Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 718: Femme Fatale

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Chapter 718: Femme Fatale

Tang Xiu's ability in judging people was usually spot on. He also trusted the findings of his intelligence network on this fella. This type that was money-greedy, cherished life, was crafty and shrewd was absolutely a great candidate to be used for personal use as long as one had sufficient benefits to offer them. He also recruited a lot of this type when he was in the Immortal World.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu felt like he returned to the time when he was mingling in a certain country in the Immortal World. Scheming and planning everything to achieve his goals, frenziedly ama.s.sing wealth either by hook or crook and secretly recruiting manpower to raise a large army. His blood boiled as he recalled the feeling of placing himself as the man who pulled the strings behind the curtain back then.

“Umm, Boss?” cautiously asked Mouse in a low voice while looking at the distracted Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu snapped back from his reverie and cast those away memories. He then smiled and said, “I give you three years to help me establish an intelligence network that covers the entire China just like the big net you control in Shanghai. I'll impart you a cultivation technique once you have accomplished this task, so you'll also have magical power. Until then, I'll provide you the money and manpower that you need, to aid you in laying out the net all over the world, and you must go beyond the Darkwind Organization in the future.”

Mouse's eyes lit up and his heartbeat sped up. Though he was forced to come here, he found that he seemed to have seized a huge opportunity at this moment rather than being forced to help.

“I'll definitely achieve it!” Said Mouse with a resolute and decisive tone.

Tang Xiu nodded in response. With the twitch of his finger, an ancient rune instantly pressed on Mouse's glabella, as a fascinating red ancient rune seemed to have been printed on it.

“You must expend something to gain what you want. I need competent subordinates, but I what need more is their loyalty. I have imprinted a tracking rune on your glabella. Even if you run away from Earth, I can sense your aura, direction, and your current position from this ancient rune. I will remove this tracker and regard you as my trusted man completely as long as you have absolute loyalty and achieve what you've promised me.”

Mouse's expression slightly changed and subconsciously raised his hand to touch the red ancient rune on his glabella. He secretly felt that there was a mysterious invisible line that connected him to Tang Xiu. He could not tell Tang Xiu's situation at the other end of the line, but was sure that Tang Xiu could track him wherever he was from this line.

“Anyways, is this tracker harmful to me, Boss? Are there any repercussions?” Asked Mouse cautiously as he was shocked by Tang Xiu's method.

“It won't harm you, and there are no repercussions either.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “It's, in fact, the contrary, since I injected my Primal Chaos Force into the ancient rune implanted into your body. Over time, it will subtly change your body system and can make your mind clearer as well as improve your memorization ability in the long run.”

Mouse was taken aback and gratefully said, “Thank you so much, Boss.”

In the next morning.

“So, have you grasped everything?”

Asked Tang Xiu as he looked at Ji Mu, who looked fatigued yet full of spirit inside his eyes. He followed behind Mo Awu as he came out.

“All of them.” Ji Mu nodded.

Tang Xiu nodded in response and then personally took him into a room. He then picked a good cultivation technique from the weasel's bristle brush and taught it to him, saying, “Cultivation is not something you can progress in a flash. Logically speaking, your age has pa.s.sed the best period of time to cultivate, so it will take a long time for you to barely reach the threshold to become a cultivator without aid from external forces. However, given that you've gifted me that two thousand years old wild ginseng, I'll give you a great gift to improve your physique as well as your cultivation speed when you can feel the flow of spiritual qi inside your body.”

Ji Mu's expression was joyful as he quickly asked, “How long does it take for me to achieve what you said, Brother Tang?”

“I can't tell.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Each person has a different physique and thus lead to different cultivation speeds. You only have an average apt.i.tude, so if my guess is correct, it would probably take a year and a half for you to achieve it. But if during this time you can find some precious medicinal herbs and take them as a medicated diet, the rate will speed up a bit.”

Ji Mu immediately nodded and said, “I got it, and thanks.”

Soon after, Tang Xiu came to the living room with Ji Mu. Since he had other things to tend to, he did not let him stay there for long. After Ji Mu left, Mouse quietly walked to Tang Xiu's side like a thief and whispered, “I never thought that you were also acquainted with the scion of the Ji Family from Changxi City, Boss. This guy usually runs a shady business, but he has quite the skill and finesse. As far as I know, he has control over several secret channels that make a fortune.”

The revelation piqued Tang Xiu's interest and he curiously asked, “Tell me about his money-making channels.”

“A construction company, four KTVs, two amus.e.m.e.nt centers, and a car dealers.h.i.+p. n.o.body can link those establishments to him because they are not under his name, but under his most trusted person, whose name is also used in legal formalities. This young master Ji so often stays in Shanghai that he can be said as a half-local, so I sent someone to investigate him before. It took a lot of effort and energy to clearly find out his depths. And according to the investigation, he earns an annual net income of more than 100 million yuan.”

