Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 683: Getting Shot While Lying Low

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Chapter 683: Getting Shot While Lying Low

After Xue Yu brought the fragrant medicinal diet to the dining room, Tang Xiu's index finger suddenly moved as he could clearly sense the spiritual qi contained within, showing that she added a lot of herbs to the diet.

“Did you buy them in the morning?” Asked Tang Xiu with a surprised expression after taking the bowl. He could feel his whole body turning warm.

“I lived in Shanghai for a while before, so I know a Chinese medicine store that opens early,” said Xue Yu. “I originally had some savings, but I used them to buy medicinal herbs, so I'm broke now.”

“The herbs were not cheap, were they?” Asked Tang Xiu.

Xue Yu nodded and said, “I did not have much money, so I only bought herbs worth 12 million yuan, but it should be enough to make a medicated diet for half a month. So that small pot of medicine is worth hundreds of thousand yuan.”


In the corridor outside the dining room, Zhang Xinlan dropped the flower pot. She did not deliberately eavesdrop on the conversation between Tang Xiu and Xue Yu, but the content scared her so much that she nearly dropped her jaw.

Tang Xiu walked out of the dining room hurriedly. As he saw that Zhang Xinlan was busy and in a flurry with a scared expression, he then realized that she had heard Xue Yu's words. He forced a smile inwardly and then comforted her quickly, “Aunt Zhang, are you okay? Just throw this broken pot, and do treat yourself quickly if you're injured.”

Looking at Tang Xiu's amiable expression, Zhang Xinlan's intense feeling eased down a lot. She shook her head and said, “I'm fine. Thanks for your concern, Mr. Tang. I'll go out and buy exactly the same pot as this one. Don't worry, I'll pay it with my own money.”

“Just deduct it from the living expenses I gave you. There's no need for you to use your money, Aunt Zhang,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “I told you not to see me as a stranger if you want to keep working here later, didn't I?”

Zhang Xinlan shot Tang Xu a grateful look and hurriedly grabbed the cleaning tools. Just as she was about to start cleaning it, she saw Xue Yu going to the kitchen to wash the dishes, as she then walked toward Tang Xiu quietly and said with a hesitating expression, “Mr. Tang, I know you are very rich, but still… you should use money sparingly whenever you can. This is not saving money, but wasting it!”

Tang Xiu could not help but burst into laughter. Seeing Zhang Xinlan stealing a glance at the kitchen, he could tell the reason why she said that. He immediately smiled and said, “Aunt Zhang, Xue Yu used to be very rich and she took out at least 100 million yuan once. She used to be a spendthrift and may not have changed her habit yet. But don't worry, though, I'll definitely educate her well later, and I a.s.sure you that I'll train and turn her into a good wife and a kind mother.”

A type of lover that is also a clever wife and a wise mother.

Zhang Xinlan murmured inwardly, gratified inwardly as she nodded. She was just a housekeeper here and knew how far she could go and when to stop. Reminding Tang Xiu today was the limit she could do.

After that, Tang Xiu went out with Xue Yu to the shopping mall nearby to buy clothes and daily necessities. He then drove his car to liveliest place in Shanghai, the Binjiang Avenue, and entered the once best luxury villa residential area in China.

Tomson Villa.

The interior of the double-decker villa was extremely extravagant and fully equipped with all sorts of appliances, and the Property Management's sanitation cleaned the villa regularly every week. After taking the key and opening the door, Tang Xiu found it spotless from dust, and everything was placed in a orderly and neat manner.

“The place is not bad. You can be said to be a man who invests the most in his lover.” Xue Yu toured the villa and found that the mansion was about 200 square meters. She was extraordinarily pleased, whether it was its floors or the view outside its windows.

“Leave out the sarcasm, will you?” Tang Xiu forced a smile. “I don't have many properties in Shanghai. The other one is a bit far from the city, so I can only give this place for you to stay. You can choose to move out if you have a better place.”

“Why would I want to move out of the mansion my man gives me?” Xue Yu's brows p.r.i.c.ked. “You can treat me like a canary, or you can regard me as a good wife and kind mother later here.”

Tang Xiu did not want to be entangled in this issue with Xue Yu, so he waved his hand said, “Alright, you'll live here later then! If anything, I gotta go to the campus so I won't be staying with you. Just call me directly if there's something.”

“Got it!” Xue Yu gently nodded.

After leaving the Tomson Villa Complex, Tang Xiu hurriedly went to Shanghai University. The schooling had already started a few days ago and he had yet to appear on the campus at all. Han Qingwu had called him several times already during this time and was discontented. Today was Thursday, and even though he had no cla.s.s in the morning, he still had to go there to see Han Qingwu and also gather together with his dorm brothers in pa.s.sing.

Since he left the luxury sedan for Xue Yu, he took a taxi and came to Shanghai University's entrance. There, he saw several luxury supercars driving inside, and not only did the guards at the entrance not stop them, they even saluted them with smiles on their faces.

“Some second-generation's silk pants again?”

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly and walked inside. Along the way, many students greeted him, and Tang Xiu responded to each and every one of them. He was now considered a celebrity in Shanghai University, and nearly all the teachers and students knew him.

