Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 625: Setting Up Pitfalls

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Chapter 625: Setting Up Pitfalls

Inside the Supreme Hall.

The fragrance of the G.o.ds Nectar filled the entire hall. Tang Xiu didn't smoke since there was a woman inside, Ouyang Lulu. Originally, Huang Xu and Fei Shan acted somewhat unnatural upon seeing Ouyang Lulu here and wanted to look and showcase the better of them before the belle. However, after listening to w.a.n.g Zidong's revelation that Ouyang Lulu was Tang Xiu's woman, they immediately tossed this thought away and called her Big Sis-in-law, much to Ouyang Lulu's happiness. Tang Xiu corrected them once, yet eventually realized that his effort was for naught and had no effect whatsoever, hence he didn't feel like correcting them anymore.

He was filled with inspiration after watching the movie and then asked the Huang Xu group of three about talented people in the science and technology field after Ouyang Lulu left the hall, only to be disappointed as the trio didn't know any scientists.

The idea to set up a science and technology research inst.i.tute filled Tang Xiu's mind and he wanted to unearth some scientists and engineers through various channels, yet he didn't know if his acquaintances knew any.

No choices to pick up!?

After tossing his gla.s.s down, he caught sight of Ouyang Lulu coming in. Just after he put the gla.s.s on the table, his expression was slightly dazed.

Li Xiaoqian? How would she…

Looking at Li Xiaowan's disheveled appearance, the bloodstain on the corner of her mouth, and the bewildered expression in her eyes, he stood up and asked, “Lulu, you and Xiaoqian…”

The moment Li Xiaoqian entered the room and saw Tang Xiu sitting inside, a disbelieving expression filled her eyes in a flash, before it was replaced with ecstasy a few seconds after. To everyone's surprise, she ran to Tang Xiu's side and grabbed his arm, half grieving and half excited as she sobbed, “Tang Xiu…”

“Are you alright?” Asked Tang Xiu softly.

Li XIaoqian tried her best to shake her head, yet her eyes failed as tears burst out from them.

“Do you know her?” Asked Ouyang Lulu, astounded.

“Xiaoqian is my cla.s.smate from high school,” answered Tang Xiu.

“What a coincidence?!” Commented Ouyang Lulu with a strange expression.

Nodding without a word, Tang Xiu then inquired, “What exactly is going on?”

Upon hearing the question, there was a look of anger on Ouyang Lulu's face as she answered, “I just came out of the restroom and saw a man chasing her. Afterward, I then learned that the man is her mentor, an immoral b.e.s.t.i.a.l in human clothing…”

Ouyang Lulu revealed the story she knew of, whereas Li Xiaoqian supplemented in between. Everyone in the room immediately looked angered, since the event that an a.s.sociate professor of the Regal Cla.s.sical Music Academy acting so shameless never crossed their minds at all. Similarly, little did they think that the director, producer, and honored guest of the 'I'm Crazy About Singing' turned out to be the dregs of society that posed as people of high morals and integrity.

“I'll send some people to arrest them!” Said Huang Xu angrily. “They really have the guts to do such despicable things in my Clearlake Club. They deserve no mercy from me!”

Tang Xiu raised his hand to stop him, yet a cold glint flashed in his eyes as he said, “Don't be anxious to act, Huang Xu. Xiaoqian is my high school cla.s.smate, so I naturally won't stand idly by when others bully her. Since these people are nothing but scoundrels and of society, then I'll make sure to dispose of them without giving them a chance to rise again. Lulu, bring Xiaoqian to the room where I am staying. I'll see you both again later after we're done with the arrangements.”

“This… alright, then!” Ouyang Lulu nodded and asked about Tang Xiu's room number before taking Li Xiaoqian away.

Inside the hall, Huang Xu asked with evident murderous expression, “What should we do next, Tang Xiu?”

After taking a seat on the sofa, Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and said, “Spend some money to find some girls whose a.s.sets are quite good and tell them to employ all the skills they possess to stay overnight with those four b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in the Clearlake Club. And do remember to try your best to install a camera in the room and record everything they do inside. Can you do it?”

“That's way too easy. ” Huang Xu sneered. “There are a lot of young girls around the Huang Family who wish to officially appear on stage. They will be very happy to accompany them as long as we give them enough money.”

“Fine then!” Tang Xiu nodded. “Let's discuss the details now. Since we want to mess them up, then they shall be beaten up to death in full. It's best to throw them into prison and let them suffer there for at least a few years.”

“If they are in jail, I can guarantee that they will have miserable, tragic lives inside.” Fei Shan echoed in a deep voice. “They may cry out to the heavens and earth, but the heavens won't respond and the Earth is impervious to them!”

After a few minutes of discussion, Huang Xu and Fei Shan hurriedly moved to act, while w.a.n.g Zidong, who came back in a hurry, would play an important role.

On the third floor.

w.a.n.g Zidong, with Li Chunlei and two waitresses, wore a smiling face as they came to the box occupied by Tang Zhen, Director Bai, and two others. After observing the ashen expression of the four men who were arguing noisily with each other, w.a.n.g Zidong clapped his hands and smilingly spoke, “Four guests, I'm the General Manager of the Clearlake Club, w.a.n.g Zidong. This man is the Dining Hall Manager, Manager Li. Looking at how angry you four are, is it because you all are feeling that the entertainment and services provided by our club are not to your satisfaction?”

