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Chen Mengyan heard Yang Ming's affirmative reply, smiled slightly, and closed her eyes with happiness. Yang Ming gently hugged her and stroked her hair. In fact, Chen Mengyan's request was not difficult at all; it was very easy...

Now thinking of it, Chen Mengyan occasionally threw some small tempers at him. Yang Ming did not think that there was anything wrong, but he found it a little cute.

This was the real Chen Mengyan. If she were like the online fantasy novels, helping the protagonist to find wives for him, then she wasn't a living person, but a vase.

When the sky was completely dark, Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were suddenly shocked.

"Yang Ming, what time is it?" Chen Mengyan was lazy and unwilling to move; even her mouth was too lazy to move. She had tossed around with Yang Ming from the morning to the evening; even Iron Man could not bear it, not to mention, they only ate some eggs and steamed bread slices for breakfast.

Yang Ming took a look at the mobile phone on the bedside table and smiled bitterly. "It's already past six o'clock in the evening. We laid in bed for seven or eight hours!"

"Then, are you tired of it?" asked Chen Mengyan.

"Of course not. Lying down like this, I won't be tired of it in my whole life." Yang Ming said very affirmatively and earnestly.

"You only know how to say something nice to make me happy." Chen Mengyan smiled, and she smiled happily.

"No, what I said is true." What Yang Ming said was naturally true, but it applied equally to the others like Lin Zhiyun.

"Get up. Let's go have something to eat. My entire body is so sore..." Chen Mengyan said embarra.s.singly, "It seems that one day per month is a wise choice. If I am with you every day, you will kill me."

Yang Ming "hehe" smiled. It seemed that it was good to be more powerful in some aspects. In this way, he could ask Chen Mengyan to compromise justifiably.

Both of them came to the living room downstairs, and Aunty Li was mopping the floor. When she saw Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan come down, she quickly asked, "Mr. Yang, Miss Chen, the ingredients are ready. If you are hungry, I will cook it now."

Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were really hungry, so Yang Ming nodded. "Then, thank you for all the trouble, Aunty Li."

Aunty Li went to prepare dinner. Chen Mengyan and Yang Ming sat on the sofa in the living room, turned on the TV, and watched the news.

"Hey, Yang Ming, that traffic haunting case has been solved!" After all, Chen Mengyan's sense of justice was also strong because of Chen Fei's career. Now that she saw the case was solved, Chen Mengyan was very happy.

"En, it is probably solved." Yang Ming smiled. How would Chen Mengyan know that her lover was the hero who solved this case?

"It's Sister Xia Xue!" Chen Mengyan looked at the TV news with amazement. "Sister Xia Xue is so capable. She could even catch such a powerful criminal!"

Yang Ming thought, Powerful my *ss, she only took my credit. However, he still said, "Yeah, Xia Xue, this girl, is very capable."

"However, I didn't expect it to be Chen Afu. The behind-the-scenes culprit is him!" Chen Mengyan stared at the news on TV, sighed slightly and said, "Three years of cla.s.smates, I really didn't see it..."

"I saw it. This kid is wicked smart since the past. Do you remember? He always tried to frame me, but he didn't succeed..." Yang Ming was angered as he thought of this guy.

"You still talk. You beat him up every time!" Chen Mengyan sighed and said, "You just know how to use violence."

"However, it seems that I beat him quite lightly. If I beat him until he was crippled, then he can't hurt others now!" Yang Ming shook his head and said with regret.

"You, always not serious. If you beat him into a crippled person, wouldn't you go to jail too? What will I do then?" Chen Mengyan glared at Yang Ming and reprimanded.

"If it weren't for Zhiyun's righteousness, I would now probably already be in prison!" Yang Ming remembered the things during high school and said somewhat sadly.

"Yeah, so I am very grateful to her," Chen Mengyan nodded and said, "I know what you mean. You want me not to bully Sister Lin, right? But I have to be willing to bully her first… I am afraid of you bullying her..."

"We will talk about it when I bully her..." Yang Ming "hehe" laughed, and they fooled around again.

After a while, they were done messing around. Chen Mengyan suddenly bowed her head and kept silent.

"Mengyan, what's wrong with you?" Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan and asked curiously.

"The case is solved, so my father is not busy anymore. I can't come out and live here every day… He probably will come to bring me back..." Chen Mengyan finally had a chance to be with Yang Ming alone, so she naturally cherished it and was not willing to leave.

"Hehe, this," Yang Ming said with a smile. "It's easy. I will just talk to Uncle Chen, and say we're going to prepare for the start of school."

"What preparation for the start of school?" Chen Mengyan was somewhat inexplicable.

"In order to have a more harmonious cohabitation in the next semester, we need to cultivate our feelings in advance!" Yang Ming "hehe" smiled and said boastingly.

