So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1010 - Meeting Xia Bingbao Again

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Chapter 1010: Meeting Xia Bingbao Again

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yang Ming didn’t know how Lan Ling’s grandmother found him and Zhang Zhishen outside, but Lan Ling’s grandmother was mysterious. Perhaps she might have her own unique method.

Zhang Zhishen was shocked by this sudden change. How did the stone monument suddenly move? It even leads to a path. Initially, Zhang Zhishen thought that this was just a meeting location. Yang Ming would meet up with someone here, but he never antic.i.p.ated such a change.

“This place…” Zhang Zhishen looked at the deep tunnel in front of him in amazement and asked indefinitely, “Brother Yang, are we going in here?”

En , let’s go in.” Yang Ming nodded. “Hurry. Although it’s night, I’m afraid that people will come here.”

After that, Yang Ming took the lead in taking Chen Afu into the tunnel and said to Zhang Zhishen, who was behind him, “You just follow me.”

Today, there was no light in the tunnel. Yang Ming could see things at night, but Zhang Zhishen couldn’t. Yang Ming was afraid that Zhang Zhishen would fall down, so Yang Ming let Zhang Zhishen follow behind him closely.

When the two men entered the tunnel completely, the hole behind them slowly closed. The stone monument was restored to its original look. In the tunnel, it also became darker than before.

“Brother Yang, this place is really…” Zhang Zhishen hadn’t been here, so he felt a little nervous. After all, he wasn’t as bold as Yang Ming. He was only proficient in voodoo, but in terms of actual fights, he couldn’t deal with both cold and hot weapons.

“Don’t worry.” Yang Ming smiled because he saw that Lan Ling’s grandmother was waiting for him in the room he met her last time.

Seeing that Yang Ming was full of confidence, Zhang Zhishen also was a.s.sured in his heart and followed Yang Ming quickly inside. However, the closer he was, the more a.s.sured Zhang Zhishen was. It was because he had already felt a familiar aura, which was unique only to people who used voodoo like him. Moreover, it was the same type of voodoo he used.

Yang Ming took Zhang Zhishen to the room where Lan Ling’s grandmother was. Zhang Zhishen was really relieved at this time. When he saw Lan Ling’s grandmother, he quickly knelt down in the tunnel. “Zhang Zhishen greets the founder…”

“Zhang Zhishen, get up.” Lan Ling’s grandmother said faintly with incomprehensible majesty in her words. Even Yang Ming was awed in this view.

However, Yang Ming was quite familiar with Lan Ling’s grandmother, so he said, “Grandma, we caught a person who also used voodoo. He said that he was taught by Elder You. I think that he is related to your opposition force, so I brought him…”

“Elder You?” Lan Ling’s grandmother frowned and looked at Chen Afu on the floor, asking with a dignified expression.

“Yes, founder…” Zhang Zhishen quickly retold his a.n.a.lysis and ideas, as well as the process of arresting Chen Afu.

“Sinister Voodoo!” Lan Ling’s grandmother’s face showed a look of anger, “High Priest You actually practices such a murderous and inhumane Kung Fu! If he mastered it, the Miao Village would be in trouble!”

Yang Ming didn’t know much about the grievances with it, but he saw that Lan Ling’s grandmother and Zhang Zhishen were both worried. He was aware of the severity of the matter.

“Grandma, how about we use Chen Afu to bait Elder You out? Then, we work together to kill him?” Yang Ming hesitated and suggested. D*mn, if it really can’t work, I will just barrage bullets on him. I don’t think he won’t die.

Lan Ling’s grandmother shook her head and said, “No, High Priest You is quite alert and sinister. The most important thing is that I’m not sure if I can deal with him.”

Ah ? No way? Is he so powerful? Even Grandmother is not his opponent?” said Yang Ming with shock.

“In that year, only Old Man Lan Hai was better than him!” Lan Ling’s grandmother said, “But since he used tricks to ambush Lan Hai, we had lost all news of Lan Hai. Now, we can only put our hopes on Ling Ling to subdue him.”

“Lan Ling!?” Yang Ming was a little surprised after listening. “Is Lan Ling so powerful?”

Lan Ling’s grandmother nodded. “She is concentrating on practicing a secret voodoo. This is the secret of the Lan Family. Few people can successfully cultivate it, but Lingling is talented with a pure feminine body. It is easier to succeed in her cultivation. At this critical moment now, we can’t have side issues keep arising!”

“It turned out to be like this,” Yang Ming said after listening. “Isn’t this guy useless? I will just send him directly to the police. Oh ya, Grandma, don’t you want to wake him up and ask something?”

“Didn’t you ask already?” Lan Ling’s grandmother smiled and shook her head. “I have already said that High Priest You is a suspicious and cautious person. It would be impossible for this kind of underling to know too many secrets.”

Yang Ming nodded. Indeed, if Elder You really told Chen Afu his secret, then it wasn’t Elder You anymore. It was impossible for him to ambush Lan Hai.

