Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 608: Taking The Actions One Is Capable Of

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Chapter 608: Taking The Actions One Is Capable Of

With the introduction from Long Xueyao, Tang Xiu briefly acquainted himself with Wu Xiufen. Then, he sat back on the driver’s seat and watched as the two women entered the welfare house before he started the car and drove it slowly inside.

Bluestar Welfare House was worn out and its infrastructure was in bad condition. There were several swings in the courtyard, but they could only be used for children to play. The small building was only two stories high and many of its windows were plastered with newspaper; there were even two windows replaced by plastic sheets.


Tang Xiu’s vision suddenly focused on one spot. He keenly saw a boy in the corridor downstairs. The boy was holding a small wooden stick and quietly stood beside the concrete pillar. He seemed to watch the drifting snowy world outside, yet there was no expression in his eyes whatsoever. There were signs of frostbite and some red bloodstains on his face. He extended his other empty small hand to the outside as if he wanted to catch the falling snow from the sky.

Tang Xiu parked the SUV in front of the building. He didn’t immediately rush to help Long Xueyao and Wu Xiufen to move the things inside but walked towards that boy instead.

“Who are you?” The boy didn’t look back.

“You can’t see anything?” Asked Tang Xiu with slightly wrinkled brows.

The boy let out a smile that covered all of his frosted face and said, “Who says I can’t see? I know that it’s snowing now, and I’m also conscious that you came to me. Yes, there was a car sound before. It seems that it’s Auntie Xueyao car since its sound is similar to the car she drove here last time. Anyways, did you come with Auntie Xueyao?”

Tang Xiu nodded and suddenly remembered this boy’s situation, and then quickly said, “That’s right. I came with your Auntie Xueyao. We brought some clothes and daily necessities for you here. Little guy, aren’t you feeling cold here? Why don’t you go back to the house?”

“It’s indeed pretty cold here, but I want to make myself more clear-headed,” said the boy while shaking his head.

“You what?” Tang Xiu was confused by this boy’s reply.

Wanting to sober up more? What does it mean?

Tang Xiu asked in puzzlement, but the boy didn’t immediately answer him, and instead, took his wooden stick and went to the snowy yard. There, he stretched his arms wide, opened his mouth and took a deep breath before saying aloud, “My Mom told me before that I don’t need to see many things with these eyes of mine, for I can see them with my heart. With my whole being still and my heart tranquil, then the time shall not move. I can see the sky, the people, and see some other things when I enter this tranquil state. I can see what others can see, just like now.”

Having said that, he gently lifted the wooden stick. Though his hand was quivering a little due to the cold weather, the hand that held the stick was unexpectedly firm and stable. This illogical scene made Tang Xiu’s pupils shrank. He could clearly see that this boy used the tip of the stick to easily catch the largest snowflake in front of him.

That’s correct, it’s the largest snowflake!

With his keen eyesight, Tang Xiu could quickly judge with a glance. “What’s your name?”

“You can call me Little Blind! It’s what everyone calls me,” answered the boy.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before asking again, “How old are you, exactly?”

The boy thought for a while before answering, “I should be 15? Hmm, that’s right. I turned blind when I was eight and have been living in this welfare house for seven years. So, I should be 15 now.”

15 years old? Is he joking me?

Tang Xiu observed the boy in front of him, who looked to be around seven or eight years old. It was hard to believe that the boy was already 15 years old. In an instant after, Tang Xiu blinked and grabbed his wrist the moment the boy’s ears moved.

Blood Interpolation Pulse and Qi Interpolation Bone?

Tang Xiu looked at the boy with a disbelieving expression and his heartbeat accelerated. He had met too many existences with special const.i.tutions from the numerous races he had encountered in the past, and yet he never met someone with such condition like this boy among them. Nevertheless… he had once read an ancient record: Blood Interpolation Pulse never dies, Qi Interpolation Bones never perishes. A Permafrost Physique that is extremely difficult to encounter in billions of years.

Then this boy… has a Permafrost Physique?

The record he once read noted that the Permafrost Physique only appeared among a certain type of girls, but now it unexpectedly appeared in the body of a living boy in the present era. This strange situation made him somewhat at a loss.

“Uncle, are you on fire or something?” The boy suddenly asked.

Tang Xiu’s lips squirmed a few times and asked back, “Why do you ask that?”

“It’s because you’re very warm,” said Little Blind. “It’s like when I was near a bonfire; it feels very comfortable. Also, I can feel that the amount of blood flowing through my blood vessels is a bit bigger than usual.”

Tang Xiu was taken aback and astounded, “You can hear the sound of the blood flowing in your own blood vessels?”

“Yeah!” Little Blind replied with a smile. “Not only can I hear the flowing blood inside my blood vessels but also the friction of my bones, too. That’s right, what I hear most clearly is the sound of my own heart. it’s like the sound of a drum being beaten, and sometimes it’s so loud that I can’t even sleep.”

Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and the smile on his face retreated. A sad expression replaced it as he shook his head and said, “You don’t believe me, do you, Uncle? It’s because they don’t believe it either, and neither does the Dean—Grandma Wu.”

