So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1058 - I Love Little Ming

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Chapter 1058: I Love Little Ming

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yang Ming naturally walked along with Chen Mengyan, while Lin Zhiyun and Zhou Jiajia walked with each other.

However, in this way, Chen Mengyan was embarra.s.sed. She just abandoned Yang Ming and walked with Lin Zhiyun and Zhou Jiajia. Only Yang Ming was left, and he drove slowly behind. He was like the bodyguard of the three.

After arriving at the school, they naturally separated. However, Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia came together. Both of them were from the computer science course and were under the same supervisor. Hence, they naturally attended together.

During the journey to the school, they found out that a group of people stood in the windy and harsh winter. They did not fear the invasion of the cold. After a careful look, Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia realized that the clubs were recruiting people.

The university stipulated that freshmen were in the adaptation stage in the first semester, and they were not allowed to join various clubs. In the second semester, after everyone was familiar with the university system and rules, they were free to join the clubs.

In fact, this was also just to prevent the freshmen from getting fooled by some club propaganda. If they casually joined the club and resigned, it would become very messy. It was not conducive to the student union and the Youth League Management, so there was such a rule.

Everyone in the first semester of the freshman year was basically familiar with what the club organizations of the university were doing. With that, they could join directly.

However, despite this, to recruit more people, some clubs set up a club recruitment station in the university on the first day of the second semester to attract people.

“Fellow cla.s.smates, you are from computer science. We are from the computer club. Join our club!” A male student and a female student wearing the Song Jiang University uniform came over. They had a stack of leaflets in their hands. They handed them separately each to Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia.

“How do you know that we are in computer science?” Zhou Jiajia asked the boy who handed her the leaflet.

“This is the computer science teaching building! As you approach this direction, you must be reporting to the computer science course!” The boy stared at Zhou Jiajia; his eyes were filled with desire.

Over the years, the Department of Science and Engineering was short of girls, let alone any beauty! A rare beauty like Zhou Jiajia was simply impossible to meet. How could a boy not seem eager in his eyes?

If he got Zhou Jiajia to join the club, then wouldn’t the others be envious of a hero like him? So, he spent the extra effort in recruiting.

However, the image of the girl who handed a leaflet to Yang Ming was not very good, but there was not enough to go around. The club could only pick the best they had. She was the only girl in the club, so she was appointed with the work to distribute leaflets.

It was better than nothing. In a department like computer science, which was short of pretty girls, having a cute girl could attract many werewolves.

The girl noticed that Yang Ming was tall, st.u.r.dy, and full of masculinity. She was also attracted. Yang Ming was unlike others in the club. He did not wear; he was not as thin as thread paper; he was not unkempt.

“It turned out to be like this. You are quite good at observing!” Zhou Jiajia nodded and smiled. She was very interested in computer things, so she asked, “What do you do in this club?”

Seeing that Zhou Jiajia seemed to be interested, the boy was overjoyed and quickly took the two to the club recruitment station which was nearby. The temporary recruitment station was a makes.h.i.+ft office consisting of several tables and a canvas umbrella. At the club recruitment station, several students were already consulting there.

Several computer club members who were responsible for consultation were vigorously explaining to the students the purpose of the club and the benefits of joining the club. “Our club has reached an agreement with a well-known software company to help finish the company’s project during the club’s spare time. The project will get a lot of money…”

For most students, money is the most attractive. After all, the ultimate goal of the university is to make money. Instead of making money after graduation, it is better to earn a little now. They can acc.u.mulate some working experience, so they can find a job easily.

Therefore, the promoters of these clubs seized the weak points of these students and tempted them. However, it could not be considered a lie. The computer club would indeed undertake some small software development, but the basic reward was between several thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan. When it was divided among a few people, it would just be a few hundred yuan, and sometimes it even would require a semester of work.

However, a shortage was far better off than the absence of it. The students became excited in their minds as they picked up a pen and started filling out the form.

“President, both of them are computer science students in their freshman year. They are interested in our club…” The boy who was responsible for the leaflet had brought Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia to the club recruitment station. He spoke to a guy who was happily blasting his words non-stop.

The person happily blasting his words was Li Boliang, president of the computer club. Li Boliang heard that there were new students joining. He quickly drank a mouthful of water. As he raised his head, he saw Zhou Jiajia, and his eyes glinted brightly. Although Li Boliang had a girlfriend, he still instinctively swallowed his saliva when he encountered a beauty!

This is a beauty that can inflict war. If she is recruited into the computer club, then I would not need to publicize much. Wouldn’t these little fellows rush to join in?

