Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 474: Dragon Soul

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Chapter 474: Dragon Soul

The addition of five kids in his home didn’t trouble Tang Xiu, for he, after all, had experience in raising children. Hence, he instructed them to take baths in turn, then he went to find five sets of clothes he didn’t wear anymore for them to wear. Though they looked like they were wearing robes, at least they didn’t need to wear dirty clothes again.

“Have you eaten yet?” Looking at the five little guys sitting in the hall, Tang Xiu asked with a smile.

“No, not yet,” Tang Xiaoji shook her head and answered.

Letting out a faint smile, Tang Xiu dialed Chi Nan’s cell number and asked her to send something for them to eat. The food had yet to arrive when Li Laoshan came after him.

“I’m not disturbing you for coming this late am I, Brother Tang?” The large bellied Li Laoshan’s plump face was beaming with a smile. He entered the villa’s hall along with the beautiful female secretary, who followed him, whereas the four bodyguards were waiting in the courtyard.

“It’s okay,” Tang Xiu laughed. “Anyhow, I should’ve taken Old Brother Li to a welcoming dinner since you’re the one coming to Shanghai. However, I was quite busy looking after these five kids and didn’t felt at ease leaving them alone at home. I can only apologize for making you come here personally.”

Li Laoshan’s eyes landed on the five kids. There was a strange expression on his face as he spoke, “They are…”

“They are children I adopted. Kids, why are you dawdling and not greeting the guest?” Tang Xiu laughed.

“h.e.l.lo, uncle! How do you do?” Tang Xiaojin’s group of five hurriedly called out.

“h.e.l.lo, and how do you do, too, kids!” Li Weishan nodded at them and replied.

Having said that, he s.h.i.+fted his vision toward Tang Xiu and gave him a thumbs up, praising, “You’re amazing, Brother Tang. You are willing to adopt these children despite being so young yourself.”

“Little Jin, you all can get back to your respective rooms now. I’ll call you again after the food have arrived. All right, Old Brother Li, please come in and have a seat.”

After exchanging polite remarks, Tang Xiu let out a smile and said, “Old Brother Li, what is your purpose in coming to Shanghai this time?”

“I came to see you,” said Li Laoshan.

“I never thought that my face was really that big. To think it would be worthy enough for Old Brother Li to come see me personally. So, what’s the reason you came looking for me?”

“Brother Tang, being too smart is kinda hard on your friends, don’t you think? Anyhow, I do really came looking for you for a matter, and it’s kinda very important, too.”

Gesturing from him to go on, Tang Xiu smiled but kept quiet.

“The reason I came over this time is mainly because I want to ask some a.s.sistance from you, Brother Tang. I was doing some business back in Beijing, and eventually I encountered some problems as of lately. The other party is also the owner of a construction materials business. He contacted some people and siphoned a large number of my steel products. Hence, I want to ask Brother Tang to accompany me there.”

“That shouldn’t be the main problem, right? Can you elaborate?” Asked Tang Xiu after pondering for a short while.

Giving him another thumbs up, Li Laoshan praised, “You’re smart, Tang Brother. I wouldn’t have troubled you if the problem was a small matter. But the other party is an obsessed man with antique goods, and has been persistently wanting to buy the Yuchang Sword in my hands. You must know, I spent a lot of effort to secure this Yuchang Sword, so it’s only natural that I’d never want to sell it. However, he eventually made a bet with me, that he has a better ancient sword in his possession, forcing me to bring out my Yuchang Sword and partic.i.p.ate in an underground auction in Beijing. I have to auction my Yuchang Sword, whereas he will auction his ancient sword as well. Then, both of us will compete at the auction for the two antique swords, and whoever bids the highest will win both of them.”

