Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 393: Successful Crafting

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Chapter 393: Successful Crafting

Heat waves and flames surged in the villa’s garage at Southfield Villa Complex. Tang Xiu’s naked upper body was streaming with sweat, while his arms were like machines that threw materials into the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron.

Under the control of his spiritual sense, each piece of fire iron, copper essence, ore, and other materials, after being thrown into the cauldron, they were then melted into a slurry liquid. Along with the high-temperature, it evaporated, leaving a strand wire-sized essence remaining.

“What a great cauldron!”

The smile on Tang Xiu’s face didn’t recede. He was confident that if he had this Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron in the Immortal World, regardless of crafting tools or concocting pills, his efficiency would have increased by several times.

“Chi Nan, tell them to move the materials over here.”


The auto-door opened as surging heat waves made Chi Nan take a few steps backward, leaving a horrified look on her gorgeous face.

“Boss, will you be alright staying for long periods in such a high temperature?” Despite knowing Tang Xiu’s ability, Chi Nan couldn’t help but ask loudly as she entered the garage and withstood the heat waves.

Chi Nan could feel that merely the temperature in the garage was probably over 50ºC, let alone the temperature in the cauldron. Even the lamps inside the room had been extinguished. Evidently, the high temperature caused a problem in the power line.

“It’s nothing.” Tang Xiu grinned, “This temperature won’t hurt me. Don’t waste time, tell them to move all the materials inside. If the workload is too big, a.s.sign some more people to the task.”

“Boss, this task is really big. I’ll call more people over!” Chi Nan said, “Only, can this cauldron hold so many materials?”

“There was a car’s worth of materials here, didn’t they still disappear?” Tang Xiu smiled lightly and said, “All right, just worry about the things you need to worry about, not the things you don’t need to.”

"Yes!" Chi Nan obeyed and respectfully nodded.

Time fleeted by, and six days pa.s.sed in an instant. In these six days, Tang Xiu nearly hadn’t any meals, drink or sleep, only watched the refining process in the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron. Finally, all the purchased ordinary materials had been fully used, leaving an adult fist-sized essence inside the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron.

“An opportunity like this won’t come around again!”

Tang Xiu furrowed his brows and looked outside the garage. However, under the night sky, more than ten core members of Everlasting Feast Hall were actually sitting exhausted on the ground, breathing heavily.

They were so tired that they were unable to lift their fingers.

“Chi Nan, contact the numbers I gave you before. Tell them to come here as fast as possible.” Tang Xiu frowned and glanced at Chi Nan outside the garage.

“All right!”

A few minutes later, Chi Nan made a phone call. After telling them, they rushed over from Star City by truck and then arrived outside the villa complex. Chi Nan then took her car to fetch them at maximum speed.

“Move them inside.”

Upon seeing Banshou, Tang Xiu immediately shouted without hesitation.

Seeing Tang Xiu again made Banshou seeth with excitement. But at this moment, he could only suppress his excitement due to the circ.u.mstances. He quickly opened the truck door and moved a few slabs of Sky Sandstone weighing several hundred pounds each.

“Where should we put these, Boss?” Banshou endured the high temperature and asked.

“Put them on the ground. You’ve accomplished your task.” Tang Xiu said, “Go now! Since you have come to Shanghai, just have fun around for two days, and then get busy with your other tasks.”

“Boss, I still have some things I haven’t reported to you.” Banshou said, “How about I and the others wait until you’re done, and then report them to you later?”

Tang Xiu nodded and watched as they left. Without hesitation, he threw the Sky Sandstones into the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron.

Two hours later, Tang Xiu looked particularly more serious. After he closed the garage door, he threw a Wintertide Fluorite and a Star Fragment Stone into the cauldron. Simultaneously, he also released the Imperial Wind Technique, as his tiptoes floated in midair, and his palms continued making seals.

The palm seals then formed veined patterns.

The empty lines circulated and then entered into the materials within the cauldron. Then, the Star Array Technique lined up, extracting the essence, and emitting a strong constrictive aura.

“Retreat! Move back quickly!”

Chi Nan and several big men suddenly felt a suffocating aura as they rushed outside the villa. After they withdrew for tens of meters away from the villa, only then did they stop and looked back with tense expressions.

“Chief Nan, what’s going on?” A big man quickly asked.

“Don’t ask. You shouldn’t ask.” Chi Nan growled, “The Boss gave a command before. You mustn’t talk about what he is doing. Treat it as if nothing is happening here.”

“Affirmative!” The strong man nodded.

Chi Nan’s eyes glinted as she stood outside the villa’s courtyard, watching the inside through the front gate. With such strong, oppressive aura, Tang Xiu was unexpectedly not coming out? She was very curious, how strong was this Boss of hers? How could he have so many mysterious techniques?

