Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 228: Runic Fiend Bone

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Chapter 228: Runic Fiend Bone

Mu Wanying was dumbstruck as she looked at Tang Xiu. Never did she expect that Tang Xiu would actually have such argument. Furthermore, as indifferent as she was, this was her first time hearing such words from a male.

It was novel! She was somewhat embarra.s.sed and shy!

Her pure white oval face blushed. She quickly stood up and strode toward the door. She was afraid of Tang Xiu seeing her shy and embarra.s.sed expression.

“You don’t want the painting?” Tang Xiu looked at her back, his mouth slightly tilted up.

Mu Wanying halted. She could feel that her face was a bit hot. She turned around almost instantly, rus.h.i.+ng toward the cabinet and picking up the Sailboats and Pavilion. Then, she rushed to the door, opened it and ran away.

After returning back to her room, she closed the door and leaned on it, blus.h.i.+ng ear to ear and covered her chest.

She didn’t know why, but her heart was beating fast. Perhaps it was because Tang Xiu said that she was a virgin. Maybe the subject was just beyond the scope of her ability to accept. In short, she was kind of fl.u.s.tered. After a long period of time, only then did she calm down.

“That guy is truly eccentric!”

Mu Wanying gently heaved a sigh and walked inside with a bit of a shy expression.

Inside Tang Xiu’s hotel room.

Tang Xiu gently opened the yellow bag and took out the Demon Stone coffin. After fiddling with it for a while, he found that the coffin lid was inseparably attached. If he didn’t use his perception to a.n.a.lyze it, he wouldn’t have been able to find the slit between the two. Furthermore, the Demon Stone itself had the characteristic to block spiritual sense. Thus, he couldn’t find out what was inside.

Finally, Tang Xiu stopped observing it, and silently released his star force.


The slit was cracked open. Just as Tang Xiu recovered his hand lightning fast, the lid gently floated up.

"This is…"

Tang Xiu’s pupils contracted. He could hardly believe what he saw. Despite his firm and tough personality, with few things that could shock him anymore, but the object inside the coffin gave him a shock as huge as a tide. Accurately saying, it was not only shock, but much closer to horror.

What was placed inside the coffin, was a Runic Fiend Bone!

Tang Xiu knew clearly that this was the Runic Fiend Bone of the Great Fiend King. Moreover, it was none other but the Great Fiend King, Ha Silu, who pestered him for thousands of years.

And this Runic Fiend Bone was precisely the one that he had taken from the chest of that fiend’s body.

"How is this possible? Ha Silu was originally the one who refined this Runic Fiend Bone. Given his lone wolf disposition and eccentric personality in his 20 thousand years of life, he didn’t even have any disciples. How could this possibly appear on Earth? Could it be… that he died already? But, if he had died, who brought his Runic Fiend Bone to Earth. Could it be, Yan’er?"

Tang Xiu’s face constantly changed. He forcefully suppressed the shock and horror in his heart, trying hard to calm his surging mood.

No matter what, this Runic Fiend Bone was not from the Ha Silu, this object was too important for him. Tang Xiu was even sure that, with this Runic Fiend Bone in hand, his cultivation base would be comparable to an Initial Stage Immortal within a few years.

“Unfortunately, I’m too weak and my cultivation base is not enough. I can’t withstand the energy contained within this Runic Fiend Bone, it’s impossible for me to refine it! Unless my cultivation on the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis technique has reached the great circle perfection of the first stage of Stars Tyrannical Body.”

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and firmly pressed the coffin’s lid with his finger to close it. While holding the Demon Stone coffin gently, he quietly absorbed the demon force contained within.

At present, he was neither able nor had the means to absorb the demon force contained in the Runic Fiend Bone into his body, more's the pity. But since he had the Demon Stone, he could siphon the demon force contained in the coffin to temper and strengthen his body while increasing his cultivation base realm.

Using the cultivation technique’s route in accordance with the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, Tang Xiu quietly circulated the star force inside his body. At the moment, the slightly bright heavenly circuit stars instantly dimmed as the star force flowed in all directions as though the surging tide. At the same time, the demon force contained inside the Demon Stone coffin flowed through his palm into his body.

The moment the demon force came in contact with the star force, it didn’t cause any conflict, instead it blended and fused with it like water. Then, it changed into a transparent liquid that surged into his body.

Tang Xiu keenly felt that his physical strength was rising at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. The transparent liquid unceasingly rinsed his body, was.h.i.+ng and quenching it. It was as though blacksmithing, forcing out the impurities of his body continuously and repeatedly tempered it.

Precisely because of this transparent liquid, it caused the star force to flow in all directions. The surging flow increased by dozens of times more than before as it instilled itself into his body, while part of it was converted into his cultivation base.

It was painful, yet also comfortable! Tang Xiu clearly felt the contrast. And gradually, his consciousness fell into darkness as he sat there, motionless.

Time went by.

Tang Xiu maintained the same posture until the first ray of suns.h.i.+ne s.h.i.+ned in the early morning. As he opened his eyes, he felt that he was full of energy and couldn’t hide his smile.

