Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 760 Part2

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“Boss, are you going to destroy the array?”

Mo Awu followed Tang Xiu and asked curiously.

Tang Xiu shook his head, took a piece of paper out of the Spatial Ring, carved the runes on it, and folded it into a kite. At the moment he released the kite, it seemed to acquire the ingenuity and flew toward the white mist. Following the kite, Tang Xiu guided Mo Awu and others to step into the vast mist.

“This is a Guiding Kite, as cultivators, we need some magical spells and divine abilities. With so much cultivation though, you are not talented in the magical spells and divine abilities. If you encounter other cultivators in the future, you will suffer. I will teach you some magical spells and divine abilities when we return to the Magic City [Shanghai].”


Mo Awu and others showed their joy and replied with respect.

The Guiding Kite.

An easy magical spell didn't amount to much though, it could follow the owner's meaning and go straight. If they had followed the kite before, they wouldn't have been lost in the fog. As their footsteps continued to move forward, they went deep inside about 100 meters, in which they couldn't see anything and a special pressure blocked the road, so Jin s.h.i.+ and others could no longer move on.

“Boss, the pressure is so strong that we can't bear it.” Jin s.h.i.+ said in a low tone.

Tang Xiu was sharp-eyed, so he had noticed that everyone's face was pale and they were obviously struggling. So he suddenly stopped to release his divine power, which immediately formed a counter-weight against the pressure.


With his body trembled, Tang Xiu instantly retreated a dozen steps back, and then he could keep his legs. Nonetheless, a mouth of blood still spewed out of. Just as he released his power and counter-attacked the pressure, a selike power was barreling in and instantly crushed his power.

"Boss, are you alright?"

Mo Awu and others retreated and surrounded Tang Xiu with concerns.

Raising his hands and sweeping away the blood from his lips, Tang Xiu shook his head and smiled bitterly, "I'm fine, I was just careless. Unexpectedly, the array is so potent that even its emanating pressure can hurt me. However, I've made clear the principle of the array and it is easy to destroy."

Mo Awu said in surprise, " You can crack it down?"

Tang Xiu replied, "It can be cracked down, but we won't do that. We don't know exactly what is in this array. If we destroy it recklessly, some accidents may happen. Therefore, following me and watching my steps can help you dodge the pressure in the white fog."

Ye s.h.i.+san suddenly asked, "Boss, we didn't see you comprehending the mystery of this array. How did you get a thorough understanding of it?"

Tang Xiu glanced at him and said with a smile, " Are you eager to learn something about the array?"

Ye s.h.i.+san smiled, "Yes."

Tang Xiu nodded and said, "I'll write a book about the array when we return to the Magic City. You can learn from it then. Actually, I've been observing the array and a.n.a.lysing its mystery all the way. Just then, I withstood the pressure of the white fog to peep at the last point that I didn't understand. Beyond my expectation, I was hurt a little. However, I understand the ultimate mystery of the array and can destroy it in a short time."

Being enlightened, Ye s.h.i.+san said in admiration, "Boss, you are awesome."

Tang Xiu scolded jokingly, "Stop fawning on me. As long as you work hard in the future, you may become an array master."

“I will!”

Ye s.h.i.+san nodded with expectations.

Tang Xiu regained the kite, and under its guiding, they crossed the white fog area after walking for more than 600 meters. Finally, they got close to the foot of the mountain.

“So beautiful!”

Though they were ruthless killers who had taken countless lives, they were attracted by the beautiful scene inside at first glance. Fog became very light here, making this place look like a fairyland, where grew colorful flowers and exuberant trees; even the beasts were meek here, wandering in this filmy land.

What most people didn't expect was that a small river turned upside down, flowing towards the mountainside. This kind of scene which went against the gravity, as well as the myriad colorful fish that jumping up and down from the river, amazed them.

Above the small river, there were many antique small bridges. Each bridge had different shapes, some were arched, some were straight, some were winding, and some were even half-moon-shaped.

“Go up the mountain.”

Tang Xiu took a step and walked up to the top. When he crossed the bridge and stepped on the ground, an invisible force pressed against him. For an instant, though strong as he, his body was shook by that force.

“Be careful, something's weird here.”

Tang Xiu squinted and said without looking back. At the same time, he resolutely took a step and tried to walk inside again. Every step he took would bring him more pressure and cost him more effort. In this way, Tang Xiu was marching forward constantly with his people.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 760 Part2

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