Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 731: Research Breakthrough

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Chapter 731: Research Breakthrough

Having ambitions to advance and improve oneself is always a good thing, but one must act after calculating one's capability.

It was Tang Xiu's view. He would definitely not be in the mood to respond if it was an ordinary friend asking him to provide several million yuan. But Yuan Chuling was not an ordinary friend. Back then he fought for him, objecting and fighting the school's decision to dismiss him, and eventually became his sworn, diehard buddy.

Tang Xiu pulled a cigarette. While smoking, he used his mobile banking to transfer 5 million yuan into Yuan Chuling's account, and then calmly said “There's no need to run over to find me for this kind of trivial matter later. Calling me is just fine.”

Yuan Chuling was a bit touched inside, though he did not reveal it on the surface. A smile climbed up on his chubby face as he spoke to his girlfriend, Wei Xiaoting, “Did you see that? This Big Brother—Boss of mine is really so crisp that I don't have to speak anything. With Big Bro as our patron, you'll definitely be having a good life if you follow me.”


Wei Xiaoting shot Fatty Yuan charming, white eyes. She immediately looked at Tang Xiu and said, “It's really great for this lump of fat to have you as a Big Bro. I always heard from him how good you are to him, and I'm witnessing it now. Anyways, do you mind if I address you as Big Bro like this Fatty?”

“It's OK. Feel free.” Tang Xiu waved his hand.

“Alright, then. How about having lunch? Can we find someplace to have a meal together?” Asked Wei Xiaoting with a smile.

Tang Xiu did not refuse. He did not spare his time to learn the ability to judge people when he was in the Immortal World. But he was very careful and attentive in this aspect after returning to Earth and had quite a good progress on this one. He could tell that Wei Xiaoting did not chose to be with Fatty Yuan because he had money though it was his first time meeting her. Her att.i.tude and the expression in her eyes showed that she really… liked Yuan Chuling.

In the evening.

Tang Xiu received a call from Mo Yi and went to Paradise Manor. Though Mo Yi did not explain the details, through his ecstatic surprised tone in his voice Tang Xiu felt that it should be something good. What surprised him was that just as he arrived at the innermost foreign-style building of Paradise Manor, Mo Yi was not the only one there as Han Jintong, Shanjenna, Ouyang Lulu, and Han Qingwu were also present.

“Alright, is there something urgent that made you call me, Professor Mo?”

While tightly holding a lab gla.s.sware that was half-filled with dark red blood, Mo Yi replied with excitement and eagerness upon hearing Tang Xiu's inquiry, “There's a special active energy within Shanjenna's blood, Boss. After researching it, I found this special active energy can slow down the cell division in the human body, and also produces more red blood cells. At the same time, I also found that it contains another thing, a dreadful virus substance, which inherently poses a huge harm toward living things. But if it's fused into the blood, it will evolve into this kind of special energy…”

“You don't need to explain me the details, Professor Mo.” Tang Xiu interrupted him. “Just tell me your conclusion.”

“This active energy can slow down the metabolism of living beings and can supplement the internal energy consumption. To put it simply, this active energy can prolong human life if it were to be injected into a human body.”

After a moment of silence, Tang Xiu slowly asked, “But can a human body accommodate this kind of active energy?”

Ugh… Mo Yi's expression solidified, stunned by the question. He only studied the substances contained in the Bloodkin's blood but had yet to experiment on it at all. The possibility he just said was entirely hypothetical, and he would not have acted like this given his disposition and scientific manners he held tight in the past.

However, the results of his research on the Bloodkin's blood extremely excited him. After all, once he researched it and was finally able to harness this active energy as he had hypothetically predicted, it could lead to a significant increase in humans' life expectancy. It would mean that he had achieved a stellar success in the scientific research. If this result were to be spread out to all mankind, he would rewrite history and become the greatest scientist in the history of mankind.

While looking at Mo Yi's frozen expression, Tang Xiu lightly said, “Professor Mo, to me, the current result and progress of your research is like the Journey to the West of Priest Tang Xuanzang and his disciples on the quest for the Buddhist scriptures. Just like he could not rescue Sun Wukong who got pressed onto Wuzhi Mountain, this is only the first step of the journey. We can't deny the fact that you have yet to experiment on this active energy if it is to be injected into the human body. Furthermore, even if you have, whether this active energy can survive in the human body is still unknown. Even if it can survive, will it bring about any side effect? The other point to be considered is, if there are no such side effects and that it could be completely beneficial to humans, there is no way we can promote it to the entire mankind. Such a research can never be exposed to outsiders either.”

Mo Yi was endlessly abashed by Tang Xiu's explanation, but the last sentence still made him somewhat unconvinced as he asked, “Why?”

“You're just conducting the scientific research, but you probably have yet to consider about the risks and consequences.” Tang Xiu sighed. “With this active energy and abilities contained within the Bloodkin's blood, have you thought about the number of Bloodkin in the world? How many of them must provide their blood just to increase a human's life expectancy? Furthermore, if the extraction of the active energy is too few, and some powerful figures in the world then learn about it, don't you think it will create turmoil? Can we come out safe and unscathed? Innocent people will get into trouble just because of the wealth they have, and you should know about this truth as well.”

