Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 655: The Power Of Science And Technology

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Chapter 655: The Power of Science and Technology

Tang Xiu politely shook hands with Mo Yi and smilingly said, “I have long heard about you, Professor Mo. I've talked with Uncle Yuan before and he highly praised you.”

“I'll break his leg if he dares to say bad things about me.” Mo Yi glanced at Yuan Zhengxuan and replied with a smile. “However, the products he wants to develop are now finished, and also yielded good results. So everyone is feeling awful now that he doesn't need us and just wants to drive us out!”

Tang Xiu could see a trace embarra.s.sment on Yuan Zhengxuan's face and quickly said, “What you are saying is incorrect, Professor Mo. Uncle Yuan and I are like a family, and he's the one who introduced you to me, so how can it be said that he wants to drive you away? In fact, I know what everyone is worrying about. You all are afraid that I will be very demanding or about the direction of the research for the product, as well as whether I really can invest in it. Of course, there's also the issue of everyone's salary too. So, the reason I came here today is to talk about these issues with all of you.”

Upon seeing Tang Xiu going straight to the point, Yuan Zhengxuan immediately echoed, “Alright, you talk here first. I'm going out to tend to some matters. We'll meet again at lunch later, Tang Xiu.”

“Okay!” Tang Xiu nodded. With his departure, he looked at Mo Yi again and said, “Professor Mo, what I just said should have addressed some of your concerns, right?”

“Yes, what you said are indeed our concerns. If you can dispel these issues for us, maybe we can work for you,” said Mo YI.

Tang Xiu pulled a chair and after gesturing everyone to have a seat, he said, “Firstly, I'll speak about the direction of the research. I think everyone knows about the Earth's gravitational field, right? What I want to research is similar to how an airplane can fly with buoyancy. I call this object 'Flying Disk' temporarily. And after this type of flying disk has been researched and developed, it would allow people to stand on it and fly, so it will someday become popular in society.”

Flying Disk?

Mo Yi and the dozens of researchers wore strange expressions on their faces and looked at Tang Xiu as though he was an extraterrestrial being. They too had seen the object he spoke about, but it was in the foreign science fiction movies.

“Are you joking with us, Mr. Tang?”

Mo Yi exchanged looks with several leading researchers around him and then asked with a serious face.

“No, I'm not joking at all.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “I spoke what I really have I in mind. The products from science have been and still need to be created from imagination. For example, about dozens of years ago, who at that time could have thought that there would be maglev trains in the world now? On December 17th, 1903, the Wright Brothers from the United States were the first who realized the dream of flying by piloting the first aircraft in history. Before this event was written down in the annals of history, who had ever thought that there would aircrafts manufactured in the world and came out as one of the main vehicles for human's transportation nowadays?”

Mo Yi and the dozens of researchers fell into silence and finally realized that Tang Xiu was not joking at all. However, such a whimsical idea was like an illusion and made them forced a smile, albeit wryly inside.

“If you are an investor in this research, then we should follow your arrangement, Tang Xiu. But this Flying Disk you mentioned is very difficult to research. The main subject the researchers have been doing here is mainly on hot and thermal weapons. Though we have studied the mechanics of gravity as well, it's not that particularly deep and thorough. I can only hear a kind of motive force behind what you just described, but you overlooked the most major issues about it, that is, the problem with traffic. This may be unpleasant to hear, but I'm afraid we're not up to the task,” said Mo Yi with a serious expression.

“This issue can be solved very well, but I'll tell you about it later,” said Tang Xiu. “Let's discuss the next issue: how I will manage the inst.i.tute. I will only send my people to supervise and understand the progress of the research, but I will not intervene in the research content and subject whatsoever. As for your salary and treatment, your current salary will be increased by 50%, and I can also provide a steady stream of research funding. However much you dare ask is however much I will provide.”

“This subject is a whole new one, Mr. Tang.” Mo Yi knitted his brows. “It will be very difficult to research it, and the funds needed will be enormous. For merely the experiment of this project… we will perhaps meet dozens or even hundreds of failures… Do you have such deep pocket and financial support for this? Can you really be held responsible for what you just said?”

With a confident expression, Tang Xiu replied, “You're all working in Star City, so you should know the Magnificent Tang Corporation. I'll be open to you, I'm the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation. Do you think there will be enough funds available for you to carry out this research?”

“The Magnificent Tang Corporation?”

A shocked expression appeared on Mo Yi's face, and even some of the researchers exclaimed. They had been working in Star City for many years, so how could they not know about this company? Of all the company groups in Star City, the company who was developing and growing the fastest, with earned profits the subject of jealousy from others, was none other but the Magnificent Tang Corporation!

Mo Yi took a deep breath and seriously said, “Alright. Then let's go back to the first issue.”

