Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 345: Emergency Situation

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Chapter 345: Emergency Situation

Shanghai, Dynasty Clubhouse. 

Inside the resplendent and magnificent lounge on the third floor, Li Zhen and his gang drank and chatted while a group of beautiful girls surrounded them, as if they had completely forgotten the previous humiliation.

In the sofa at the corner, Yu Zhi regained consciousness as an unbearable headache struck him. He had to use his arms to support himself for awhile before slowly changing to a sitting position. A wave of anger burst inside his heart when he caught sight of his brothers all fine and drinking.

This is so wrong! These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are not my brothers!

I got beaten up and they neglected me. But they got so far as having a party?! Motherf.u.c.kers… you’re all heartless s.h.i.+ts!

Clenching his fist, Yu Zhi didn’t flare up. He stood still, and then went toward the door step by step.

“Huh? Yu Zhi woke up?”

Accidentally seeing Yu Zhi standing up, one of the youths immediately cried out.

Li Zhen raised his head. As he saw the scowling expression on Yu Zhi’s face, he quickly released the girl in his embrace. He then stood and blocked Yu Zhi’s path, asking with a puzzled expression, “Hey, Yu Zhi, where are you going?”

Yu Zhi stopped walking. His eyes swept over Li Zhen with a cold and detached expression and asked indifferently, “I’m sure I got f.u.c.king beaten up. Tell me, what happened afterward?”

Li Zhen’s complexion turned stiff. He turned around to look at the others, waved his hand and said, “Women, all of you out!”

After a short while, all the women left, leaving only Li Zhen and his gang.

“Yu Zhi, this punk, the one that beat you has quite a background. Do you remember me saying that I lost a bet with someone in the car race in Changxi City? The person who defeated me was that punk. I gave him my word that I’d stay the h.e.l.l away from him when I see him. So…” Li Zhen forced a bitter smile and didn’t finish his words.

Squinting his eyes in response, Yu Zhi indifferently said, “In other words, you remained faithful to your brother thus you brought me back. Regardless, you avoided him like a plague and ran with your tail between your legs, am I right?”


Li Zhen and the others exchanged dismayed looks. They wore awkward and embarra.s.sed expressions on their faces.

“Forget it. Let’s not raise this s.h.i.+t for now! You continue playing, I’m leaving. I still got something to do.” Said Yu Zhi.

Having said that, he bypa.s.sed Li Zhen and walked out.

With a slightly unsightly expression, Li Zhen watched Yu Zhi’s disappearing back. He suddenly had a hunch that he just lost a brother yet again. It was just like in the past. Those G.o.dd.a.m.n traitors who became Yue Yang’s underlings and cut off any relations with them.

His expression fluctuated. Jolted by his thoughts, he turned around shouting, “Go! Bring him back to me.”

The several youths glanced at each other before immediately chasing after Yu Zhi. Quickly, Yu Zhi was dragged back to the lounge.

“Yu Zhi, we are brothers. Don’t pretend to be stupid. I know that punk beat you, and we naturally won’t leave it like that. But before we act, we must investigate his background and ident.i.ty. Only after we know our enemy’s capital can we work out a revenge plan.” Li Zhen clamped a cigarette and spoke seriously.

Staring at Li Zhen with a cold and detached expression, Yu Zhi indifferently said, “My head hurts. Staying here doesn’t feel good for me. Since you don’t want to send me to the hospital, then I’ll go myself. Can I?”


Li Zhen and the others instantly realized his meaning. Their complexion turned unsightly. When all was said and done, they truly didn’t thought to send Yu Zhi to the hospital before.

“This negligence is our fault. Accept this gla.s.s of wine as an apology on behalf of our brotherhood.” Li Zhen forced a wry smile and said.

Yu Zhi took the gla.s.s of booze, yet wasn’t in a hurry to drink it. Rather, he calmly said, “Li Zhen, I now finally understand why Huan Zi betrayed us back then. I don’t wanna say it too clearly, for it won’t look good for us. I’ll drink this gla.s.s of wine and then go to the hospital to check my injury. You can continue playing here.”

Having said that, he drank the booze, put the gla.s.s down and turned around to leave.

This time, Li Zhen didn’t stop him. The unsightliness on his face turned to the extreme. He sat back on the sofa and fell into silence, slowly closing his eyes.

He was never a brainless man. He knew perfectly well what Yu Zhi was implying with his words. Although Yu Zhi didn’t say it straightforwardly, yet it was highly likely that he would no longer hang out with them.


The instant Li Zhen opened his eyes, he grabbed the gla.s.s in front of him and fiercely threw it on the floor.

The other youths exchanged looks in dismay, but no one said anything.

Taking a deep breath and pacifying himself for a while, Li Zhen then said in a heavy voice, “Rain must fall down from the sky, while women will also have to marry someday. So let’s just live with it! You all have seen Yu Zhi’s actions recently. This guy is usually very crazy and never eats any losses. Were he to go after that surnamed Tang, just observe it quietly. I have no means to test out the weight this surnamed Tang possesses. Since he’s going to test the waters for us, we’ll just wait and see.”


The others felt cold inside as they quickly glanced and each other and didn’t utter any words.

Shanghai First Public Hospital.

At the Inpatient Department downstairs, Tang Xiu, Yue Kai, and the others bade Xue Chao farewell and were about to head home. Thought it was but only a short meeting, Xue Chao gave them a good impression.

“Let’s not go back to campus first. Accompany me to buy a car!”

