So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1244 - The Conspiracy All Along

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Chapter 1244: The Conspiracy All Along

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“It seems to be the Ice Age?” Ge Xinyao didn’t know if it was true. She just simply found an excuse, but she didn’t think that Jing Xiaolu would ask in detail.

“The third?” Jing Xiaolu continued to ask.

“Probably?” Ge Xinyao was not sure if it were true.

“I want to watch it too; let’s go together…” Jing Xiaolu said after listening, but she thought that she should seek Yang Ming’s opinion. Hence, she turned her head and asked Yang Ming, “I want to watch a movie…”

“Then let’s go and watch…” Yang Ming just wanted to say that – you, Ge Xinyao, and Bi Hai go watch it. I will go back to school first. However, before he could speak further, he was interrupted by Jing Xiaolu.

“You are so good!” Jing Xiaolu quickly embraced Yang Ming’s neck and kissed him on his face and then let go. “Let’s go!”

Yang Ming touched his face that was kissed by Jing Xiaolu. He was somewhat helpless? Here it comes again. He smiled bitterly and shook his head and said, “Isn’t your food not finished yet?”

“Then, let’s take the opportunity to go and eat in the cinema!” Jing Xiaolu didn’t give Yang Ming a chance to say no. She got up, hurried to the counter, asked for a plastic bag, and packed the food on the table.

Looking at the intimate actions of Jing Xiaolu and Yang Ming, Ge Xinyao and Bi Hai were not suspicious of it. They thought that Jing Xiaolu and Yang Ming were already in a relations.h.i.+p. They sighed in their hearts that Jing Xiaolu was really not simple.

“I’m lucky to win the five yuan prize from the receipt.” When Jing Xiaolu came back, she raised the five yuan bill in her hand and flaunted it to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming smiled. Jing Xiaolu was still very meticulous. Yang Ming would request a receipt every time he ate, but sometimes, he often forgot to scratch the award. After all, Yang Ming’s daily affairs were very complicated. These subtle things were often ignored.

The four people went out from the KFC to the parking lot. They each went to their own car. Jing Xiaolu was still the first to jump into the driver’s seat. Yang Ming was also happy to let Jing Xiaolu drive.

To see Jing Xiaolu driving, Ge Xinyao was a bit baffled. She didn’t see Jing Xiaolu for a few days, but she didn’t expect Jing Xiaolu to have changed so much. Jing Xiaolu not only learned to drive, but she was also together with Yang Ming.

“Xiaolu is very lucky. For her, this is a good place to return to.” Ge Xinyao sat in the car and exclaimed.

“Yeah, I really didn’t expect that.” Bi Hai also nodded. “But this kind of thing, we don’t have to be jealous of it. I think we are very good now as compared to the days when we used to mingle around just to eat, wait and die. In the past few months, I have saved tens of thousands in deposits. After you graduate, I think we can buy a house.”

“Yeah… I didn’t expect that we still have a very good future…” Ge Xinyao nodded happily.

“Let’s go and watch a movie with Brother Yang. The Ice Age better be playing at the cinema. Otherwise, it will be bad.” Bi Hai smiled. “Let’s see how you explain it at that time!”

Jing Xiaolu had pa.s.sed by the large cinema Ge Xinyao mentioned before, but she had never been to the cinema. For Jing Xiaolu in the past, it was a very extravagant behavior.

“It is useless for me to bicker with you. You always like to play clever tricks. Why did you drag me here for a movie? What is the purpose?” Yang Ming was unwilling to let Jing Xiaolu lose face in front of Ge Xinyao and Bi Hai. Hence, he reprimanded Jing Xiaolu only after he went into the car.

“Not really… It’s just that I suddenly don’t want to go to bed so early; I want to stroll around.* Oh ya*, how about I help you continue to a.n.a.lyze your relations.h.i.+p with the girl who you have a crush on secretly? How was the result after you sent the gift last time?” Jing Xiaolu changed the topic.