“Professor Mo, there's a principle of truth I've learned since my childhood that money is not an answer to everything nor is it omnipotent, but it's pretty much close to that nowadays. Often it is said that we can make even the devil work for us if you have the money. As long as I have the funds, you can ask me for however much money you need to buy the materials for the research or to hire other experts. I just heard some words a couple days ago that you can even buy a nuclear warhead as long as you have money.”

Mo Yi suddenly got up and stared at Tang Xiu as he asked, “I want to know something. How much Mr. Tang will invest for the initial investment?”

“I want to know about it, too.” Tang Xiu asked. “How much exactly do you need for the upfront investment before you start this project?”


Mo Yi was stumped for words, and then immediately whispered with the other researchers for a long while. He then sat back in front of Tang Xiu and emphasized every word he spoke, “We don't dare to give our everything if the initial investment is less than nine figures.”

Tang Xiu patted his thigh and loudly exclaimed, “Then I'll invest ten figures for the initial investment. You can call me again if the funds are nearly used up.”

Ten figures? One billion?

Mo Yi and the other researchers were truly frightened by Tang Xiu's boldness and enormous capital. Their last project was the biggest result of their research so far, and the initial investment for the research cost before it was completely finished was only 200-300 million yuan. And yet, the amount of funds Tang Xiu proposed was nothing but an initial investment, and additional funds could be added continuously later.

“You… are you sure?” Mo Yi's voice was a bit trembling.

“This Tang Xiu is always serious and mean what I say,” said Tang Xiu without hesitation. “If you don't believe me, I can make a public account for research funding to be managed by me and Professor Mo. I'll immediately transfer 1 billion yuan into this account once it is set up.”

Mo Yi and the other scientist researchers exchanged looks. They could feel Tang Xiu's determination and firmness in his words. After half a minute of silence, Mo Yi suddenly got up and seriously said, “I will partic.i.p.ate in this Flying Disk research project. And I will never quit before the project is completed, and I will work hard as long as I can still move.”

“I, w.a.n.g Yin, decided to partic.i.p.ate too.” Another professor-researcher in a white coat rose and echoed.

“I'm in too!”

“So am I!”


Dozens of researchers got up and expressed their willingness. Tang Xiu's att.i.tude, along with a ma.s.sive support of investment funds, brought them enormous courage. Since the party who would invest wasn't even afraid of providing such a ma.s.sive funds, why should they—the researchers fear it? Furthermore, they would become heroes with great achievements once the project proposed by Tang Xiu was completed and the Flying Disk could be used by people from all strata of society. Even though it wouldn't go down on the annals of history, they could still earn themselves a lifetime reputation.

“I'm very glad that everyone will join in this project,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “I've recently bought a plot of land in Shanghai that's currently being set up as a large industrial park. There will also be laboratories to research and develop other products for the Magnificent Tang Corporation. At that time, I'll separate an independent area to build a new research inst.i.tute. It will be up to you to decide how to arrange your family by that time, but I give you my word that the Magnificent Tang Corporation will treat you well and provide the funds for you. In the next year, perhaps, you will still use this place, but I will secretly a.s.sign a group of security forces who will be responsible for the safety and security of this place. At the same time, I'll also set up a service department to provide your daily life necessities or materials needed for the research. They will meet your needs as much as possible.”

“Great!” Other than saying that, Mo Yi and the dozens of researchers had nothing else to say at this moment. What Tang Xiu planned for them was already very thorough and well thought out. Their new boss gave them a genuine sense of belonging and acknowledgment.

Following that, Tang Xiu had an open discussion with them for a long time to address all the issues openly, leaving everyone satisfied. After which, Mo Yi and the other experts and professors of the research inst.i.tute brought Tang Xiu to the third floor underground to visit their real laboratory.

Tang Xiu saw many hi-tech instruments in the laboratory. He was familiar with hi-tech products, but he knew nothing at all about these hi-tech instruments. After Mo Yi's explanation, Tang Xiu realized that “science and technology” were also magically mysterious in and of itself, as its existence had and would produce novel things through the combination of physics and chemistry.

“Does conducting scientific research pose any dangers?” Asked Tang Xiu after visiting it.

“Conducting research, particularly on some hi-tech product research like our thermal weapons research previously, how could it not dangerous?” Said Mo Yi rhetorically with a wry smile. “We've been working for Yuan Zhengxuan for more than ten years, and three of our colleagues died because of accidents, while six others were injured and had to leave. Just five or six months ago one of our colleagues got electrocuted due to high-voltage electricity. But alas… it's our work! How come we possibly have a rare contact with electric current? And who could say we would be so lucky to survive after getting struck with such electric current, to begin with?”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 655: The Power Of Science And Technology

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