It was a head-on blow on Mo Yi's excitement. Tang Xiu's words were like just a hammering blow that sobered him.

The quant.i.ty! And innocent people will fall into troubles just because of the precious things they have.

Just these two variables made him dissatisfied, and his unconvinced feelings disappeared. Men were insatiable beings with infinite desires, and greed was the most dreadful desire of all. There were all kinds of misfortune and calamity caused by some Sovereigns and Emperors for the sake of immortality. Such a desire was much stronger for the people in the modern world. What kind of disaster would happen when people disregard everything to obtain something at all costs?

Wouldn't he and Tang Xiu become the very one responsible for the cause of that doom?

Cold sweat came out from Mo Yi's forehead as an apologetic look appeared on his old face. He then nodded and said, “I understand, Boss.”

Tang Xiu sighed and said quietly, “Professor Mo, the research is your responsibility, and I do hope you can achieve great results from it. But, we don't have the ability to suppress all human beings, so we can only secretly use the results on our own people. Whether they would have their lifespan increased and can live for a few more years, it will all depend on you.”

Our own people? Including myself?

Mo Yi's eyes lit up. He nodded solemnly and said, “Rest a.s.sured, Boss. I'll do my best.”

Tang Xiu patted his shoulder. He then looked at Shanjenna and said with a faint smile, “Stay here for some more time and work with Professor Mo well. I'll gift you something great whenever he achieves a new result. Even though you cannot achieve the Prince rank, achieving the rank of Count or Marquis is not bad, no?”

“I'll definitely cooperate with you,” said Shanjenna excitedly.

Tang Xiu nodded in satisfaction. He suddenly looked at Han Jintong and said, “As a matter of fact, you will probably obtain another cultivation technique from your granddaughter in the future given her ability even if I don't give you one now. However, considering your current age as well as the cultivation condition on Earth, it would be difficult for you to have any great achievements even if you spend a lot of time and energy during your short remaining years. I actually feel that you should just let it go of your mind and enjoy your old age.”

There was a bitter expression on Han Jintong's face as he replied, “Even if I won't have much achievements, it's still better than staying idly all the time! Besides, my lifespan will still increase if I can only progress by one level. To live longer is always a good thing.”

“I understand.” Tang Xiu nodded.

Following that, he left the building to say goodbye to Lulu. Just after he left Paradise Manor for a while, there was a call from Han Qingwu asking him to wait outside for a few minutes. Han Qingwu then came with her car to catch up.

“Is there something?” Sitting on the driver seat, Tang Xiu opened the pa.s.senger's window and asked.

Han Qingwu did not get off the car and hesitated, and then asked, “Will you go to the campus and attend tomorrow?”

“I should be there if nothing unexpected happens,” answered Tang Xiu. “But why didn't you spend more time in Changxi?”

“Yu Hong has to work,” said Han Qingwu with a smile. “Alright, I just wanna ask you about that and there's nothing else. Anyways, I'm going first.”


Tang Xiu closed the window and could not help but shake his head.  A woman's heart is indeed like a deep ocean—unpredictable. If she just wants to ask me whether I'm going to the campus tomorrow, she just needs to ask by phone, right? Why bother waiting for a few minutes and waste time?

The next two days pa.s.sed by without any big events.

Tang Xiu did not bother thinking about the issue with Xie Zhiqiang and the SOE over the past two days, nor did he ask Mo Yi about his research. Instead, he just attended, hung around in the cafeteria, visited the library, and then returned to Bluestar Villa.

Early in the morning.

The first wisp of sunlight shone through the curtains and illuminated the bedroom. Tang Xiu was awakened by the pleasant ringtone of his mobile phone. After connecting it and chatting with Kang Xia for a while, he learned that she would personally come to Shanghai three days later to host the construction project's tender bidding. The tender was imminent, while the various procedures for purchasing the plot had also been completed along with the approved doc.u.ments. They would only need to finalize the construction company who would carry out the project to start it.

For the blueprint design, it was Tang Xiu who had personally drawn it, but he only made the outline and sketch of the overall framework, while he left out the details on the distribution of the construction, the specific usage, the segmentation of the buildings, and the type of housing and its specification. Finding the construction company to carry out the project would naturally require them to make adjustments and changes according to the blueprint he drew.

Tang Xiu himself was a master painter and architect, and he had memorized countless buildings in the Immortal World as references. However, he had yet to grasp the essence of modern architectural design in regards to constructing the HQ and industrial park of the Magnificent Tang Corporation.

Knock, knock…

His door was knocked and Zhang Xinlan's voice was heard from the outside, “Mr. Tang, there's a guest waiting for you in the living room downstairs.”

Tang Xiu opened the door. As he looked at Zhang Xinlan, he asked, “Who is looking for me?”

“Your big sister, Miss Chen,” said Zhang Xinlan with a smile.

Chen Xiaowan?

Tang Xiu's expression moved and immediately came out of the room.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 731: Research Breakthrough

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