So Pure, So Flirtatious 1302 Relationship Exposed, Season 1 A

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"You're welcome." Teacher w.a.n.g waved his hand. Last time, he was called by Xiao Qing to talk. If it wasn't because he was teaching Yang Ming, Xiao Qing wouldn't care about him and include him in the final selection of outstanding teachers, so he was very grateful to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming thanked him, turned, and went upstairs. The computer room of the control center and laboratory were upstairs; it was considered an important location for research. When Yang Ming came last time, Xiao Qing brought him in, but Xiao Qing got him an IC card, so he could enter directly.

Yang Ming wanted to give Xiao Qing a surprise, so he didn't call Xiao Qing beforehand. It just so happened that it was lunch break now, and Xiao Qing was most likely resting in the dormitory. Yang Ming wanted to tiptoe quietly and hug her.

The computer room and laboratory were not all for computer science teachers. Many students were there too. However, they did not ask Yang Ming much. After all, Yang Ming had the IC card here, so he could enter normally. Who would care about other people's business?

Yang Ming found Xiao Qing's dormitory. He pushed the door and found that the door was locked, but Yang Ming did not need to knock on the door. He directly pulled out his master key and quickly opened the door lock.

There was no use of IC cards on this floor, and even the main entrance of the corridor couldn't be entered, so Xiao Qing's dormitory door was just an ordinary iron door instead of a specialized anti-theft door. Therefore, Yang Ming did not need to expend any effort to open the door, and it did not attract the attention of anyone else.

Xiao Qing lived in a dormitory suite. Just like in a hotel, the bathroom was in the outer room, and the bedroom was in the inner room. Yang Ming closed the door and walked to the inner room. The inner room was not locked, so the door was opened with a single push from Yang Ming.

At a glance, Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing lying in bed. It seemed that Xiao Qing was asleep, with her eyes closed and breathing evenly. Yang Ming did not wake her up as he came in.

Last night, Xiao Qing was explaining questions to Zhou Jiajia until dawn, and she had no time to rest in the morning, so she took a nap at noon.

Zhou Jiajia initially wanted to sleep, but she was helpless. When she was eating lunch at noon, she accidentally got stains on her sleeve. Zhou Jiajia was a girl who loved cleanliness, so she let Xiao Qing sleep for a while as she went to the washroom in the outer room to wash her clothes by herself.

Yang Ming was very quiet when he came in, so Zhou Jiajia was completely unaware when she was in the washroom. She did not notice that someone came into the room.

Yang Ming gently walked to Xiao Qing's bed. Looking at the sleeping Xiao Qing, he somewhat couldn't bear to disturb her. It seemed that Xiao Qing must be exhausted.

Yang Ming knew that Xiao Qing was not a lethargic person. She was now sleeping at noon, so her workload during this time must be really heavy. Thinking of this, Yang Ming quietly took off his shoes and went to bed, lying next to Xiao Qing.

Although Xiao Qing's bed was a single bed, it was still very s.p.a.cious. It was the kind that was wider than a standard dormitory single bed, but narrower than the normal double bed, a combination between the two.

So, it didn't seem narrow when Yang Ming lay on it, not to mention that neither of them was fat. When lying together, there was still some s.p.a.ce on the bed.

Yang Ming didn't dare to disturb Xiao Qing's rest. From the back, he stretched out his arms and embraced Xiao Qing's body...

Xiao Qing was still thinking about work in the afternoon, so naturally, she wasn't sleeping well, feeling particularly awake. When Xiao Qing felt that she seemed to be hugged by someone, she was shocked. She turned her head and opened her eyes, and she saw Yang Ming.

Xiao Qing was puzzled. Why did Yang Ming come? Isn't he out of town handling matters? Besides, Zhou Jiajia is staying with me. How could Yang Ming hug me unscrupulously?

Thinking of this, Xiao Qing was a little dizzy. Could I be dreaming? Yes, it must be. It must be a dream.

As the saying goes, if you are thinking about something when awake, you will continue thinking about it in your dreams. Xiao Qing just talked about Yang Ming's matters with Zhou Jiajia in the morning, so it also stirred up Xiao Qing's longing and concerns about Yang Ming. Although she couldn't express it in front of Zhou Jiajia, it was soon placed in the dream.

However, even if it were a dream, it was good. Xiao Qing's heart was relieved, her eyelids were slightly closed, and she was in a state of being half-asleep and half-awake. She felt Yang Ming's body temperature and breathing, but she continued her dream.

Xiao Qing turned over, and she looked face to face into Yang Ming. Her red lips slightly tilted, which was very attractive. Although Yang Ming was afraid to disturb Xiao Qing's rest, he couldn't help but kiss her lips, but he did not dare to continue doing anything, fearing to wake her.

Xiao Qing eyes slightly opened when her lips were kissed by Yang Ming, then she closed it again. However, she began to kiss Yang Ming back. She completely regarded this as part of her dream; her brain was in a state of rest, so she didn't consider much.

