Returning from the Immortal World 871 Who Is Your Boss?

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Mu Wanying's advertising firm was now thriving and booming in business with more than a hundred employees, several of whom were among the top advertising planners in China.

And now, Tang Xiu had become the legend of this advertising agency. Whether it was a senior or a newly recruited employee, everyone knew that the company was able to grow to this extent in just half a year by relying on the boyfriend of their Boss, the owner of Magnificent Tang Corporation, Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu walked by Mu Wanying in the s.p.a.cious corridor to the general manager's office. He didn't know that his arrival had caused a stir in the entire company.

"OMG! Boss's boyfriend is so handsome. I'll probably wake up laughing from a dream if I can have such a resourceful and handsome boyfriend!"

"Is he the Big Boss of Magnificent Tang Corporation? Truly a match for the Boss. Look at how handsome he is and compare it with those ugly b.u.mpkins in our company who fancy her. What a contrast between Prince Charming and the toads!"

"That's the legendary Big Boss of Magnificent Tang Corporation. He's also the young divine doctor in Chinese medicine who has caused sensation throughout China. I finally see my idol today!"

"Oh, G.o.d! Why didn't I into him just now? No, no. I must go and see this great guy…"

"Awesome man!"


Inside the general manager's office.

Tang Xiu crossed his legs while sitting on a soft sofa as he looked down at the bustling square below. With his back to Mu Wanying, he said with a smile, "When a person stands alone at a high place, to feel lonely at the top is inevitable when they overlook all living beings below. Everyone makes an all-out effort to achieve what they want, and yet they are unaware that only loneliness awaits them in the end."

Mu Wanying broke into laughter and said, "Have you not yet reached the apex point either?"

Tang Xiu turned and looked at Mu Wanying as he shook his head and replied, "There are some matters I can't tell you for the time being. But I've truly tasted the loneliness an expert feels."

Mu Wanying knew that Tang Xiu was a cultivator, so she nodded and said, "Regardless of whether you'll reach the apex and look down on all sentient beings, or are stranded among a sea of faces and people, I will be with you."

"Wow! I didn't expect such romantic words from the Great Belle Mu," teased Tang Xiu with a smile. "Well, that's beautiful to hear, though."

"You're annoying." Mu Wanying rarely showed her girlie side and charmingly rolled her eyes at Tang Xiu.

Knock, knock…

The door was knocked and Mu Wanying's female secretary stood outside, "Boss, Mr. Tang, this is the freshly brewed tea."

"Thank you." Tang Xiu nodded with a smile.

The female secretary returned back with a smile. Just as she came outside, her voice was heard screaming, "Hey! What are you all doing here? Get back to your work!"

A lot of voices that belonged to a bevy of young women came from outside the door. These girls were not afraid of the female secretary at all and instead grinningly asked about Tang Xiu's affairs.

Inside the office, Mu Wanying chuckled, "I dare bet that none of the female employees of the company has the mind to do their work today, eh?"

"Well, the male employees are likely to have no spirit to work today either, though," said Tang Xiu smilingly.

With that said, the duo smiled at each other.

As noon came, Tang Xiu stayed at the advertising agency to have lunch and then left afterward. Mu Wanying was busy since Zhang Qingfeng, who they met last night, came with a few of his friends from the business circle to introduce them to Mu Wanying. Zhang Qingfeng really came very quickly to return their present with his.

"There's a fight, Boss."

On the way back, Mo Awu, who had answered a call while driving, turned his head and reported.

"What and who's fighting?" Tang Xiu was confused.

"I just got a message that some members of the Special Abilities Bureaus are fighting the Western Bloodkin in the Paradise Manor."

Tang Xiu's expression changed and he suddenly remembered that Shanjenna was there. Did these Westerner Bloodkin come for Shanjenna? Or, were they from the Stygian Club?

As he thought up to there, Tang Xiu ordered in a deep voice, "Notify those who stand on guard in Paradise Manor to warn those Bloodkins not to act rashly, and refrain from showing mercy if they don't listen."

"Understood!" replied Mo Awu and he grabbed his mobile phone back.


Paradise Manor.

Duanmu Lin was leaning on a walking stick with a dragon figurehead as a trace of blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. All the twelve ability users from the Special Abilities Bureau were likewise similarly injured as they surrounded and glared at the seven people… to be precise, that would be seven vampires with their wings open.

One of them who stood in the middle was a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes clad in white casual clothes but was besmeared with blood. At the moment, his imposing aura was surging out and he was holding a skull scepter that emitted out a dark aura.

"I advise you to get the f.u.c.k off, else I won't care about your ident.i.ty as Chinese nationals, nor will I show mercy to your people anymore!" The handsome young man twisted his neck while his blood red eyes and thick fangs seemingly gave a sign that he would keep attacking.

"I already warned you last night to get the f.u.c.k out of China. This is our country, not your Western world," retorted back Duanmu Lin coldly. "But not only did you not listen, but you also attacked Chinese people and sucked their blood."

"Blood is our food and we need it, alright? Don't tell me you wanna make us weak or something?" The handsome young man made an unnerving smile. "Besides, we just suck their blood. We didn't kill them, nor make them thralls either. Do you people of the Chinese Special Abilities Bureau care about such trifles?"

