Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 770 Part1

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Zhenlei Duomu's eyes glittered chilling air, then she said slowly, “I carried a medicine with me, a terrifying laxative. As long as we can put this laxative into the food of the Stygian Club members, it can make them suffer from abdominal pain and severe diarrhea. And when the two sides are locked in battle, then even the Stygian Club members want to fight back, the medicine will have a great impact on them and make them suffer huge losses.”


Tang Xiu frowned and asked, “Is this laxative effective for the alien race?”

Zhenlei Duomu nodded and said, “Absolutely, the laxative I got is very powerful, even if I will be affected by it, not to mention those alien races. In fact, I have fought with a Marquis-ranked vampire a few years ago. But I was defeated. To avenge the insult, I found the mysterious poison pharmacist and asked him to configure this laxative. Later, the Marquis-ranked vampire almost s.h.i.+tted his intestines out. Finally, I killed him directly under the condition when his power was superior to mine.”

Tang Xiu said, “It's indeed a good idea, but the food will taste differently, I am afraid it will be easily detected by those alien races.”

Zhenlei Duomu said proudly, “My laxative won't change the flavor, because it is colorless and tasteless, and it won't be noticed if it is mixed into the food.”

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and nodded, saying, “Awu, you go to the southeast in person to find out when the forces of the dozens of parties start to deliver the attack toward the people of the Stygian Club. Zhenlei Duomu, I need you to sneak into the Stygian Club encampment and put the laxative into their meals immediately after receiving my message.”

"Yes, Sir!"

"All right!"

Mo Awu and Zhenlei Duomu replied and left with a fast speed.

The next morning.

When the red sun rose from the east, the whole Mist Source Island was immersed in the half-sky glow, like wearing a beautiful coat. The total number of people gathered from dozens of forces was more than 560 people, they rushed toward the Stygian Club encampment.

In their vicinity, more than 20 experts, who were much beyond ordinary people, were cleaning up the barriers in the road in a very fast speed to cover the squad to enter the canyon and march toward the inner valley.

Half an hour ago, Zhenlei Duomu had secretly put the laxative into the food of the Stygian Club members. After half an hour, dozens of members of the Stygian Club felt a stomachache and had severe diarrhea.

However, the desperate battle…

Was on the brink.

Keith Moore, who had the supreme power in the Stygian Club, had been perturbed by this sudden attack. Just after the nearly 600 people of the coalition forces stormed into the canyon, they rushed through the array and launched a fierce attack.

On the hillside in the northwest direction.

Tang Xiu watched them killing each other under with great enthusiasm. What amused him a lot was that there were many experts in the Stygian Club – a lot of vampires, werewolves, Wingmen, and many other Beastmen; but in the face of the enemy, they could only hold diarrhea and launch a counterattack.


Kill in the blood splatter, in the painful mourning.

In another direction, the Pyramids' War Intelligence Elder Wu Jie, with dozens of the Pyramids' experts, had been waiting for a long time. They did not expect that the experts of the Stygian Club would suffer diarrhea on such a large scale. Though Wu Jie had already prepared to be the third party benefited from the tussle, he was still stimulated by this good chance.

“Be prepared to join the battle at any time.”

Looking at Berdot who was standing straight beside him, Wu Jie stroked his beard and smiled.

However, Berdot frowned and said slowly, "The situation is somewhat unusual. The incident would be creepy if people who had put the laxative in the food of the members of the Stygian Club didn't come from those leagues. Therefore, I suggest that we take action immediately when the war comes to an end, instead of acting rashly now."

Wu Jie, who was called the War Intelligence Elder, nodded without hesitation and said, "We just need to encircle the encampment of the Stygian Club and sort out the mess after they are weakened by the war. Let's get prepared. Pay attention to the signal to attack and take action immediately if there is something unforeseen happens."

Time elapsed slowly.

After half an hour's fierce fight, both the Stygian Club and the alliance of more than a dozen forces paid dearly. That strong black man was severely injured by a werewolf. Under such circ.u.mstances, members of the alliance were afraid to be killed and started to seize the opportunity to escape.

"Stop them and set up the array."

Observing the enemy was getting increasingly weak, Keith Moore, who had a strong intention to kill, issued orders. As four Count-ranked vampires took action, the array was set up and the Blood Poison was released.


An expert of the alliance screamed. After that scream, there were incessant screams.

"Break the array and kill the enemy."

Roaring and sprinting to a Count-ranked vampire, the leader of the white men were killed directly by the Count-ranked vampire with one blow. The men raking with machine-gun fire beside him died distressingly on the Blood Poison.

"A life for a life."

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Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 770 Part1

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