Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 430: The Thought To Retaliate Is Breeding

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Chapter 430: The Thought to Retaliate is Breeding

Kang Xia was rather helpless at the moment. She now realized that not only did Tang Xiu value her and Andy’s ability to run the company, but also attached importance to their cultivation.

“I’ll definitely work hard, Boss!” Kang Xia seriously said.

“Remember your words, for I hope to see you reach Andy’s level soon.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “When you have reached it I’ll take you to visit Jingmen Island.”


Kang Xia always wanted to visit the Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ in Jingmen Island. Tang Xiu’s promise made that wish stronger, spurring her to work harder from now on.

“You two gotta get back too!” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Anyways, I’ll be going back to Shanghai early in the morning. The issues in the Magnificent Tang Corp, as always, will be handed over to you.”

“You’re going back to Shanghai tomorrow, Boss?” Kang Xia said quickly, “Then… when will you come back?”

“Relax!” Tang Xiu said a smile, “It’s September 20th now. I’ll be back on holiday in November.”

After hearing that, Kang Xia suddenly smiled and nodded, “All right, we’ll take our leave first then! Take good care of your health, Boss!”

Tang Xiu nodded and smiled in reply.

After Kang Xia and Andy left, Long Zhenglin rubbed his chin and smirked, “Well, I dare say that Kang Xia has definitely fallen for you, Brother. Her eyes, expression, and tone when speaking to you are definitely the appearance of a woman who hates to part with her lover.”

“Second Young Master Long, it’s been some time since we last met, I just realized you have made progress in speaking honeyed words!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Tell me something, you went to play around Blue City recently, did you get something good after fooling around there?”

The smile on Long Zhenglin’s face solidified. A short while after, he scratched the back of his head, forced out a smile and said, “Big Bro, can we skip talking about this sad topic?”

“Well, I gotta remind you, buddy. Though you’re forthright and loyal to your buddies, that sort of approach kind of courts disaster and causes you to easily become enemies with others. If anything, you gotta stop fooling around, buddy. Your Long Family is ill.u.s.trious enough, but there still are many big families in the country that are far stronger and more terrifying.”

Again, the smile on Long Zhenglin’s face came to a halt. He was not a fool and slow-witted person. He had thought about something through tonight’s matter. Now, when he heard Tang Xiu’s words, he silently nodded and said, “Yeah, I have thought about that too, Eldest Brother.”

“You know your own heart the best.” Tang Xiu laughed and said, “Anyways, I haven’t had a bite the whole night. Let’s go! Didn’t you want to take me to your place for a meal?”

“Huh?” Long Zhenglin was pleasantly surprised, “You wanna go with me, bro?”

“My clothes are covered all over with blood. My parents will surely interrogate me when I got home.” Tang Xiu unb.u.t.toned his coat and took it off, saying, “So, let’s get to your place. I need to take a shower, and then we will have some wine. I got some G.o.ds Nectar stuffed in my car’s trunk.”

Long Zhenglin’s eyes lit up as he walked alongside Tang Xiu outside. He chuckled and then grinned, “Eldest Brother, you promised to give some G.o.ds Nectar to Fei Shan and Huang Xu. Don’t tell me you’re disregarding me in favor of the others? No matter what, I want ten… no… I want twenty boxes of G.o.ds Nectar!”

“All right, I’ll give you thirty boxes!” Tang Xiu glanced at him and lightly said, “But you’ll give ten boxes to your old man and ten boxes to your big brother.”

Suddenly, as if recalling something, he took his mobile phone out and dialed Kang Xia’s cell number. After Kang Xia answered the call, he spoke, “Find the time to send G.o.ds Nectar to Chen Zhizhong and Yuan Zhengxuan in these next two days; ten boxes each.”

“OK!” Kang Xia chuckled and softly said.

“Also, prepare five boxes for me and send someone to deliver it to South Gate Town.” Tang Xiu said, “I’ll take them to Shanghai tomorrow.”

“Okay, got it!” Kang Xia promised again.

After ending the call, Tang Xiu and Long Zhenglin walked out of Long’s Dining Hall. Under the security’s awed gazes, he took the car keys from one of the security guards, entered the car and left.

The villa Long Zhenglin lived in was located in the vicinity of Star City University. Whether it was the location or the environment, it was simply excellent. Tang Xiu learned from Long Zhenglin that he chose to buy this villa because it was easy for him to chase female students from Star City University.

Star City’s Yalong Garden.

The place was an upscale residential complex of Star City. Although it was not a single villa, those who could afford to buy a house there were counted as riches. Chen Sirui usually stayed here when he came to Star City.

Normally, every time Chen Sirui came here, he was feeling either calm or joyful. But today, his face was ice-cold, while his heart was blazing with anger. But, Chen Si’en behind him had a b.l.o.o.d.y nose and a swollen face, and he hardly looked like before. After entering the house, he started smas.h.i.+ng things in a rage.

“Brother, just tell me. Why?”

Chen Si’en’s eyes were as though able to spray flame. After venting his anger, he panted and gasped, bellowing at Chen Sirui.

As for Chen Sirui, he sat at the sofa and pointed to the sofa opposite him. He then lightly said, “I wouldn’t have let Tang Xiu stand still and walk out of the hotel if it were in Blue City, even if I had to use everything I had. But Star City is their turf. No matter what, however strong a dragon maybe, it can never suppress the local snakes. You should clearly know about this as well.”

