So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1044 - Fifth Cousin

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Chapter 1044: Fifth Cousin

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Hi…” Mother Yang didn’t expect that the Yu Chi mentioned by the Fifth Uncle would be so sloppy.

“I say, fellow cousin. The big city is really not the same. The girls are dressed so stylishly. They are much better than those from my hometown!” Yu Chi patted Yang Ming’s shoulders and said bluntly. He didn’t seem to bother about Mother Yang who was by his side. “Look at the girl in front. She is really hot. Wearing a leather skirt in winter. Tze tze …”

“Fifth Cousin, let’s get in the van. It’s cold outside.” Even though Yang Ming’s face was very thick, he couldn’t connive with Fifth Cousin in front of his mother. Besides, his Fifth Cousin was too vulgar. He made Yang Ming feel uncomfortable.

“Get in the van? What van? Where is the van?” Yu Chi took his leather case and looked around.

“Here.” Yang Ming pointed to the vehicle not far away.

“D*mn, I say, fellow cousin, are you serious? You drive this van home?” Yu Chi looked at the van incredulously. “My dad is even driving an Audi A6; you are driving this broken van?”

Yang Ming saw that his mother’s expression didn’t look very good, so he immediately coughed and said to Yu Chi, “Fifth Cousin, my mother was afraid that you had more things, so a car can’t fit them. Therefore, she deliberately drove a van over.”

Oh , is that true? I’m sorry, goumaiwusai ,” said Yu Chi.

“What?” Yang Ming was stunned. “What goumaiwusai ?”

“It’s j.a.panese! It means sorry. Didn’t they say it this way in the p.o.r.nography…?” Yu Chi imitated the actress’ voice in the p.o.r.nography film in a high pitch. “Gomenasai~~~~~!”

Yang Ming was disgusted. This Fifth Cousin is really a bad*ss. He is just a vulgar person. Isn’t it giving me trouble to let him gain experience in the city? Luckily, I sent him to Hou Zhenhan’s entertainment company. If I put him in my father’s company, wouldn’t my father be irritated by him?

Erm , Fifth Cousin, can we not talk about this first? Let’s get in the van. I will bring you to get familiar with the company you’ll work for…” Yang Ming didn’t want to be with this Fifth Cousin any longer. He had no common topic with this kind of person.

Mother Yang originally wanted to talk to Yu Chi to get familiar with him, but when she heard Yu Chi’s astounding words, she gave up.

“I say, cousin. Which company did you arrange for me? Are there beautiful girls in the company?” After getting in the car, Yu Chi still talked endlessly.

“The company I arranged for you is a friend’s company. Fifth Cousin, you’d better work hard after you go. Otherwise, you should not go.” Yang Ming felt it necessary to make it clear to Yu Chi in advance.

Oh , I know.” Fifth Cousin waved his hand. “I still know the courtesy. I am your cousin. After I go there, I will be one of the royal family. You know that I am here because of my father’s will. I don’t really want to work.”

“Fifth Cousin, what I said to you is serious. After you go, you’d better do your best. Don’t be so sloppy, and the company does not belong to my dad, but a friend…” Yang Ming interrupted Fifth Cousin and spoke very seriously.

“Okay, I understand.” Although Yu said so, he did not take it seriously. ” Ohyeah, fellow cousin. The company that you arranged for me, what’s its business…”

“Fifth Cousin, you can just call me cousin or Yang Ming in the future. Yang Big Ming is fine too, but stop saying ‘fellow cousin.’ I feel weird hearing it.” Yang Ming wasn’t used to the “fellow cousin” address. It sounded strange. “The company you are going to work for is an entertainment company…”

Before Yang Ming finished his words, Yu Chi immediately continued after listening, “Entertainment company? An entertainment company is good. Is it like the entertainment companies in Hong Kong where there are many small celebrities under it? Ha , this is good. I can play with celebrities already…”

Yang Ming was irritated. He stopped Yu Chi from saying more. “Fifth Cousin, you misunderstood. This entertainment company is not that kind of entertainment companies, but it manages some entertainment venues such as nightclubs, hotels, etc…”

Oh …” Yu Chi was slightly disappointed after listening, but he said, “There must be pretty girls in the company, right?”

“I don’t know about this…” Yang Ming brushed it off.

Ha , I got it, fellow… cousin, are you afraid that Second Aunty might hear it?” Yu Chi put his hand on Yang Ming’s shoulder and whispered, “When I have time, brother will teach you the secret to pick-up girls!”

“No need…” Yang Ming didn’t want to have too much to do with Yu Chi. The first impression that Fifth Cousin gave Yang Ming was too lacking, and he had an indescribable air of a ruffian.

Although Yang Ming also mingled in the underworld, unlike Yu Chi, Yang Ming had the cynicism; Yu Chi was a wretched prodigal son.

