So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Like Her

Note: This chapter contains some detailed descriptions of a s.e.xual activity. If you do not want to read it or are under 15 years of age, skip the section between the double lines.

“That’s reasonable, but the price will no longer be two hundred yuan!” said the lobby manager after hesitating for a while.

“That I understand. Give me a price!” stated Zhang Bing.

“Three thousand for a virgin!” The lobby manager said softly.

“Virgin? Would there be any problem?” Zhang Bing asked doubtfully.

“Her dad sent her here. He accepted two thousand yuan from here, and I am just adding another thousand. It’s a reasonable price already!” said the lobby manager.

Zhang Bing nodded his head. Money wasn’t a problem. There was more than ten thousand yuan in his pocket! Because he was abroad, he was just concerned about getting himself into unnecessary trouble. In Song Jiang, Zhang Jiefang could be considered a boss, and he had his power in many places. However, it was a different area here. If there was any trouble, it would be quite hard to settle! As for how much the lobby manager earned, Zhang Bing didn’t care. Whether it was a thousand or two thousand yuan, it was none of his business.

“My uncle here deals with stones! Don’t you lie to me!” Just to be safe, Zhang Bing warned the lobby manager. People who dealt with stones in Tengchong were commonly ruthless people with a lot of tactics up their sleeves. To take on a bathing center was a piece of cake for them.

“I won’t. No worries! A virgin’s body with a slu*’s pa.s.sion!” The lobby manager said with a smile.

“I am going to say all the ugly words upfront! If there was no bleeding from the s.e.xual intercourse, then I won’t hand over the three thousand yuan to you!” Zhang Bing said.

“Sir, no worries! I can a.s.sure you the satisfaction of your brother!” The lobby manager said with another smile.

After a few more persuasive words, the lobby manager went to make arrangements. Zhang Bing said to Yang Ming as he smiled lewdly, “No worries, brother! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! The three big irons of men – jerk off together, study together, prost.i.tute together! We’ve already covered two of them! Hehe!”

“Zhang Bing, what did you tell the lobby manager earlier on?” Yang Ming was pretending. He had seen the mouth shapes of the lobby manager and Zhang Bing, and therefore, he knew of their conversation.

Yang Ming’s heart had an intense struggle! Even though prost.i.tuting was a bit of that, but weren’t all men animals who thought with the lower part of their body? It should be acceptable to indulge in things once, right? Did he have to guard his body and keep himself pure? For whom? For Chen Mengyan?

In these few days, Yang Ming had also understood. Whatever w.a.n.g Zhitao said to Chen Mengyan could be counted as a betrayal to Chen Mengyan. It could very possibly be about the case regarding Lin Zhiyun! Since Chen Mengyan didn’t believe in him, why would he care about all these things!

Therefore, when Yang Ming “saw” the lobby manager say there was a clean virgin, his heart started to itch! Yang Ming didn’t think that he was a pervert, but he also wasn’t a loyal and exclusive person. It caused him to still want to have Chen Mengyan or even Zhao Ying even when he had done it with Lin Zhiyun!

Finding a prost.i.tute was about the same as a one night stand, the difference was that one had to spend some money while the other you didn’t. Now that there was someone else who would be spending the money for him and the girl was a clean one, Yang Ming didn’t mind having a relations.h.i.+p with her!

If it had been before things changed, Yang Ming would probably hesitate but now that he no longer had the burden of Chen Mengyan, Yang Ming didn’t need to keep his virginity for anyone. Since Zhang Bing had already arranged things up to this stage, if he were to reject it right now, that would really be dishonoring his brother! On the surface, Zhang Bing may not say anything but their friends.h.i.+p would be slightly more awkward after that.

Therefore, Yang Ming clenched his teeth. Let’s speak to the girl for a while first. If things are fine, we will do it together. If it wasn’t, I will pretend for a while, at least until Zhang Bing finished his business.

“Heh, I found a clean body for you. They told me that she was a virgin! Yang Ming, you have it, man. Until now, I haven’t even f*** a virgin before!” Zhang Bing’s exaggerated his expression, “Let me tell you – make sure to notice later whether there’s blood from the first penetration. If there’s none, I won’t give them a single cent!”

“…” Yang Ming was speechless. That was surprisingly direct, wasn’t it? Even though Yang Ming knew that this guy was sometimes h.o.r.n.y at school and that he would find p.o.r.n and one night stands when he had nothing much to do, now Yang Ming realized that he was a complete pervert!

When there was money to be earned, the lobby manager would surely be happy. She asked the two waiters beside her, “Where’s the little girl who was sent here this afternoon?”

“She fell asleep after throwing a tantrum!” said the waiter.

“Give her some drug then send her up to the room upstairs!” commanded the lobby manager.

“Drug? That’s not right…” The waiter replied.

“What’s not right about it? Even her dad didn’t want her!” The lobby manager stared at the waiter. “Do it quick! The client already said that if the treatment wasn’t nice, they wouldn’t give a single cent!”

