Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 598: Gynecological Disease

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Chapter 598: Gynecological Disease

Tang Xiu walked toward the bed in the corner as he looked at Zhao Tingting’s blank expression and said, “I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Chen Tong’s Grand Master. You should be his girlfriend, if my guess is correct, since he would have never taken such a big risk to stay in Beijing otherwise, and wouldn’t have contacted me and asked for help.”

Disbelief filled Zhao Tingting’s eyes as she murmured in response, “I know that Chen Tong has a Grand Master, his Dad’s Master. But you…”

“You want to say that I’m too young, right?” Commented Tang Xiu with a chuckle.

Zhao Tingting nodded without hesitation.

“There’s a saying in many fields of expertise that someone who has achieved a certain height can become a Master and teach others,” said Tang Xiu. “I’m quite an expert in some aspects and have received disciples older than me. That can be considered as a clear evidence.”

With a shocked expression, Zhao Tingting curiously observed Tang Xiu before asking, “In which field are you an expert at? Martial arts?”

“I’m quite powerful in many aspects, such as the Chinese Medical field. For me to be able to come to his place should explain that many people have already recognized my expertise in this field. Anyways, you don’t have to worry about me for getting infected by you. I wouldn’t have come dressed like this if I didn’t have enough confidence.”

Zhao Tingting hesitated before eventually getting off the bed. Only, her physical condition was now very weak and she almost fell to the floor. Tang Xiu acted quickly to support her and sat her back on the bed before checking her pulse.


Through his spiritual sense’s inspection, Tang Xiu found a ma.s.s of dark green gaseous substance unexpectedly residing in Zhang Tingting’s kidney and invading the nearest blood vessels at a very slow pace. It went along with the blood to circulate all over her body and brought with it a peculiar scent. The scent couldn’t be smelled by ordinary people, but Tang Xiu could sniff it out with his keen smelling sense. Furthermore, her pulse was somewhat abnormal, and not the kind due to fever. It was a few times stronger than an ordinary person’s.

“Will you be able to endure the pain? The ache will be painful and it’s hard for one to endure it.” Tang Xiu couldn’t bear asking after releasing her hand.

“I was always afraid of pain since I was small, but I will endure it if it can cure me of the virus,” replied Zhao Tingting in a low voice after hesitating for a moment.

“I don’t have 100% a.s.surance, to be honest, since the toxin is inside the blood vessels all over your body.” Tang Xiu nodded. “But I can guarantee that I can save your life.”

Upon hearing it, Zhao Tingting nodded without a shred of hesitation, “Please do it!”

Tang Xiu turned his hand and a silver needle appeared and pierced her chest center acupoint without hesitation. Immediately afterward, his hands grabbed her wrists and injected his Primal Chaos Force into her body, as his thumbs then pressed against her pulse. [1]


A piercing scream came out of Zhao Tingting’s mouth. She felt as if two sharp knives p.r.i.c.ked her hands and kept moving fast toward her shoulders, fast and intensely painful. If she hadn’t prepared herself before, the pain may have made her faint.

Tang Xiu shot her a deep look and immediately restrained his mind before concentrating on controlling the two streams of Primal Chaos Force as it bulldozed its way to her kidney in a very short time. Following that, he wrapped the dark green gaseous substance using the extreme force of the Primal Chaos Force.


As the silver needle popped out from Zhao Tingting’s chest center acupoint, a pungent odor followed and spewed from the inside. In just half a minute, all the dark green gaseous substance underneath was completely expelled.

“Endure! I’m afraid you won’t be able to wake up again if you faint now.”

With his fingers pressed against her forehead, Tang Xiu fused the two streams of Primal Chaos Force in her body into one and spread it to all directions of her body. It was like a mercury liquid scattering in all directions as it spread all over Zhao Tingting’s body in less than ten seconds.


The pain was like it came from the depths of her soul, making Zhao Tingting feel like it was better to die. The pain was something she had never experienced in her entire life. She had acute appendicitis once, but the pain she felt now was at least ten times stronger than then.

Her body quivered and her face was devoid of blood. Along with the scream squeezed out of her throat, the Primal Chaos Force seemed to spread out like a net that purified the impurities inside her body, including the green toxins inside her blood that were all pulled in and collected, until it eventually formed a grayish black substance the size of a sesame seed.


As Tang Xiu slapped Zhao Tingting’s back, she almost pa.s.sed out due to the sudden pain and opened her mouth to vomit out the grayish black substance.

A light glinted in Tang Xiu’s eyes. The dark green gaseous substance that was wrapped by the Primal Chaos Force and had just been secreted out was now floating quietly in front of his eyes. He couldn’t attend to Zhao Tingting, who was panting heavily and stumbled onto the bed, and went forward and smelled it instead. He then took another silver needle, picked the grey substance and lightly twirled it with his fingers, as a look of anger then appeared on his face.

