Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 592: A Loud Applause And A Loud Slap

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Chapter 592: A Loud Applause and a Loud Slap

Fl.u.s.tered, Chen Xiaowan hastily waved her hand and said, “No no no. Don't joke with your Big Sis, Brother! I know perfectly well what I'm capable of, and I'm afraid I'll make the company go out of business in no time if I were to be made its CEO.”

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment before giving a simple reply, “Since you don't want to become the CEO of the Brisk Trading Group, how about becoming the Vice CEO? Isn't the husband of your cla.s.smate bully the Vice CEO of this company? For you to replace him in that position should be okay, right?”

“B-But Brother, this… is this the right thing to do?” Chen Xiaowan hesitated.

“The right thing? Then, how about I tell Kuwako to give you the whole Brisk Trading Group so you can do with it as you like?” Asked Tang Xiu back.

“No no no, don't!” Chen Xiaowan hurriedly said. “Vice CEO, then. Vice CEO it is! I'll make sure to work hard later.”

“Hahaha!” Tang Xiu couldn't help but burst into laughter. “Don't tell me you haven't understood it yet, Sis Xiaowan? No one will dare to purposely create trouble for you no matter how halfheartedly you work in the future. You can be said to have a big tree to cling onto in the Brisk Trading Group. Also, call Kuwako directly if anyone dares to bully and push you around, and she'll take care of them for you.”

“Big Sis Chen, you can do whatever you want with the Brisk Trading Group,” said Kuwako quickly.

With eyes glancing back and forth between Kuwako and Tang Xiu, Chen Xiaowan suddenly felt that the world was rotating way too fast. She was so chagrined and confused about her future when she lost her job, but the plot of the drama suddenly changed 360 degrees just after frenziedly strolling and playing for a day! [1]

Lots of words could be said to describe it, but all were still the same that, at this time, she really admired Tang Xiu, since the younger brother she had not seen for so many years was now powerful and also became her protector. [2]

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu sent Chen Xiaowan back to her residence and watched her walk into her apartment before starting the car and leaving. After some contemplation, he couldn't bear it any longer and decided to leave for Jingmen Island overnight.

In the next morning, after spending the night driving the Agera R sports car to the Everlasting Feast Hall, Ji Chimei, who had been notified in advance, was already waiting for him in the parking lot.


At this time, Ji Chimei was not yet aware that Tang Xiu had obtained the Chrono Crystal. But she could tell that something very important happened given the fact that he rushed here overnight.

“Give me back the Demonic Revival Gra.s.s.”

Ji Chimei stared blankly for a moment before immediately taking it out from her interspatial ring and respectfully handing it over to Tang Xiu. Immediately after, the two people came before the entrance to the exquisite paG.o.da on the seabed, as Tang Xiu then spoke, “Guard this spot and allow no one to step into the exquisite paG.o.da. There is no exception, including Xiaoxue and the Light and Dark siblings.”

“Understood!” Ji Chimei was bewildered, but she still answered respectfully.

On the seventh floor of the exquisite paG.o.da, Tang Xiu ignored the chilling air inside despite wearing thin clothes. He took a look at the Gu Yan'er lying on the bed of ice, as the Demonic Revival Gra.s.s in his hand instantly flew midair. He exerted his Star Force to press it and finally condensed it into a drop of concentrated verdant green liquid essence.

Tang Xiu then sent the drop of concentrated essence into Gu Yan'er's mouth and carefully placed the pebble-sized Chrono Crystal on the center of her eyebrows.

The instant after, a burst of unique violent energy broke out from Gu Yan'er's lying body. It was so powerful that it would have squeezed Tang Xiu's internal organs into a meat pulp if it wasn't for his powerful strength. In the meantime, a crevice visible to the naked eye emerged out of thin air two meters around Gu Yan'er, as a strand of pure energy thread sprung out of nowhere from the s.p.a.ce and fused into her body.

Time pa.s.sed by, as then lights began to gradually form a drape of light that shrouded Gu Yan'er's body. As time went by, the thickness of the light curtain increased and from the back, it looked like a coc.o.o.n made of lights that enveloped Gu Yan'er's body.



At the HQ of the Brisk Trading Group, Taro Ono, the Chief Executive Officer of the company branch in China, had received a prior notice early in the morning that the female Big Boss would visit the company today; he was very excited to receive this sudden news.

He was only talented in economic business with a very low status, but was groomed by the House of Yamamoto a few years ago. Later on, after Kuwako chose him and sent him to attend training for two years, he was arranged to leave for China and was made the CEO of the Brisk Trading Group, where his status had suddenly grown by leaps and bounds all of a sudden. Therefore, he felt really grateful to her, even reminding himself many times to become her most loyal subordinate from then on.

After he came to China, the diligence he put into his work resulted in the expansion of the Brisk Trading Group. At the same time, he also learned that the status of his Big Boss in the Yamamoto House was in the constant rise. She had an equal chance with the others in the contention to become the family patriarch.

This news was like injecting him with a dose of stimulant! And he wished that he could show how good the Brisk Trading Group was and how it had developed and acc.u.mulated more capital for his Boss, Kuwako Yamamoto. As it would help her to have more capital to compete for becoming the Head of the Yamamoto House.

Therefore, he rushed to the company very early in the morning and arranged a series of arrangements and quietly waited for the arrival of the Big Boss.