Yang Ming brought Yu Chi to Ming Yang Entertainment and handed him over to Hou Zhenhan. After chatting a few words, he fled from the company. Yang Ming really didn’t want to have any more contact with Yu Chi.

Although Yang Ming and Hou Zhenhan did not say many words, Yu Chi still clearly heard Hou Zhenhan’s “Brother Yang.” Originally, he thought about whether he should act like he had his tail between his legs in the company for a few days, but at the moment, he gave up the idea.

The company’s president even calls my cousin a brother, so shouldn’t he call me an elder cousin?

“Mom, this errand given by Fifth Uncle is really troublesome!” On the way back, Yang Ming finally couldn’t help but complain. “In this case, if he really went to Dad’s company, wouldn’t his colleagues make fun of him?”

Mother Yang’s face didn’t look good. She didn’t know Yu Chi would be such a character. “Big Ming, forget it. It was difficult for Fifth Uncle too. He had mentioned about Yu Chi’s moral conduct, so it isn’t unexpected. I hope that he can learn well.”

Hope ? Yang Ming shook his head. It seemed unlikely. Yang Ming didn’t want him to learn well instead. Yang Ming hoped that he would be tormented in the company for two days, causing him to quit immediately. Yang Ming had no time to bother with him.


The Hawkeye Group’s butler knocked on Ouyang Junyuan’s office door.

“Come in.” Ouyang Junyuan was annoyed. Running the company’s business wasn’t his strength. He was good at playing while enjoying his life, but if you let him do business, it was literally nonsense.

However, his elder brother died. The burden fell on him, so he had to sit at the company every day. Although there were professional managers, Ouyang Junyuan also knew that if he didn’t supervise them, who knew what the company would turn into?

All these were thanks to Yang Ming. Every time he thought of this name, Ouyang Junyuan hated Yang Ming deep down in his guts. He couldn’t wait to kill him. However, Ouyang Junyuan had calmed down a lot; he wasn’t as reckless as before.

Since his father and Delay Man 001 were not opponents of Yang Ming, then it was impossible to kill Yang Ming with his current strength.

Asking him to get revenge against Yang Ming was the same as asking him to commit suicide, so Ouyang Junyuan definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

Ouyang Junyuan thought that it was the professional managers who wanted him to sign some doc.u.ments. However, when he looked up, he saw the Hawkeye Group’s butler, and immediately said, “Old butler, why are you here?”

The Hawkeye Group’s butler closed the office door and locked it from the inside. Then he walked to Ouyang Junyuan and said, “Second Young Master, one of my friends said that he can contact the world’s number one group, the b.u.t.terfly Group.”

“b.u.t.terfly Group?” Ouyang Junyuan was excited listening to it. He asked quickly, “Is that the b.u.t.terfly Group whose personal strength is second only to the King of, but the overall strength is the first?”

“Yes, that’s them.” Hawkeye Group’s butler nodded. “My friend is an intermediary with the He has some connections with the world famous group. This time, I think I found the right person.”

“Good!” Ouyang Junyuan nodded and said, “Then ask him to contact the b.u.t.terfly Group. This time, I want to see if Yang Ming is going to die or not!”

“But… Second Young Master, this person is an intermediary. He may demand a lot of intermediary fees…” said Hawkeye Group’s butler.

“Intermediary fee? I will give it no matter how much it is as long as he can find me a really powerful!” said Ouyang Junyuan indifferently. “All I have is money, but the key is whether he can kill Yang Ming!”

“Well, I understand. I will contact him.” The Hawkeye Group’s butler nodded.

“Let’s contact him now. Immediately! Old butler, I can’t wait any longer. When I think of Yang Ming going to die, my heart really feels delighted,” Ouyang Junyuan seemed to have relieved the depressed feeling in his heart, and he became spirited. “Right, don’t forget to kill the woman around Yang Ming also! And, they must be dead!”

The butler took out the phone and started to contact the friend who was the intermediary. “h.e.l.lo, is it Mr. Smith? It’s me, Hawkeye Group’s number two… Yes, about the mission I talked to you previously…”

The butler conveyed Ouyang Junyuan’s intention to Mr. Smith. Of course, Mr. Smith’s real name was definitely not called Smith. This was just a code name. rarely used their real names to contact people.

Smith said something, then the butler just hung up the phone, satisfied.

“How is it?” Ouyang Junyuan couldn’t wait to ask.

“There should be no problem.” The Hawkeye Group’s butler said, “Mr. Smith said that this is a very common task and that Yang Ming is not a celebrity in the political and business circles. There is no difficulty. The b.u.t.terfly Group shouldn’t reject this request. We should just wait for the good news.”

After Ouyang Junyuan heard this, his face showed a happy smile. In his opinion, Yang Ming was already a dead person… Can the world’s number one group have a problem taking care of Yang Ming? Obviously, impossible…

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1044 - Fifth Cousin

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