The toxin was definitely injected into Zhao Tingting’s body! Moreover, it was also mixed with a lot of other substances. He couldn’t tell most of them, but one thing for certain was that there was a venomous snake bile among it.

“Rest for a few minutes and then answer me a few questions.”

Tang Xiu then took out two porcelain vases and poured the dark green gaseous substance into the porcelain vase, closed its lids and then looked at Zhao Tingting.

In a minute or so, Zhao Tingting felt like she was suffering in h.e.l.l for countless centuries. She was almost unable to hold on and nearly fainted, only to feel that the piercing acute pain was disappearing. A few minutes later, the pain subsided like a tidal wave and her whole body seemed to have eased, as she supported herself to sit up with difficulty.

“Have you had enough rest?” Asked Tang Xiu.

With a somewhat pale face, Zhao Tingting’s spirit looked a bit wilted, but there was a disbelieving expression on her face as she muttered, “It’s really incredible, unbelievable. I feel like my body… seems to feel much better than before I got sick. I feel that my whole body is very relaxed, warm, and comfortable.”

“It was actually a blessing in disguise for you, to be honest,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “When I removed the toxin inside your body, I helped you regulate your body in pa.s.sing. The process is indeed very painful, but it will be very beneficial to you in the future. But you still need to calm your mind and recuperate, since you’ll still be very weak for the time being.”

“The toxin in my body has been removed? Am I already fine?” Asked Zhao Tingting, surprised.

“Yeah, you’re fine now.” Tang Xiu nodded. “But…”

Zhao Tingting’s heart jolted and she quickly asked, “But what?”

“You still must treat the gynecological disease,” said Tang Xiu.

“Ah…” Zhao Tingting exclaimed and there was a slight blush on her pale face. She did contract a gynecological disease and just found it through an examination a while ago. It’s a kind of secretive gynecological disease young women contracted in their flowering age, yet it was actually laid bare by Tang Xiu, making her embarra.s.sed and shy.

“Hey, don’t think about it too much. Besides, doctors have hearts like parents, to begin with,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “Anyways, I have important questions I need to ask you now, and you must answer me honestly! This is related to the reason you have a huge amount of toxins in your body.”

With a change in expression, Zhao Tingting immediately put away her embarra.s.sment. She then put on a serious expression and replied, “Please ask!”

“I want to know whether you encountered anything special before you returned from abroad,” said Tang Xiu as he continued. “It’s because the toxins were injected into your body and the location was very special--in your kidney.”

“Through injection?” Zhao Tingting looked blank before suddenly calling out, “That’s right! I remember going to a hospital for treatment because of this gynecological disease. I was injected with medicine to treat it. Don’t tell me… that the toxins I had inside my body was because…”

Tang Xiu frowned, “You mean, that hospital is the cause of this problem? Or was it that doctor?”

“I don’t know.” Zhao Tingting shook her head.

After thinking for a moment, Tang Xiu said, “Though I have already removed the toxins in your body, you can’t leave this place for the time being. I will go treat other patients later, and you are to stay here waiting. Also, your situation is very special, so I need to report this to the State Special Bureau. Some people should contact you later to investigate this matter clearly. Be sure to cooperate with them well then.”

“Will do!” Zhao Tingting seriously nodded.

Tang Xiu then walked to the door and knocked. The door was then opened from the outside. This time, it was not only the staff outside, but also Wei Xiqing in his biohazard protective suit as well.

“How was it, Divine Doctor Tang?” Immediately asked Wei Xiqing in a nervous manner after seeing Tang Xiu come out.

“I have removed the toxins inside Zhao Tingting’s body.” Tang Xiu nodded at him and said. “The toxins are very particular, highly contagious, and possess strong transmission power. It’s highly contagious to the blood and can infect others through saliva, whereas respiratory infection is next in sequence. However, there’s no need to worry too much. It’s very unlikely that the infected person will infect another person again, because the amount of toxin is very low. Director Wei, I have these two porcelain vases here which contain the toxin and its gaseous substance. Please send them to the researchers of the inst.i.tute. It’s best to find more experts to research them together. Anyways, I must treat the other infected people now.”

Wei Xiqing was shocked by Tang Xiu’s remarks. A lot of experts in the research inst.i.tute, virologists, and professors of the medical profession had come and were still researching it in the laboratory for more than two days without any results, yet Tang Xiu who had just arrived had unexpectedly cured the virus carrier, the source of the infection?

Furthermore, he even got samples of toxin and its gaseous substance?

“Great! Great! That’s very laborious of you, Divine Doctor Tang. I’ll immediately send these two bottles to the laboratory,” replied Wei Xiqing enthusiastically.

Tang Xiu didn’t hurry to treat the other infected people along with Wei Xiqing’s departure and took out his mobile phone to call Liu Changxi from the Special Bureau instead. He told him the issue encountered by the Virus Research Inst.i.tute as well as his guesses and then stressed that he’d leave the problem for him to investigate.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 598: Gynecological Disease

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