In the s.p.a.cious hall on the first floor of the Brisk Trading Group edifice, a group of dozens of top executives of the company stood in two rows, whereas hundreds of low-level staff of the management stood behind them. Taro Ono himself stood in front, as he kept pacing back and forth with antic.i.p.ation plastered on his face.

Masakiyo Kato was the Vice CEO of the Brisk Trading Group and he could be said to be one person above thousand in the company, with a quite big authority and power. He was Kuwako's fellow student before and was then a.s.signed to the Brisk Trading Group in China because of their relations.h.i.+p.

And today, he was also particularly excited that he even told his wife—Miao Xinran to dress up well for him. He wore a neatly straight suit with tie, and even his shoes were brightly polished.

“Kato-kun, take a look at my suit. There's no problem with it, right?” Taro Ono's pace suddenly came to a halt as he turned to look at Masakiyo Kato.

Masakiyo Kato hurriedly stepped forward and carefully observed Taro Ono's appearance, saying, “There's nothing wrong. You look great!”

Taro Ono nodded with satisfaction.

Tap tap tap…

The sounds of high-heeled shoes stepping on the floor came from the outside of the building entrance. Everyone's eyes s.h.i.+fted to the direction of the entrance in a flash.

“What's going on here?”

Taro Ono furrowed his brows slightly and there was an annoyed expression on his face, because the person he saw was not his Big Boss—Kuwako Yamamoto, but an employee of the Brisk Trading Group. He could vaguely remember that this woman was a staff in the Human Resources Department.

“Chief, Vice Chief, I apologize for being late.”

Even though Chen Xiaowan had prepared her mind and knew she could do everything she wanted in the Brisk Trading Group with the backing of Kuwako Yamamoto, yet the difference in positions after so many years in the company made her nervous in front of Taro Ono and Masakiyo Kato. Most important of all was the fact that hundreds of high and bottom-level of the company management were also staring at her.

Anger brewed inside Taro Ono's heart as he spoke in a deep voice, “You should've received a notification last night to arrive at the company before 8 PM. Tell me the reason you are late.”

“It's because she's already been fired. She's no longer an employee of the Brisk Trading Group.” Miao Xinran rushed out of the crowd and spoke loudly after Taro Ono finished speaking. She slightly gawked as Chen Xiaowan appeared, but then turned ecstatic.

Taro Ono stunned and stared blankly, before angrily yelling, “THEN WHY DID SHE APPEAR IN THE COMPANY IF SHE HAS BEEN FIRED?”

“I don't know either, Chief,” said Miao Xinran with a bit of sarcasm. “She had indeed packed her stuff yesterday and left our company. Who would have thought that she would come back now? Maybe the feeling of being fired was too painful for her and finally created a problem in her head, and she rushed here to act as a great personage. You can see that her expression is very awkward now, Chief. She must be angry that I exposed her like this and must feel ashamed. How about instructing the security guards to drive her out?”

With an annoyed expression, Taro Ono spoke, “Since she has been fired, then drive her out!”

At this moment, Masakiyo Kato suddenly stood forward and said, “Please hold on, Chief. I think she must have ulterior motives for appearing in our company out of the blue after getting fired. I suggest instructing the security to not drive her out but detain her in the security room. We'll interrogate her again later after the Big Boss has finished the inspection.”

Clap, clap, clap…

A loud applause was heard coming from the building's entrance. Kuwako Yamamoto, dressed in a professional outfit, then walked inside while clapping her hands, followed by a handful of j.a.panese people.

“Mr. Kato's seriousness and responsibility in work are great. Truly an old fellow student highly regarded by me! I'm so impressed by you that I almost want to make you the CEO of the Brisk Trading Group.” There was a hint of contempt in Kuwako's eyes as she loudly spoke.

A shocked glint flashed in Masakiyo Kato's eyes upon seeing Kuwako's arrival. He immediately strode forward to greet her and said with an obsequious smile, “h.e.l.lo, Boss. Thanks for the appreciation you have for me. I also welcome you for the working inspection on behalf of the company.”

The move and words at this occasion should have been made by Taro Ono but were finally s.n.a.t.c.hed by Masakiyo Kato. It made him secretly angry inside. However, he also knew that Masakiyo Kato was a former cla.s.smate of his Big Boss, so he could only sigh helplessly and moved forward to greet, “We welcome you for the inspection, Boss.”

With a proud and cold expression, Kuwako nodded in response but then she asked all of a sudden, “Kato-kun, I heard you have married for a few years already and your wife is also an outstanding Chinese woman, is that right? I wonder if can see her.”

Nearby, Miao Xinran's eyes lit up. The appreciation showed by the Big Boss to her husband made her full of excitement. The moment when the Big Boss mentioned her, she almost half running to come before Kuwako and respectfully said, “h.e.l.lo, Boss. I'm Miao Xinran, Kato-Kun's wife.

“Ah, what a beautiful woman you are.” Kuwako nodded, letting out a smile and said, “You seem to have a good skin care treatment and it should be very elastic, right?”

After saying that, Kuwako suddenly lifted her arm and fiercely slapped Miao Xinran's face. Along with it were appeared five bright red fingerprints as Miao Xinran staggered backward for a few meters and heavily fell on the floor.

Chapter Notes:

1. 360 degrees? I think it should be 180…

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 592: A Loud Applause And A Loud Slap

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