Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 282: A Silent And Cold Massacre

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Chapter 282: A Silent and Cold Ma.s.sacre

Angrily laughing, Chen Jianye’s eyes glared at Tang Xiu with blazing intent to kill. He raised his thumb and shouted, “Great. It’s just great. For many years now n.o.body dared to humiliate me like this. Don’t use my son if you really got the ability.”

Indifferent, Tang Xiu said lightly, “Let them go.”


The four big guys picked Chen Fei and Jiang Yu up and pushed them towards Chen Jianye.



With two screams, Chen Fei and Jiang Yu tumbled, hiding behind them, hatefully glaring at Tang Xiu.

Chen Jianye snarled, “Let’s go.”

“Slow down!”

“Do you think the Everlasting Feast Hall is someplace you can come and go so freely? Before you give me a confession, not one of you can leave this place!” Tang Xiu sneered.

Jiang Tianba stepped back and mocked, “What? Because this is your turf you want to bother us? You can believe me or not, but I can demolish your Everlasting Feast Hall within half a day.”

Giving a gesture to invite him, Tang Xiu said lightly, “If you have the ability, bring it on! I saw the crowd you brought here when I came in. Call all of them inside. I wanna have a look at what kind force you have.”

Staring blankly for a moment, Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye nodded to each other and quickly gave a command to their bodyguards. Within just a few minutes, nearly 200 big men rushed into the front door of the Everlasting Feast Hall.

Only now did Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye feel relieved. They already had their sons protected and had their henchmen surrounding them. As long as they issued the order, those on the Everlasting Feast Hall’s side would be miserably beaten to a pulp. Furthermore, their henchmen were also armed with guns. Once they acted, the bullets would be enough to kill them all.

Du Changze’s dozens of subordinates had also come inside. However, unknown to himself, he subconsciously put some distance between himself and Jiang Tianba and Chen Fei, joining his men.

‘There’s something wrong here!’

As careful as he had always been, Du Changze was a discreet man. He had been keenly observing all the time. Either Tang Xiu, Tian Li or Hao Lei, there was not the slightest fear on their faces; they even showed disdaining expressions. This fact made him secretly vigilant. Furthermore, it was simply unfathomable seeing the guards in the hall only wielding daggers without even a hint of panic or fright. Rather, it faintly seemed that they were impatient to act.

That’s right! It was just like a war! But, 34 people fighting against 100 to 200 people?

Instantly, Du Changze made a judgment. The Everlasting Feast Hall absolutely had skills which were yet to be seen, and it was perhaps not simple either.

‘I can’t take action easily.’

Having decided inside, he retreated two steps backward.

“Tang Xiu...”

Standing beside Tang Xiu, Zhang Xianya fell into a fright upon seeing such a battle-ready parade. She stepped back half a step and grabbed Tang Xiu’s shoulders.

Patting her back, Tang Xiu looked at Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye and serenely said, “This is your last chance. If you don’t have any a.s.surance, I’m afraid you’ll be regretting this decision for the rest of your life.”

"Hahaha..." Jiang Tianba burst into laughter, “I’ve met a lot of idiots in my life, but such an idiot like you never once I’ve seen one. Can you see the situation you’re in now? It’s simply very easy for us to kill you if we want to.”

Laughing and sneering, Chen Jianye said, “That’s true. We had no choice but to come here since you took our sons as hostages before. But now, what else are you relying on?”

As the two spoke, their henchmen took out their guns and knives one after another, fiercely eyeing Tang Xiu and his men, just waiting their bosses give the order to attack.

“Clap. Clap. Clap…”

Tang Xiu clapped and smiled, “This is great. Your courage is praiseworthy. What about the other one—the Boss of the Du Kang Winery. Du Changze, how about you?”

Being silent for a moment, Du Changze quickly grinned, “As the father whose son had been beaten, naturally I can’t stay indifferent. However, solve the matter between the two of you first, then we’ll talk about the matter between us.”

Having said that, he gathered his troops and retreated more than 10 meters from both sides, showing that this was none of his business.

"Du Changze!"

"Surnamed Du!"

Both Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye were furious since they didn’t expect that Du Changze would actually flee at such a critical point, pus.h.i.+ng them to probe Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu smiled, “You’re still smart enough compared to these two idiots... Anyways, you’re Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye, yes? Since you wanna play, I’ll keep you accompany. Except for the four of them, kill everyone else!”

The moment his voice fell, four figures belonging to Tian Li, Hao Lei, Mo Āwen, and Mo Āwu instantly dashed towards Chen Jianye and Jiang Tianba. Their speed was exceedingly fast as the distance of more than 10 meters pa.s.sed in nearly a blink.

"Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!"

The four people wielding their daggers dashed in front of Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye and pierced their shoulders. In almost a blink of an eye, Tian Li and Hao Lei caught them as they moved to the side and retreated, whereas Mo Āwen and Mo Āwu moved smoothly as though pa.s.sing clouds and flowing water, unhindered. Their sharp daggers reflected the streaks of cold light which slashed the wrists of several big men accurately, causing their guns to fall.


The dozens of guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall instantly dashed from the surroundings with each wielding a sharp dagger as though tigers rus.h.i.+ng into a flock of hundreds of enemies. Sinister fire blazed in their eyes, locking onto the men with guns; their first target.

Some enemies caught with friendly fire from their companions who were positioned backward as bullets pierced their bodies.

"Bang. Bang..."

The noisy sound of gunfire sounded in succession.

Tang Xiu sat in a calm manner, whereas Zhang Xinya looked pale at his side with fear in her eyes, tightly gripping Tang Xiu’s shoulders. At both sides, Tian Li and Hao Lei grabbed Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye with daggers on their throats.

The one-sided fight carried on, bringing along pitiful screams.

Blood splashed as bullets flew to all directions.

Hundreds of men of Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye were as though straws being cut by harvester as more than 20 strongmen with guns had all been completely slain within just half a minute whereas the rest were seriously injured.


The relentless and ruthless killing shocked Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye to the core as they looked aghast. Seeing the fighting scene, it exceedingly increasing their heartbeats.

“How can this be?”

Whilst enduring the pain from his shoulder, Jiang Ye muttered to himself as he felt s.h.i.+vers running down his spine. As frightened and scared out of his wits as he was, never would he ever imagined that the dozens of security guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall could be this powerful. n.o.body amongst the subordinates he brought along were normal people or rookies; any one of them could fight against two or three people. Yet, they couldn’t even defend themselves from the security guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall.

These… what and who are these people? How could they have such a powerful combat force as well as being ruthless and merciless?

Some distance from the scene, the boss of the Du Kang Winery—Du Changze had fallen into a shocking fright due to the scene. Turning wide-eyed, he staggered backward with a terrified look.

Never did he expect that Tang Xiu would be so unbridled and domineering to even order to kill right away. His men were simply inhumane as each and every one of them was exceedingly powerful as even guns meant nothing to them.

‘This matter is way too big.’

Swallowing his saliva in desperation, Du Changze turned to the surroundings as the others were also dumbstruck and aghast. Glaring fiercely at his son, who had long turned pale, his focus went back to the fighting scene.

Two minutes later, only 30 men remained from all of Jiang Tianba and Chen Jianye’s henchmen. Terrified as they were, only fear could be seen on their faces as they rushed toward the door to escape from this living h.e.l.l.

As for Tang Xiu’s side, only one of his subordinates died, whereas several of them were injured.

However, right at this time, Mo Āwen and Mo Āwu had blocked the hall’s entrance along with other four men. Holding their daggers backhandedly, they glared ruthlessly at the fleeing 30 henchmen.


The six figures gave them a fierce greeting.


Terror and panic had devoured Jiang Tianba as only fear painted his face when he shouted aloud.

A tinge of sneer and mockery emerged on Tang Xiu’s face as he waved to Tian Li. The latter immediately shouted, “STOP!”

As she spoke, nearly ten men amongst the thirty big men had already been slain.

The killing had stopped. Tang Xiu flicked his cigarette b.u.t.t, accurately entering the pot on the corner ten meters away. He gently lifted Zhang Xinya’s hands from his shoulders and slowly stood.

“Are you scared?”

Standing in front of Jiang Tianba, He asked with a smile that didn’t look like one.

Jiang Tianba trembled and shouted angrily, “You’re dead! You’re so dead! You just killed so many people, don’t you fear the law?”

“The law?” Mockery and disdain were outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth, “I dared to order the killing, yet you think I fear the consequences? What is it? Your men can’t resist and now you’re using the law to scare me? Hahaha…”

At the side, Chen Jianye took a deep breath. Looking at Tang Xiu, he said, “You win. We’ve lost. Say your condition and we’ll end the matter today.”

Looking at his eyes, Tang Xiu let out a sigh before he turned to the 20 strongmen who were being besieged. He walked and looked at them, saying, “You’re all unlucky to follow these stupid bosses of yours. I am quite a benevolent person so I’ll give you a chance to live. Do you want it, or not?”

“We want it!”

Trembling with fear, those more than 20 strongmen hurriedly replied and nodded. They were afraid, so much so that they wished that what was happening was nothing but a nightmare.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 282: A Silent And Cold Massacre

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