Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 557

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Chapter 557: Uprooting the Source of Trouble

At Jingmen Island's First Public Hospital, inside a VVIP ward. There was only one sick bed inside, with a lot of potted plants placed in the corner, along with a television and refrigerator.

Huang s.h.i.+yang rested his head on a pillow with his arm cast with plaster and suspended with a bandage. He was scowling out of shame, while a young girl sitting on the edge of the bed looked seemingly nice on the surface yet disgust flashed in her eyes from time to time.

"Wenwen, call my brother and ask him if he has taken care of that b.i.t.c.h."

The girl didn't speak and silently picked up her mobile phone. Just as she was about to dial, the ward's door was forced open as a crew cut youth rushed to the bed and called out in panic, "Second Brother, hurry and pack your things. A huge matter just happened!"

"What matter? Is it related to my big brother?" Huang s.h.i.+yang's expression changed and quickly asked.

The crew cut youth anxiously said, "Big brother has died. He was killed by the Schoolmaster himself. I suspect that the other party won't let this matter go and they will surely act to get you. Hence, you must not stay in the hospital. Quickly pack up your things and leave Jingmen Island. The farther the better."

Huang s.h.i.+yang abruptly sat straight in disbelief, and then shouted, "What f.u.c.king nonsense are you talking about? My big brother… how could he die? How come the Schoolmaster himself personally killed my big brother?"

"Second brother, you just provoked a terrifying figure. The other party practically trashed our martial school because of you. More than fifty instructors and trainees in our school had their legs broken by them, including the Vice Schoolmaster. The Schoolmaster suddenly appeared and, though he quelled and settled this matter, he actually went so far as to kill big brother personally. It's evident his purpose. That is to resolve the grievance between both parties."

Huang s.h.i.+yang's eyes turned bloodshot, as fury and hatred burst out from within. He gritted his teeth and said, "Wenwen, help me pack up my stuff. Third Brother, tell me who the other party is."

"He's called Tang Xiu, he should be the man of that woman." The crew cut youth said. "He's a young man and is apparently still in his 20s. But each and every one of the eight bodyguards he brought is very terrifying. Our Vice Schoolmaster is a martial arts grandmaster, but only one of those eight men fought him and yet Vice Schoolmaster was unable to fight back at all. Right, that person seems to be someone from the Everlasting Feast Hall."

Huang s.h.i.+yang shuddered inside and fear filled his heart. He was perfectly aware of the Vice Schoolmaster's strength; a martial arts grandmaster who had managed the Heroes' Crest Martial School for nearly two decades and rarely had equal opponents.

"Everlasting Feast Hall and Tang Xiu. I'll remember this."

The fear inside Huang s.h.i.+yang's heart quickly disappeared and was replaced with hatred. After getting out of bed he quickly changed his clothes. Though his arm was in the way, he put on the coat and quickly left the ward a few minutes later.


At the HQ of the Everlasting Feast Hall.

Tang Dong was dressed in a suit and wore black while standing straight before the window of the box, watching quietly the parking lot in the distance. There was a folder containing very important doc.u.ments placed on the table behind him.

Knock, knock…

The private box's door was knocked, and Gu Xiaoxue strode through the door in a lotus-like footwork. She looked at Tang Dong, who just snapped out of his reverie, as she smiled faintly and said, "Mr. Tang, my Boss is already on the way back. He is expected to be back here in half an hour."

"Since it's only half an hour, then I'll wait for him here!" Tang Dong smilingly said. "Anyhow, Gu Xiaoxue, we run a similar business. I hope we can cooperate in a certain area if possible."

"For instance?" Asked Gu Xiaoxue with a faint smile.

"According to what I know, the Everlasting Feast Hall has many experts, while the main ingredient of my Seaside Strait Manor's dishes is the meat of fierce beasts. If possible… can I buy it from you?"

"Mr. Tang, please wait for my Boss to arrive to talk about this. I'm sure he can make you satisfied," said Gu Xiaoxue with a smile.

"All right, then. I'll talk to him about it after the important discussion is finished," said Tang Dong with a smile.


Beijing, at the Yao Family's residence.

Yao Qingzun looked ashen and livid while sitting on a fauteuil without saying a word. Yao Chengqing, on the other hand, looked furious. He clenched his fists and green veins were protruding on his forehead, whereas a refined-looking middle-aged man wearing standing beside him lowered his head with a tense expression.

Finally, Yao Qingzun said through gritted teeth, "For a long time has Tang Guosheng been forbearing, and he deliberately gave his face under the soles of our feet. All of it was just to conspire such a huge scheme. Prior to this, I was able to discern everything that happened around the Tang Family, so I was confident to pinpoint and pinch their door of life. Only now do I realize that it was something the Tang Family deliberately put on the surface."

"Then, what are we going to do now, father?" Yao Chengqing spoke with an angry expression on his face. "Clam Island and Resting Cemetery Island have been both won by the Tang Family, and our family's plan was forced to be put on hold. Also, Qingteng is now missing and we don't know his whereabouts nor we know whether he's still alive or dead. Also, he was in the possession of some doc.u.ments that are very important to us."

