Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 362: Tang Xiu’s Visit

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Chapter 362: Tang Xiu’s Visit

Hei Long startled inwardly. He quickly nodded and walked toward the conference room. As he entered the room and saw Tang Xiu sitting in a chair and smoking, the then asked cautiously, “Young master Tang, what’s your command?”

“Sit!” Tang Xiu pointed to the chair at the side and said.


With a straight and tightened body, Hei Long took a seat and then asked, “Young master Tang, I already resolved myself. After joining you, I will never turn south if you order me east. Likewise, I will never dare to fall to the ground after you tell me to go up to the sky. Whatever your command, please order me. As long as this Hei Long can do it, I’ll absolutely do it, even if I have to throw my life.”

“I need you to do a simple thing.” Tang Xiu said, “This Hongpo District is your turf and you’ve been here for many years. I believe your intelligence network should be good, yes?”

Hei Long confidently replied, “Yes. Though I have only a little more than twenty trusted men, there are still many little brothers following me. Plus, there’s still many small forces that have very complex relations.h.i.+ps with me. I can easily inquire some news for you.”

“Then your task is to a.s.sign some people to each street within a radius of ten kilometers surrounding the factory. Report to me immediately should any situation arise.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “To be frank with you, though I’m a junior of the Tang Family, this is my second time facing our adversary. The enemy’s strength is very substantial and is on par with ours. Hence, our Tang Family is about to contend with the other party here in Guangyang, exactly in this Guan City. Our main base, later on, will be in Hongpo District.”

A light flashed in Hei Long’s eyes as he asked, “Could you tell me who our enemy is, Boss?”

“It’s the Yao Family from Beijing and the Sun Family from Guangyang.” Said Tang Xiu indifferently.


Hei Long couldn’t help but take a cold breath. He had never heard of the Yao Family of Beijing, but he was crystal clear about the Sun Family of Guangyang. The latter was a family with huge power and influence that definitely ranked in the top five families among the major families of Guangyang.

“Don’t be that shocked.” Tang Xiu said, “Though our Tang Family is contending against these two families, it’s limited to just the Guangyang and f.u.kang Provinces. Nonetheless, it’s only a small-scale game; the outcome won’t affect our family too much. And you, since I’m the one who picked you, I’ll guarantee your safety. And, regardless of the outcome, I’ll give you a lot of benefits when I leave this province.”

The worries inside Hei Long’s heart eased down a lot. He straightened up his chest and said, “Young master Tang, after this Hei Long becomes your underling, I’ll still become a ghost under you even after I die. Please command me!”

“If you’re confident, then show me a stellar performance.” Said Tang Xiu with a smile, “Your influence in Guangyang will be no longer limited to just a small place such as this Hongpo District. Do you understand my meaning?”

Hei Long’s eyes s.h.i.+ned as he heavily nodded and replied, “I understand!”

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Go then! After you go back, start on my order at once. I must ensure the security of our main base, and your people will play an important role for that.”


Standing up, Hei Long then prepared to leave. But his pace suddenly came to a halt as he hesitated for a moment before asking, “Young master Tang, would you mind if I ask you about that Jingying Internet Café’s owner—Guo Sen, he…”

“To tell you the truth, he’s the man of the Huang Family from f.u.kang Province. Not only that, he’s also a intelligence personnel trained by the Huang Family. I have a special relations.h.i.+p with the Huang Family, so I asked for their a.s.sistance. If you wanna prove your ability, then do better than Guo Sen.” Said Tang Xiu dully.

Instantly, Hei Long felt the pressure on him.

What Tang Xiu meant was something he was very well aware of. Aside from his people who were responsible for monitoring Hongpo District, there were also the intelligence people from the Huang Family. He knew what kind of existence the Huang Family was in f.u.kang Province. It was a big family ranked at the top one there. The details revealed by Tang Xiu gave him pressure; yet, at the same time, he was also somewhat excited. After all, the chance for the Tang Family to win would increase by several times with a.s.sistance from the Huang Family.

“Young master Tang, I won’t let you down!”

Along with Hei Long’s departure, Tang Xiu walked out of the conference room. He then faced Li Xiaojie who had been waiting outside and said, “Send some of our men to observe him closely! I don’t want any complicated matters to arise because of him.”

“I’ll send my best scout to observe him closely,” said Li Xiaojie with a nod.

The night pa.s.sed with nothing more happening.

Early in the morning.

Tang Xiu and Li Xiaojie left the factory to head toward f.u.kang Province. On the way there, he contacted Guo Sen and told him to buy a dozen used cars.

f.u.kang Province, Zhou City.

It was Tang Xiu’s first time visiting the city. He found that the city was not inferior at all compared to Shanghai with its high-rise buildings and continuous streams of traffic in its wide streets.

10 AM. Tang Xiu arrived at the Zhou City’s Huang Family.

With the Huang Family boasting a very strong force in f.u.kang Province, they owned a land encompa.s.sing a large area where they built their family manor. When the car arrived at the front gate of the Huang Family’s residence, they were stopped by the security guards at the main gate post.

“May I ask who you are? This is a private residential area. Outsiders are not allowed to enter.”

As the security guard saw Tang Xiu and Li Xiaojie caming out of the taxi, he suddenly said in a deep tone.

Sending the taxi away, Tang Xiu then looked at the security guard and said, “Tell Huang Jinfu that Tang Xiu came visiting.”