"Ai, you are really annoying! What nonsense are you talking about?" Chen Mengyan laughed and hit Yang Ming.

A beautiful piece of music sounded, it was Yang Ming's ringtone. Yang Ming glanced at the caller ID, and he was somewhat helpless. He just switched back from the DND mode, and Xia Bingbao's phone call came in like a ghost.

"Mengyan, I'm going to answer the phone." Yang Ming notified Chen Mengyan and answered the phone. He walked to the side room next to the living room. "h.e.l.lo, what do you want?"

"What do you mean what do I want..." Hearing that Yang Ming's tone was not good, Xia Bingbao suddenly laughed bitterly, "I say, Brother Yang Ming, Brother Yang Ming! What happened to your mobile phone? I couldn't get through to you for a whole day. The satellite phone that I gave you wasn't turned on. You really made it hard for me to find you!"

Yang Ming heard Xia Bingbao's complaint and found it a bit funny. Then he said, "Okay, just tell me what you want to say."

"Elder You wasn't caught." Xia Bingbao sighed regretfully. "Last night, we set a plan, but in the end, Elder You did not appear."

"It is expected." Yang Ming didn't take it as a surprise. He said faintly, "Is Elder You like the others? Chen Afu, this little bandit, is already so difficult to handle. Never mind the big BOSS behind! However, it is better to know this person than not knowing him. There is another chance to kill him. We're not in a rush."

"En, listening to you, I feel better. Since you said that Elder You is difficult to deal with, then it must be difficult!" Xia Bingbao said, "We took Chen Afu to do experiments. It is publicly claimed that Chen Afu has schizophrenia and was sent to a mental hospital for compulsory treatment."

"As you please." Yang Ming was not very interested in these. As for the voodoo that Chen Afu knew, it was nothing at all. Even the research was unlikely to get any findings. "You can just make the decision. I don't care about this. You know this."

"You, but anyway, this time you made a big contribution. If you have any requests, just mention it," said Xia Bingbao forthrightly.

"I don't have any yet. I will tell you if there are any," said Yang Ming indifferently.

"That's alright," said Xia Bingbao with a smile. "Looking at you, you must be busy. I will not bother you."

"En, when will you go back?" asked Yang Ming.

"A few days later, after finis.h.i.+ng the aftermath of this work. I will definitely treat you for a meal before I leave," said Xia Bingbao.

"Alright, let's keep in contact." Yang Ming hung up after the call.

What made Yang Ming somewhat unsatisfied was that Elder You had escaped, but it was not surprising. According to Lan Ling's grandmother, even she was unlikely to be the opponent of Elder You. It was also common sense for Xia Bingbao not to catch him.

Yang Ming hung up and went back to the living room, but he saw that Chen Mingyan was on the phone...

"Second Uncle... I can't make a decision about this. You still have to ask my dad..." Chen Mengyan said on the phone in a distressed way. "Okay... okay, I will tell you my dad's mobile number…"

"Who is it?" Yang Ming waited until Chen Mengyan hung up before he asked.

"It's Second Uncle; do you remember him? Once when we went home, when my dad was in a car accident, we met the person at my door!" Chen Mengyan said with a bitter smile, "He actually said that the culprit of the traffic haunting case is his son... He wants to ask me to talk to my dad to see if he can see his son... I told him to call my dad directly. I don't know if Dad can help him..."

After Yang Ming heard it, he smiled bitterly. Chen Dazhuang asked Chen Fei for help. I'm afraid that he would not be very helpful. Chen Afu himself is now secretly monitored by Xia Bingbao, and I don't know where he is held.

Chen Fei was not allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the follow-up, and although they were nominally responsible, they actually had no relations.h.i.+p at all. The credit of Xia Xue was also obtained without any reason.

Thinking of a while ago, seeing Chen Dazhuang and Chen Afu quarrel, Yang Ming sympathized with Chen Dazhuang. After he was released from prison, his son did not recognize him. Now, his son had committed a crime again, and his future was unknown. Chen Dazhuang's request was also not too high. He just wanted to see his son.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming took Chen Mengyan's mobile phone and pretended to look at the text message casually. Yang Ming wrote down Chen Dazhuang's number and decided to call him later to help him coordinate with Xia Bingbao.

Xia Bingbao couldn't not give him face. This was also not a big deal, so there probably should be no problem.

"What are you doing? You want to check my text message?" Chen Mengyan saw Yang Ming looking at her mobile phone, but she did not care. She smiled and asked.

"I'm just simply looking at it to see if any suitors are hara.s.sing you." Yang Ming smiled and put Chen Mengyan's phone back on the coffee table.

"Where are they? I am with you every day. Even if there were a suitor, he would be chased away by you." Chen Mengyan laughed and replied.

So Pure, So Flirtatious 1024 Case And Credi

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