Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 268: His Life Is Not Guaranteed

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Chapter 268: His Life is not Guaranteed

Tang Guosheng quickly stood up from the chair with a pale complexion. He ran to the door and asked, “What happened?”

Chu Yi pointed inside and said tremblingly, “The treatment seems to have been finished, but Tang Xiu, he…”

Looking at the direction Chu Yi’s finger pointed at, Tang Guosheng saw that both Tang Yunde and Tang Xiu fainted on the bed. His heart pounded as he rushed into the room. After hearing it, Su Lingyun’s heart and throat were also stumped as she also rushed into the room, as did several other Tang Family members.

“He fell into a coma?”

Seeing Tang Xiu’s appearance, even though Tang Guosheng had a firm will, sparkling tears still fell down his eyes. The miserable condition Tang Xiu was in, it extremely distressed him.

“Xiu’er, Xiu’er, what has happened to you?”

Su Lingyun dashed to the bed, involuntarily bursting into tears.

The Tang Family members were also restless upon seeing that Tang Xiu had fallen into a coma. Never would they have expected that because Tang Xiu treated Tang Yunde, the both of them would fall into the same predicament. However, recalling how the treatment had lasted for more than thirty hours, admiration towards Tang Xiu surged in their hearts.

Suddenly, Tang Guosheng turned around as he shouted sternly, “Invite Master Chen, quickly!”

Instantly, two members of the Tang Family ran outside.

Having a moment of silence, Tang Guosheng then stared at Chu Yi and asked, “Do you have Chen Zhizhong’s number?”

“Yes!” said Chu Yi quickly.

“Call him. I’ll talk to him personally,” said Tang Guosheng.

Star City.

Chen Zhizhong was accompanying several clients to a meal. Recently, the medicinal herbs business had been on fire, which made him quite happy every day. What made him happier was that his cultivation had been progressing rapidly.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

As his mobile rang, he grabbed it. Seeing that the caller was Chu Yi, he immediately let out a smile to his business clients and spoke, “All of you please have a drink first, I need to pick up this call.”

Having said that, he stood up and picked up the call, laughing, “Chu Yi, do you need something from me?”

“Tang Guosheng from Beijing’s Tang Family is speaking here.”

Tang Guosheng of the Tang Family?

Chen Zhizhong was stupefied and his complexion changed greatly. He strode out of the box and spoke in a respectful tone, “Old Sir Tang, I’m Chen Zhizhong. Do you have any instructions for me?”

“I heard that you’re Tang Xiu’s apprentice, yes?” asked Tang Guosheng in a low, deep tone.

“That’s right!” replied Chen Zhizhong.

“If you can, I hope you can rush to the capital immediately. My grandson fell into a coma after treating and curing a patient. His physical condition appears to be in a bad state. You run a medicinal herbs business, so I think I may need your help later,” said Tang Guosheng.

"Your grandson?"

Chen Zhizhong replied in a confused tone. How would his Master be related to Tang Guosheng’s grandson? Could it be that his Master’s elder was looking for him?

Tang Guosheng spoke in a deep tone, “Tang Xiu is my grandson. My biological grandson.”

“What?” Chen Zhizhong’s pupils contracted as he exclaimed without him realizing it. A disbelieving expression was cast on his face as his heart pounded and his heartbeat accelerated.

Tang Xiu is Tang Guosheng’s biological grandson? Heaven!

That said, is Tang Xiu then a descendant of the Tang Family from Beijing?

“Is there a problem?” asked Tang Guosheng in a deep voice.

Awoken from his shock, Chen Zhizhong quickly replied, “I’ll rush to the capital immediately. The matter with my Master is more important than mine!”

Hanging up the phone, Chen Zhizhong ran to the box. Looking at his several business partners, he said, “Gentlemen, I really apologize. Some private matters arose and I need to leave for Beijing in a hurry. It’s of the utmost importance and grave matter as it involves someone’s life. All of you please have a drink here, and wait until I have dealt with this matter. I’ll treat you again later to make up for this time.”

They nodded after hearing him.

On the way to the airport, Chen Zhizhong dialed Long Zhengyu and Ouyang Lulu’s numbers. He knew that the both of them were Tang Xiu’s best friends. As for Kang Xia, Chen Zhizhong didn’t tell her, for he thought that she should have known the news about Tang Xiu’s situation.

Star City, the Long Family’s residence.

Long Zhengyu was accompanying his family for lunch. After receiving a phone call from Chen Zhizhong, even though he was shocked, worry about Tang Xiu filled his heart. He spoke to his parents and hurriedly rushed to the airport.

Jingmen Island.

Ouyang Lulu was in her sojourn in the Everlasting Feast Hall. Eating cakes and pastries in the pavilion, she happily watched Gu Xiaoxue play the zither in front of her.

"Ring, ring, ring…”

Her mobile rang and interrupted Gu Xiaoxue’s zither play.

Ouyang Lulu knitted her brows in displeasure. Giving Gu Xiaoxue an apologizing expression, she then took her mobile. Seeing that it was Chen Zhizhong, most of the displeasure on her expression disappeared, laughing after picking up the call, “Uncle Chen, are you looking for me?”

A moment after, Ouyang Lulu hang up the phone with a blank expression, dazed.

Smiling, Gu Xiaoxue said softly, “What happened? You suddenly picked up the phone, how come you’re looking just like you just lost your soul?”

Ouyang Lulu shuddered. She suddenly jumped up from the stone bench and quickly called out, “It’s Tang Xiu! He has been injured and seem like that he has fallen into a coma. I gotta go to Beijing, now!”

