Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 666: Plot

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Chapter 666: Plot

As the Justice Hall's Master of the Serenity Sect, the middle-aged man was the first of the strongest five in the entire Hidden Sect. It was especially due to his metal-like body that even a gunshot would not be able to pierce his skin. However, at this moment, he actually felt that a great danger that could claim his life was looming over him, arousing fear and shrouding his whole heart.

“How can this be?” The middle-aged man did not dare to move in the slightest for fear that the opponent would break his neck with a little force, since he could feel that the big hand grabbing his neck was like an iron pincer.


A sharp dagger easily pierced his heart. The moment the tip of the dagger impaled his heart, the pain was such that it sent the middle-aged man toward full despair. He could not understand why. He had a formidable body he was always proud, and yet an ordinary knife could stab him? There was no way an ordinary knife could pierce his skin!

Mo Awu twitched his dagger and stared at w.a.n.g Hu and Xuan Yugu who were screaming miserably, and sent the middle-aged man's body flying with a punch. Then, he said with a cold expression, “If you dare to bend your waist again I guarantee that your right wrist will not be the only thing slashed.”

w.a.n.g Hu and Xuan Yugu froze and glanced at their guns that had fallen on the ground, as a chill then ran through their hearts. They never expected that such a powerful “bodyguard” was so easily defeated. Judging from his back that was dyed red with blood, the man's heart should have been stabbed and he probably could not live anymore.

It's over! The duo was filled with desperation and intense regret.

Without wasting more time, Mo Awu flashed in front of the duo, grabbed both of their necks and quickly brought them to Tang Xiu's front, throwing the duo like they were garbage. Then, he said, “The task is accomplished, Boss.”

Tang Xiu nodded in response and then looked at w.a.n.g Hu and Xuan Yugu, who were on the ground. He smirked at them and said, “So, now you know the fate of wanting to play with me, yes? You have signed a Life and Death Pact, so even if I kill you, it is what is supposed to be.”

w.a.n.g Hu, who was currently struggling to get up from the ground, had his expression greatly changed after hearing Tang Xiu's words. His body trembled so violently that he fell to the ground again. Xuan Yugu, however, had a bit of courage as he stepped backward after he got up and shouted with some fear on his face, “Surnamed Tang, you cannot kill me!”

“Oh?” Tang Xiu let out a mocking smile and ridiculed, “And why can't I kill you? Is it because you're someone from Serenity Sect?”

“You know the Serenity Sect?” Exclaimed Xuan Yugu in an alarmed expression as his pupils contracted.

Suddenly, he seemed to have realized something all of a sudden and shouted again, “Since you know the Serenity Sect, then you must know its strength. I'm the son of the Sect Master of the Serenity Sect, and also his only son. The entire Serenity Sect will become your enemy if you dare to kill me.”

“What about him? Who's he?” Asked Tang Xiu while pointing to w.a.n.g Hu.

As if having his courage bolstered, Xuan Yugu puffed his chest and answered, “He's a newly received disciple of the Elegant Chess Saintess, someone from the Strange Doors lineage like me. You should have heard about Elegant Chess Saintess too, right? She's the elder sister of the Jin Family's patriarch who has reached perfection in the Ancient Divination Art and the Art of Invisibility. Killing us will be equivalent of provoking both the Jin Family and the Serenity Sect.”

“My man dared to kill the Justice Hall's Master of your Serenity Sect, do you think I will be afraid of the Serenity Sect?” Tang Xiu rolled his eyes and sneered. “And who the heck is the Jin Family, to begin with? I never heard of them, either. Alright, no more s.h.i.+t talk. I can spare your puny life, but you must answer some questions.”

Xuan Yugu was born with a golden spoon and had been living a spoiled and extravagant life, and had everything going his way all his life, so how could he accept such humiliation today? Under his young master's temper, he angrily shouted, “Stop acting like a pretentious p.r.i.c.k! You've killed my Serenity Sect's Justice Hall's Master, this enmity will never be written off if you can't fork out enough compensation. But if you dare to kill me… Aaaaaargh…”

“Are you threatening me?”

Tang Xiu looked at him like he was an idiot and moved his wrist, as the Bloodguzzler Dagger then instantly cut off his entire left arm. Amidst his screeching, Tang Xiu then looked at w.a.n.g Hu and indifferently said, “Now you tell me. Why are there so many people from the Strange Doors lineage here? What is their purpose?”

w.a.n.g Hu watched in horror as Xuan Yugu's arm was cut off, and then answered in a trembling voice, “It's because of an Immortal Trove left behind by Daoist Tu Yan after he departed his mortal coil.”

An Immortal Trove left by Daoist Tu Yan after his death?

Tang Xiu knitted his brows and asked, “Who is this Daoist Tu Yan?”

“I don't know, my Master did not tell me.” w.a.n.g Hu shook his head. “She just brought me here and told me to stay in the hunting grounds.”

“What about your Master?” Asked Tang Xiu once again.

“I don't know about it, either.” w.a.n.g Hu shook his head again. “Only the seniors in the Strange Doors lineage know the exact location of this Immortal Trove. Hence, a lot of seniors went there but we are to stay here.”

Tang Xiu nodded. It was something related to a Immortal Trove, so it was normal for someone with such an ident.i.ty as w.a.n.g Hu to not know about it. It would be strangely abnormal if his master told him about this otherwise! Following that, his gaze then fell on Xuan Yugu and coldly said, “Tell me the location of this Immortal Trove. You have two choices now. Speak and you live, or die with your mouth shut.”

