Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 281: The Hit

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Chapter 281: The Hit

Disdain glittered in Tian Li and Hao Li’s eyes as they came to the second floor’s hall and saw Jiang Yu and Chen Fei kneeling and fuming with anger. If these two fellas hadn’t a big background, they would have been killed for daring to offend the Boss.

“Tian Li, let me free!”

Seeing Tian Li, Jiang Yu suddenly tried to jump from the floor, but two big men held his shoulders tight, one of them punching him fiercely.

Tian Li sneered, “Don’t try to struggle if you don’t wanna enjoy more pain. Your parents will be here shortly. If they don’t wanna discipline you, I’ll do the task. Don’t force me to become a killer thoroughly. Remember that!”

Dizzy after getting punched, Jiang Yu no longer dared to struggle.

Kneeling, Chen Fei’s eyes were ablaze. If he had not seen Jiang Yu being beaten, he’d have long since got up. Panting heavily, he glared and sternly spoke to Tian Li, “Tian Li, your Everlasting Feast Hall may be very famous and has good business in Hong Kong; but you dare act against me. Just wait! You’ll get f.u.c.ked up! When that time comes, I’ll make you kneel before me, screaming and wailing!”

"What an idiot!"

Disinclined to bother with him, Tian Li held her arms and waited.

In front of the entrance of the Everlasting Feast Hall’s North restaurant, ten men in a black suits and grim looks confronted Jiang Tianba, Chen Jianye, and Du Changze who brought along 20 big men with them. The other men who were lingered around the vicinity also moved closer, and the number was nearly a hundred.

“Step aside!”

Growling, Deng Zhen appeared with two big guards behind the two security guards.

Suddenly, the ten big men opened a path.

Ruthless, cold light glinted in Jiang Tianba’s eyes along with a tinge of killing intent within. He coldly looked at Deng Zheng and said, “Never had I expected that this small Everlasting Feast Hall would go so far to be as crazy as this. This is Hong Kong, not Jingmen Island. Do you wanna die for provoking us here?”

Deng Zhen sneered, “If you think we’re tired of living, just tell your men to act. Since you already made such a big fuss, surely you wanna make trouble here, no?”

Fuming with anger, Jiang Tianba gritted his teeth and said, “Cut the c.r.a.p, where’s my son?”

“He’s inside,” said Deng Zhen.

“Take us to see Tian Li,” said Jiang Tianba coldly.

Indifferent, Deng Zhen replied, “You can come inside, but those men gotta stay outside. Jiang Tianba, Chen Jianye, Du Changze, each of you can take two of your men inside. Otherwise, I’ll see it as you acting against us.”

Stepping forward, Chen Jianye said coldly, “You know who we are, yet you still dare to be so arrogant. It looks like the Everlasting Feast Hall has big guts, eh! But I wanna see whether you really have the ability.”

Having said that, he nodded to the two big men behind him and took the lead to enter.

Clas.h.i.+ng with the people of the Everlasting Feast Hall was not something Jiang Tianba wanted at this moment. After all, his son was still their hands. He went inside along with his two bodyguards as the anger inside him blazed ever more fiercely.

Following him, Du Changze took along Du Yang and one of his bodyguards and said indifferently, “Though my son is not in your hands, I also want to see whether your place is a tiger nest or not.”

Deng Zhen didn’t reply. He turned around and took them toward the second floor. After opening the room to the hall, he walked straight toward Tian Li and stood there silently.

When Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye saw that their sons were forced to kneel on the floor and had obviously been beaten in the face, their anger immediately turned evident.

“Good. It’s really great. You’re Tian Li, right? I really didn’t expect that you’d have such a big courage! It seems that this matter can no longer end peacefully, “Jiang Tianba sternly spoke.

Indifferent, Tian Li said, “Just as well. Peaceful or not is not something you can decide. Were it for the Boss having the final say, your son wouldn’t be kneeling here right now, he’d have long been a cold, dead body.”

"You dare!" Jiang Tianba shouted furiously.

Looking grim and cold, Chen Jianye glared deeply at Tian Li. His gaze then turned to Hao Lei who let out a smile that was yet unlike one, and coldly said, “Chief Hao also wants to be involved in this?”

Laughing, Hao Lei said, “If I don’t join in, our boss will kick me! There’s no way I can ask the Boss for a favor, so I can only run over here.”

Brows furrowed, Chen Jianye asked, “Your boss? That means the Grand Fortune Jewelries and the Everlasting Feast Hall is owned by your Boss?”

Hao Lei smiled, “You’re so smart, eh! But how did you give birth to such idiot son? Tsk, tsk… don’t tell me that your wife cheated on you and he’s not your biological son?”

“a.s.shole!” Chen Jianye was shocked inside, yet he still angrily shouted.

Seemingly not hearing Chen Jianye’s shout, Hao Lei smiled and muttered to herself, “Eh, it can’t be right, though. If he’s not your son, you wouldn’t be running here to save him now. That’s right. I believe that you—father and son should have taken a DNA test.”

Looking at her angrily, Chen Jianye’s vision turned to Tian Li and growled, “What do you want for my son to be released?”

