Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 650: Moving

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Chapter 650: Moving

The woman, however, was unperturbed by the threat. She looked at Chen Cheng, who was tied up and rolling about on the floor while screaming out miserably. Half a minute later, she turned her head to look at Tang Xiu and suddenly let out a strange smile.

“I give in.” The woman's voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e.

Tang Xiu frowned and felt that something was wrong. Just before he could figure out the reason, Mo Awu strode forward and firmly pressed the woman's cheek to open her mouth. A stench smell came out from her mouth and Mo Awu's face drastically changed. He immediately lifted her and punched her belly while his other turned her upside down.


The woman coughed up blood, and yet the blood she coughed out was blackish dark-red.

Tang Xiu finally realized that this woman had committed suicide by taking poison. Countless times had he encountered people who hid poisonous drugs inside their teeth back in the past. But he had never thought that this woman would resort to such a method to suicide since he was, after all, someone who had knowledge in Chinese medicine. He quickly examined the woman's condition, only to discover that the poison she had taken was extremely potent. Furthermore, the time from when she first took it was quite long, and the poison had corroded her internal organs. Unless he was able to get an Immortal Antidote pill, then it would be close to impossible to save her.


A dagger slashed the woman's neck. Tang Xiu decided to prevent her from the agony of dying from the poison and released her from the suffering directly by giving her a quick death to free her from worldly matters earlier.

“Get him up again!” Said Tang Xiu casually after returning to the chair and glancing at Chen Cheng, whose body was convulsing with blood overflowing from his seven orifices.

“I WILL SPEAK!” With a painfully heart-rending roar, Chen Cheng finally gave in.

“Well, aren't you giving in too quickly?” Tang Xiu slightly smiled. “You know, I still have loads of ruthless means compared to this trifling one, or else how come you would withstand for a few hours then? Don't worry, I can definitely double the pain you gotta endure under the premise of protecting you from dying.”


Chen Cheng's fear had reached the limit after enduring such an inhuman pain. He had seen numerous kinds of torture, and he himself was skilled in various kinds of torturing tools to extract information from people since he had done it to a lot before. However, he never thought that this method called “twisting muscles and slipping bones” would bring so horrifyingly painful a pain to the tortured.

Tang Xiu nodded as Mo Awu brought Chen Cheng before him. He then relieved him from the pain of having his muscles twisted and bones slipped. While looking at Chen Cheng, who looked like a dead dog lying on the ground, panting and gasping for air, he sneered, “Tell me everything you know, else you will have to taste this feeling that dying is much better than being alive for a very long time. I promise that I'll use whatever means necessary to find your family and extract it to find that guy surnamed Qian if you don't spit out everything. I have never believed such an idiot saying that one must never involve a third party whenever they solve conflicts, to begin with. You have already annoyed me, thus I'll make you and your family have the same fate. You all will feel taste that death is much better than being alive!”

It was a full, undisguised threat!

Upon hearing Tang Xiu's threat, Chen Cheng's heart was as though falling into an ice hole, and he found that Tang Xiu at this time was completely not a human, but an Archdevil!

Two minutes after, his condition was much better, as he raised his head to look at Tang Xiu and asked, “What exactly do you want to know?”

“Just tell me everything you know,” said Tang Xiu coldly. “You should understand what I mean!”

“The person who wants to get the technology of your Magnificent Tang Corporation's product is Qian Xingw.a.n.g. He's my Boss and if my guess is correct, you should have obtained the detailed information about him by now. Our plan is very simple. The director of the winery that produces the G.o.ds Nectar doesn't want to sell the wine recipe to us, so we planned to remove him since we've already bought the vice-director of the winery, and thus we attempted to kill him and replace him. Also, striking the man in charge of the winery is a diversionary tactic, to s.n.a.t.c.h the other products' technology of your company...”

“So, where is Chen Xingw.a.n.g now?” Asked Tang Xiu with a cold glint flashed in his eyes after listening to Chen Chen's confession about all of their plans.

“He's in Blue City, in the Seneschal Mansion Garden.”

Tang Xiu turned his head to Mo Awu and said in a deep voice, “Lead a team to seize Chen Xingw.a.n.g. Do remember. I want him alive!”

“Don't bother. It's useless.” Chen Cheng shook his head. “Chen Xingw.a.n.g contact us every six hours. And he will move at once if our safety is compromised here. It's about one and a half an hours before our next contact.”

“Aren't you still alive?” Tang Xiu sneered.

“I am.” Chen Cheng bitterly smiled. “But he doesn't fully trust me. The one he fully trusts is this woman. But she's dead now, and he will surely realize it in our next contact.”

One and a half hours left?

Tang Xiu's expression slightly changed. He gazed deeply at Chen Cheng and immediately asked, “In the case… I mean, if you receive a call from Chen Xingw.a.n.g, can you delay him for an hour more?”

Chen Cheng's face turned blank. He knitted his brows and said, “An hour would be quite difficult. Chen Xingw.a.n.g is an oversuspicious man in nature, but half an hour wouldn't be a problem, I think.”