Li Boliang thought of a good idea and decided to put some effort into recruiting Zhou Jiajia into the computer science club. She is a living advertis.e.m.e.nt! Once Zhou Jiajia stands here, she is much better off than me saying hundreds of words.

Sure enough, when Zhou Jiajia stood here, the boys who were still hesitating to join the computer club could not wait to sign their names on the lower right of the registration form.

Seeing such a quick result, Li Boliang was thrilled. He was determined to recruit Zhou Jiajia.

“Our two fellow students please sit down!” Li Boliang gave the girl an eye signal to let her deal with Yang Ming. She was the only girl. It couldn’t be helped. He had to make do with utilizing her.

The girl moved the chairs to Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia, and let the two sit down. Li Boliang cleared his throat and began to speak, “Our computer club is a comprehensive club organization that integrates computer hardware, software development, and maintenance…”

Having said that, and seeing that Zhou Jiajia’s expression was the same, not showing the intention to join or not to join, Li Boliang knew that these ordinary things could not attract Zhou Jiajia. So, he came up with another idea. “Moreover, our computer club is a hacker organization!”

Ah !” A couple of students who wanted to join the computer club earlier were surprised. They looked at Li Boliang curiously. Hackers were a mysterious presence in the eyes of many college students!

Hackers were like Internet heroes. They were chivalrous and robbed the rich to give to the poor, the “Smiling, Proud Wanderer” 1 in the ocean of the Internet! University students were all people with a strong sense of justice, especially when the national interests were infringed. They would stand up and voice out, feeling indignant at justice!

At this time, if they saw a hacker organization hacking the websites of hostile forces that infringed on the national interests and hanging up the national flag, they would be overwhelmed with emotions, and their blood would be boiling!

When they heard Li Boliang say that the computer club in the university was actually a hacker organization, how could they not be interested? Each one of them had widened their 2 , waiting for Li Boliang to continue!

Although Li Boliang knew a little about hacking techniques and was a peripheral member of a small hacker group, he was still far from the core level. Never mind attacking the official websites of foreign countries, he was unable to attack a campus intranet.

However, Li Boliang felt that girls would wors.h.i.+p heroes. Hackers were mysterious heroes. Since Zhou Jiajia was a computer enthusiast, she must have heard of hackers!

Li Boliang looked at the cla.s.smates who were dumbfounded. Finally, his eyes fell on Zhou Jiajia, but it was disappointed to discover that Zhou Jiajia’s expression was still very calm…

Li Boliang did not give up and continued, “For example, I partic.i.p.ated in the challenge with an American hacker group last year.”

Oh ? Really?” Zhou Jiajia finally reacted, looked at Li Boliang, and asked.

Seeing that Zhou Jiajia finally spoke, Li Boliang suddenly saw hope and continued to say, “Of course, I partic.i.p.ated in the challenge on behalf of our SFH Phoenix Hacker Group…”

“SFH Phoenix Hacker Group? I know it.” Zhou Jiajia frowned. She knew this hacker group. It was a small hacker group in China. What they studied were not network protocols, but were rather inclined toward the satellite positioning system. Moreover, Zhou Jiajia did not remember what the SFH Phoenix Hacker Group achieved in the hacking challenge last year.

“What? Have you heard of it?” Li Boliang heard that Zhou Jiajia knew the organization and immediately rejoiced and was excited. He started bullsh*tting. “I am a member of this organization. Last year, under my leaders.h.i.+p, we achieved a few impressive results… I was praised by the number one Chinese hacker, ‘I Love Little Ming’…”

“You… know ‘I Love Little Ming’?” Zhou Jiajia’s face suddenly turned red. She glanced to the side at Yang Ming and found that his face was normal. Only then was she relieved.

“Yeah, this I Love Little Ming is the number one network expert in the Chinese hacker world. He is very mysterious… You must have heard of him, right?” Li Boliang nodded and said.

“I’ve heard of him…” Zhou Jiajia pursed her lips and said.

Hey , I Love Little Ming is very mysterious. On the Internet, he has an elusive existence. He doesn’t belong to any hacker organization. He is called, King of Hackers…!” Li Boliang spoke incessantly.

King of Hackers ? Yang Ming broke into a sweat after hearing it. Isn’t he going to fight with me? I’m the King of; this I Love Little Ming is actually King of Hackers… It is just that the name is a bit stupid. I Love Little Ming? It’s so funny. It’s like a sentence constructed by a primary school student.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1058 - I Love Little Ming

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