So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1049 - The New Demolition Policy

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Chapter 1049: The New Demolition Policy

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Charles stood up a little embarra.s.sed and raised his hands to express his innocence. “I just simply talked about it… I’ll leave; I’ll leave immediately.”

“Walk yourself out,” said Yang Ming faintly.

Charles was a little depressed. I’m actually afraid of an ordinary young man. .. However, Yang Ming seemed to know his ident.i.ty and made him feel restless.

After Charles left, Yang Ming complained helplessly, “This guy is really inexplicable.”

“Yeah… but, I wonder how he knows me? It’s weird.” Zhou Jiajia frowned and asked, “What is his name? Charles?”

En , Charles. He is a racer, called G.o.d Racer,” said Yang Ming. “Why? Are you, the computer genius, going to search his ident.i.ty after going back?”

“I plan on doing that.” Zhou Jiajia smiled and said, “This guy is really annoying. He knows my ident.i.ty. If I don’t know his ident.i.ty, it will be my loss.”

Yang Ming didn’t care too much. He didn’t think that Zhou Jiajia could search out Charles’ true ident.i.ty. After all, it was impossible for Charles to disclose information about his real ident.i.ty to anyone and the media. Hence, what could be found online would most probably be some of his information as a racer.

After that, they were not disturbed anymore. The three people were quite happy. After the meal, Yang Ming settled the bill and left the hotpot restaurant with Zhou Jiajia and Lin Zhiyun.

Tomorrow would be a new day at the university. Hence, the three should go back and clean up as soon as possible. Zhou Jiajia was in a better position. After her injury, Yang Ming had already bought all the things she could use at university and put it in the villa. On the other hand, Lin Zhiyun left a lot of things at home, so Yang Ming first had to take Lin Zhiyun back.

After arriving in Shanty Town, Yang Ming was surprised to find that at the place where the previous demolition company’s booth was, a few simple rooms had been set up with the sign, “Demolition Company Temporary Office.”

Yang Ming was surprised at the moment. He thought, Why is the demolition company still there? Then, Yang Ming soon realized it wasn’t right because Yang Ming clearly found out that many more were residents in the community than the former Madman Ma’s management. Everyone more or less had a smile on their face.

After a closer look, Yang Ming realized that the signboard of the demolition company had been replaced by Ming Yang. He immediately remembered that Dekang Real Estate already belonged to him. It was no wonder that these residents would become enthusiastic. Yang Ming mentioned to Bao Sanli before that the demolition compensation fees given must be sufficient. He shouldn’t be as harsh as Wei Dekang. As these residents had received benefits, they were naturally happy.

Lin Zhiyun hadn’t gone home for a few days. She didn’t know that so many big things happened. She watched her neighbors rus.h.i.+ng in to do the demolition procedures. She thought that the demolition company had given the residents here an ultimatum. She couldn’t help but sigh.

In these years, violent demolitions had occurred frequently. The att.i.tude of the former demolition company could be seen. Lin Zhiyun knew that the residents of the community were not opponents of Dekang Real Estate at all, so she felt a little uncomfortable at this time, “Yang Ming, I wonder how my family is doing. I didn’t expect the demolition company to be so anxious. They have already started demolition after I left for a few days.”

“Don’t worry.” Yang Ming smiled and comforted when he saw Lin Zhiyun’s worried look.

Of course, Lin Zhiyun didn’t think much of it, believing that Yang Ming just wanted to comfort her. She sped up her pace slightly, wanting to see the situation at home as soon as possible.

However, when she got home and saw the result of the demolition, Lin Zhiyun said in surprise, “What? After our house is demolished, we can change it to a duplex?”

Lin Zhiyun found it incredible. Is this developer out of his mind? It’s already a good thing for this broken house to be replaced by a new set of ordinary economic housing after reconstruction. The developer actually gave my family a duplex of more than two hundred square meters?

My house is less than two hundred square meters now. Isn’t this just a joke? If the developer does this, wouldn’t he lose money?

Shen Yueping’s face was filled with a smile. “Yun Er, I really want to thank Little Yang for this. The demolition company took special care of our family. Once the demolition company heard that we are your parents, they gave us some benefits and mentioned that Yang Ming had already greeted them.”

Ah ! What about others’ homes…” Lin Zhiyun thought that it was indeed true.Although our family has a favorable condition, others would still be deprived. How come the others seemed so happy?

“Others have also received the full amount of compensation according to the maximum standard specified, so everyone is very satisfied,” explained Shen Yueping.

This was also Yang Ming’s will. He was not a savior. It was impossible for him to take care of everyone. Business was still business in the end. If they took special consideration because of this kind of vain interpersonal relations.h.i.+p, then they wouldn’t earn any money.