That security guard furrowed his brows as he stared at Tang Xiu with a somewhat ugly expression. There were not many people in the f.u.kang Province who addressed the family’s head by his name. However, he could vaguely feel a peculiar aura from Tang Xiu and a military-man flavor from Li Xiaojie. He then immediately said, “Please wait!”

Having said that, he picked up a walkie-talkie and contacted the security captain of the Huang Family’s Manor.

Five or six minutes afterward, Huang Jinfu along with four or five core members of the Huang Family rushed to the front gate in a hurry. When he saw the two men outside the gate, he instantly judged that one of them was Tang Xiu.

“Are you… Tang Xiu—Mr. Tang?” Bowing very low, Huang Jinfu’s tone was full of respect.

“Ah, the Huang Family’s head is too polite. Yes, I’m Tang Xiu.” Tang Xiu said smilingly.

Huang Jinfu’s eyes turned bright and he couldn’t hide the excitement in his face. He respectfully said, “I’ve received a report from Guo Sen yesterday and I knew you’d come today. Please come inside quickly. I’ve prepared some tea.”

Tang Xiu nodded and walked through the front gate of the Huang Family’s manor.

Each and every one of the four security guards at the gate havd dumbstruck expressions as they looked at Tang Xiu and Huang Jinfu as they walked inside. Never once had they ever dreamed that the young man who arrived by taxi could make their family’s head treat him with such an att.i.tude.

“Who’s this young man? Isn’t this way too strange for the family’s head to be that respectful before him?”

“Yeah, I never dreamed there could be anyone in this world who could make our family’s head treat them with such an att.i.tude. What sacred being this young man could be?”

“A powerful figure with such a low-key manner... Consider me having experienced it today. It was fortunate that we didn’t treat him with disrespect. Else, we could have been severely punished by the family’s head.”


Two sightseeing cars were parked in front of the Huang Family’s manor entrance. Under the warm greetings of Huang Jinfu, the two boarded the sightseeing car while Li Xiaojie and several other members of the Huang Family took the other car.

“Mr. Tang, your personal visit to our humble home is really an honor. I already called all the core members of our family yesterday. All of them are waiting inside.” Huang Jie said with a smile.

“Family Head Huang, please don’t stand on ceremony. We’re not outsiders.” Tang Xiu said smilingly.

Huang Jinfu’s eyes brightened as he nodded, “Yes, yes. We’re not outsiders at all. Since I heard that the Everlasting Feast Hall has a new boss, I actually wanted to visit you. But I didn’t expect that you would come to visit our Huang Family yourself.”

“Well, my visit to the Huang Family is because I have a request that I need your help with.” Tang Xiu said.

“No, Mr. Tang. It’s not correct for you to say that.” Huang Jinfu replied with a severe countenance. “Please ask anything you need without any hesitation. First of all, needless to say, Boss Gu is my lifesaver. Merely by the present situation of we—the Huang Family, we truly owe the Everlasting Feast Hall way too much. I once told Boss Gu that without the Everlasting Feast Hall’s a.s.sistance, there would be no Huang Family. Whatever you command, as long as you order it, our Huang Family will fully aid you even if it would exhaust our strength.”

“If so, I would like to thank you first.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “After this, I’ll tell Xiaoxue to foster a closer relations.h.i.+p between the Everlasting Feast Hall and the Huang Family.”

Huang Jinfu’s body trembled as ecstasy filled his heart. Yet, he couldn’t help thinking about the subtle meaning from Tang Xiu’s words.


What kind of relations.h.i.+p is there between Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue?

The two sightseeing cars quickly arrived at the main building of Huang Family’s residence. A group of core members of the Huang Family welcomed Tang Xiu as they then went inside.

After introducing the Huang Family’s members, Tang Xiu then straightly said, “Family Head Huang, shall we find a quiet place to talk?”

Knowing that Tang Xiu wanted discuss an important matter with him, Huang Jinfu immediately replied, “Let’s head to my study room! No one will disturb us there!”

The study room was interesting and appealing, with refined and elegant decorations. Aside from a large number of books on the bookcase, there were also a writing-set, paper, ink, and an inkstone on the table. When Tang Xiu’s vision s.h.i.+fted from the bookshelves and then fell on a shelf with handicrafts on its rack, his eyes suddenly fixated on it.

That is… an Inferno Stone?

Tang Xiu’s heart suddenly jolted. He came before the shelf and reached out his hand to take the lion carving Inferno Stone.

“Do you find this lion carving stone good? It was carved by Grandmaster Huang Baiqing from our country.” Said Huang Jinfu with a smile.

Gently stroking the Infernal Stone, Tang Xiu then slowly turned his head to look at Huang Jinfu and seriously said, “How about doubling the number of men the Huang Family can send to the Everlasting Feast for every three years in exchange for this lion carving stone?”

Huang Jinfu’s eyes s.h.i.+ned as he replied without hesitation, “Well, since Mr. tang likes it, please take it as you will.”

He was really ecstatic and happy at this time!

It was because he didn’t ever dream that such a fine lion carving stone would give his Huang Family a chance to double the number of men they could send to the Everlasting Feast Hall for every three years. Back then, they could only send three people every three years. Doubling the number meant they could send six people! Although there were deaths in almost every batch, the remaining people were the elites who then became the pillars of their Huang Family.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 362: Tang Xiu’s Visit

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