“f.u.c.kING FART!” Chen Si’en roared, “That Tang Xiu is very strong, but the people around him were nothing but a f.u.c.king mob. I’ll never believe that our Chen Family is inferior to him!”

“Do you think I would compromise if it were only Tang Xiu?” Chen Sirui coldly snorted.

“Who else could it be?” Chen Si’en looked blank, as he asked with a stiff expression.

“The Long Family.” Chen Sirui said.

“Are you f.u.c.king kidding me, Brother?” Chen Si’en shouted, “Long Zhenglin is just a good-for-nothing playboy, can he even represent the Long Family?”

“Compared to you, I am much clearer about the disposition of the Long Family’s Head—Long Hanwen.” Chen Sirui said indifferently, “He’s a doting parent. If Long Zhenglin were to intervene, and we had clash against him, we will inevitably face Long Hanwen’s retaliation. Furthermore, Long Zhenglin has clearly said that he has shares in the Magnificent Tang Corp. That company has several types of products, and each one of them could earn quite an amount of profit. Thus, if we were to disturb the interests of the company, it will be equal to strike at the Long Family’s interests as well. Facing this situation, don’t you think if we acted in Star City without thinking about the consequences the Long Family wouldn’t act as well?”

Chen Si’en fell into silence. In normal times, he was very astute and intelligent. The very reason he was so reckless tonight was because he got totally muddle-headed due to a broken heart. And now, after thinking about it further, he knew that what his big brother said made sense.

“Then, should we just suffer in silence?”

“Our Chen Family never had the custom of suffering losses.” Chen Sirui sneered, “That Tang Xiu acted crazily tonight, but I’ll make sure to make him cry one day! Just wait, that day won’t be too far away!" 

Knock, knock…

Right as his voice fell, hard knocks sounded from the door.

Chen Sirui got up and opened the door. When he saw Huang Xu and Fei Shan standing outside, he immediately frowned and coldly said, “What the h.e.l.l do you want?”

Fei Shan forced a smile and said, “I want to tell you something. That’s why I came here.”

Chen Sirui was silent for a moment before walking inside.

After Huang Xu and Fei Shan entered the living room, the duo sat directly facing Chen Sirui. Fei Shan then straightforwardly said, “Sirui, listen to me. Just let tonight’s incident end here and now. Don’t ever think to retaliate. Just consider it as you spending some money to learn a lesson.”

“That’s right! We also haven’t figured out clearly about Tang Xiu’s background so far.” Huang Xu also nodded, “So you had better dispel any ideas of revenge! Like people say, it’s better to get rid of an enmity than keep it alive. Besides, we’re all businessmen, to begin with. Maybe you, him, and we will cooperate in some way in the future.”

“If the two of you come only came to persuade me, I want you to scram now!” Chen Sirui coldly said, “That punk surnamed Tang has gone too far, I absolutely can never let it go! You said you don’t know his background clearly, then I will investigate him. I wanna know how much he has in store.”

Huang Xu and Fei Shan exchanged looks as they forced out wry smiles. After staying silent for a short period of time, Fei Shan then slowly asked, “Brother Sirui, you should know about Star City’s Zhang Family back then, right?”

Chen Sirui frowned, and then lightly said, “Was it the Zhang Family that was decimated, and their group of companies was then divided by some people?”

“Yes. I’m talking about that Zhang Family.” Fei Shan nodded.

“I know about them. But what are you saying, exactly?” Chen Sirui coldly said.

“What I wanna tell you is the reason as to why the Zhangs were exterminated.” Fei Shan solemnly said, “That many forces acting simultaneously to destroy the Zhang Family was entirely because of Tang Xiu. Now, I wanna ask you something. Is your Chen Family able to uproot and decimate the Zhangs within such a short period of time?”

Chen Sirui’s countenance changed, and then he said in a deep and heavy voice, “Fei Shan, we’re all friends. I never once thought for you to make up this reason just because you don’t want me to retaliate.”

“If you think what I told you is a farce I deliberately made up, I can leave at once.” Fei Shan sneered, “But what I know is far from what your Chen Family can investigate.”

Chen Sirui’s eyes flickered and a glint flashed from them. His expression and tone then eased as he said, “Continue.”

“The reason as to why Tang Xiu had a conflict with the Zhangs, was because of Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin, the Zhangs’ younger generation. The two siblings wanted Tang Xiu’s life, thus, Tang Xiu then simply contacted all those forces to deal with the Zhang Family. As far as I know, Star City’s Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s Big Boss—Chen Zhizhong is Tang Xiu’s disciple, while the Long Family and Tang Xiu have a very close relations.h.i.+p. That New City project is also very deeply related with him. As for the other forces, I think you might have guessed it already.”

“No, I didn’t.” Chen Sirui furrowed his brows.

“The architectural design blueprint for the New City was devised from Tang Xiu’s hand.” Fei Shan said lightly, “And at present, the many domestic forces involved in the project were the forces who originally joined hands to destroy the Zhang Family.”

Chen Sirui abruptly got up, disbelief covered all over his face. He then hurriedly said, “You mean… the Jingmen Island’s Ouyang Family, the Chu Family of Beijing, the Bai Family, and the Miao Group of Haiqing, as well as some other mysterious forces, once partic.i.p.ated in the incident of the Zhang Family’s destruction?”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 430: The Thought To Retaliate Is Breeding

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