Tang Xiu’s expression was complicated as he looked at Little Blind, as countless thoughts sprung up inside his mind. After a long period of time, he heard a cry of from Long Xiaoyue from the distant corridor, and then looked at Little Blind and spoke, “In the case that… Say, if I’m willing to adopt you and take you out of this place, are you willing to follow me?”

“But why do you want to adopt me?” Asked Little Blind back.

“It’s not because I pity you. That’s not it,” said Tang Xiu. “It’s because I think you are a good seed and you might possibly become a very powerful person in the future if I train you well.”

Little Blind shook his head and smilingly said, “I won’t reject it. Because a day more I stay here is an extra day of burden I will give Grandma Wu as well as the uncles and aunts here. However, I hold no wishes or thoughts of becoming a great person in the future, though. I just want to see more things, and I want to be able to be of help to Grand Wu…”

“I just examined your eyes, and I can’t cure it with my Chinese Medical expertise. Western medical doctors will find it very difficult to cure it, too,” said Tang Xiu. “But if you really follow me, I a.s.sure you that you can see everything in the future; not with your eyes, but with your heart. You see, I’m just like you since I can see a lot of things even if I close my eyes.”

“Really?” Little Blind was taken aback.

“Really.” Tang Xiu nodded. “My ability is limited at present, since I can only see the surrounding area within the radius of 300-400 meters if I close my eyes. Further than that is still out of my perception. However, I’m sure that I can see much further when I become stronger. And perhaps some day, just a thought of mine is enough to see something hundreds of thousands of miles away.”

“Are you talking about the Heavenly Eyes, Uncle?” Asked Little Blind curiously.

“Do you know something about the Heavenly Eyes?” Asked Tang Xiu, puzzled.

“Grandma Wu told me that monks can open their Heavenly Eyes,” said Little Blind with a smile. “Ah, right. I once saw The Erlang Shen’s Journey to The West on TV in the past. He can open his Heavenly Eye… his third eye.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t explain anything but picked him up instead. While walking inside, he said, “I can make you able to look further and a lot better than the Heavenly Eyes in the future.”

“Please don’t talk to me like I’m a toddler, Uncle,” said Little Blind with a smile. “I’m 15 already, and the words you spoke are just like coaxing a child, you know. Oh… I can smell Auntie Xueyao’s fragrance in front of me.”

Long Xueyao indeed appeared in front of Tang Xiu and Little Blind. Her expression looked a bit complicated with compa.s.sion, sympathy, pity, and worry. She touched Little Blind’s forehead gently while speaking, “Little Hanhan, why were you disobedient again? It’s so cold outside and everyone else is staying inside, why did you run to the outside? Have a look at your little face, you got a frostbite.”

“Auntie Xueyao!” Said Little Blind with a smile. “I may have gotten a frostbite, but I won’t get sick. Did you forget that I slept in the snow for a night yet didn’t get sick the next day?”

Long Xueyao snappily said, “Little brat, you became more disobedient, you know that? If you dare to run to the outside again, Auntie Xueyao won’t come to see you again.”

Little Blind then pointed to Tang Xiu and said, “Auntie, this uncle said that he wants to adopt me.”

Long Xueyao stared blankly and quickly s.h.i.+fted her eyes to look at Tang Xiu and inquired what happened.

“This little guy and me are kindred spirits, so I like him very much,” explained Tang Xiu. “He will only become a burden for everyone else if he keeps staying here, so I’ll take him with me! Also, I will donate 2 million yuan to the Bluestar Welfare House and find a construction team to repair it when the spring comes. Then I’ll purchase a number of daily necessities, desks, chairs, and books, as well as figure out some way to invite or hire a few teachers to come here teach the children.”

“For real?” Long Xueyao exclaimed with a pleasantly surprised expression.

“An Emperor won’t joke over this matter and his words are to be taken seriously,” said Tang Xiu.


Long Xueyao couldn’t help laughing and then smilingly said, “When did you became an Emperor, eh? Anyways, I’ll hold onto your words. I will spit on your face whenever I see you again in the future if you don’t keep them.”

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and felt that he should do more. Following which, a bright smiling face suddenly emerged inside his mind.

Tian Xiaomeng?

After putting down Little Blind, Tang Xiu took out his mobile and dialed the cell number of the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital’s President—Li Hongji. After the latter accepted his call, he directly spoke, “President Li, there was a girl who secretly took a footage of me when I gave medical services in the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital during the National Day holiday back then, and then uploaded it to the Internet. Her name is Tian Xiaomeng, and she seems to be an anchor of a live broadcast on the Internet. Could you help me find her contact number?”

“No problem. Wait for my good news,” replied Li Hongji with a smile. “Anyways, you should’ve returned to Star City, right? When will you come again to the hospital and render medical service?”

“I’ll be there in a few days!” Said Tang Xiu. “But this time you must not disclose the news that I’m going to give medical service, so as to avoid the same situation occurring again like during the National Day!”

“Got that!” Li Hongji consented without much deliberation.

After concluding the call, Tang Xiu caught sight of Dean Wu walking lamely from the inside. He knew what to do. Though what he could do was not much, he was willing to give everything he had within the limits of his ability.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 608: Taking The Actions One Is Capable Of

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