Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 706: A New Toy

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Chapter 706: A New Toy

Shanjenna seemed to recall something, as she subconsciously licked her lips and said, “For example, species of divergent races that are of a higher rank than me, or a special human being like you or Professor. The quality of his blood is very high. I injured him when I was sparring with him and secretly tasted a few drops of blood he shed.”

Tang Xiu was stunned. As if having found a new fun toy, he got up and circled around Shanjenna a few times, before he halted in front of her, groped his chin and asked, “What is the particular difference between Bloodkin and human beings?”

She thought for a moment and then answered, “Bloodkin are innately stronger than human beings in terms of physique. We also have wings while human don’t, and we mainly rely on our wings to absorb energy. Um, our Bloodkin also has a Core Nucleus while humans don’t.”

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Get up. I’ll check your pulse.”

Checking her pulse?

Shanjenna got up with a puzzled look and stood in front of Tang Xiu with a expression of loss. She did not understand what Tang Xiu meant.

Looking at her expression, Tang Xiu immediately understood what she thought and let out a hollow laugh to try to conceal his awkwardness, and said, “There’s nothing you need to do, just extend your wrist. Remember, don’t resist when my power enters your body. I won’t harm you.”


At this time, Shanjenna had put down her wariness toward Tang Xiu. After all, Tang Xiu saved her life and even gave her a very powerful pill that upgraded her Bloodline Rank by a level, promoting her strength several by times.

Tang Xiu held her wrist and to his surprise, Shanjenna’s body had scarcely any meridians channels and veins. There were only a total of 108 veins and acupoints inside her body. These 108 meridians pa.s.sed through the four limbs, five major bones and the pair of wings, which then formed an unusually perfect great circuit of Heavenly Cycle. However, her body only had six meridians broken through at this time, which were the six meridians connected to the four limbs and wings.

With his perception, Tang Xiu kept scouring and headed toward Shanjenna’s heart. Despite knowing that Tang Xiu would not harm her, she still blocked it subconsciously. The Core Nucleus in her heart was the most mysterious and the most important existence of the Bloodkin, and if someone were to destroy it, they would die in an instant.

Tang Xiu did not stop his observation even though he got blocked. When Shanjenna retracted back her consciousness that blocked him, he wrapped her heart smoothly and slowly seeped inside.

The Core Nucleus was diamond-shaped and looked like a blood-colored crystal. It was very small in size, about the size of a fingernail. But with his perception, Tang Xiu could sense a huge energy inside it. Despite having a very formidable body at present, he could still be injured if this core were to explode.

“What a very mysterious Core Nucleus. A very mysterious species indeed.”

Tang Xiu secretly lamented inwardly, while at the same time being amazed by the miraculous and mystical creator. He was getting more and more curious about Earth’s existence in the universe, for a lot of rare and very precious treasures in the Immortal World could be found here, and there were even species that had never been seen in the Immortal World.

“Tang Xiu, I’ve arranged for the meals to be served. I’ll have the waiters send them later…” Lulu walked inside with light footsteps, but when she saw Shanjenna with her opened wings, the words she was about to say got stuck in her throat. If it was not broad daylight, she would have been utterly freaked out despite having a tough mind. Yet, she still shouted in fright, “GHOST!”

Tang Xiu took back his perception and turned his head to glance at Ouyang Lulu, and suddenly had a faint headache. He was seeping his consciousness into Shanjenna’s Core Nucleus inside her heart and was unaware of Lulu’s arrival. Now that she had seen Shanjenna’s appearance, explaining it to her would probably be quite a headache.

On the contrary, Shanjenna did not reveal an unusual expression after being seen by Lulu, but flapped her wings and came Lulu’s front, and gave her hand out in a friendly manner, saying with a smile, “h.e.l.lo, Beautiful Oriental Lady. I’m Shanjenna from the Salzburg Bloodkin.”

Lulu desperately gulped down and stared back and forth between Shanjenna and Tang Xiu for several times with widened eyes. She stretched her hand out cautiously to shake hands with her, and then replied with a trembling voice, “H-h.e.l.lo, I-I am O-Ouyang Lulu from Jingmen Island.”

“Please don’t be afraid of me, Miss Ouyang.” Shanjenna smiled. “Though I belong to the Darkness faction, I’m not an evil Bloodkin. Besides, Mr. Tang saved my life and helped me improve my strength. You have his scent and aura, so you must be his woman, thus also my benefactor.”

A Bloodkin! Got rescued! Benefactor!

Lulu’s heart flipped and flopped, beating at a very rapid rate. She squeezed out a smile and nodded at her before immediately running toward Tang Xiu’s front, a fl.u.s.tered expression still on her face. After sitting next to Tang Xiu, she forcefully grabbed Tang Xiu’s hand and said, “What the heck is this situation? How the heck can there be a Bloodsucker in the world… no, that’s not right, how can a Bloodkin exist?”