“There is an underground auction in Beijing?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Yeah, it’s an underground auction secretly run by the Situ Family, the intermediary family of the Bizarre Sect. It is said that this underground auction has existed since the Qin Dynasty era. It has never been stopped running, not in the period of the Republic of China nor the wartime. So far, it seems that 180 auctions have already been held, and there have always been a large number of antiques auctioned in each event. I heard that even the Emperor Qin’s Imperial Jade Seal is also one of the auctioned items this time. You also heard about the Emperor Qin’s Imperial Jade Seal, haven’t you, Brother Tang?”

“No, I haven’t heard of it,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “What is it, exactly?”

Li Laoshan answered in a mysterious tone, “Of course it is an imperial seal, the symbol of power and authority during the Qin Dynasty.”

Nodding in response, Tang Xiu said with a smile, “However, I still don’t understand something, Old Brother Li. In what kind of problem do you want me to help you in, exactly? If it was about money, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help; I’m not as rich as you.”

“It’s not about money. It’s an issue about my own safety. I learned the nature of this auction house when I first partic.i.p.ated in one 15 years ago. The event is fraught with dangers for the buyers who bid and buy extremely precious antiques; they are very likely to be targeted. You are a very powerful yourself and your men are also powerful experts. If I have you with me I’m sure I’ll be safe.”

Tang Xiu understood in a flash, and then said with a smile, “Can you tell me the specific time the auction will be held?”

“On October 7th,” said Li Laoshan.

Thinking for a while, Tang Xiu then nodded, “To be honest, I’m also very interested in this kind of underground auction. All right, then. I’ll go with you when the time comes!”

Upon hearing his promise, Li Laoshan was immediately overjoyed, as he beckoned to the beautiful female secretary. Afterward, from the briefcase in the female secretary hands, he took a sophisticatedly made box and handed it over to Tang Xiu.

“What is this?” Asked Tang Xiu after receiving the box. There was a strange look on his face.

“It’s something this Old Bro of yours had gotten some time ago,” Li Laoshan laughed. “It’s a genuine dragon-shaped jade ornament formed by nature. It’s a gift from me as a token of my grat.i.tude.”

“Thanks a lot!” Tang Xiu faintly smiled, and gently opened the lid. When his eyes fell on the jade ornament, a dazzling red light suddenly appeared, causing his pupils to contract in an instant and causing him to abruptly get up.

“What’s wrong, Brother Tang?” Startled, Li Laoshan asked.

“Didn’t you see it just now?” Asked Tang Xiu after he turned his head to look at Li Laoshan.

“See what, exactly?” Asked Li Lashan, confused as well as doubtful.

Tang Xiu didn’t answer, but instead fixated his vision on the crystal clear jadeite that had a red dragon-shaped pattern inside. His heartbeat beat faster than usual, and a glint of disbelief flashed in his eyes.

It’s a Dragon Soul! There was unexpectedly a Dragon Soul sealed within this jade ornament!

Tang Xiu released his spiritual sense seeped it into the jade. Much to his surprise and astonishment, there was a spatial s.p.a.ce within the jade ornament, with a soul of a Nine-Clawed Crimson Dragon constantly wandering in it.

If it was just a common Dragon Soul of the Dragon race, Tang Xiu wouldn’t have been this shocked. But a Nine-Clawed Crimson Dragon was extremely scarce even in the Immortal World. More importantly, a young Nine-Clawed Crimson Dragon was able to defeat an adult Five-Clawed Golden Dragon. In terms of preciousness and formidableness, a Nine-Clawed Crimson Dragon would definitely be ranked in the top three if there was a ranking list in the Dragon Clan.

Dragons were one of the most formidable races in the Immortal World. Even after becoming a Supreme, who possessed great influence and power in the Immortal World, he dared not to provoke this race easily.

“Who did this? To think that the person who did this possessed such a great magical ability, and was able to capture an adult Nine-Clawed Crimson Dragon... Why did he extract its Dragon Soul and seal it here? Nonetheless, it’s really quite fortunate… the cutting process when this jade was being carved didn’t touch the s.p.a.ce inside the jade; otherwise, it would have led to the destruction of the internal s.p.a.ce, along with the Dragon Soul inside it.”