Shocked, Gu Xiaoxue stared blankly before also standing up immediately. Her figure flashed toward Ouyang Lulu and asked anxiously, “What did you say? How is Grand Master injured and in a coma? Where is he right now?”

Suddenly, Ouyang Lulu remembered that Tang Xiu was also Gu Xiaoxue’s Grand Master. Without any hesitation, she quickly replied, “He’s in Beijing. Chen Zhizhong just called me, saying that Tang Xiu fell into a coma after having saved someone. That’s right. He’s also Tang Guosheng’s biological grandson of Beijing’s Tang Family.”

Tang Guosheng?

Gu Xiaoxue felt that the name was somewhat familiar, but she couldn’t care less about it. What concerned her the most was the safety of her Grand Master. Immediately, she spoke, “Lulu, let’s go to Beijing together.”

In Beijing.

The entire Tang Family was shocked due to Tang Xiu falling into a coma.

All Tangs contacted everyone in their network one after another as well as invited a lot of medical experts. But those medical experts could only shake their heads after examining Tang Xiu. Even the renowned sage Chinese medical doctor, Grandmaster Chen Tianhe, could only figure out the cause of Tang Xiu’s coma due to him using and greatly consuming his mental force.

“Master Chen, you have to save my grandson. No matter how great the price, the Tang Family will pay it.” Suppressing his sorrow, Tang Guosheng stared at the gray-robed old man in front of him.

Chen Tianhe forced a smile and replied, “Old Tang, I know what you’re thinking. But I can’t do anything about his condition. His qi is been too weak and his vitality is also leaking out. If it continues like this… he will only live for a day at the most.”

“Is there anything else to alleviate it?” asked Tang Guosheng urgently.

For a moment, Chen Tianhe fell into silence, before he slowly said, “I do have a method of using acupuncture needles with moxibustion to stimulate his vital potential and arousing his qi. But this method is but only a temporary solution and can’t eliminate the root problem. At best, it will only allow him to live for two days more. If we can’t find a solution in three days, I’m afraid…”

Tang Guosheng was about to speak as rapid footsteps outside the room came approaching. Then, Tang Yunpeng rushed into the room and shouted, “Father, Yunde has awoken.”


Tang Guosheng shuddered. But a trace of joy couldn’t surpa.s.s the bitterness and pain inside his heart. His son had woken up at the price of exchanging the life of his own grandson. This was a price he could never afford. He turned around, looking at Su Lingyun that had fainted. He truly felt that this mother and son had truly lost for far too much.

“Master Chen, if we can keep him for two days then let’s do it. I will find a way to cure my grandson no matter what it takes.”

Chen Tianhe gently nodded. He took the silver needles and quickly started injecting them into Tang Xiu.

Sure enough, after executing the method, Tang Xiu’s leaking out vitality slowed down.

Inside another room.

More than a dozen Tang Family members looked at the awakening Tang Yunde with excited expressions. Qin Changyue had fallen to tears, pulling Tang Yunde into her embrace and didn’t want to release him.

“Mother, I’m really fine. Please don’t cry anymore. You can see that I’m awake now!” Tang Yunde squeezed out a smile. He slightly his body and could feel that his body was a lot better now.

Tang Min’s eyes turned very red as she spoke in a low voice, “Second Big Brother. You’ve woken up. It’s great, really great.”

At this time, Tang Yunde already knew that he had been in a coma for twenty years. Even though he felt that it was rather a miracle that he was awake, the excitement from his family members filled him with happiness. Suddenly, he recalled the young man who had saved him and quickly asked, “Ah, right. When I woke up, I saw the young man who saved me vomiting a mouthful of blood and fainting. How is he right now?”

In an instant, the Tang Family members looked at each other in dismay, but n.o.body knew how to respond.

Qin Changyue wept yet again for a while. She wiped her tears and sobbed, “Son! D-Do you know that the person who has saved you is your own son? B-but he… he’s in a very very bad condition now.”

“What? He’s... my… my son?”

Tang Yunde recalled. He remembered that his wife had been pregnant before he fell into a coma. But never would he have dreamt that the first person, the young man he first saw after he woke up from his coma turned out to be his son.

“Mother, h-he… what happened to him?”

Tang Yunde asked with a somewhat s.h.i.+vering voice.

Tang Min replied instead of his mother, “Our family has invited a lot of well-known doctors, yet they are also helpless about his condition. They said that… due to excessive consumption of his mental force, his life is in grave danger.”

"Take me to see him."

Tang Yunde struggled to stand up.

Two minutes later.

Being propped by his relatives, Tang Yunde came to the room where Tang Xiu fell into a coma. When he heard from his father, Tang Guosheng, and the sage Chinese medical doctor, Chen Tianhe, about the situation his son was in, he wept into tears. He also hugged the fainted Su Lingyun along with tears that couldn’t stop flowing from his eyes.

In Beijing, all the big respected families, all the rich and powerful great figures, even those who were at the topmost pyramid of power and authorities, had all received the news that the Tang Family had just found the grandson they had been missing for 20 years. Just as they were amazed that the Tang Family secretly added another member to their ranks, a heavy news spread out yet again: The descendant of the Tang Family who was a divine doctor working at the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, had rescued his own father who had fallen into a coma for 20 years, and now he himself fell into a coma while his own life was also in question.

Right at this time, those in the topmost of power in the country, one after another, had all contacted Tang Guosheng to inquire about Tang Xiu’s condition, conveying their condolences and comfort. At the same time, a lot of top-famous doctors across the country had also received invitations from the Tang Family to rush over to Beijing.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 268: His Life Is Not Guaranteed

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