At Jing Xiaolu’s words, Yang Ming did not know whether he should laugh or cry. However, after mentioning Zhao Ying, Yang Ming really wanted to ask Jing Xiaolu about what he should do next. He couldn’t stay in the deadlocked state forever, right?

“Let’s talk about it when we are watching the movie.” Yang Ming glanced at Jing Xiaolu and said, “Slow down a bit. Bi Hai can’t keep up!”

Jing Xiaolu glanced at the rearview mirror. Sure enough, Bi Hai followed behind with difficulty, his throttle roaring loudly, but he couldn’t keep up with the speed. It wasn’t his fault. How could a minivan that was on the edge of being sc.r.a.pped catch up with a BMW off-road vehicle? So, Jing Xiaolu didn’t think she was driving fast, but Bi Hai who was at the back, couldn’t catch up.

“When I have money, I really have to buy a good car. It is too much effort!” Bi Hai stepped on the acceleration pedal, and it hurt his leg. When Jing Xiaolu finally slowed down, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Come on. With just that money, let’s just use it for our wedding!” Ge Xinyao didn’t want Bi Hai simply to spend the money. “Isn’t this car not bad? What’s wrong with going slow? It’s not easy to get into an accident. With that, I can be less worried.”

Bi Hai listened to Ge Xinyao’s nagging and laughed. Indeed, buying a car was somewhat unrealistic with his current economic level. “I’m just complaining. My money is not enough to buy a house. What is the need to buy a car? This is the company car. Although it is slightly broken down, I will just have to accept it and drive.”

As soon as Bi Hai stepped on the acceleration pedal, the engine roared. This was Bi Hai’s Songhuajiang Minivan [1] that was about to break down, but it was unusually cozy.

This night was destined to be an uneasy night. Yang Ming’s phone rang again. It was an unfamiliar phone number. Yang Ming hesitated a little. It was so late, yet a stranger called him. This made Yang Ming somewhat baffled. However, this was a Song Jiang local mobile phone number, so Yang Ming still picked it up. “h.e.l.lo, who is this?”

“Mr. Yang, this is Victoria.” Victoria was speaking Chinese. Since Yang Ming had already exposed this secret, she did not need to hide it.

“Victoria?” Yang Ming immediately understood. This must be Victoria’s newly purchased mobile phone number. “What’s the matter?”

“Alice just went out of the room. She took the elevator downstairs, and she is probably heading out. Do you want me to follow her?” Victoria said quickly, for fear of delaying the time and letting Alice run away.

The reason Victoria always paid attention to Alice’s movements was that when she was on the boat, Victoria got Yang Ming’s order to pay attention to Victoria’s movements. After she returned to Song Jiang and stayed in the hotel, Yang Ming did not issue any other special orders, but Victoria still consciously shouldered this important task.

When she found out that Alice had left the room and walked to the elevator, Victoria immediately reported it to Yang Ming. Because Yang Ming had already explained it before, that all three meals would be delivered to the room, Alice didn’t need to go downstairs.

Even if Alice was going to purchase an item or something else, she didn’t need to go out of the hotel. She could just wear pajamas provided in the room. She didn’t have to wear outside clothes! It was only because of this that Victoria speculated that Alice was going out.

“Follow her. Be more careful and don’t be discovered by her.” Yang Ming was slightly surprised and quickly informed, “Contact me if there is something. You have money in your hands, right?”

“Yes.” Victoria said, “Of the money you gave me before, there’s still a lot left after letting the hotel people buy me a camera and a mobile phone.”

Victoria got Yang Ming’s approval. After she put on a quick disguise, she ran out of the room with her camera. Victoria did not choose to take the elevator but ran to the emergency stairs.

A lot of people went up and down the hotel. The elevator had to make a short stop on almost every floor provided, so if she were lucky, she would be faster taking the emergency stairs than Alice in the elevator.

Sure enough, when Victoria reached the first floor, the elevator was still on the fourth floor. There could be guests getting on and off. In order not to attract Alice’s attention, Victoria did not wait in the lobby of the hotel, but she went straight out of the hotel into a taxi at the entrance of the hotel.