Secretly rejoicing inside, the way Tang Xiu looked at Li Laoshan became different from before. After staying in silent for a short while, he slowly said, “Old Brother Li, give me two years. I’ll give you a big chance in two years. To be exact, it’ll be a great fortune.”

“A big opportunity? A great fortune? What are you talking about?” Asked Li Laoshan, surprised.

“I can’t tell you, yet. But you will naturally understand in two years. I’ll accept this jade ornament, and two years later, just consider it as me paying this favor,” said Tang Xiu.

“Speaking so seriously like that kinda makes me awkward, Brother Tang,” Li Laoshan waved his hand and smiled. “If anything, for you to accompany me to Beijing is as good as paying this favor already. To be honest, I was afraid that this gift of mine would be too unworthy, that you wouldn't be satisfied with it.”

“I must tell you, this jade ornament is very important to me,” said Tang Xiu.

It was true! This object was very important!

As of now, Tang Xiu was already in a bottleneck in his cultivation progress. Furthermore, it would be more difficult for his cultivation to progress in the future as well. Since he had the soul of a Nine-Clawed Crimson Dragon, however, it would become a different story, since once his cultivation broke through the final layer of the “Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis”, that was, after he reached the Ninth Layer of the Nine Cores Phase Forming, devouring this Dragon Soul at that time would definitely help him leap over the first level, and then directly step into the second level.

Tang Xiu had thoroughly a.n.a.lyzed and studied the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis and knew that once he broke through to the second level, it was equivalent to a common cultivator stepping into the Immortal Realm.

Some cultivators were unable to break through the final bottleneck during their lifetime, unable to become an Immortal.

Others spend countless years in hard work, untold hards.h.i.+ps, and dangers before they finally ascend and become Immortals.

As for him, if he devoured the Nine-Clawed Crimson Dragon at that time, not only would it make him step into the Immortal Realm, he would even have the opportunity to condense an Immortal Soul. Once his Immortal Soul fused with this Dragon Soul, he was certain that he would be able to cultivate magical powers and secret arts belonging to the Dragon race.

Dragons were full of treasures from their head to their tails! And they were spiritually and physically powerful!

Tang Xiu was certain that the const.i.tution and formidableness of his physique would be more powerful than that of Immortals after he devoured this Dragon Soul; even the Demon race in the Demon World would pale in comparison to him.

Looking at Tang Xiu who had fallen into his own thoughts, Li Laoshan curiously asked, “Well, Brother Tang, isn’t this just a piece of jade? Is it even worth saying such exaggerated words?”

“Brother Li, this object may have not much benefit to you. But it’s very important to me. Have you ever heard the words condensing the spirit to shake off the soul?” Tang Xiu shook his head and answered.

“Nope, never heard of it,” answered Li Laoshan as he shook his head.

Tang Xiu let out a smile and didn’t elaborate. As he stuffed the jade ornament into his pocket, he secretly took it into his interspatial ring. Then, he said with a smile, “Let us just forget about it, then. I’ll explain it to you later if an opportunity arises. Anyhow, the dishes and the wine should be arriving soon, so us brothers must have a few cups.”

“Got no problem with that!” Li Laoshan laughed. “It’s joyous event to drink and dine with you, Brother Tang!”

“All right, then. How about elaborating the issue with your steel products?” Asked Tang Xiu smilingly. “I honestly don’t get it why he would take your steel products.”

“You know, the other party has quite a powerful influence in Beijing. He took my steel products and it was justified by law, so some officials from the government must have been invited by him. That man, however, has said that as long as I take my Yuchang Sword and auction it in that event he would give back my goods, regardless of the outcome. He wouldn’t even obstruct my business in Shanghai again in the future, and would even lend me a hand instead.”

“That said, the other party is not an enemy, it seems,” commented Tang Xiu.

“He indeed can’t be said to be an enemy, yet I dislike him for being an expert schemer. In the future, if you were to come into contact and have dealings with him, you had better have as little contact as possible with him if you can.”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 474: Dragon Soul

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