"Those who are not our kind are sure to be of a different heart," replied back Duanmu Lin coldly. "You staying in China will eventually be a hidden danger to us, so get lost from our country. Else, don't blame us in resorting to killing and leaving you all here."

The handsome young man's wings shook as he swung the skull scepter in an instant and two black cyclones formed out of thin air to violently storm two ability users.

"Golden s.h.i.+eld!"

Right as the two ability users were flying backward, a burly middle-aged Elementalist man from the Special Abilities Bureau unleashed his special ability, causing numerous metals to instantly melt to form a protective wall in front of the two ability users in order to intercept the black cyclone. At the same time, a metal needle shot through the black tornado lightning fast and pierced the chest of that handsome youth.

"Hmph…" the handsome youth disdainfully smiled. He tightened his chest muscles, so the metal needle was only able to pierce half a centimeter of his chest and stuck on it.

And thus, the fight commenced once again.

At this time, however, four figures moved like lightning blots from various directions. They were two men and two women with surging auras. Their sudden appearance made the two parties have a drastic change in expression and caused them to cancel their attack and suspend the fight.

"Our Boss has commanded. You are not allowed to fight in Paradise Manor. Don't blame us if we get rid of you ruthlessly if you all go against his orders!" The tall and burly expert from the Everlasting Feast Hall shouted in a heavy voice along with his boiling killing aura.

Duanmu Lin frowned as he looked and asked the burly man, "Who's your Boss?"

"I believe you'll see him soon," answered the burly man indifferently. "He's catching up and should be here in half an hour at most."

Half an hour?

Duanmu Lin shot a cold stare at the seven vampires and said in a deep voice, "Since your Boss is the owner of this place, we'll wait for half an hour."

The handsome youth of the Bloodkin looked vigilantly at the four people who just appeared. He could sense the great strength these four possessed. Even though he was confident he could kill them, he wasn't sure whether there were no other experts hiding in this place besides them, waiting to ambush.

"These Chinese people are too rude, Lord. Let's just straightly kill them!" said a vampire who flapped his wings.

The handsome youth raised his hand to stop the other six vampires who were ready to attack. He then looked at the burly man who had just spoken and said, "Who exactly is your Boss?"

The burly man coldly replied, "I already told you to wait for half an hour and you'll see him naturally. Especially for you all, Bloodkin. You come here as guests, but if you dare to continue fighting before our Boss arrives, don't blame us in exterminating you all completely!"

"b.l.o.o.d.y pompous!"

The handsome youth was angry, yet he didn't attack.

The time elapsed bit by bit in deadlock.

Ouyang Lulu, who sat atop the loft nearby, looked at the people in a temporary stalemate with a solemn face. She only knew the four people who appeared later. They were the people Tang Xiu a.s.signed to stay and protect the safety of Paradise Manor. She had also seen a vampire before, Shanjenna, when she was living in Paradise Manor. However, Mo Yi took a lot of her blood yesterday, and thus she went to look for Han Jintong in anger but was currently not here.

'd.a.m.n! It would have been fine if Tang Xiu was here. You all dare to have a battle royale in my place, like seriously? I'll be kicking all your out for severely affecting my business.'

Ouyang Lulu yawned and watched her mobile phone's screen in boredom.

As more than twenty minutes elapsed, her spirit soared when she saw a car driving fast toward this direction. She didn't know who was inside it, but at least it was much better than wasting time in idleness like this.

'It's so bustling and lively here! I hope this is some more powerful people.'

That was what Ouyang Lulu was imagining.

Just as she saw the car rus.h.i.+ng to the crowd and stopping there, however, her eyes were filled with pleasant surprise because she had identified the man. It was Tang Xiu who had come back.

The appearance of Tang Xiu attracted the attention of everyone nearby. Tang Xiu himself, however, slightly creased his brows upon seeing two buildings collapsed and ruined due to the fight in the surroundings.

"Senior Duanmu, let the matter end here. I also gotta charge you to deal with the renovation of this place."

Duanmu Lin snappily glared at Tang Xiu and said, "I already guessed the Boss they mentioned after these few people appeared. I really never thought this Paradise Manor to be your industry. Also, my Special Abilities Bureau is not dirt poor. We'll compensate you for this."

Tang Xiu faintly smiled at his words and then looked at the handsome Westerner youth. He calmly spoke to him, "I don't care which Bloodkin clan you come from. But you've made a mess in my turf, so compensation is necessary. I hear your Bloodkin are very rich, so you'll have to pay 100 million!"

"Who the b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l are you?" asked the handsome youth coldly.

"I'm the Boss of this Paradise Club," said Tang Xiu.

The handsome youth looked at Mo Awu next to Tang Xiu, and after thinking for a moment, replied, "As long as you can make these ability users not bother us, I'll compensate you."

"Hehe." Tang Xiu mockingly grinned and said, "Judging from your words, you seem to have come to China just to stir up trouble, haven't you?"

Returning from the Immortal World 871 Who Is Your Boss?

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