“Miss, where are you going?” asked the taxi driver.

“Wait a minute. I will tell you later,” Victoria said faintly, staring at the hotel.

The people who come out from the Song Jiang International Hotel were either rich or n.o.ble, so the taxi drivers didn’t dare to ask much. Anyway, these people would definitely not stiff the drivers on the fare.

After a while, Alice came out of the hotel’s door. At the moment, Alice wore a pair of big, covering almost half of her face. If one was not very familiar with her, she was unrecognizable.

Victoria had always been paying attention to Alice’s movements. Otherwise, she could not have immediately recognized that the person in front of her was Alice.

After Alice got out of the hotel, she got on a taxi behind Victoria. The car started slowly and headed for the intersection on the right in front.

“Follow the car in front.” Victoria pointed to Alice’s car and said to the driver.

“Okay.” The driver started the car and didn’t ask much. Alice’s dress was very fas.h.i.+onable, and her actions were very cautious. The driver naturally imagined Alice as a mistress, while Victoria was the wife who was following the mistress.

Alice naturally didn’t expect Victoria to follow behind her. It was past 1 a.m. Victoria should have logically fallen asleep. After receiving a call from her brother, Alice didn’t think much as she left the hotel.

The meeting place was a high-end cafe. This made Yang Ming a little disappointed after Yang Ming learned of it. Yang Ming already knew that something was wrong with Alice. He didn’t expose her because he wanted her to lead him to the person behind her back. But, it seemed that the person behind Alice was not stupid. He just asked Alice out to a public cafe, not a private residence.

After Alice entered the coffee shop and talked to the waiter in the cafe, she was taken to the second floor.

Victoria also followed her into the coffee shop. The waiter at the door of the coffee shop immediately greeted her with a warm welcome. “Miss, are you alone?”

“Did the lady, who just came in, go upstairs to a private room?” Victoria did not answer the waiter’s question, but she asked directly.

The waiter subconsciously nodded. “Miss, what do you want?”

“Which private room did she go to?” Victoria continued.

“Sorry, we can’t just say this. Do you know the lady just now?” The waiter asked with some vigilance.

“I am the bodyguard that her parents hired, responsible for protecting her,” Victoria said with a sudden inspiration.

Ah? I see…” The waiter was stunned. He didn’t expect the plots that were common in the movies to happen in reality, so he said, “Then, I will bring you up…”

“Give me a private room next to hers. I am secretly protecting her. She doesn’t know about it,” explained Victoria.

“That’s good…” The waiter saw that Victoria was convincing, so he believed it was true. He took her to the second floor, led her into an empty private room, and pointed to the right neighbor. “The lady went into this private room…”

“Okay, thank you.” Victoria pulled out two hundred yuan and gave it to the waiter. “You can go out.”

“What do you want to order… ?” The waiter took Victoria’s banknote but didn’t know what Victoria needed. Victoria didn’t say anything.

“I don’t need anything,” Victoria said faintly.

“Then, this money?” The waiter pointed to the banknotes in his hand.

“Just take it as a tip for you.” Victoria waved her hand and signaled that the waiter could go out.

Oh… thank you…” The waiter left the private room. He thought,* This bodyguard is really weird, unlike ordinary people. She comes here without eating or drinking but to protect her master secretly. This is really a hard job. But, I got two hundred yuan for free. What an encounter.*

After the waiter left, Victoria locked the room door and carefully put her ear at the wall of the room. However, she could only hear a faint movement and could not hear what the people in the private room next to her were saying, which made Victoria somewhat disappointed. The soundproofing of this coffee shop was also too good.

She took out her phone and reported it to Yang Ming. Yang Ming saw it was Victoria’s call, and he immediately answered, “How is it?”

“I followed her and went to a coffee shop. I am now in the private room next to Alice, but I can’t hear what the other person said.” Victoria reported.