Yao Qingzun clenched his fists and spoke in a heavy tone, "We can only choose another island since they already took those two. As of now, we can't estimate the depth of the Tang Family, hence we can only keep away from their spearhead for the time being. Send my order to the members of our family and all those families who are on good terms with us. They are not to have any clashes with the Tang Family in the near future."

"Father, don't tell me we won't take this matter into account?" Asked Yao Chengqing.

"Hmph, naturally we won't let this matter go like this." Yao Qingzun coldly snorted. "I've invited someone from the Northeast a couple days ago, and he should arrive in Beijing in a few days. As long as he helps us, let alone the Tang Family, even if there are ten of them they won't be able to stop us."

"Do you mean… Dongbei Hu, the Amur Tiger?" Yao Chengqing was shocked.

"I had once saved Dongbei Hu's life in the past; he owes us a huge favor." Yao Qingzun nodded. "I originally didn't plan to use this favor to deal with the Tang Family, because I thought that we could easily eradicate them by ourselves. However, I never thought that the Tang Family was hiding so deep. It's apparent that we won't be able to deal with them if we don't use this favor."

Yao Chengqing's expression flickered and he quickly said, "Father, shall we pa.s.s the news of Dongbei Hu's arrival to the other families? With the Amur Tiger as a deterrent force, perhaps those neutral parties will also flock to our family."

"We'll keep quiet about this matter for the time being." Yao Qingzun shook his head. "After we eradicate the Tang Family, the other forces will naturally know that we did it with the aid of Dongbei Hu by that time. When that time comes and us being on good terms with him known by them, perhaps there will be no need for us to publicize it, and those neutral forces will naturally move to support our family."

Yao Chengqing fell into his thoughts for a while before smilingly nodding and saying, "I understand, father. I never thought you still had such a lethal trump card. Then the Tang Family… hmph!"


Jingmen Island, at the Everlasting Feast Hall.

After Tang Xiu came back, he brought Han Qingwu, who had been silent for a while, to his residence. Just as he was about to have a talk with her, a core member of the Everlasting Feast Hall rushed over and told him that Tang Dong was waiting for him.

"Teacher Han, there's something I need to do. Have a rest first, we'll chat at dinner time."

Han Qingwu was silent for a moment before saying, "Can you not address me as Teacher Han later? My name is Han Qingwu, and people who are close to me call me Qingwu."

Tang Xiu's brows slightly creased, but he nodded and said, "I know."

Five or six minutes later, he came to the box where Tang Dong was in. While looking at Tang Dong who greeted him, Tang Xiu smiled and said, "Uncle Dong, is there any news from Beijing?"

"d.a.m.n, I can't hide anything from you!" Tang Dong smilingly said. "That's right, our family has successfully acquired those two islands, Clam Island and Resting Cemetery Island. And we have also acquired the approved official doc.u.ments for them. Anyhow, here are the doc.u.ments. I was also told to tell you that you can do anything you will do on these two islands."

"Is there any reaction from the Yao Family?" Asked Tang Xiu.

"What can they do?" Tang Dong grinned. "Our family acted very quickly. We opened all the nodes of our network and connections, thus acquiring the approved doc.u.ments. Even if the Yaos were to go all out to reverse this desperate situation, they won't be able to do anything at all. I'm pretty sure the old codger of the Yaos is stamping about in rage right now!"

A hint of a smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu's mouth as he nodded and said, "We have literally cut off their mustache and I'm sure that the head of the Yao Family is definitely furious. However, I reckon that they must be re-examining our family right now. At this time, what our family must do is to restrain ourselves while at the same time taking precautions against anything, just in case the Yao Family is unable to swallow this result and launch an strike at us."

Tang Dong noted Tang Xiu's words in his heart as he nodded and said, "I know. I believe that Uncle understands this as well, but I'll convey your words to my father, so as to make the elders discuss it."

"Alright, let us not talk about this topic anymore," said Tang Xiu.

"I think the same." Tang Dong smilingly said. "Anyhow, your Everlasting Feast Hall has many experts. Do they have some time to go hunting in the sea, by chance? To be honest, the Seaside Strait Manor is kind of short of fierce beasts' meat and we are unable to meet the demand due to the short supply. So, in order to make more money, you see…"

Tang Xiu looked blank before he burst into laughter and immediately said, "Let us not hurry to talk about that, shall we? Just wait for some time and I a.s.sure you that the problem with the fierce beasts' meat will be fully tackled. As a matter of fact, I was deliberately machinating plans to acquire these two islands, and one of the plans was to rear fierce beasts on one of these two islands."

"You what?" Tang Dong was dumbfounded.

Could it be possible to rear and breed fierce beasts?

"You don't need to be that shocked, Uncle Dong." Tang Xiu chuckled. "We can rear and breed fierce beasts as long as we have enough strength. After we're done with things to scale up the island, I'll personally take you to visit it."

Tang Dong gulped down and said with a shocked expression, "Xiu, this act of yours… is simply too crazy, you know that? But of course, it'd be really great if you can rear and breed fierce beasts."

"Anyways, Uncle Dong, those people sent by the Seaside Strait Manor are currently in training." Tang Xiu smiled. "I'm sure it won't take a long time for their strength to increase rapidly. I think that your most important task as of now is to select reliable and trusted people among your men and cultivate them. The Yao Family wants to expand the size of their armed forces, so our family must not fall behind."

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 557

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