Tang Xiu floated midair before the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron. When his star force entered the lump of fist-sized material, his expression turned particularly serious. His figure dashed to the corner of the garage lightning fast, taking the Void Crack Stone and firmly holding it.

“A Void Crack Stone is needed to refine a interspatial ring. Since there are many materials here, I can make a dagger as well.” Tang Xiu’s mind revolved faster. The lump of essences were being refined. In accordance with the shape being formed in Tang Xiu’s mind, the materials began to slowly change. Quickly, when a dagger shape had completely formed, Tang Xiu patted the array lines with his palm.


After shouting lowly, Tang Xiu’s finger moved a bit. Immediately, a band of profound blood channels were added, as the back scaly patterns of the dagger solidified. Tang Xiu’s spiritual sense withdrew from the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron. A tremor then sounded, as something then flashed out and quietly floated in front of Tang Xiu. 


With his finger, Tang Xiu cut its blade. The moment his blood fused into the dagger, Tang Xiu could feel the connection between him and the sharp dagger. He could easily control it with his finger as if it were his arms.

“Void Crack Stone!”

Tang Xiu christened the dagger with the name of Bloodguzzler. He then concentrated and threw the Void Crack Stone into the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron. As his palm beat the cauldron again repeatedly, the rest of the lump of material essence gradually began to shrink and the Void Crack Stone melted into it. Following that, Tang Xiu’s expression moved, and immediately opened his hands.

“A thought to control three!”

At this time, his body slightly trembled. It was akin to the time when he just returned to Earth from the Immortal World. His first time refining tools on Earth was more difficult than he had imagined. His muscles were trembling. His blood vessels protruded out, while in his Dantian, the black hole vortex finally ceased spraying out star force.

“Expand and open!”

Tang Xiu’s palm continued beating as it fused into three separated material essences. As his speed turned faster and faster, gradually, the naked eyes couldn’t keep up with the trajectory of his arms and palms. Following that, the oppressive aura coming out from the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron was also getting more intense.

In the end, Chi Nan and the others who had withdrawn hundreds of steps outside could barely resist any longer. The residents in the vicinity of the villa were also being forced and suffocated at this time. They ran out of their houses and watched from afar. There were a few courageous burly men who came to Chi Nan and the others asking for the cause. 


While Tang Xiu was pouring all of his efforts into it, he refined three interspatial rings at the same time. As the internal s.p.a.ce had been expanded to more than ten square meters, it was no longer able to be expanded. A firm glint then flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he pulled out thunder borrowed from the electricity and finally, the s.p.a.ce within the interspatial ring doubled.

Immediately, under his control, two interspatial rings were taken out of the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron. He then cast his spiritual sense on the last interspatial ring inside the Demon G.o.d Spirit Devourer Cauldron.

While his spiritual sense was focused on the interspatial ring, Tang Xiu’s mind was thinking:

My cultivation level is too low, and the spells I can cast are far too few and between. I divided my spiritual sense into three parts, yet I can only expand the s.p.a.ce inside the interspatial ring to 20 square meters despite detonating it with thunder borrowed from the electrical power. It’s too small, way too small.

I put my everything into refining this one, so it should have doubled the s.p.a.ce inside, though. With the spells I have just cast, I should be able to cast the Four Guardian Symbols Great Array. Although grafting the Four Guardian Symbols Great Array is quite a major issue in itself, yet it can make a lot of room for the s.p.a.ce inside the interspatial ring.

Let me try then, and see how what’s the result!

After thinking for a while, Tang Xiu then started to work on it immediately. However, grafting the Four Guardian Symbols Great Array within the interspatial ring was even more difficult than he had imagined. Eventually, after his spiritual power was nearly spent, the inscription barely succeeded.


Tang Xiu’s complexion was a bit pale. Beads of sweats rolled down on his forehead. His hands waved the moment after and the interspatial ring then flew out from the cauldron, quietly floating in front of him.

I almost failed. It was fortunate that I made a breakthrough in my cultivation a few days ago, my spiritual power rising several levels. Otherwise, let alone refining three interspatial rings simultaneously, even refining this one would perhaps be enough to choke me.

Tang Xiu then put the interspatial ring into one of his fingers, a slight smile hanging on his face. He was quite contented with this interspatial ring. After all, it boasted hundreds of square feet inside and was able to h.o.a.rd tons of things. Moreover, when his cultivation level increased, this interspatial ring could be refined again, and the interior s.p.a.ce could be continuously expanded as well.


Tang Xiu waved his hand and the True Fire Symbols were automatically extinguished. The dense high temperature also quickly dispersed.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 393: Successful Crafting

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