Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 429: Silently Swallowing Insult And Humiliation

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Chapter 429: Silently Swallowing Insult and Humiliation

Chen Sirui’s mind raced. The anger on his face faded and was replaced by indifference. Though he knew nothing about Tang Xiu’s background, he could guess that Tang Xiu was a very formidable adversary judging from Long Zhenglin’s, Fei Shan’s, and Huang Xu’s att.i.tudes.

Hence, he didn’t want to immediately act without thoroughly investigating Tang Xiu’s background. But he was sure of one thing; he’d probably suffer a loss tonight.

“Tang Xiu, although I don’t know what is the conflict between you and my younger brother, I apologize if my younger brother is in the wrong. I have heard about you from Long Zhenglin, Fei Shan, and Huang Xu beforehand, so today, I’m thinking we need to lessen today’s big issue to a small one and make it into a trivial matter.” Chen Sirui calmly said after a moment of thought.

Is he giving in?

Dozens of the Magnificent Tang Corp’s top executives were somewhat unable to believe the current situation. They had seen Chen Sirui and Long Zhenglin’s group arrive with a threatening manner. They also expected a fight. But it was out of their imagination that Long Zhenglin, Huang Xu, and Fei Shan, who had followed Chen Sirui, would turn their backs on him.

Moreover, they didn’t expect that Chen Si’en’s big brother would actually choose to directly give in!

At this time, they felt admiration for Tang Xiu.

While calmly sitting on the chair, Tang Xiu observed Chen Sirui’s indifference expression, and then replied with the same indifferent expression, “I’m not someone who likes causing trouble. But your little brother pursued a female executive of my company and threw his tantrum at me just because he got rejected, disturbing our company’s banquet with his men as well as attacking us. I don’t think there’s any way to make this big issue smaller.”

“Then what do you want?” Chen Sirui knitted his brows.

Tang Xiu turned to Scarblade Qiang and lightly said, “Wake him up! Let his little brother tell him what I want.”

Scarblade Qiang replied as he strode toward Chen Si’en and gave him a few slaps. After waking him up, and ignoring Chen Sirui’s anger, he loudly shouted, “Hey, kiddo! Your big brother has admitted defeat before our Boss. He wants to know how things should be done tonight. Tell your big brother how to end tonight’s matter.”

After Chen Si’en came to his senses, he saw the scene in front of him, and immediately shouted, “Big Brother, it’s them. This punk is surnamed Tang. He…”

“Shut the h.e.l.l up!” Chen Sirui sternly shouted and interrupted him.

Stunned and shocked, Chen Si’en stared at Chen Sirui in disbelief. He opened his mouth, but he couldn't utter anything.

“Tell me, what the h.e.l.l do they want?” Chen Sirui indifferently asked.

Chen Si’en turned his head to Tang Xiu before he faced his brother again. He fell into silence for a short while, as a mirthless smile slowly appeared on his face. He then shook his head and said, “Brother, I never thought that you would ask me such a ridiculous question while I got beaten up by others. Great, just great! I understand. 200 million. He wants 200 million as compensation! I can’t get the money now, so you must help me! I’ll pay you back later.”

Frowning, Chen Sirui turned to look at the middle-aged man beside him and then whispered something. As the middle-aged man left, he turned to Tang Xiu and then said, “The 200 million will be transferred to your account later. Are you satisfied now? Can I take my brother and the others?”

“You’re Young Master Chen, right?” Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “Well, you’re quite good considering you can endure that much. To people with such a disposition, especially if they are my enemies, I usually never let them go; for I am someone who always cut the weeds and dig up their roots. But today, in front of my company’s top executives, I don’t want to do so because I don’t want them to think I’m too ruthless. Your little brother should feel fortunate. Promise me something, and then you can leave.”

“What?” Asked Chen Sirui coldly.

While pointing at Chen Sirui, Tang Xiu said in a cold and detached tone, “From today henceforth, your little brother is not allowed to step into Star City ever again! Otherwise, I don’t mind paying your Chen Family in Blue City a visit. Of course, if you, brothers, want to exact your revenge at me, feel free to do so. I want to see how much ability your Chen Family has.”

“One day in the future, you will perhaps experience it.” Chen Sirui said indifferently, “Alright! I accept your condition.”

“Then go!” Killing intent flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he said indifferently.

Motioning his men with his hand, Chen Sirui and a dozen big men immediately propped up Chen Si’en and their people and quickly left.

Then, Tang Xiu turned to Long Zhenglin, Fei Shan, and Huang Xu and lightly asked, “And you three, do you still have anything else to say?”

Grinning, Long Zhenglin came to Tang Xiu and said, “Eldest Brother, don’t give me that distant look, will ya? I really didn’t know that the person those Chen brothers provoked was you. Had I known, you wouldn’t need to act. I myself would act to pack up those brothers. Hehehe… are you okay now? If you are, I wanna drink with you. It’s been hard to meet you, so you are not allowed to refuse! I’ll cry if you do so!”