“Alright!” When the waiter saw how the lobby manager became a bit angry, he didn’t dare to say anything and carried it out immediately.

After they made the arrangements, the lobby manager brought Yang Ming and Zhang Bing to the rooms upstairs. Of course, there were two separate rooms, or else none of them would get to enjoy!

“A moment in the spring’s night is worth thousands of gold. Yang Ming, you will need to enjoy it slowly. There are not many opportunities for this!” Zhang Bing said as he smiled.

Just like that, Yang Ming walked hesitantly into the room. “Kang” and the door shut.

Once he entered the room, Yang Ming felt a hot and s.e.xy body rush toward his own!


=========================== BEGINNING ===============================

d.a.m.n!” The first thing that came into Yang Ming’s mind was that they deceived him! Is this a “clean” girl? From what Zhang Bing said, she should be a virgin! But, would a virgin behave in such a forward manner!

Before Yang Ming could react, velvety lips pressed on Yang Ming’s mouth and sucked every corner of his lips. Weird sound lingered around their mouths!

Isn’t this unusually pa.s.sionate? Yang Ming became suspicious. However, a fresh and sweet scent came from the young girl’s mouth and seduced Yang Ming. This shouldn’t be a low-quality grade. Yang Ming comforted himself.

It was at this moment that Yang Ming realized that he had never kissed before! He was a complete rookie in this aspect! He had at least watched it in adult movies, but he hadn’t experienced it personally! Yang Ming followed suit and began to enjoy the little girl’s mouth like a sweet fountain. It looked like this girl was also a novice. Her small tongue wildly explored Yang Ming’s mouth with no pattern at all. They were two birds of a feather, and their tongues played a game of hide-and-seek.

“Take me…” When the young girl opened her mouth to breath, she said it ambiguously. However, her ambiguous tone got Yang Ming’s blood pumping even more.

d.a.m.n. That’s too tempting! Before Yang Ming could say anything, the young girl started rubbing herself all over his body!At this time, Yang Ming finally got the chance to have a closer look at the s.e.xy fairy in his embrace. The young girl was approximately fifteen or sixteen years old. Her delicate face was blus.h.i.+ng. Yang Ming’s mind went wild.

“Take me…” The young girl groaned lightly, and her hands started stripping off Yang Ming’s clothes.

d.a.m.n, are all the virgins here that proactive? It has already come to this point. If I stop here, won’t I be belittled? G.o.d is giving me an excuse! Yup, I can’t let myself be looked down upon.

With these thoughts in mind, Yang Ming hugged her and brought her to the bed. He stripped off all his clothes without much effort. Meanwhile, the young girl’s clothes were strewn all over the place…

Ah!” The young girl moaned in agony as she frowned.

She is indeed a virgin! Yang Ming felt an unmistakable barrier.

However, the young girl only paused for a little while before moving her body again…

============================== END ===================================


Yang Ming stared at the young girl who was deep asleep and felt a bit of a headache. It was only after he had calmed down that he got to look at the girl in detail.

Curvy eyebrows, long eyelashes, a delicate mouth that was still slightly pouted and showed a trace of a smile, together with semi-long, smooth hair – all painted the lively image of a fairy.

Strictly speaking, the little girl’s body wasn’t exquisite, but it was rather balanced. The weren’t big, but they were erect. The smooth skin with a slightly red flush after being satisfied looked jade clear.

Especially the madness from the girl captivated Yang Ming. It was hard to imagine that such a cute doll-like girl would be so crazy when she was doing it.

Did he have a lolicon [1]? The internet term floated into Yang Ming’s head. One of the greatest taboos of a one night stand was to have any affection involved. That was more the case when it came to prost.i.tution. However, Yang Ming seemed to like this little carrot [2]. At the very least, he liked doing this with her – the thing they like to do.

Yang Ming felt a bit irritated. From a logical standpoint, he didn’t have any relations.h.i.+p with this girl. But from a purely physical point of view, he was addicted to that feeling of madness! Also, logic tells him that this was just a one night stand and he was supposed to leave right now!

Moreover, there’s a high chance that this carrot hasn’t even reached maturity. Who knew whether there would be trouble by f****** her? Yang Ming wasn’t stupid either. Looking at the performance by the girl just now, someone must have drugged her. Just like how he was when he was at Tavern Heaven On Earth, where the s.e.xual intercourse was an innate ability of the human body to release their desire. Once she woke up, would she be throwing a tantrum?

Yang Ming felt very regretful. Why would this situation be so dodgy?

If it had been Zhang Bing, it was very much possible that he would have slapped his b.u.t.t and just left! The reality was as such: Zhang Bing had already finished his entertainment, but since he noticed there wasn’t much movement on Yang Ming’s side, he went back to his room to find another girl to ma.s.sage him.

Yang Ming felt conflicted in his heart. His subconscious told him to leave right now because once the girl woke up, you would get yourself into trouble. But a deeper layer of voice told him, She was already your woman now. How dare you leave her here? If you want to be a successful person and you can’t even protect your own woman, what capability do you have to fight with w.a.n.g Zhitao?

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 106

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