Zhao Liang was very envious of Yue Kai’s car. Though he couldn’t afford such an expensive car, but a car priced at ten thousand yuan was not a problem for him.

“OK! We’ll go together. Besides, we don’t have anything to do in the afternoon.” Laughed Yue Kai.

“You guys go! I still have things to do. If anything, I’ll call you all tonight. I’ll treat you to dinner.” Said Tang Xiu.

“Eldest Brother Tang, what are you gonna do?” asked Yue Kai, puzzled.

“It’s just a trivial private matter,” said Tang Xiu.

Upon hearing it, Yue Kai silently nodded. Since Tang Xiu said it was a private matter, he didn’t want to pry.

As the gang quickly left, Tang Xiu heaved a sigh inside. He was having a headache as for how to clear the issues with Han Qingwu. He now regretted his promise to house her earlier.

That woman was someone he wanted to keep his distance with. Even if she would become his teacher in charge for the next four years and he couldn’t really avoid her, but still, he must reduce any chance of being together with her as far as he could.

Since I’ve promised her, I’ll just let her live there! Besides, I don’t care about a house anyway, Tang Xiu sighed inwardly and then walked toward the outside.

In front of the Emergency Room.

A few ambulances arrived sounding their loud ear-piercing sirens and entered the hospital gate. Dozens of doctors and nurses that were waiting in front of the Emergency Room quickly pushed out trolleys and quickly surrounded them. 


Tang Xiu creased his brows as he saw the ambulances’ doors being opened. Following that, the doctors and nurses lifted injured people with blood covering their bodies from the inside, as they then put them on the trolleys.

“Call Dr. Pan quickly! d.a.m.n, there are too many victims. The number of doctors and operating rooms in our hospital is far from enough. Call the other nearby hospitals and immediately transfer the wounded. Also, notify the ambulances behind and tell them to take the victims to the other nearby hospitals directly.” Shouted a middle-aged man in a white coat and gold-rimmed after he saw more than twenty severely injured people carried out from the seven ambulances.

Tang Xiu’s expression slightly changed. From that doctor, he could deduce a few issues.

Firstly, there were too many victims and more would follow. Secondly, the hospital didn’t have enough doctors and operating rooms. Thirdly, the victims must be transferred. Hence, it would delay their treatment, which may result in the death of the seriously wounded victims.

While sighing inwardly, Tang Xiu strode toward the chaotic scene. Were he still a Supreme in the Immortal World, he wouldn’t have bothered himself with such small and trivial matters. But the present him was not yet in the immortal path. He was but only a living person true to life.

Hence, ignoring and disregarding the matter at present was not something he could do!

Had he not encountered this matter and only heard about it elsewhere, he might have ignored it. But since it happened right before him and he could help, he wouldn’t sit idly by and do nothing.


Tang Xiu stopped a trolley.

On the trolley was a badly wounded man. His right leg was bleeding and, although the wound had been bandaged, it was obvious that it couldn’t stop the blood from flowing out. The blood had thoroughly dyed the bandage and the overflow filled the trolley’s surface at this time. There was also blood on the hair ends on his head while his face was torn and bleeding. Reason being that a thin, thumb-sized steel bar had pierced his chest.

"What are you doing? Make way, quickly!" The doctor beside the trolley scowled.

Tang Xiu casually held the victim’s wrist as he pressed his finger to check his pulse while replying in a deep voice, “I’m also a doctor. Since your hospital doesn’t have enough doctors and operating rooms, I’ll give him treatment first.” 

The middle-aged doctor was stunned for a moment before angrily scowling, “You’re a doctor? How come I haven’t seen you in the hospital before? This patient is badly injured and needs to be promptly sent to the operating room. Don’t delay the treatment and step aside!”

Tang Xiu didn’t answer. He used his spiritual sense to cover the wounded and pushed the middle-aged doctor aside to examine the injuries on the victim’s body.


Tang Xiu ripped the wounded man’s tattered clothes as his fingers quickly sealed several acupoints around the steel bar. After that, he tore his thigh’s pants and sealed its blood vessels to stop the bleeding. Then, he held the wounded man’s body and reached out for the steel bar that pierced his chest ten centimeters deep.

"W-What are you gonna do? Y-You… you.. Murder!”

Upon seeing Tang Xiu’s actions, the middle-aged doctor immediately roared, while two nurses, as well as other staff, were also dulled.

Ignoring him, Tang Xiu pulled the steel bar out. He then inserted his finger into the b.l.o.o.d.y hole and released his star force. After was.h.i.+ng out the broken pieces of the bones inside and leaving a trace of his star force inside, he then turned to one of the nurses and shouted, “Dress up his wound!”

Having said that, he reached out to the wounded man’s head. He started with pressing the Dang Yang point, and continuing with the Tai Yang, Yang Bai, Si Bai, Tian Chuang, and Lian Quan points. Along with black blood gus.h.i.+ng out from the wound, Tang Xiu’s fingers pressed the Lian Quan point several times before striding toward the other victims.

"What are you doing? Get the h.e.l.l out!"

Another doctor at the side furiously looked at Tang Xiu, who had blocked his path. Saving people was like fighting fire. Thus, he was furious toward this young man who was delaying his treatment. The victim was at their dying point. If it were to be delayed any further, they may die at any time.

Tai Yang


Great Sun

Yang Bai


Yang White

Si Bai


Four Whites

Tian Chuang


Heavenly Windows

Lian Quan


Ridge Spring

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 345: Emergency Situation

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