Shaking her head, Tian Li replied, “It’s not our place to say. Our boss is on the way here. So we have to wait for him about that.”

“Who’s your boss?” asked Chen Jianye coldly.

Tian Li mocked and sneered, “You wanna know about him? Then you gotta wait!”

Right at this moment, Du Yang, who was behind Du Changze, was looking at the miserable looking Jiang Yu and Chen Fei. He secretly felt fortunate that he didn’t affronted Tian Li further back then, or else he would be kneeling there as those two.

His father—Du Changze, however, had his brows furrowed deeply as he came in and saw Hao Lei. Never did he expect that the Everlasting Feast Hall and the Grand Fortune Jewelries belonged to the same Boss. He knew about the Grand Fortune Jewelries, for it had quite the power and even monopolized some gold and diamond mines in Africa. The enterprise may look to have only a few billions of a.s.sets on the surface, yet no one knew as how much wealth they really possessed in the back.

Astute as he was, Du Changze could see how fearless Tian Li and Hao Lei were. Watching as Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye fumed in anger yet couldn’t do anything, he wisely chose to stay silent.

He had learned about what had happened today and it was evident that he could retreat. In the case he followed and Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye couldn’t do anything to the Everlasting Feast Hall and Grad Fortune Jewelries, he could draw back and apologize directly. As for the case of his son being beaten, there was nothing he could do but to swallow it silently.

More than ten minutes later, Tang Xiu along with Mo Awen, Mo Awu, and Zhang Xinya arrived at the Hong Kong’s Everlasting Feast Hall site. The ten security guards didn’t know him but knew the Mo Brothers as they saluted them and let them pa.s.s directly.

“Where’s Tian Li?”

Looking at one of the guards, Tang Xiu asked in a deep tone.

That guard glanced at Mo Āwen and Mo Āwu. He instantly knew that the person should be their new boss as he quickly replied, “She’s in the second floor’s hall.”

Nodding, Tang Xiu walked upstairs under the guidance of a few big men. As he came to the side hall, his vision swept the situation inside before landing on Jiang Tianba and the others. He then walked toward the chair between Tian Li and Hao Lei and sat there.

“You’re the boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall and Grand Fortune Jewelries?”

Coldly sizing up Tang Xiu, Chen Jianye asked in a sinking tone. He was secretly at ease since he had never seen Tang Xiu, thinking that Tang Xiu was not someone from some of the untouchable forces in Hong Kong.

Tang Xiu took a cigarette from his pocket, igniting, sucking and puffing it out, without even paying attention to him. He turned around to look at Zhang Xinya and asked, “Do you want to wait in another room? If you stay here, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stand it! But don’t worry, though. The Everlasting Feast Hall has good cuisines and drinks to serve; they should be able to fill your tastes.”

Coming along with Tang Xiu and even seeing such a scene here, it was out of Zhang Xinya’s imagination. She knew a lot of people present here such as Jiang Tianba, Chen Jianye, Du Changze, and even Tian Li and Hao Lei. She also clearly knew the true face of the kneeling silk pants—Jiang Yu and Chen Lei.

“I’ll stay here with you.”

Thinking that Tang Xiu had once helped her, Zhang Xinya replied without thinking.

Nodding at her, Tang Xiu didn’t mind if she stayed. Right after, he turned around and looked at Jiang Tianba, Chen Jianye, and Du Changze as he pointed at the kneeling Jiang Yu and Chen Fei, asking, “Who are their parents? Stand up!”

Walking two steps forward, Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye shot a cold glance at Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu nodded, “I believe you already know everything about the matter. Hence, I won’t say it again. Give me your solutions!”

Sneering, Jiang Tianba replied, “We naturally know about everything regarding this matter. I admit that it was my son’s fault for accidentally hitting your car, yet you’ve gone too far! Let my son go and confess to us. Otherwise, this won’t end peacefully.”

Nodding heavily at his answer, Chen Jianye said coldly, “The only one who has the rights to teach my son is me. Whoever hits my son must pay with broken limbs and then apologize to him.”

“Break his son’s hands!” Turning his head, Tang Xiu said indifferently.

“Crack. Crack…”

The two big guys standing beside Chen Fei moved swiftly. With one holding his shoulders, the other hit Chen Fei’s wrist. Such explosive strength directly smashed both of Chen Fei’s wrists.


Chen Jianye violently raged as he dashed toward Chen Fei.

“Get lost!”

A sharp dagger instantly appeared in the big guy’s hand beside Chen Fei and placed it on his neck. His eyes were icy, showing that he would unhesitatingly cut Chen Fei’s throat if Chen Jianye dared to rush over.

Chen Jianye’s breath came to a halt and abruptly stopped his dash.

Behind him, Jiang Tianba who had his eyes bursting out with shock and fright. Even in his wildest imagination he had never thought that Tang Xiu would be so rampant and ruthless despite his young age. Just a word from Chen Jianye resulted in his son—Chen Fei’s wrist to be broken.

In an instant, he felt somewhat lucky inside that he didn’t say such words, otherwise, the one who would have his wrists broken now would perhaps be his own son.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 281: The Hit

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