Fei Shan and Huang Xu exchanged looks, as Fei Shan then came to Tang Xiu, forced a smile and said, “Brother Tang, we both also didn’t know, or else we wouldn’t have come. If anything, we are friends. We don’t want this trivial issue to affect our friends.h.i.+p.”

Staying silent for a moment, Tang Xiu then nodded and said, “Zhenglin is right. It’s not a crime if you don’t know. Go back first! I’ll tell Kang Xia to send you all a few boxes of G.o.ds Nectar tomorrow. I said that I’d send you good wine, didn’t I?”

A pleasantly surprised expression appeared on Fei Shan’s and Huang Xu’s faces. Huang Xu grinned, “Brother Tang, you’re really worth befriending. If anything, we’ll have a talk with the Chen Brothers after we go back, telling them to stay honest.”

Nodding at him in response, Tang Xiu then watched the duo leave. Following that, he slowly got up looked at the Magnificent Tang Corp’s top executives. He then said with a faint smile, “I really apologize for the sudden accident tonight. But from tonight’s accident, you guys let me realize that you are all good employees of my Magnificent Tang Corporation. Thus, all the injured will be rewarded 10 million per person, whereas everyone else will receive 2 million each. And please, do take note of my words. If anyone bullies the brothers and sisters of our Magnificent Tang Corp, any one of you willing to stand up and help will be rewarded by me!”

“Thank you, Boss!”

Scarblade Qiang was the first to reply. His arm was wounded in the fight, hence he was also considered injured. The 10 million reward made him grin from ear to ear, and he couldn’t help but laugh. Although he would be getting more than 10 million yuan as dividend from his shares of the winery, but he would only get the money by the end of the year. Furthermore, 10 million yuan was not a small amount for him, to begin with.

At present, he couldn’t help but admire himself for making the correct choice before.

“Thank you, Boss!”

“Thank you, Boss!”

The other top executives of the company who also joined the fight, even those who were not injured, were pleasantly surprised, as well as grateful. At this time, the way they looked at Tang Xiu was completely different than before.

Boss is generous! This fact made them very happy!

In only a night, their salaries had risen by 10%, and they also got rewards ranging from 2 million to 10 million yuan as well. It was just like a dream.

Those who didn’t join in the fight looked quite vexed, and now deeply regret it. Had they joined the fray, even if they didn’t help much, they could still have gotten a handsome reward!

As for the female executives, they felt fortunate. Though they quite regretted it, yet they were still able to calm themselves down. But the timid male executives only felt their face burning, regret churning their insides; they felt like their colleagues were looking at them with contempt.

They felt like drilling themselves into a burrow.

“All right! Those injured, go to the hospital for further treatment, whereas those who not injured are to help take them there.” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “As for Kang Xia and Andy, you two stay behind. Everyone else, go back first!”

A few minutes later, everyone had left, leaving only Kang Xia, Andy, and Long Zhenglin, who stood smilingly next to him.

Kang Xia wore a smiling expression, while Andy looked a bit uneasy. After all, it all happened because of her. What she was most afraid of was that Tang Xiu would hate her.

While looking at Andy’s pitiful expression, Tang Xiu could only sigh inwardly. Regardless, he was still very satisfied since Andy also joined the fight before.

“Kang Xia, starting from today, you and Andy must have at least four bodyguards following each of you. Two of them are to stay in the light, while the other two will be in the dark. Those Chens are not friendly chaps, and I’m afraid they will attack you two out of desperation. Additionally, send two men to secretly follow and protect Scarblade Qiang as well.” Tang Xiu instructed.

“No problem!” Kang Xia nodded and said, “Consider it done!”

Tang Xiu then looked at Andy and sighed, “Andy, the incident this time was not caused by you. It was because Chen Si’en was too unbridled. Don’t hesitate to act in the same way if you were to encounter a similar situation again in the future. Just beat them up if you want to, and I’ll do what I can do to support you.”

Upon hearing this, Andy raised her head to look at Tang Xiu. Mist covered her limpid, big eyes. She then quickly wiped her eyes and repeatedly nodded, saying, “Boss, thanks a lot for not disliking me because of today’s matter. That makes me very happy. I’ll listen to you; I’ll listen to everything you say, and will do everything you instruct me to do.

“Hahaha.” Tang Xiu couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “All right, you’re the Magnificent Tang Corp’s Financial Department Head, so stop acting like a little girl, okay? You and Kang Xia are my people, how could I dislike you? As a matter of fact, I also want to praise you for doing very well in another area better than Kang Xia.”

At the side, after hearing Tang Xiu’s words, Long Zhenglin was amazed, “Did I hear wrong or something? Eldest Brother, you took both Belles—Kang Xia, and the Little Angel—Andy? They… they are your women?”

“What the h.e.l.l?” Tang Xiu cussed, “What gibberish are you spouting? No one ever said that! Are you dumb or something?”


Long Zhenglin scratched his head and foolishly laughed, realizing that he had misunderstood.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 429: Silently Swallowing Insult And Humiliation

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