“That's fine. Half an hour it is,” said Tang Xiu without hesitation.

After saying that, he dialed his aunt—Tang Ming's cell number and asked, “Auntie, does the army garrison in Star City have a military chopper?”

“Yes. There's a few of them,” replied Tang Min after pondering for a moment.

“Do you have the privilege to use it by chance? I need to send some people from Star City to Blue City immediately. The time is very urgent since I only have two hours,” said Tang Xiu.

Tang Min took a deep breath and then said, “I don't have the authority for that, but your Third Grandpa should. I'll call him immediately.”

“Alright, thanks!” Replied Tang Xiu.

Two minutes later, his mobile phone buzzed again, and Tang Guoxing's voice came from the phone, “Xiu'er, Min told me about your request. I'll arrange what needs to be done in the Star City military garrison right away, so you can send your men now. I guarantee that the military chopper will be available for you to take off at any time.”

“Alright. Sorry for troubling you, Third Grandpa,” replied Tang Xiu before hanging the phone. He then looked at Mo Awu and said in a deep voice, “You're to take our men to the Star City military garrison immediately, there will be a military chopper waiting for you there. Remember, make sure you rush to the target destination and seize that surnamed Qian guy!”

“Affirmative!” Mo Awu replied respectfully and immediately gathered some experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall to leave.

At this time, Chen Cheng had already sat up. He could clearly hear all the contents of Tang Xiu's call as well as his conversation with Mo Awu. What he heard raised a tempestuous storm inside his heart, since he never thought that Tang Xiu could use the military helicopter from Star City military garrison with a call.

An hour later, Tang Xiu and Kang Xia appeared in the Long's Dining Hall. Except for the experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall, the rest of the security forces of the Magnificent Tang Corporation left directly. As for those people under Chen Cheng, all of them had been killed, leaving only Chen Cheng alone, and their corpses were destroyed without leaving any trace.

Inside the business suite of the Long's Dining Hall, Tang Xiu folded his arms while standing before the window, watching the bustling scene of the city outside, and yet he did not have the leisure of appreciating the scene at this moment. That man surnamed Qian was like a savage beast hiding in the dark. He was not afraid of this man, but was worried to have the information of his company's products stolen instead. Hence, he must neutralize all the hidden dangers earlier.

“Don't worry. We'll definitely solve them!” The thoughts of breaking the law and killing people never crossed Kang Xia's mind before, but ever since she started working for Tang Xiu and seen how he resorted to murder in many occasions, it had already made her numb to killing, even though she did not kill them with her own hands.

Tang Xiu nodded without a word. He suddenly remembered something and said, “If I can solve this Qian guy, I intend to take you and Andy to my hometown.”

“Huh? What do you want us to do in your hometown?” Asked Kang Xia, puzzled.

“I found an Earth vein's Spirit Spring in the stone forest in the back of the mountain of my hometown. If you are to cultivate inside the Spirit Spring, your cultivation will progress rapidly and be promoted by one or two levels. The situation at present leaves us in the open while our enemies are hiding in the dark with their eyes set on us. You and Andy are my people, so I must guarantee your safety. Having bodyguards is nothing but external protection, only if you have more formidable strength will I really feel a.s.sured and at ease,” explained Tang Xiu.

Kang Xia felt warm inside and reached out to hold Tang Xiu's arm, saying, “I see. Since we're going to your hometown… do I have to prepare some gifts? Isn't Grandma still living there?”

“You don't need to prepare any gifts.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “I still have some important things to tend to in Star City, so we won't be visiting the Su Family Village. I'll directly take you to the forested mountain for cultivation after we get there. After you've finished with your cultivation, I intend to go back immediately.”

“How long does it take to cultivate there?” asked Kang Xia. “I must arrange some company's affairs in advance before going.”

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment before answering, “About four days!”


Blue City, Seneschal Mansion Garden.

Chen Xingw.a.n.g hung up the phone with a vigilant look in his eyes. Since he sent Chen Cheng and the others out, it was the first time the woman he trusted the most did not answer his call. Chen Cheng said that she was taking a shower, making him somewhat anxious and suspicious because she also knew the time he would call them, and for her to take a shower at this time was truly not her style.

… Could it be that something has gone wrong?

Qian Xingw.a.n.g pondered for a short while and immediately made a decision. He turned his head to look at the two people behind him and spoke in a deep voice, “Let's get out of here and find a way to control the people living nearby.”


The two middle-aged men replied and left immediately. After a few minutes, one of them came back and reported, “We have the family of three next doors under our control, Boss.”

“OK!” Qian Xingw.a.n.g replied and immediately left the house. After he arrived in the next-door household, he saw that the family of three had all been stunned and tied up. Then he spoke, “Notify our men to keep an eye on all the movements in the vicinity of this tenement. They are to report to me as soon as possible if any stranger approaches.”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 650: Moving

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