Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 266: Addressing Name

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Chapter 266: Addressing Name

Chu Yi was stunned, giving Tang Xiu a ruminating look. Yet he still spilled it out, “He’s very capable in many aspects. Good academic performance; top scorer of the science subjects in the entire Shuangqing Province; martial arts expert that even eight to ten people wouldn’t be able to fight against; superb painting skills with n.o.body in the world being his match; skilled businessman that made even me wors.h.i.+p him—simply a money-making machine. And what’s so superb about him is his personal network of contacts which makes me feel inferior.”

Tang Guosheng was silent yet again before he asked the question he was most concerned with, “Personal contacts? What contacts?”

“Grandpa, I believe you also know what I do in Star City, right?” said Chu Yi.

Nodding, Tang Guosheng said, “I do know a little from your mother.”

Chu Yi pointed to Tang Xiu and said, “Our big moves in Star City were all because of Tang Xiu. The Big Boss of Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical, Chen Zhizhong, is his apprentice. In short, he’s an amazing figure.”

Tang Guosheng was deeply shocked inside. He knew that his grandson was very outstanding, yet he didn’t think that he would be excellent to this extent. He heard the news about the collapse of the Zhang Family in Star City, but never would he have thought that it was Tang Xiu who led it. He also knew about Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical. It was regarded as a major company in the country, mainly operating in the medicinal herbs business as well as research and development of many drugs. He also heard about Chen Zhizhong, the big boss of the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical. A man of courage, bold as well as a powerful figure. But unexpectedly, the said person was the apprentice of his own grandson.

“He’s the son of the Tangs, so naturally he’s amazing.”

A bright smile appeared on Tang Guosheng’s old face as he exclaimed in praise.

Stared at by Qin Changyue, Tang Xiu himself was rather uncomfortable by Tang Guosheng’s remark. He was also disinclined to refute him. Nominally, he was indeed his grandson, and no matter how many times he refuted, he still couldn’t deny that he was of their blood and flesh. As long as his mother wasn’t bullied by the Tangs, he didn’t care.

After an hour, a lot of people had returned. What made Tang Xiu disappointed was that they only found a few Dragonfume despite using their vast connections. After counting, there were only 12 strains in total.

“Grandpa, I found eight strains of Dragonfume Gra.s.s.”

Outside the room, a light and lively voice sounded. Tang Ying strode into the door, carrying a black suitcase.


The Tangs looked at each other with a hard-to-believe expression. They had asked to their friends and connections to inquire the whereabouts of the Dragonfume Gra.s.s, even offering a high price to buy it. As a result, they could only buy 12 strains despite there being so many people at it, yet Tang Ying alone bought eight of them?

Tang Guosheng asked out of curiosity, “Tang Ying, where did you find that many?”

“I sent a message in the WeChat group of my circle of friends saying that I’m looking for Dragonfume Gra.s.s. It just happened that one of my friends was in possession of eight strains and gave them all to me. My friend said that burning the Dragonfume Gra.s.s can raise one’s spirit. Even tired people will regain their spirit after inhaling the fragrance of the fumes. However, it also has very strong side effects, for it can cause excessive dizziness and nausea, and in severe cases, will make people unconscious.”

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes as he looked at Tang Ying, asking, “Few people know about the Dragonfume Gra.s.s. Your friend is kinda amazing. Might I know who she or he is?”

Tang Ying turned to Tang Xiu. Hesitating for a moment, she didn’t answer him, instead asking back, “Can you answer my question before I answer yours?”

Tang Xiu nodded before thinking for a moment.

“The friend who gave these Dragonfume said that she knows a strange person. But the said person is undeniably capable and is a master painter, the best in the world! In Tianjin City, that strange person gave my friend his painting for free and also had sold some calligraphies for a sky-high price. The name of that strange person is Tang Xiu. Do you have any relations.h.i.+p with that person?” asked Tang Ying.

Tang Xiu said lightly, “So it’s Mu Wanying. That’s right. I was indeed the one who gave her that painting as well as sold several calligraphies.”

Surprised, Tang Ying replied, “You’re really the weirdo Mu Wanying spoke about? Seems like my guess is right, after all. Cousin, since we will become closer later, I’ll tell you that Mu Wanying and I are sisters from childhood, genuine best friends. If you need my help, just tell me, I a.s.sure you that I can help you pursue belle.”


Tang Xiu rolled his eyes. He felt so funny as well as amused. He was disinclined to pursue Mu Wanying. Even the thought of pursuing the belle had never crossed his mind. But, this female cousin of his was truly interesting. However, to think that she would sell her best friend to him in an instant.

Qin Changyue, who sat at the side and listened to their conversation, was rather astonished. She then smiled, “That Mu Family’s girl is a good child, she’s a match for our Xiu’er. Ying, since you already said it, you have to help your younger brother. To be honest, I also like that girl of the Mu Family.”

Tang Ying laughed, “Grandma, I’m afraid that he doesn’t need my help in this. She has a little crush on him already. But, this younger brother of mine is really amazing. Mu Wanying desperately adores him, wis.h.i.+ng to give her heart to him.”

"That's good!"

A smile on blossomed on Qin Changyue’s face.

Sometimes, enthusiasm is also a burden.