As of now, Xuan Yugu was truly scared. He thought that Tang Xiu was bluffing a while ago, but now he no longer thought so anymore, he thought that Tang Xiu was a ruthless and merciless b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He did not want to die yet. His springtime of youth was great; he had countless wealth and he would also inherit the position of Sect Master of the Serenity Sect in the future. There would be nothing left if he were to die now.

Furthermore, a lot of experts of the Serenity Sect went to the Immortal Trove site. Even if he told Tang Xiu where it was, what he could do there? He would probably be besieged by the group if he dared to go there, and there would only be one road ahead for him- Death!

“Okay, I'll speak. It's in Longquan Bay.”

Longquan Bay?

Tang Xiu was taken aback. He had just come from Longquan Bay not long ago, how did he not encounter anyone from the Strange Doors? Furthermore, Western Nefarious Sangha's nest was in Longquan Bay area. If those people from the Strange Doors entered Longquan Bay, wouldn't he be the first person to notice them?


At the present moment, in Longquan Bay.

Western Nefarious Sangha's eyes were bloodshot as he kept brandis.h.i.+ng his long cane knife furiously. After he pushed back and divided dozens of people from Strange Doors who were besieging him, countless hidden weapons attacked him in turn.

“Burst out…”

An old voice sounded, as countless hidden weapons were coming by, a sea of flames broke out and enveloped Western Nefarious Sangha in an instant. Although the Raging Flame talisman charms only posed a slight threat to him, his body was still hit by various hidden weapons in order to rush out of the sea of flames.

“f.u.c.kING b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

As Western Nefarious Sangha patted his waist, the two Bloodthirsty Chiropterans rushed out and turned into two lump of flames that flushed toward the enemies. At this moment, however, eight shaky and frail-looking old men, all of whom smelled like they were decaying from head to feet, rushed lightning fast and cast a huge net at the same time. After ingenious coordination, eight nets were cast and opened, overlapping with each other. With wonderful mobile pace and footwork, the blazing flame tide from the two Bloodthirsty Chiropterans was extinguished.

Squeak, squeak…

Screams came out from the two Bloodthirsty Chiropterans' mouths. They desperately struggled but could not escape the shrouding nets. Even their steel-like bodies were cut, opening bleeding wounds along with their struggles.

“YOU d.a.m.nED b.a.s.t.a.r.dS!”

Western Nefarious Sangha's complexion greatly changed and his figure instantly appeared in front of the eight old men and hacked his long cane sword toward them.


The expression of the eight old men turned solemn. At the same time as they started chanting they gathered together. After chanting the same word at the same time, four men gathered both in front and back, as they pulled out a strange s.h.i.+eld from their waist and a.s.sembled it into a two meters long and a meter-wide large s.h.i.+eld in the blink of an eye, blocking the heavy hack from Western Nefarious Sangha's long cane sword.


Those eight old men spurted out blood and their bodies flew backward at the same time, while Western Nefarious Sangha's pupils contracted as he put away the long cane sword. There was a m.u.f.fled voice coming out from his mouth, yet he remained silent and forced himself to swallow the blood that gushed out from his throat.

“That should be a magic tool. How come you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Strange Doors have such a magic weapon?” roared Western Nefarious Sangha in anger. He was very chagrined inside, because more than half of 48 people who had gathered here had already acted to fight him, while also sacrificing three magic tools in the process.


A laugh like the sound of a bell came from a kilometer away as Golden Armored Zombie flew over lightning fast and then appeared in front everyone in just a few breaths.

“I warned you that you would never be able to keep that Immortal Trove for yourself, Nefarious Sangha. I've already guessed that such a day would come since those two freaks stole the record about this Immortal Trove sixty years ago. I just don't understand one thing, though. You had your life under his control, and yet you did not tell him about this Immortal Trove. Why?” Said Golden Armored Zombie in a loud and clear voice.

“SHUT THE f.u.c.k UP!” yelled Western Nefarious Sangha angrily. “I didn't tell him because I have my own reasons. He does control my life and death now, but as long as I open the entrance to this Immortal Trove, will I still have to worry about not being able to break his seal? Golden Armored Zombie, don't forget the deal between us. Whoever dares to set their eyes on this Immortal Trove, then you must collaborate with me to protect it!”

“I haven't forgotten about that. But that soon-to-die old hag Grandma s.h.i.+po hasn't appeared yet. Don't tell me she died on the way here?”

“Old cadaver, it's you who's going to die. This old woman is unlikely to die!” As the sharp voice of a woman fluttered in, a woman who looked to be in her 20s came flying down on a rosy cloud.

Western Nefarious Sangha's spirit rose as he laughed loudly, “Hahaha, the three of us finally got together. I really don't know who gave these f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Strange Doors the courage to cast their eyes on our Immortal Trove. Don't tell me those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who stole the Immortal Trove's map in the past told them who we are.”

“Yeah, it was us who told them indeed.”

An ethereal voice, like it was coming from nothingness, was heard. Two old men riding on flying swords came, as one of the old men behind with an Immortal appearance and bearing appeared to follow behind Grandma s.h.i.+po in the blink of an eye. They glanced at the 48 people from the Strange Doors with happy expressions and immediately s.h.i.+fted their sights to Western Nefarious Sangha's group of three.

“Well, well. It's been 60 years since we have seen each other, yes? Did you all miss us?” spoke one of the old men with a warm smile. His left arm was broken, whereas his perfect right arm had a little green snake encircling it.

After seeing this two old men, Western Nefarious Sangha looked furious as he shouted, Jin Sanchi, Jin Sijie, you two f.u.c.king d.a.m.ned sons of a b.i.t.c.h! How the h.e.l.l are you not dead yet?”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 666: Plot

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