Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 470: Crucial Intelligence

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Chapter 470: Crucial Intelligence

Night Specter curiously sized him up and carefully observed him for half a minute before she nodded with a smile, “So, you were that miserable fella who got a lesson from Mo Āwen, huh? Ah, right. You shouldn’t know about Mo Āwen. But I’m sure you know about Thousand Threads, no? Mo Āwen is that Thousand Threads!”

Thousand Threads?

Intense hatred suffused Turtledove’s eyes. He clenched his fists and imposingly said, “I’ll never forget Thousand Threads even if I become a ghost! If it weren’t because of him, I wouldn’t have been captured by those guys from the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, nor would have I been forced to be their slave, nor would I know that f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d, s.h.i.+ Biao! Likewise, I would have never joined this organization, neither would I have ended up meeting you and being aimed at by your d.a.m.ned gun today!”

Night Spectre jeered, “So you got enslaved and must work for that bunch from the United Kingdom’s SIS, huh? You should die in that case.”


A bullet blazed out, yet it wasn’t Turtledove who died; instead, it was the old man.

While looking at the trembling Turtledove, Night Specter suddenly smiled, “Actually, you can keep your life. But I don’t know whether you are willing to work for our Boss or not.”

“Who is your Boss?” asked Turtledove, frowning.

“All of us are part of the Everlasting Feast Hall. You need not know who our Boss is as of now. What you need to know is that once you choose to join us, your life henceforth will belong to our Boss. Of course, you can opt to refuse the offer at the cost of facing the fate of enduring endless and h.e.l.lish torture. Certainly, even if you join our Everlasting Feast Hall, I can a.s.sure you that you may also face great sufferings. Nevertheless, you’re still going to h.e.l.l just the same.”

It took only ten seconds for Turtledove to think about the offer, before he gave his answer categorically.

“I agree!”

With a satisfied look, Night Specter nodded, “Well, since you’ve agreed, then I welcome you. As for the United Kingdom’s SIS, it’s easy to take care of it. We just need to show them a photo of your dead body. Your file will surely be washed away.”

Just as her voice fell, Night Specter instantly appeared in front of Turtledove. She grabbed her dagger and slashed its tip. Blood splattered from Turtledove’s chest and splashed the left side of his face.

Yet, Turtledove persevered. Not even a sound came out of his mouth, nor did he fall down because of the sudden strike. As his whole face became distorted, Night Specter stunned him by hitting his Solar System acupoint with her fist, causing him to directly pa.s.s out.

“Take a picture of him and bring him back.”

A middle-aged man wearing night-vision goggles coldly said, “Night Spectre, this is not in line with the rules. The Boss’ order was to capture or kill them. He didn’t say anything about taking them in!”

With a calm and tranquil expression, Night Specter replied, “There are over 100 experts in the core members of our Everlasting Feast Hall. We may look like a well-trained and powerful army, however, our hundreds of peripheral members are the backbone of our force. That year, Gu… … When the Boss first established the Everlasting Feast Hall, she said that as long as one has powerful abilities, whoever it is, we must do everything we can to subdue that person so as to make the best use of him for ourselves. Turtledove is a very skillful hacker, and we are in the information era. Our Everlasting Feast Hall we have Mo Āwen, yet he got transferred by our Boss, so we’re now short on this type of expert. Besides, as we’ve captured Turtledove now, we also need to listen to the Boss’s instruction as for how to deal with him.”

The middle-aged man was silent for a while before saying, “All right, then take him away, and wait for the Boss’ order.”


Twenty sharp in the evening the concert was finally started.

Along with Zhang Xinya’s appearance, thunderous cheers and screams blasted out from over 40,000 fans from every part of the country. Blazing music and pa.s.sionate singing came from behind the dancing group.

That was… Zhang Xinya’s singing voice.

In the front row of the concert hall, precisely in the A1 zone, Hu Qingsong and Zhao Liang’s group waved the glow sticks in their hands, shouting Zhang Xinya’s name. Even Mu Wanying who was usually calm and tranquil, stood up with everyone, and her smile was extraordinarily dazzling. Yet, there was one person who looked extremely… unusual. That was Yue Kai.

At this time, Yue Kai was constantly glancing around, looking for Tang Xiu’s figure.

“Hey, Yue Kai. What are you looking around for? The G.o.ddess is there, you know! Do you dare to look somewhere else?” Zhao Liang lightly punched Yue Kai’s upper arm and shouted.

“I’m looking for Tang Eldest Bro! Properly speaking, he should also be here!” replied Yue Kai loudly.

Zhao Liang stared blankly, and also started looking around. But Tang Xiu’s shadow was nowhere to be seen. Then, he loudly shouted, “Tang Eldest Bro may have some other matter, man! But I’m sure he’ll come later!”

“I do hope so, buddy,” Yue Kai was silent for a moment before he nodded.


Outside the South entrance of New World Center, Tang Xiu easily shook off the two members of the Ministry of State Security who were responsible for protecting him, and appeared in a three-storied small building a kilometer away.

At this time, the forty members of the Everlasting Feast Hall had returned, and there was also Turtledove, who was lying down, fainted on the sofa to the side.

“Who is he?” inquired Tang Xiu.