“Since you want to give him to the police, don’t even wake him up here so that he doesn’t know too much,” said Lan Ling’s grandmother.

“Alright.” Yang Ming said, “I will take him away in a minute.”

“Zhang Zhishen, you stay. I have something to explain to you.” Lan Ling’s grandmother said to Zhang Zhishen.

With Chen Afu, Yang Ming left Marina Square. At first, Yang Ming thought that Elder You was just an ordinary person, but Yang Ming did not expect that he was so powerful. Even Lan Ling’s grandmother was afraid of him.

However, for this mysterious war inside the Miao Village, Yang Ming couldn’t get into their hands. These people were different from ordinary people. Elder You was obviously practicing an evil Kung Fu, probably like the Dongfang Bubai1 in the novel. The average person wouldn’t be an opponent.

Although Yang Ming was powerful, he was not necessarily an opponent of such a person. Since Lan Ling’s grandmother had a thorough plan, he himself had given up the idea of making his own move.

Carrying Chen Afu, Yang Ming called Xia Bingbao in the car. He had to discuss with Xia Bingbao, this guy, for such a matter. Since it was rather weird, if he could use the Supernatural Investigation Bureau to kill Elder You, it would be wonderful.

“Yang Ming?” Xia Bingbao picked up the phone and was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Yang Ming to call him. That day, Xia Bingbao had pressured Yang Ming slightly to join the Supernatural Investigation Bureau. Hence, it was inevitable that Yang Ming would have a bad impression of him.

“It’s me. Where are you?” asked Yang Ming directly.

“I am at the Amba.s.sador Hotel.” Xia Bingbao said, “Are you looking for me?”

En , there’s a little matter. But you’ll have to come down to pick me up,” said Yang Ming.

“Okay, no problem. Call me after you arrive.” Although Xia Bingbao didn’t know what Yang Ming had, he still agreed to it.

The Amba.s.sador Hotel was a guest house of the government. Generally, it wasn’t open for outsiders, but it wasn’t strange for Xia Bingbao to live here. Yang Ming drove to the hotel’s parking lot and called Xia Bingbao.

After a while, Xia Bingbao stood at the gate of the hotel. Yang Ming walked to Xia Bingbao after he got out of his car with Chen Afu in his hand.

“No way, Yang Ming? You killed someone?” When Xia Bingbao saw Yang Ming dragging Chen Afu, who was motionless, he asked with surprise, “Did you really murder someone? This can be a bit difficult… Although we have the right to act first, there need to be reasons…”

“D*mn!” Yang Ming saw Xia Bingbao’s schadenfreude expression. Yang Ming knew that this kid wanted to tie Yang Ming firmly in his chariot, but how could Yang Ming allow him to do so? Yang Ming only said faintly, “This is the culprit in the traffic haunted case.”

“What? You have even fabricated the reason? It can’t be, right?” Xia Bingbao was surprised as he spoke, “But this is not very good. The traffic haunting case is a big case. How can it be so sloppy? Besides, he can’t be simply killed just like that, right?”

Yang Ming was a little bit dumbfounded and waved. “Who said that I killed him? I just made him pa.s.s out, but this person is really the culprit of the traffic haunting case!”

“Really?” Xia Bingbao’s widened his eyes incredulously. He crouched down and examined Chen Afu carefully. After confirming that he was just unconscious, he was a.s.sured in his heart. He said, baffled, “Yang Ming, you said he is the culprit in the traffic haunting case? Was he caught by you?”

Ai , I am a member of the Supernatural Investigation Bureau. I can’t just do nothing, so I took the trouble and did a little thing for you.” Yang Ming said with righteousness, “However, it is already not bad to solve one case a year. Don’t look for me if something happens this year.”

Xia Bingbao listened to Yang Ming’s first half of the sentence and almost believed it. Yang Ming was really responsible for the work, but after hearing the latter half, Xia Bingbao almost fell down. This kid could be serious for a while and playful the next second. I don’t know which word he said is true.

However, Yang Ming had real skill. Xia Bingbao also knew it. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to invite Yang Ming so strongly to join the Supernatural Investigation Bureau.

Xia Bingbao nodded and helped Yang Ming to drag Chen Afu into the hotel.

Although Xia Bingbao and Yang Ming dragged a person into a hotel, the attendant did not ask anything. The leaders of the city bureau had already explained it. Xia Bingbao was the investigation team sent from the higher-ups to investigate the case.

In the Amba.s.sador Hotel, there were often departments such as the Bureau and the Discipline Inspection Department to handle cases here, so it was normal to arrest people. They were already used to it.

“Yang Ming, you said that he is really the culprit of the traffic haunting cases?” Xia Bingbao couldn’t wait to ask after entering the room.

“Wouldn’t you know the truth when you wake him and ask?” Yang Ming said indifferently, “Are there any drinks here? I’m a bit thirsty.”

“There is a lot of it on the shelves right there. Just take what you want to drink.” Xia Bingbao said as he pointed at a food rack in the direction of the door.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1010 - Meeting Xia Bingbao Again

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