“Investigate a little on who she met with. It is best to take a photo.” Yang Ming thought about it and said, “If it is too challenging, then forget about it. Don’t expose yourself and inadvertently alert the enemy. There’s no hurry.”

En, I understand; don’t worry,” Victoria answered.

Jing Xiaolu also found that Yang Ming seemed to be very busy tonight, and he was saying something difficult to understand. When Yang Ming hung up, Jing Xiaolu asked, “How is it? Is it all good? How about… we don’t go anymore? Let’s talk another day…”

Seeing Jing Xiaolu said this, Yang Ming felt a little apologetic. It seemed Jing Xiaolu should be very happy and looking forward to tonight, so he said, “It is alright. Let’s go.”

Jing Xiaolu drove the car while Yang Ming’s thoughts were on Alice. If everything that happened to him after he obtained his special abilities was put into a storyline, then:

Yang Ming took the mock school exam with his special abilities and got a very good result. The relations.h.i.+p between him and Chen Mengyan got closer, inducing w.a.n.g Zhitao’s hatred. w.a.n.g Zhitao tricked Yang Ming to his hotel, setting him a trap to frame him as a rapist. Then, Yang Ming entered the detention center. In the detention center, he met Bao Sanli and also built hatred with Yu Xiangde.

In addition, he got to know his own master, Fang Tian, and his senior fellow apprentice, Dong Jun. He thought that this time, he would be in jail. He didn’t expect there would be a twist and turn of events. Lin Zhiyun actually came forward to admit that she was his girlfriend and closed the case. Yang Ming also regained his freedom.

This was the first time that someone had specifically targeted him. However, w.a.n.g Zhitao was already dead. w.a.n.g Xifan was also in prison. So, in theory, the person who had been targeting himself would not be w.a.n.g Zhitao’s family, but another person.

So, who was targeting him? Looking back at the first inexplicable incident, it would be the time where he lost a piece of jade when he was in Yunnan, but then, he found out that this jade was in Lan Ling’s suitcase through his special ability. Soon after, this piece of jade disappeared inexplicably.

Was Lan Ling stealing his jade? Yang Ming naturally wouldn’t believe it. Although Yang Ming did not contact Lan Ling for a long time, Yang Ming knew Lan Ling’s temper. Lan Ling was not a greedy person, or else, with her sixth sense, it was not difficult to get rich. There was no need to steal a piece of jade!

Of course, these were alternative reasons. The reason why Yang Ming directly denied that Lan Ling was stealing the jade was that when he first picked up the jade, he said to Lan Ling that this jade would be made into a necklace for Lan Ling as a gift. Lan Ling refused at the time. If Lan Ling wanted this piece of jade, there was no need to steal it. She could just accept it directly.

This time, Yang Ming did not pay attention when it all started. But afterward, it should be that some people did not want him to have any connection with Lan Ling, so they deliberately created a contradiction between him and Lan Ling.

But unfortunately, Yang Ming found the jade in Lan Ling’s suitcase, and he did not expose it or check the suitcase. He did not tell Lan Ling or Zhang Jiefang and Zhang Bing.

It could be that the person who actually stole the jade noticed that his own strategy failed to succeed, and he simply took the jade again. However, Yang Ming couldn’t figure out who it was. What kind of person would have such superb means? He could steal the jade and put it into Lan Ling’s suitcase without Yang Ming having no knowledge of it. Then, he took it from the suitcase. How powerful was that?

Yang Ming’s Kung Fu was not as powerful as it was now. His alertness to the surroundings was not so high. However, thinking about it now, the person who stole the jade was also powerful enough.

After this incident, there was no clue. Looking back now, it was very suspicious. Was it done by Elder You’s faction? But how could Elder You not want me to be with Lan Ling? At that time, Yang Ming had not captured Chen Afu, so he didn’t bring any loss to Elder You.

After this incident, the second conspiracy against him could be said to be carried out by w.a.n.g Zhitao’s family. Although there wasn’t a big conspiracy, and there were a lot of small conspiracies, Yang Ming ignored all of these because they were not his opponents anymore.

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