He could clearly feel the width of his skin. It had been pulled to the limit as a strong stream of star force surged between the layers of his skin. His star force had undergone essential change; it felt like it was part of his body now. At the moment, he had the feeling that even if someone were to shoot him, the bullets would probably be unable to pierce his skin.

“At last. I’ve finally reached the Great Circle Perfection in the Skin Strengthening Stage. I’m only a step away from breaking through this stage and entering the Flesh Strengthening Stage. Furthermore, the strength of my physique has probably already surpa.s.sed the Flesh Strengthening Stage. I wonder, how powerful my const.i.tution would be once I reach this stage?”

Inwardly, Tang Xiu was looking forward to it.

Suddenly his brows wrinkled, a foul body stench drifted into his nostrils. Looking at the thin layer of black-grayish material on his skin, he shook his body. There were surprisingly more impurities excreted out of his body than before.

He went to the bathroom and comfortably took a bath. Only after the stench of his body was completely cleansed was he contented and finished bathing. After putting clothing, he went out of his room spiritedly. Since he didn’t know Le Baiyi and Mu Wanying’s room numbers and didn’t have their contact numbers, he decided not to greet them. He directly left the hotel and took a taxi to the airport.

Much to his surprise, he unexpectedly saw Professor Hu already at the airport ticket lounge, waiting for him.

“Ah, so early?” Tang Xiu approached him and asked.

Forcing out a smile, Professor Hu replied, “We only agreed to meet at the airport, but we didn’t set the time. I did plan to go to the hotel to find you, but since I was afraid you'd leave early in the morning, I came earlier here and waited for you.”

“Alright, let’s walk. I haven’t bought a ticket, though. Let’s buy a ticket first and then find a place to eat something.”


At Tianjin’s Sheraton Hotel.

Wearing a long skirt and elegant loose long hair, Mu Wanying came to Tang Xiu’s hotel room and knocked the door. After waiting for a long time and having no response, she then went to the hotel’s front lobby and discovered that Tang Xiu had checked out and left.

“What? He left?” Le Baiyi was surprised.

“Yes.” Mu Wanying nodded as she forced out a smile. “He just checked out an hour ago.”

“It’s normal though. We forgot to exchange contact numbers yesterday, and he also didn’t know where we were staying. Anyway, I’ll call Old Hu, they agreed to meet at the airport today, so I will ask him to send me Tang Xiu’s contact number.”

However, when he dialed the number and spoke a few words, he took back his phone and wryly smiled, “Youngsters nowadays are awfully lazy, but this Tang Xiu is quite an amazing youngster. He got up early and rushed to the airport. I’ve told Old Hu to ask Tang Xiu’s cell number. After returning back to Shanghai, I’ll send the Wintertide Fluorites and Star Fragment Stones to Star City.”

“Teacher, you seem to care about this Tang Xiu now, eh?” Mu Wanying chuckled.

Le Baiyi sighed, “I can’t help it. He piqued my curiosity. Although we just only met him last night, haven’t we also realized that he’s very mysterious? Are you not curious about him too?”

“Yeah, he’s indeed very mysterious. And I’m also curious about him,” Mu Wanying responded.

“It’s alright, we still have a lot of time to know him. Being able to draw a painting that can dazzle someone to the point of being lost in thought, writing valuable and n.o.ble calligraphies, good temperament, and a youngster that can be a professor easily. You said right that I’m really curious about him.” Le Baiyi smiled.

Mu Wanying replied with light smile, “You missed two things, Teacher.”

“Huh?” Le Baiyi was puzzled. “What did I miss?”

“He’s a proficient medic and also the Master of the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s Big Boss, Chen Zhizhong.”

Le Baiyi patted his forehead and smiled, “Ah, I’m really old and forgetful… Yes. This young man is full of secrets. I really want to know him thoroughly. To be honest, my whole life I’ve been immersing myself in the world’s geography, and I’ve met numerous outstanding geniuses while conducting archeological researches in Shanghai University. But only now did I realize that n.o.body is more outstanding than him.”

Mu Wanying lightly smiled, “He’s indeed very outstanding, but also quite… a marvel!”

“Huh?” Le Baiyi was confused. “What do you mean?”

Mu Wanying’s charming face blushed recalling Tang Xiu’s nonsensical argument last night. She shook her head and said, “Teacher, we’ve finished our work here in Tianjin City, are you going back to Shanghai? Or are you staying here with me in Beijing for a while? My Grandpa has been wanting to talk with you for a long time now.”

Le Baiyi hesitated for a moment before he replied, “I’ll go back to Shanghai first! I need to deliver the Wintertide Fluorites and the Star Fragment Stones to Tang Xiu. Then I’ll go to Beijing and see your Grandpa.”

“Alright, then I’ll be waiting for you in Beijing.” Mu Wanying replied in a soft voice.

Le Baiyi smiled, “Okay. Tell your Grandpa. He’d better prepare a good bottle of wine in advance for me. I’m going to get drunk with him.”

“No worries, Teacher. I’ll convey your message to Grandpa.” Mu Wanying covered her mouth and lightly laughed.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 228: Runic Fiend Bone

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