“Han Qingwu, I, Song Zicong, love you. Please marry me! I promise to love you with all my heart, loving you from generation to generation and until the Earth and Heavens get old.” The loudspeaker was placed on a yellow supercar with a handsome young man standing next to it holding a bouquet of roses. Next to the three other supercars nearby also stood three young men respectively, each hugging a tender, slim girl, while smilingly watching the play of Romeo courting Juliet.

Tang Xiu's pace came to a halt as he looked up toward at the cla.s.sroom building in front of him with a slight smile outlined on the corner of his mouth. He wanted to tell that wooing young man to not to be so foolish to set his eyes on Han Qingwu. But the idea immediately vanished as he recalled that those second-generation's silk pants were not good creatures.

He was originally in a rush to go to the cla.s.sroom building's teacher office to report to Han Qingwu after returning from his leave, but now that he saw such a wonderful courts.h.i.+p in the making, he dismissed immediately and went to the big tree nearby, leaning on it and folding his arms there, while letting out a smile to see Han Qingwu ran out of the building.

At this time, Han Qingwu was donning a jeans and a white goose down coat, with a brown scarf coiled around her neck. However, she wore a very annoyed expression and her eyes were as though blazing with fire. She then ran toward the young man holding the big bouquet of roses and scolded him right in the face, “Are you not done with all this farce, Song Zicong? You went to my house to make a ruckus, and now you even came to the campus to do the same thing? Do you not believe that I'm going to report this to the police?”

With a sincere and serious expression, Song Zicong knelt in front of Han Qingwu and pulled out a heart-shaped red box from his pocket and opened it up. A sparkling, at least two-carats diamond ring was then revealed as he spoke, “Qingwu, I really fell in love with you. Ever since you drove out those seven thugs to save me, your graceful and elegant demeanor caught my heart. I swear to G.o.d that I'm in love with you with all my heart. Please give me a chance, I'll definitely make you happy. Marry me!”

With an indifferent expression, Han Qingwu flatly refused, “Sorry, you're nothing but a pretty boy covered with makeup without a man's spirit in my eyes. Hence, you can't give me a sense of security and neither do I have any feelings for you whatsoever. Just quickly scram and get out of Shanghai University. You've caused enough of a ruckus here.”

“I'll never give up!” Song Zicong said seriously. “I will always pursue you even if I have to spend more time, energy, and money, for I firmly believe that feelings need to be cultivated. My efforts will open your heart and you'll accept me sooner or later one day.”

Fl.u.s.tered and exasperated, Han Qingwu raised her fist towards Song Zicong's handsome face but did not go further. After pondering for several seconds, she suddenly said, “You may pursue me, but leave this cheap trick of courting me at the campus. Fine, I'll give you a chance under a few conditions.”

With eyes lit up, Song Zicong hurriedly asked, “What conditions? Let alone a few, I'll definitely do it even if you give me thousands!”

“Firstly, you are not to bother me later, unless you have trained your own muscles and can defeat several thugs by yourself. I'll talk to you about the second condition after you're done with the first,” said Han Qingwu.

Song Zicong was stunned and his complexion turned downcast immediately. He raised his arms, forced a smile and said, “I'm confident I can train my muscles, but beating a group of thugs by myself… isn't this way too difficult? I never practiced kung fu before, even if I were to practice it now, it won't bear significant results in a year or so!”

“Take it or leave it, your choice!” Han Qingwu sneered.

Song Zicong's face turned white and blue and only after a long while did he finally reply, “I promise! But I'll still come to see you regularly. I love you and I can't sleep nor eat if I can't see you. Furthermore, I must make sure that no man sneakily comes to see you, and I'll also trash Tang Xiu in your cla.s.s if he ever dares to hit on you!”

“What the h.e.l.l does this have to do with Tang Xiu?” Han Qingwu shouted angrily. “You… JUST SCRAM!”

Hate and envy flashed in Song Zicong's eyes as he said, “I know that Tang Xiu fella is very famous and you're also quite close to him. But you're the woman I fell in love with, thus I will never let him go if he dares to have some bad ideas toward you.”

“JUST GET THE h.e.l.l OUT OF HERE!” Han Qingwu yelled.

Not far away from there, Tang Xiu watched Song Zicong with an expression of being at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh. This guy was obviously the Romeo courting Han Qingwu, how the h.e.l.l did he come up with his name all of a sudden?

Nevertheless, he simply paid no heed towards Song Zicong's threat. He had decided that he would never have the slightest emotional connection with Han Qingwu at all before the whole story of the reason and cause for Xue Qingcheng's betrayal were made clear. On the other hand, once bitten and twice shy, he did not feel like entangling with this woman again.

He was also too lazy to respond to this guy, Song Zicong, as long as he did not have some crooked thoughts to look for him for trouble. After all, this fella was weak and had no strength at all, and he couldn't care less about what he did even if his family was indeed quite rich.

A few minutes later, the four supercars left, and Tang Xiu looked at Han Qingwu who looked rather pale. He put his arms down and walked towards her. After he caught up with Han Qingwu who had just turned around to leave, he teasingly said, “Well, well, your market is truly hot, Teacher Han! Even your pursuers are all coming to campus.”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 683: Getting Shot While Lying Low

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