Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 263: Everyone Gathered At Once

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Chapter 263: Everyone Gathered at Once

Beijing, Fairview Lane.

Tang Ying was standing in front of a big desk, looking at an unfolded landscape painting with a shocked expression. Beside her Mu Wanying was showing a shallow smile, “At first, I didn’t have much hope for this Tang Xiu. The reason he agreed to the contest was that he didn’t want to comply with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s request. Who would have thought that Tang Xiu would be even more skillful, turning my misfortune into a blessing, getting me such a peerless painting with no cost at all.”

With envy, Tang Ying exclaimed in admiration, “Amongst the many masterpieces and peerless ancient paintings I have seen and admired, none of them can be compared with this painting. If I have the chance, I must ask him to paint one for me too.”

Mu Wanying laughed lightly, “He said he wouldn’t paint that easily, and even though I think his painting technique is G.o.dly, he’s really not that enthusiastic about painting.”

Tang Ying said, “You don’t know what he’s thinking! But then, you can help me by telling him something good about me!”

“If something like that worked, it would’ve been good. But… Tang Xiu, that person’s personality… is kinda weird.” Mu Wanying forced out a smile and replied.

“Weird?” Tang Ying was surprised, “In what way?”

Mu Wanying raised her lily-white slender hand and gently spun her beautiful hair down in front of her forehead, showing various kinds of flirting gestures as she smiled, “Do you think I’m beautiful?”

“Beautiful, you’re really beautiful.” Tang Ying was feeling funny and at a loss, “Who doesn’t know you’re hailed as Beijing’s first beauty? Amongst all the handsome princes in the entire Beijing, who doesn’t want to get close and have a beauty like you in their embrace? I dare say that of all men with normal s.e.xual orientation all over the world, there will be none who don’t want to get you.”

Mu Wanying laughed, “Yet, Tang Xiu is the only one who doesn’t think so.”

"What?" Tang Ying stared blankly before shaking her head, “No, I don’t buy it. Unless he’s not a man, otherwise he won’t give a blind eye to you.”

Mu Wanying said, “I did test him, and he gave me a very direct answer. Do you know what he told me?”

“What did he say?” asked Tang Ying curiously.

“That time I asked him whether he has a problem with his s.e.xual orientation, or my beauty doesn’t attract him.” Said Mu Wanying with a smile and continued, “Guess what he told me? He said that he has a normal s.e.xual orientation, and if I’m willing to sleep with him he also won’t refuse. Yet, he said that it would only be a one-night stand, without any feelings attached, thus it would be very boring, meaningless! Furthermore, he also told me that I’m the type of woman he doesn’t feel like bothering.”

Tang Ying’s eyes stared wide. It was like hearing a joke. However, Mu Wanying’s story deeply attracted her, as she couldn’t wait to hear of what kind of woman was the said man was too disinclined to bother.

Mu Wanying then continued, “The kind of woman he doesn’t feel like bothering is someone like me, a virgin. He said that he doesn’t fear anything, yet he fears to be followed with troubles; and for him, it will be very troublesome later if he takes my first time.”

"Pfft… hahaha."

Tang Ying couldn’t help laughing without her wanting to.

“d.a.m.n, he’s really way too weird. This is the most unfathomable thing I have ever heard in my life! What man doesn’t like pure women giving them their virginity nowadays? This person is truly good. Because he’s afraid trouble, he doesn’t want to bother touching a pure innocent woman? It’s really… d.a.m.n, I’m speechless.”

Mu Wanying covered her mouth as she chuckled, but afterward, she said slowly, “But I could feel that the reason he doesn’t want to touch a virgin is not that he doesn’t want to, but it’s because that he doesn’t want to take the responsibility.”

“Could it be that he’s an irresponsible man?” said Tang Ying with a surprised expression.

Mu Wanying replied to her, “It’s not like he’s an irresponsible man, I think. It’s because he doesn’t want to take the responsibility, hence, he doesn’t want to bother touching a pure virgin maiden.”

The smile on Tang Ying’s face gradually faded away. After staying silent for a long period of time, she then raised her thumb and exclaimed in admiration, “d.a.m.n, I really admire him; perhaps even wors.h.i.+p him. Firstly, he’s able to keep his composure in the face of your temptation. From this only, he’s an upright gentleman. Secondly, because he knows that he won’t be able to take the responsibility, he won’t touch a pure maiden. Such a man is definitely a good man.”

Suddenly, a strange expression was revealed on her face as her hand pulled Mu Wanying and circled around her twice, lamenting, “Tsk, tsk, it’s really unexpected that Miss Mu—the dignified first beauty of the capital has been shot by the G.o.d of Love! Don’t deny it. I know you. You would never have tried to entice him if you didn’t have the thought, no?”

Mu Wanying’s charming face blushed as she rolled her eyes and snapped, “Don’t spit out such nonsense! It’s just that I couldn’t bear… about his h.e.l.l-bent att.i.tude to drive me out. Did you think… bah! A girl doesn’t mind being with a man together in the room, yet, he cares about that. And I just wanted to probe him whether he was really for real or just a hypocrite.”

Tang Ying replied to her in a disdaining manner, “Don’t make excuses, girl. I know you since you were a baby until you grew up. How many boys have been trying to do everything they could to court you? How many people do all kinds of ridiculous things merely because they want you to glance at them? But you, you’re always looking at them from the summit and has never even bothered to care about them. Yet, this Tang Xiu is certainly has made you impressed.”