Upon hearing the remarks, the Director Bai group of four immediately looked surprised, but Director Bai's face changed even more as he replaced his expression to an amiable and smilingly one as he said, “Ah, Young Master w.a.n.g, I didn't expect to see you here! I'm Bai An from the Blue City TV station. You came to our TV station last year and I saw you from afar back then.”

w.a.n.g Zidong was stunned and immediately said with a smile, “Ah, it turns out to be a friend from the provincial TV station! Please forgive me, I just didn't recognize you. Just recently, several people were…”

The Director Bai group of four looked a bit awkward and embarra.s.sed, but his mind turned faster and with thick enough face, he forced a wry smile and said, “It was no big deal. She's just a young girl who drank too much wine and just so happened to make trouble out of nothing, really. We've already driven her away.”

Inwardly, w.a.n.g Zidong secretly despised them, but he showed a stunned expression on the surface before smilingly saying, “It's quite inconvenient for you honorable guests to come out for a drink and then a young girl sc.r.a.pped the event into such a scene. By the way, the reason I came here is that there's a happy event that I need to congratulate you.”

“Happy event?” Director Bai was surprised. “What's this happy event, exactly?”

w.a.n.g Zidong clapped his hands. The two waiters behind him came to the front while carrying two bottles of G.o.ds Nectar. w.a.n.g Zidong picked a bottle from the tray and smilingly said, “The event is that our Clearlake Club has explicitly stipulated that each time we have visitors numbered 99, 999, 9999, and 99,999 would be the lucky patrons of our club. Not only will they be exempted from all of their expenses, we will also provide them with G.o.ds Nectar. And you all are our club's 999th visitor!”

“What?” Director Bai was surprised, whereas Tang Zhen and the two others stared at the two bottles of G.o.ds Nectar with burning eyes. Nowadays, the G.o.ds Nectar's reputation could be said as very famous as all the connoisseurs and wine lovers regarded it as the ambrosia of the immortals. The price of the G.o.ds Nectar, nevertheless, was very expensive and the number it was being sold on the market was very few. They too had tasted it a few times, but it was after having spent a lot of effort.

w.a.n.g Zidong smilingly said, “Furthermore, there's a three-choices program that requires you to choose as well.”

“What exactly is this program?” Asked Director Bai quickly.

“First is the three-day tour to j.a.pan and South Korea, where your flight tickets and accommodations are all included in the package. Secondly, you'll be given the Movie Card published by New Era Film and Television Group, with which you can watch an unlimited number of movies all year long. While the third one is…”

Director Bai was secretly shocked inwardly, for he didn't expect that their luck would be so good today as they could get such a great treatment. Upon noticing that the third option was not immediately explained by w.a.n.g Zidong, intense curiosity filled him as he immediately asked, “What is the third one?”

Waving his hand to the two waitresses and motioning for them to leave, w.a.n.g Zidong then ruminated for a short while before smilingly saying, “Since everyone here in the room is a man, then I'll speak. This is the 'Precious Each Minute of the Wedding Night' program provided by our club. We have a lot of beautiful belles as well as handsome men in the Entertainment Hall. Whether you choose beauties or gorgeous males for the hardcore, they can accompany you for a night with no strings attached.”

"This…" Director Bai's group of four was shocked. Never once they ever dreamed that the third program would be…

Instantly after, the eyes of the four men lit up. Director Bai joyfully clapped his hands under the wine's influence and said, “We are not interested in the first and second programs. We came out to play and have some fun, so we'll pick the third one. Anyways, anyone among you three needs a handsome guy? If none of you want it, how about choosing a beauty?”

“Alright! (No problem!)”

The three men nodded one after another with fervent expressions.

Inwardly, w.a.n.g Zidong felt quite funny and ridiculous. At the same time, he also admired Tang Xiu for the three-choice plan proposed by him. While looking at their expressions, he smilingly said, “If this is the case, then please slowly taste the G.o.ds Nectar first. I'll instruct Manager Li to go to the Entertainment Hall to prepare it in advance. After you have satiated yourselves with the food and drink, then I'll tell the waitress to lead you there. However, there's one condition I need to mention to you, and I hope that you all can agree to it.”

“What condition?” Asked Director Bai, confused.

“You four all are people with statuses, so I hope you can recommend our Clearlake Club to your circle of friends later to often visit and support us,” said w.a.n.g Zidong with all seriousness.

“No problem! (Not a problem!)”

The four men consented without much deliberation.

Half an hour later, the four of them were full of food and drink as the waiter led them to the Entertainment Hall. When they entered the luxurious private suite, a row of eight fas.h.i.+onably dressed and gorgeous belles nodded to the four of them, whereas Li Chunlei, who had long been waiting for them, smilingly said, “They all are the staff of our Clearlake Club, and they will serve you for ******** to the best of their abilities tonight. I won't disturb you all; although you may summon me if you have any other needs. That's right, we also have prepared four suites over there, you can use them at any time.” [1]

“Thank you very much, Manager Li.” With a grateful expression, Director Bai looked at Li Chunlei and hurriedly headed for two beautiful and alluring women with good a.s.sets even before the latter left the private box.

The place was set for love affairs, and all the four men were veteran players. With their keen eyes, they could tell that these eight women were not chaste anymore, and therefore tossed away all of the disguises they wore straight away under the influence of the wine. Each and every one of them hugged two glamorous women, disporting themselves into the fun.

Those eight glamorous women were similarly battle-hardened veterans in regards to this “studding horse sporting activity”. And they were naturally well aware of how to pet a man. Not to mention that Huang Xu had paid them a sky-high price so that they would display their best abilities to serve the four men and leave them extremely satisfied. [2]

Chapter Notes:

1.   ********, censored in the raws. Well, you guys still can guess it that it won't be far from that 'activity' though.

2.       There are words 欢 (Huan: can be interpreted as breeding a horse) and 场 (chang: play/sporting/recreational activities) here, so I chose to play with some words to spice up the flavors, LOL.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 625: Setting Up Pitfalls

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