Night Spectre got up and respectfully said, “He’s called Turtledove, Boss. A hacker ranked fourth on the world’s hacker list. He’s also one of the extremists you were talking about. We killed the rest, and it was I who left him alive.”

“Where are their dead bodies?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Our people destroyed their dead bodies using the Body Dissolving Liquid,” said Night Specter.

Body Dissolving Liquid?

Tang Xiu’s expression flickered. The Body Dissolving Liquid must have been given to them by Gu Yan’er or Ji Chimei. Nodding in response, he lightly said, “Explain to me why you kept him alive.”

“Boss, Boss Gu… When Boss first set up the Everlasting Feast Hall, she once said that we must try to recruit some experts who are particularly skillful in the networking aspect, and we must also strive to make the best use of them. As of now, the number of our Everlasting Feast Hall is more than 500 people, yet there are only 100 core members; whereas all these years, the other peripheral members mostly comprise of people talented in this internet and networking aspect. Hence, I kept his life and am ready to listen to your arrangements pertaining this issue.”

“Does our Everlasting Feast Hall have no computer expert?” asked Tang Xiu, frowning.

“We do have one, Boss,” answered Night Specter. “Mo Āwen is ranked second in the Hacker Matrix. But you transferred him, so our Everlasting Feast Hall is now short of this type of expert.”

“Is Mo Āwen really very skillful in hacking?” asked Tang Xiu in astonishment.

“Yes!” replied Night Specter.

After thinking for a short while, Tang Xiu asked, “Tell me, what means exactly have you been using to subdue talented experts to work for us? Like this chap named Turtledove, whose existence is an extremist. Not only could he be harmful to our Everlasting Feast Hall, but he’s also an enormous hidden danger to ordinary citizens.”

“Boss, those who had been subdued by our Everlasting Feast Hall, most of them had once done all kinds of crimes and evil deeds. But after they had undergone our training and reform program, not only did they fully pledge their loyalty to our Everlasting Feast Hall, but they were also able to remove those negative tendencies and had a change of heart. Eventually, Elder Ji also used some special methods to make their disposition greatly change as well.”

Thinking for a while, Tang Xiu nodded, “Since you have a way to make him useful for us, then I’m handing him over to you! Additionally, squeeze out some information from him for me. I must know how many extremists have partic.i.p.ated in this scheme and how many have yet to be found by us.”

Xing Li got up and seriously said, “Gimme half an hour, Boss.”

“All right. I’ll be waiting, then,” said Tang Xiu.

Xing Li nodded and picked up Turtledove, who was akin to a dead dog, and left the hall.

As for Tang Xiu, he went to the window and looked toward the South entrance. He saw some people in casual clothes from the Ministry of State Security and the police force there. They may seem to be strolling around freely and casually, but in fact, they were secretly keeping their vigilance. Then, he said, “Your mission here is almost finished. After Xing Li has finished with his interrogation, you can withdraw and return to Jingmen Island.”

“Affirmative!” everyone respectfully answered.

Ten minutes later, Xing Li brought a list back to Tang Xiu. After he handed it over, he said, “Boss, I compared the number of members and the number of extremists we just disposed of tonight. I found that there are only two people left, who have yet to be captured. They are s.h.i.+ Biao and A’Li respectively.”

Tang Xiu recalled his memory. He had “watched” that s.h.i.+ Biao and a 17-year-old at the Shangri-La Hotel. That girl should be the one called A’Li.

“Where are they now?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Turtledove said he didn’t know. The only one who knew s.h.i.+ Biao and A’Li’s location was the old man. Only, he has been killed by us previously. However, Turtledove said he can use the Internet to track and locate s.h.i.+ Biao and A’Li’s communication gadgets, and then determine where they are.”

“Give him a laptop and tell him to find them for me,” said Tang Xiu.

Quickly, Turtledove was brought into the room. While his equipment was being placed in front of him, Tang Xiu said, “I can give you a chance to live if you can find them. And I’ll also give you the opportunity to pledge your loyalty to me.”

“Are you the Boss they spoke of?” asked Turtledove in astonishment, surprised.

“Correct,” said Tang Xiu.

Turtledove sized up Tang Xiu seriously a few times before replying, “Three minutes! I can find them within three minutes.”

Having said that, he sat in front of the laptop and began “knocking” and typing on the keyboard.

“Found them!”

A faint smile could be seen on his face. He didn’t seem to feel bad at all at selling out his former comrades, even to the extent that he was slightly excited inwardly, because he had long disliked s.h.i.+ Biao. He even felt that pulling these people to their deaths would serve as a good deed.

“Where are they?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“The location is 1.6 kilometers away from our position, near the West entrance of the New World Center,” answered Turtledove.

“You did well,” said Tang Xiu.

Having said that, he immediately ordered Xing Li to lead some people to check on it, and was also preparing to leave himself.

As he looked at the back of Tang Xiu, Turtledove suddenly said, “Boss, I can give you another bit of information.”

Tang Xiu’s pace came to a halt, as he turned around to ask, “What information?”

“Some time bombs have been installed at the International Airport’s lounge. It’s already 8 PM as of now, there’s only a short time before they detonate. I reckon that the time left before the explosion should be less than half an hour,” said Turtledove.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 470: Crucial Intelligence

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