Mu Wanying corrected her once again, “I’m not impressed. It was just out of my curiosity. Don’t tell me that you’re not curious about him? After all, he’s a young man who possesses great abilities, yet his low profile gives people gooseb.u.mps.”

Tang Ying hesitated before laughing, “I’m indeed very curious about him after I heard this matter from you. But, it’s way different in essence compared to you. You’re attracted to him, whereas I only heard about him from hearsay. Beautiful girl, you too have heard the saying that, once a woman is curious about a man, that is exactly the prelude of falling in love with that woman.”

"You…" Mu Wanying gaped.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

A mobile’s ringtones sounded from Tang Ying’s bag beside her.

Tang Ying gave Mu Wanying a teasing look. She took her mobile, connected the call and laughed, “Fourth Uncle, are you looking for me?”

After a moment, Tang Ying’s smile froze as her beautiful eyes stared wide, an incredible light flas.h.i.+ng from them. As she listened to the other party, she involuntarily exclaimed out loudly, “You mean, the… the Second Uncle’s biological son has been found and is now on the way to the Capital along with Grandpa? Great, I’ll immediately return to the ancestral residence and wait there.”

After the call ended, Tang Ying quickly stuffed her mobile into her bag as she then looked at Mu Wanying and said, “Wanying, things happened at home, I gotta get back quickly. I’ll see you again after I got more time.”

Mu Wanying raised her brows and asked curiously, “Big Sis Ying, if I remember correctly, isn’t your uncle in a vegetative state since twenty years ago? His son…”

An excited expression glittered from Tang Ying’s eyes as she nodded, “That’s right. Before my uncle fell into a coma, he indeed already had a woman, and the woman also gave birth to a child. Twenty years ago, the elders had sent a large number of people to search them in Star City, but unfortunately, they failed. It’s unexpected that we found him twenty years later. If my Grandma knows about this, she will be pretty excited.”

Mu Wanying suddenly understood, “Then go, quickly! I’ll be here until the start of in Shanghai University. You can come here if you have free time.”


All the directly-related family members of the Tangs in the entire Beijing had all received a call from Tang Yunqing as dozen members of the family quickly went to the Tang Family’s ancestral residence.

The Tang Family’s ancestral residence. It was a manor with a fully enclosed courtyard that occupied a big area in Beijing.

Under the grapevines frames, a silver-haired old lady was holding a pure white Persian cat in drowsiness. In front of her, the tea on the table was cold.

She was Qing Changyue, Tang Guosheng’s wife.

“Mother, why are you sleeping here?”

Tang Yunpeng’s wife, Cai Xinru, carried a bag of fresh vegetables. A nanny of the family followed her as they came to the courtyard.

Qing Changyue opened her eyes and immediately sat a bit straighter upon seeing Cai Xinru. She then waved and smiled, “It’s alright. The weather is hot right now, so I won’t catch a cold. I originally wanted to drink tea here and listen to the songs on the radio. But somehow the radio broke and I almost fell asleep.”

Cai Xinru laughed, “Mother, that is father’s broken radio. Earlier he told me to throw that out, but I forgot about it. Let’s forget it, I’ll buy you a new one.”

Qing Changyue laughed, “That won’t do. This radio is your father’s baby. Even though it has been repaired many times, but you can still fix it every time.”

“Alright then. Do you want to change clothes? This evening our family will have an important event. Look at these fresh vegetables and meat, as well as the seafood. I just bought them from the market with Big Sis w.a.n.g. I guarantee that all of them are fresh and delicious.”

“What important thing has happened? What event is worth cooking so many food?” asked Qin Changyue, surprised.

“Grandma, you didn’t know?”

At the courtyard entrance, Tang Wei was half striding as he said aloud.

Qin Changyue was surprised as she watched Tang Wei and Tang Tang coming inside. Then, she asked with a confused expression, “What should I know about?”

Tang Wei said, “Your grandson, whom you’ve been missing for twenty years, has been found, and grandpa is bringing him back! Ah, right. What’s his name? Tang… Tang Xiu! Yes, that’s his name.”

Qin Changyue was stupefied and her expression changed greatly. Even though she was already old, she had a strong and healthy body, hence, she stood up directly from the chair and asked urgently, “What did you say? Yunde… Yunde's son? My grandson… has been found?”

Tang Tang walked toward her side, grinning. She held her arms as she smiled and said, “Grandma, we’ve found him, truly! I got a call from dad to drag my brother over here.”

An intense excitement could be seen on Qin Changyue’s face. Her body trembled. Immediately after, she saw that her eldest son, Tang Yunpeng, came from outside, followed by her grandson Tang Ning.

“Yunpeng, you also know about it?”

Tang Yunpeng nodded, “Ah, it seems that they have told you, Mom. Actually, I was in Star City accompanying Father to seek treatment when I got the news. The person who cured Father is your own grandson, Tang Xiu. I also had gotten a call that Father and Tang Min are bringing Tang Xiu and his mother, Su Lingyun. And they are on the way to Beijing. Furthermore, I also have sent some people to fetch Second Brother from the rehabilitation center.”

Qin Changyue fell into tears. Her lips quivered as she spoke out of excitement, “Great, it’s so great that we’ve found him. We’ve found him!”

Immediately after, the other members of the Tang Family arrived one after another.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 263: Everyone Gathered At Once

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