“The universe is infinite, and it’s possible for every strange thing to exist,” said Tang Xiu. “Since we, human beings, exist along with beasts and birds, why can’t the Bloodkin? However, whether cultivators or Bloodkin, they are forces that are hiding in the dark and are rarely discovered by ordinary people. If ordinary people were to discover them, they would use various means to make those who have seen them keep it a secret, even if they have to kill them. This is really bad. You just found out Shanjenna’s secret as a vampire. Do you think she’ll kill you?”

“I, I, I…”

Lulu’s pupils violently contracted and shrunk, and instantly approached Tang Xiu with fear on her face. However, the scared look only lasted for a few seconds as she immediately reacted and angrily hit Tang Xiu’s arm out of shame, and snappily said, “How could she possibly kill you? She did not even kill you! Also, you’re her savior and I’m also a half savior to her. How come she would kill me? b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you’re d.a.m.ned. You just want to freak me out!”

Tang Xiu laughed loudly. He rarely saw Lulu look scared, and her expression a moment ago was really funny to him. After hugging her shoulder, Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Lulu, I’m sure you already know my status as a cultivator. Shanjenna’s secret as a vampire must stay a secret. Don’t expose it to the outside since humans have deep fear toward the existence of the Bloodkin. I don’t want you to create trouble for her.”

“Relax. I know that.” Lulu nodded. And her expression this time looked adorable.

Tang Xiu then s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward Shanjenna and said, “Alright, retract your wings! Since you are going to stay here for some time, I’ll send some people to the hospital to find fresh blood to make sure you have your daily consumption. But you are not to leave this building without my permission!”

“But Mr. Tang, can I go to the roof?” Asked Shanjenna hesitantly. “It’s because a Bloodkin like me not only devours blood but also absorbs the moonlight energy under the moonlight as it also helps in our cultivation.”

Absorbing moonlight?

Tang Xiu suddenly remembered the lines he observed on her wings. He immediately closed his eyes as the routes of these lines appeared inside his mind. The more he recollected it, the more intense his surprised expression was. Finally, he opened his eyes and ordered Shanjenna to spread her wings and carefully observed them.

“Wonderful. It’s truly a marvel!”

While studying it, the deeper the amazement Tang Xiu had inside. His eyes turned brighter and brighter, as the brilliance inside revealed his excitement.

After half an hour, Tang Xiu asked Lulu to find a paper and a pen, and then quickly painted some outlines of a pattern on it. In just a few minutes, he had painted a complete pattern. As the Primal Chaos Force in his body seeped into the pattern, a weak suction in the darkness emerged from above. The faint trace was extremely weak. The energy contained within the moonlight was something a weak cultivator could not even sense, yet it was sucked into the pattern on the paper.

During the day, the moonlight energy was extremely thin!

Tang Xiu thought up to this point. He suddenly clapped and smilingly said, “This is great. So wonderful! Little did I think my unintentional action would turn out to bring such an unexpected harvest. It is wonderful that I was able to chance upon this great opportunity.”

That was true! It was indeed a great opportunity. The energy that was mainly absorbed by his Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was the energy from the stars. The moon was also a kind of star and naturally, the moonlight power itself could be absorbed. If he was to arrange an array according to this pattern, it would definitely speed up the absorption and even increase his cultivation speed by many times.

At dusk, the fatigued from travel Mo Yi arrived in Paradise Manor. But his appearance was a bit messy and his white hair was even more chaotic. Therefore, he was stopped by the Paradise Manor’s security guards.

“Let me in. I’m looking for someone.”

Mo Yi was anxious to see Tang Xiu. He was curious and wanted to know why Tang Xiu asked him to come here alone, so his tone was particularly stern.

One of the security guards handed over a towel to him and curiously asked, “Who are you looking for? Maybe I can help you contact that person if you tell me.”

Mo Yi wiped the dust off his body with the towel. He got dusted in the lab, and because he was too anxious and left in a hurry, there was still a lot of dust remaining even after he cleaned himself up; there was grayish dust even on his white hair. He simply looked like a migrant worker old geezer.

“I’m looking for Tang Xiu. He… ah, right. He told me to mention Ouyang Lulu as soon as I arrived here, and this Ouyang Lulu will take me to him.”

The security guards had their expressions changed and one of them immediately took his walkie-talkie and conveyed the message. Without much effort a mountain view car drove over, as Lulu, donned in a fur coat, looked at Mo Yi with a curious face and asked, “Are you Professor Mo?”

Mo Yi did not expect that the one who came to pick him up would be such a beautiful girl. After nodding in response, he asked, “Where’s Tang Xiu? I need to see him immediately.”

Lulu pouted. She let out a faint smile and said, “He’s playing with his new toy now. Alright, I’ll take you to see him, Professor Mo. That’s right, maybe there will be a surprise for you there, too.”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 706: A New Toy

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