance, may we all pa.s.s our CET and enter the ideal universities we want! Anyways, Teacher Han arrived, let’s go back to our seats!” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

With a smile hung on her face, Han Qingwu stood at the door. She took a quick glance over everyone in the cla.s.s and paused for a second as her vision landed on Tang Xiu. Then, she walked toward the podium, all smiling and said, “Everyone, today is the day for you to fill in the application and complete your CET. I believe that you all have estimated the scores you got from the test, which is the reason why it’s very important in picking the choice in your application, so I hope you’ll take this seriously. The application forms are on my table and I’ll distribute to all of you now.”

After Tang Xiu got the application form, in the first column of the form, he filled Shanghai University. He didn’t even fill in the second and third choices because he felt that it was not necessary.

Han Qingwu came to Tang Xiu’s side. Looking at the form filled by him, she knitted her brows and said, “Why didn’t you fill in the second and third choices?”

“I’m confident,” Tang Xiu said self-confidently.

“I know that you have the confidence. But you also know the saying that there have always been unexpected things that are hard to avoid, no? Look, fill the other two school choices. If you CET score your first choice, the next ones won’t be taken into account either.” Han Qingwu humorlessly said.

Tang Xiu forced out a smile. He knew that Han Qingwu had no confidence in him. However, he didn’t want to quibble with her and directly put the application form into her hand. He got up and said, “Teacher Han, I still have some other things to do, can I go first?”

Han Qingwu stopped him and said, “Wait a minute. Wait for me to finish receiving the forms from the cla.s.s. I have something to talk about with you.”

“What’s up exactly?” Tang Xiu asked.

“Just wait first!” Han Qingwu answered.

Tang Xiu felt helpless. He had complicated feelings toward Han Qingwu. She looked very much alike his partner in the Immortal World; and solely by this aspect, he was quite repelling her. However, she was also the one who stood up for him in the most difficult time and even braved herself to help him when the school was about to expel him and put him into Cla.s.s 10.

Thus, he could keep his student status here.

He might not care about this status, but his mother was all he cared about. If she knew that the school expelled him, she might die from sadness.

“Ah, forget it! Besides, after today, I’ll have nothing related with her again. Maybe, this will also be the last time I meet her in this life. So I’ll wait!”

Upon thinking up to there, Tang Xiu then stayed in the cla.s.sroom, waiting.

After more than an hour, all of Cla.s.s 10 students had left, including Yuan Chuling, Chen Yannan and the others. After there were only Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu left in the cla.s.sroom, only then did Tang Xiu ask, “Teacher Han, can you say now what exactly do you want from me?”

Han Qingwu hesitated before she forced out a smile and said, “I actually want to ask for your help! That… if it’s convenient for you, that is.”

“What’s the matter?” Tang Xiu asked with a confused expression.

“Like I said, if it’s convenient and you can help for sure!” Han Qingwu said.

“If you won’t say it, then forget it. I still have something to do, so I’ll go first.” Tang Xiu said.

Han Qingwu immediately stopped him, saying with a forced smile, “Alright! I’ll tell you. It’s my good sister. She’ll come to Star City tonight, whereas I’ll go to Shanghai for about two days. At the most, I can only come back four days later. So I thought, can you accompany her in these two days?”

Tang Xiu snapped humorlessly, “You need me for this kind of thing? You can let her find a hotel and stay there and just go, no? Just find someone looking for a job in Star City and arrange

that person to stay for two days and wait until you come back. That should do the job, no?”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 205: Sensation

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