Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 246: The Killer Under The Pain

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Chapter 246: The Killer Under the Pain

Zhong Tao suddenly turned his head to look at Hong Changyin, his sight then immediately turning to look at Tang Xiu. His lips squirmed a few times as he said with a bitter expression, "I understand! Sir, you deceived me and also smashed my leg. I’m guessing you’re getting revenge for the matter with the Su villagers, right?”

Tang Xiu smiled, “Correct! This is indeed revenge. You have to know that if not for rus.h.i.+ng here from Star City, my grandmother would’ve to continue to suffer.  She would’ve to continue staying outside the hospital’s operating room, waiting for those d.a.m.ned respected doctors for the surgery. And those respected doctors turned out to be playing ‘Fight the Landlord’.”

Intense regret welled up inside Zhong Tao’s heart, regretting getting involved with Hong Changyin’s matter. He initially hoped to get along, kissing him up. He could obtain a lot of benefits from him on one hand, while he also could draw support from Hong Changyin, speaking for him in front of the County’s commissioner court’s head. Everything was to give him a chance at a promotion to the Presidency of the County Hospital.

But in the end he didn’t gain any benefits but actually provoking troubles for himself.

He was a doctor, and he knew that with his leg’s condition, perhaps he would become a cripple for the rest of his life.

Tang Xiu looked to Hong Changyin and said indifferently, “Do what I tell you and I’ll let you go.”

Hong Changyin produced a pleasantly surprised expression and hurriedly asked, “What is it? Please tell me!”

Tang Xiu said, “I’ve badly beaten you, turning you very miserable this time. Now you can see and taste it for yourself. When others see you, they will remember it for a lifetime. So I want you to do the same with this surnamed Zhong. Don’t worry of him fighting back. If he does, I will use this stone to smash his other leg.”

“YOU DARE!” Zhong Tao glared at Hong Changyin.

Instead of answering, Hong Changyin grabbed the branch Tang Xiu threw to him. He sat and maliciously slumped towards Zhong Tao. Every man was for himself, and the Devil would take the hindmost. In order to escape danger, let alone hitting Zhong Tao ruthlessly, he wouldn’t even hesitate if Tang Xiu told him to kill him.

"Pa Pa Pa— "

Hong Changyin hit Zhong Tao as the latter rolled about on the ground, screaming. After beating him for two or three minutes, Zhong Tao was heavily bruised and extremely miserable, only then did he stop. He then looked at Tang Xiu with antic.i.p.ation.

Tang Xiu faintly smiled. He raised his thumb up and said, “Excellent! You’re cruel enough! You even dare to beat him into such miserable state to keep your poor life. Alright, both of you can leave! But bear in your mind. If you want to retaliate, you can find me. My name is Tang Xiu, a very ordinary and amiable person. Of course, you must be prepared of dying if you want to have your revenge on me.”

Having said that, he started the Land Rover and drove away. After traveling for two kilometers, Tang Xiu stopped his car on the roadside and turned it off. He then quietly returned back to where Hong Changyin and Zhong Tao were, seeing them quietly lying on the gra.s.s.

He wasn’t afraid of their revenge. But he was afraid they would implicate his grandmother, so he wanted to hear what they would conspire after he left.

Looking at the disappearing Land Rover, Zhong Tao looked at Hong Changyin with hatred. He loudly shouted, “Surnamed Hong, I helped you in your d.a.m.ned matter and you unexpectedly pay me back like this! Great, you’re great! If I don’t settle the score today, even if you’re rich and powerful I’ll also drag you back even if I die. Just you f.u.c.king wait for me, idiot!”

Hong Changyin looked at him and didn’t speak for a long time as his expression constantly changed! Murderous intent filled his eyes.

He suddenly felt that what Tang Xiu had said was true. Such a miserable state would certainly make others remember him for a lifetime. He didn’t want to be remembered by anyone in such miserable state like today. He didn’t want others to know that he had once betrayed the person who helped him.

“Vice President Zhong, let’s talk!”

Finally, he spoke.

Zhong Tao bitterly shouted, “Is there anything good left for us to talk about? You’re so f.u.c.king afraid of death. To keep your d.a.m.n life, you even hurt me so badly! If I turn a cripple later, everything is over. Not only can't I not become the County Hospital’s President, I'll even be kicked out from my job! It’s all because of you, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Hong Changyin sneered, “Vice President Zhong, shut it. You sure as h.e.l.l know the saying that every man is for himself, and the devil takes the hindmost. I’m still young and haven’t had enough to live. I admit wronging you, but I will compensate you later.”

Zhong Tao raged, “Compensate me? What the f.u.c.k are you going to compensate me with? My leg has just been smashed by a stone. Even with my years of medical experience, no matter how well-developed the medical technology is, my leg won’t be like before. Do you f.u.c.king understand? I’LL BECOME A CRIPPLE!”

Hong Changyin said with a heavy tone, “Then what do you want? You want me to compensate you with my leg?”

Zhong Tao clenched his fist and shouted, “You’ll compensate me with your leg? You only have one leg now, b.a.s.t.a.r.d! And you think you still have the qualifications to say that? I, Zhong Tao, have done a lot of wrongdoings for evil people. But I’ve never done something so excessive to deserve such a wretched end!”