Tang Xiu was slightly surprised, but after recalling the gifts Ji Mu sent to him, they were indeed things that could only be obtained if he had some channels to make money. However, since he had some spare time to set up these businesses, then why did he not take over the entire business of the Ji Family? With the Ji Family's status in Changxi City, the entire wealth of this family was definitely over 10 billion or even tens of billions of yuan, no?

Tang Xiu secretly shook his head. He did not want to ponder about it anymore. He then asked Mo Awu and learned that the man in charge of the intelligence for the Everlasting Feast Hall in Shanghai as well as the other ten in the surrounding ten cities had arrived, so he brought Mouse to see them. To Tang Xiu's surprise, the one in charge of the Shanghai area turned out to be a core member of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Furthermore, he also learned from Mo Awu that even though this man was adept in spying and prying information, his ability to control and manage the information network was subpar. He even sent many applications to resign from his current work and wanted to go to Resting Cemetery Island in the South China Sea to cultivate.

Hearing that this man was obsessed with cultivation made Tang Xiu quite satisfied. He gave his consent to his request and also introduced Mouse to the other men from the ten cities. It was to make Mouse integrate himself with the intelligence division of the Everlasting Feast Hall while also establis.h.i.+ng a thorough information network in Shanghai and its ten neighboring cities.

Lulu had been accompanying Tang Xiu and watching him deal with each issue, and once in a while, an extraordinary splendor flashed in her eyes as she marveled at the deep heritage of the Everlasting Feast Hall as well as marveled at Tang Xiu's skills and his style in managing the issues.

“Honey, how about I go to Shanghai University and accompany you attending your cla.s.s?” Asked Lulu while holding her chin and watching Tang Xiu eat his lunch.

Tang Xiu swallowed the food in his mouth and snappily said, “I can guarantee that I'll be in the campus headline tomorrow if you appear there. And if you appear in my cla.s.sroom, I'm afraid those cla.s.smates of mine will have no intention to attend the afternoon at all.”

“Huh?” Lulu was baffled and asked, “But why?”

“Don't tell me you haven't heard the term of femme fatale?” Said Tang Xiu. “You have very good looks, and those boys will definitely stealthily steal glances at you, while the girls will look at you with envy and jealousy. Do you think they will have a mind to attend the Lulu, we must become good people, disturbing others while they are studying is so wrong.”

Puff… Hahaha.

Lulu could not help laughing, feeling sweet inside even though Tang Xiu indirectly refused her request. However, the sweetness only lasted for a few minutes as she was stirred up with Han Qingwu's arrival.Her intuition could naturally see that Han Qingwu had special feelings for Tang Xiu. All of them were young, and even though Han Qingwu was probably several years older than Tang Xiu, this particular feeling of hers was definitely love.

“Tang Xiu, I'll drive you back to campus,” said Han Qingwu with a serious expression.

Tang Xiu put down the chopsticks, took a sheet of tissue and wiped his mouth. He then nodded and said, “I did not drive my car when I came here, so let's get back together!”

He then took a ride on Han Qingwu's car back to campus, and it was still more than half an hour left from the afternoon When he was about to come out of the car, he then asked Han Qingwu about the place of the underground fighting she entered. It turned out to be in Changxi City.

Ring ring ring...

Just as Tang Xiu pushed the door open, his mobile phone suddenly sounded. He looked at the caller ID displayed on the screen and closed the door again, and then accepted the call.

“What's up?”

“I just got news of an accident, Boss. The culprit of those recent murders, Austin Cole from European SOE company and the dozens of men he brought with him, were attacked by the military. Austin Cole was severely injured and fled under the protection of his men. Also, some people from the military were killed in action.” Mouse's voice was transmitted from the phone.

“About these guys from the military, are they the ones who bought the information from you?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Yeah, I sold it to them,” said Mouse.

“Continue tracking Austin's gang,” said Tang Xiu. “If you locate him, do remember to find a way to inform the military. Also, keep an eye on that Brain a.s.sembly Biotech's Xie Zhiqiang. They have been in contact repeatedly, meaning that there's something confidential that must not come to light. Do everything you can to dig out their secret.”

“No problem!” Mouse quickly replied and then straightly hung up.

Tang Xiu did not hurry to get off the car after receiving the call. Instead, he took out a cigarette, lit it up, and then took two deep puffs in silence. What he knew about this Brain a.s.sembly Biotech was minute. Everything he knew from Mouse was that Xie Zhiqiang had made a few calls this morning and met some of his acquaintances in a certain shopping mall in Shanghai all of a sudden.

Sly, ruthless, avaricious, and seeing wealth like it was his life. These were what best described Xie Zhiqian's character.

The Brain a.s.sembly Biotech itself engaged in electronic products and biopharmaceutical business. While Xie Zhiqiang himself did not have a resounding name in Shanghai, he heard that this man had wealth worth several hundred million. The most important point was that this man apparently had several entertainment establishments in the city and also a security company.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 718: Femme Fatale

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