Tang Xiu could feel the enthusiasm as well as cordiality from the Tangs, causing the majority of indifference as well as the cold and detached feeling he felt for them almost fade away.

He suddenly realized what Tang Guosheng had said prior to this was right:

“Tang Xiu, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to recognize us. I know and understand as to why you deny us inside your heart. But even so, I believe that even if your heart is made of stone, everyone will still be able to melt your heart with our conducts and deeds hereafter. The Tangs’ offspring are the Tang Family’s descendants. We have never cut off our familial affection nor have we ever abandoned and left our own blood behind.”

It was these words.

Prior to this, Tang Xiu couldn’t care less and somewhat held disdain and contempt toward them. But at this moment, all sorts of feelings mixed inside him as his mood turned particularly complicated.

The thought to sever the relations.h.i.+p and return unceasingly mixed up.

While waiting, the Tangs chatted livelily and jokingly, most of which revolved around Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun. The praises, goodwill and affectionate words they showcased made Tang Xiu finally accept them silently.

Finally, when all Tangs returned, Tang Guosheng put all the Dragonfume in front of Tang Xiu and said, “Here’s a total of thirty-six strains of Dragonfume Gra.s.s.”

Tang Xiu didn’t speak for a moment before slowly saying, “It already exceeded my expectations to be able to find this many. It’s sufficient! However, when I’m in the middle of treatment, everyone is strictly forbidden to make any disturbance. Even if the sky is collapsing, no one is to disturb us.”

In all seriousness, Tang Guosheng solemnly replied, “I’ll mobilize the guards immediately to seal up the entire courtyard. Whoever dares to disturb you will be shot to death.”

Nodding, Tang Xiu took the Dragonfume and went to a s.p.a.cious hall. Aside from the bed, there was nothing else in the entire hall. Tang Yunde was lying on the bed still in a coma as his mother, Su Lingyun, sat on the bed, whispering something.

“Mom, you need to go out too.” Tang Xiu said in a low voice.

Su Lingyun stood up and said, deeply concerned, “Xiu’er, you must do everything you can. He’s your father, and blood is thicker than water.”

“Rest easy, Mom!” said Tang Xiu with a nod.

For awhile, Su Lingyun was silent. She looked at Tang Guosheng who was standing outside the door as well as the other Tang family members. With a look of hope, she said, “Xiu’er, before you treat your father, can you do one thing for me?”


Tang Xiu was puzzled.

Su Lingyun said with all seriousness, “I want to hear you call him father.”


Tang Xiu fell into silence. The word was otherworldly strange to him.

Su Lingyun said bitterly, “Xiu’er, Mom knows that you don’t want to. But do it for me, please! He disappeared all of a sudden in the past because he suffered heavy losses and has been in a coma. I believe that if he’s well, he will never leave or abandon us, absolutely. Your father is not in the wrong, it has always been Mom. If in the past I had the courage to bring you to the Tang Family to see him, I believe that you could see your Dad since you were a child.”

Tang Xiu slowly turned around as his eyes landed on Tang Yunde’s thin body. He knew that his mother was right. Perhaps if Tang Yunde didn’t fall into a vegetative state suddenly, he wouldn’t have abandoned them.

He had never been in the wrong!

But that word, was actually very difficult for him to say.


The longing and antic.i.p.ation on Su Lingyun’s face increased.

Tang Xiu sighed inside. He looked at Tang Yunde on the bed and called out, “Father…”

Instantly, a bright smile bloomed on Su Lingyun’s face along with a thick excitement. Glistening tears filled her eyes as she grabbed Tang Yunde’s hand, tremblingly saying, “Yunde, did you hear it? Your son called you father! So you must be strong for me and your son. You must wake up.”

At the room’s door…

Tang Guosheng and the Tangs also showed joyful smiles. Since Tang Xiu called him father, it explained that the relations.h.i.+p between him and the Tang Family was undeniable.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath as he put his hands on Su Lingyun’s shoulders and said, “Mom, I need to start the treatment. If I can save him, you’ll be able to tell him when he wakes up!”


Su Lingyun loosened Tang Yunde and hurriedly walked toward the door.

“Let Chu Yi inside. I need his help in the treatment,” said Tang Xiu.

Chu Yi squeezed out from the crowd as he rubbed his hands and smiled, “Cousin, what do you want me to do?”


Once again, Tang Xiu heard him call himself with such a remark. But he didn’t correct his address, instead, said serenely, “I will start the treatment. If I don’t finish the treatment within six hours, you come inside and lit a Dragonfume Gra.s.s. Do remember, after you lit the first one, you have to come inside and lit another one every half an hour and leave after you lit it.”

“Isn’t it better if I stay here?” asked Chu Yi.

Tang Xiu shook his head, “The fragrance of the Dragonfume Gra.s.s’s smoke will be harmful to you. You’ll fall unconscious if you inhale it too much.”

“It’s so potent?”

Although Chu Yi also heard Tang Ying say that, but he didn’t expect that the effect would be so potent. He could doubt Tang Ying, but he’d never doubt Tang Xiu.

“Rest easy! I’ll do it according to your instructions.”

Tang Xiu nodded. After all the Tangs left and the door was closed, he took off his shoes and got on bed. Then he supported Tang Yunde to sit cross-legged in front him.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 266: Addressing Name

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