Hong Changyin stared at him and was silent for a long time. He then looked at the furious expression on Zhong Tao’s face as he nodded slowly and said, “I got it! Since I owe you one, it won’t matter if I owe you once again. Then, you can go to f.u.c.king h.e.l.l!”

Having said that, Hong Changyin picked the stone beside him and smashed it toward Zhong Tao’s head. Although he was hurting all over his body, the surging murderous intent gave him surprisingly enormous strength. The stone accurately smashed Zhong Tao’s head, causing him to fall with his face down. He dragged his broken leg, picked up the stone and used both his hands to smash Zhong Tao’s head once again.


After Hong Changyin directly smashed Zhong Tao’s head for several times in one breath, only then did he take a long sigh of relief. Blood got all over his grim face after he smashed Zhong Tao to death.

“Clap, clap, clap!”

Tang Xiu, who was hiding in the thick patch of, didn’t stop Hong Changyin’s murder. At the moment, he even stood while applauding as he swaggeringly came before Hong Changyin and exclaimed in admiration, “It was just, wow! Boss Hong is really ruthless! It’s no wonder that you dared to put your hands on such an ordinary boss. The scene of you killing him just now was really wonderful, so I got you tapped on video. Just imagine if I upload it to the internet. It’ll surely cause a great sensation.”

Hong Changyin looked at Tang Xiu with a disbelieving expression. He kept quiet after hearing Tang Xiu’s speech, not having the guts to retaliate. It was just that, he didn’t expect that not only had Tang Xiu beaten him so badly, he also had taken the evidence of his murder.

He nearly fainted.

Tang Xiu smiled, “What? Never expected that I would come back, eh? You never thought I’d finally see your ruthless side?”

Hong Changyin scowled miserably and said, “Brother—Boss, I beg you. Can you forgive me? I really have no guts to get revenge on you, truly. I killed him because he had malicious intentions toward me, and I also don’t want anything that happened tonight to be known to anyone else.”

Tang Xiu raised his thumb up and exclaimed in admiration, “Sure enough, you’re really good at scheming. It seems like you’re not just a sissy who clings onto your uncle and bully the weak. Alright. I said I won’t kill you. Naturally, I won’t claim your life. But, after pondering for a moment after leaving, I feel I’ve yet to vent all of my anger, so I wanted to break your other leg. But now I have changed my mind.”

“T-T-Then, you… are you letting me go?” Hong Changyin’s heart turned cold and asked carefully.

Tang Xiu laughed, “You can leave anytime. But on the condition that you compensate all the injured villagers later! And the sum money must be good.”


Hong Changyin was secretly relieved. He patted his chest and promised, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely personally… No. I’ll definitely send people to pay compensation to those villagers. I’ll also stop the project immediately. In the future, I guarantee that anyone who dares to make trouble for the Su Village will have to cross over this Hong Changyin first. A-Are you… satisfied with this?”

Tang Xiu nodded in satisfaction. He reached his hand out to lift Hong Changyin up, saying, “Your leg is broken. If you leave it like that, people will find out about it. Also, to help you take care of the dead body, I’ll send you back to Qinghe County Hospital and come back here to clean up the mess.”

Hong Changyin probed, “A-Are you really… not going to disclose the murder?”

“As long as you keep your word, I’ll hide it for you,” said Tang Xiu indifferently.

“Thank you, thank you, Brother!” said Hong Changyin gratefully.

Tang Xiu glanced at him with a ridiculing expression. He carried him to the parked car and then drove with the quickest speed and quietly sent him back to the County Hospital’s ward.

“Brother, you… are you going to take me out like this?”

Hong Changyin was sent back to the hospital’s ward and found that his girlfriend was not there. He immediately asked Tang Xiu, who was about to leave.

Tang Xiu turned around and lightly said, “What? Is there a problem with it?”

Hong Changyin swallowed his saliva desperately. He shook his head heavily. Tang Xiu easily climbed up to the Inpatient Department on the third floor and easily sent him back through the window. He was shocked to the extreme, but he didn’t dare to reveal it.

He was fearsome! A monster!

Tang Xiu said indifferently, “Either the 3rd or 13th floor you said, I can take you out and send you back easily if I want to. You won’t dare to imagine what my abilities can do. Alright, take care of your problems, and I’ll think about the solution to solve your other matters.”

Having said that, his figure instantly slipped away through the window and disappeared in the darkness of night.

Hong Changyin walked to the window with his crippled leg, looking at the pitch black sky outside. The fear inside his heart didn’t diminish even a bit. He was afraid of the unknown, fearing that Tang Xiu would take go back on his words and give the evidence of his murder to the police or uploaded it on the internet.

“I don’t have the luxury to think so much. I gotta take care of my injury and find an excuse to get through this.”

After thinking for a few minutes, Hong Changyin dialed a cell number and spoke with a deep tone, “Huzi, get up. Get your a.s.s here immediately. Alone. Also, bring a stone with you and head directly to my ward. Quickly...”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 246: The Killer Under The Pain

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