What Yang Ming could do was to give them the maximum compensation they deserved. Even then, everyone was already very satisfied, because this compensation was enough for them to buy a small apartment in a fairly developed area.

If they did not choose for compensation, after the house was built, they would get a home with the same number of square meters as their current house within the same area. Although it was a forward delivery apartment, many people had chosen the house. After the house was built, regardless of the appreciation or total value, it was more cost-effective than taking money directly.

“The demolition company changed into a friend’s company. I just greeted them. It’s a piece of cake.” Yang Ming smiled. “In fact, it is not a big deal. However, during the period of demolition and reconstruction, what do Aunty Shen and Uncle Lin plan to do?”

“We are going to rent a house first. They said that the construction will start in the spring. The first phase of construction will include an economic residential building, which will allow the residents to move back first,” said Shen Yueping.

“Zhiyun, aren’t you making a lot of money in the company? Just buy a house. Don’t rent it.” Yang Ming glanced at Lin Zhiyun and suggested.

Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun had discussed this beforehand, so Lin Zhiyun nodded with ” oh .”

“The house will be built soon. What is the need to buy?” Shen Yueping asked with some doubt. “It’s a waste of money. Yun Er, if you have money, save it. Don’t waste it.”

“Mom,” Lin Zhiyun said with a smile, “How can this be a waste? Buying a house is actually an investment. After buying it, we can live in it first. After this place is fully constructed, we can move back. The new house can be rented out, and it will be considered a business. It will not lose money.”

Shen Yueping didn’t expect her daughter to have this business mind, but now that Lin Zhiyun was a manager at the company, naturally, she wasn’t the same as before. Since she said that it was an investment, and Yang Ming had no objection, it must be true. Hence, Shen Yueping no longer objected to it. “Let’s follow what you said. I will not bother with it.”

After Lin Chanqing returned to Song Jiang, he was busy researching for a small business. He had not returned since he left. Yang Ming did not continue to wait since his would start tomorrow. He greeted Shen Yueping and left.

Zhou Jiajia was still waiting in the car outside, so Yang Ming walked out quickly from the Lin Family home in the direction of the vehicle. When he came to the car, Yang Ming was surprised. When he saw several people wearing uniforms of the demolition company beating several young boys, Yang Ming frowned.

I personally emphasized with Bao Sanli not to use any violent means for demolition. How can they beat up people in front of my eyes?

Although to maintain the normal operation of the demolition, several Ming Yang security guards were sent here to keep the order, they weren’t here to beat people up.

“What happened?” Yang Ming went to the front and asked several demolition personnel.

One of the leading people saw Yang Ming asking questions and quickly smiled. “Brother Yang!” This person had seen Yang Ming before. The underling of the Nightless Club had become a small leader, but they all knew that Yang Ming and Bao Sanli had a very strong connection.

The BMW in Yang Ming’s hands had clearly shown it. This BMW was Brother Bao’s car!

“What is going on here?” Yang Ming pointed to a few of the staff members who were beating people there, as well as a few young people who were beaten up with bruises on the ground.

“Brother Yang, these people are nearby punks. Just now, when you were not there, sister-in-law went to the grocery store to buy water. She was entangled by them. They wanted to make a move. We then…” The leader seemed to be afraid that Yang Ming would misunderstand, so he explained quickly.

Sister-in-law? Yang Ming was surprised. Then, he thought of Zhou Jiajia. He opened the door, noticed that Zhou Jiajia was holding a bottle of drink in her hand, and thought that there would be no mistake. It seemed that Yang Ming had misunderstood. Yang Ming shook his head with a smile and said, “You beat them up well. Please continue.”

Zhou Jiajia was really eye-catching. When Yang Ming was not there, Zhou Jiajia was a little thirsty, so she got out to buy water. These little punks were actually sc.u.m nearby. For the residents here, they generally did not dare to provoke. However, when they saw that Zhou Jiajia was a newcomer and looked so attractive, they had ill intentions and teased Zhou Jiajia a little. Zhou Jiajia ignored them. However, they thought that Zhou Jiajia was afraid, so they chased her and wanted to make a move. It just so happened that a few staff members of the demolition company saw it.

They had already noticed Yang Ming’s car. At this time, they saw that Zhou Jiajia was entangled by a few small punks. How could that happen? They were the ancestors of these punks. How could these sc.u.mbags be arrogant?

If they really wanted to be ruthless, they were more ruthless than Madman Ma. They just didn’t use it on the residents, but these little gangsters were different. They even dared to entangle Brother Yang’s woman. Weren’t they courting death?

Hence, the demolition company staff rushed over and grabbed the few punks and started beating them up. The punks were beaten up until they were confused and disoriented.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1049 - The New Demolition Policy

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