On the contrary, all the thoughts of Yang Ming were vented in this dream, so there was an enthusiastic response to Yang Ming's kiss.

Yang Ming was not in a hurry to do something else. Instead, Yang Ming felt that it was fascinating that Xiao Qing could still sleep while kissing him. Is Xiao Qing dreaming that she is kissing me?

It must be like this. It is a very interesting thing to connect dreams with reality.

When Zhou Jiajia finished was.h.i.+ng her clothes, she hung the clothes on the hangers in the washroom, then washed her face. She pushed the door and went out of the bathroom, planning to sleep for a little while. There was more than an hour from work in the afternoon, so it was enough to take a nap.

Pus.h.i.+ng open the door to the inner room, Zhou Jiajia subconsciously looked at Xiao Qing because she wanted to see if Xiao Qing fell asleep, but the scene she saw surprised her!

Zhou Jiajia quickly covered her mouth with her hand. She almost screamed because she really couldn't believe the scene in front of her!

Yang Ming is actually embracing Sister Xiao Qing, and… the two are actually kissing!

Zhou Jiajia subconsciously believed that she might be delusional from exhaustion. She did not have enough sleep for the past few days. Although she pulled through by relying on her interest in computer science, physical exhaustion was inevitable.

Therefore, Zhou Jiajia covered her mouth because she felt that she had an illusion. In her opinion, this was utterly impossible!

Time, place, people; not one condition could be a.s.sociated with the things in front of me! Yang Ming should now be out of town handling matters, right? Moreover, this is the teacher faculty building of the school of computer science, and this is the laboratory; how could Yang Ming appear here?

And the characters are even wrong. Yang Ming and Xiao Qing are G.o.dbrother and G.o.dsister. No matter how close they are, they wouldn't be embracing and kissing, right? This is simply impossible.

Zhou Jiajia rubbed her eyes. She felt that she might miss Yang Ming too much, so she was so dazzled that she saw such a messy scene.

Opening her eyes again, Zhou Jiajia was entirely in a daze. That's right. The person on the bed was indeed Yang Ming! The other person was indeed her respected Sister Xiao Qing! Both of them were indeed holding each other and kissing.

Zhou Jiajia was staring at the two people on the bed; she didn't know what to do. It didn't mean that she had the feeling of catching a couple in bed; she didn't have this idea at all, nor was she jealous.

Zhou Jiajia just thought that this was a little too unbelievable! What she believed to be absolutely impossible to occur, happened right in front of her eyes. She saw it herself, and she didn't know what to do.

Zhou Jiajia clenched her teeth, stepped out of the room, and retreated to the outer room. Then, she held her chest with her hand and took a deep breath. The shock that this incident brought to Zhou Jiajia was too strong.

Making sure that she wasn't dazzled, Zhou Jiajia's brains couldn't process it. Isn't Yang Ming the G.o.dbrother of Sister Xiao Qing? How can the G.o.dsister and the G.o.dbrother embrace each other and do things like this?

Zhou Jiajia ma.s.saged her own temple. If Yang Ming were looking for her, it was still reasonable. However, Zhou Jiajia did not think that Yang Ming's eyes would be so blurry that he couldn't even distinguish between Xiao Qing and her.

Even if he is looking for me, this is Sister Xiao Qing's dormitory. He shouldn't simply come here... then, the only possibility is that Yang Ming didn't know that I was here!

Zhou Jiajia was a clever girl; she had always been very wise and savvy. She was confused because this incident shocked her so much, causing her to be overwhelmed for a while.

Now that she had retreated from the room, she could draw this conclusion after a careful a.n.a.lysis. Yang Ming should have come to look for Sister Xiao Qing, and he certainly did not know that I stayed here too.

I've only partic.i.p.ated in this research group for a few days. Yang Ming has not yet returned home, so he naturally doesn't know the details. What could be explained is that Yang Ming is looking for Sister Xiao Qing, and he doesn't know that I'm also in the room, so he is being intimate with Sister Xiao Qing, and he did not avoid me.

So, what is the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming and Sister Xiao Qing? This question seemed a bit silly. Zhou Jiajia shook her head. She didn't have to think about it; the answer was in front of her.

Thinking of what Sister Xiao Qing told her about the person she liked this morning, Zhou Jiajia suddenly realized that the man Sister Xiao Qing mentioned should be Yang Ming.

Although this fact was somewhat hard for others to accept, Zhou Jiajia still affirmed her own thoughts. Her own guess should not be wrong. Xiao Qing had scruples about the age gap between her and Yang Ming and the other girls around Yang Ming. In the end, she was not together with Yang Ming.

However, there should always be some small flirting going about between the two. As Sister Xiao Qing said, she was already content to be able to see him once in a while. Thinking of it, Yang Ming must have come here once in a while to meet Sister Xiao Qing. It's just a coincidence that she was also here today.

However, Sister Xiao Qing knew that I am was.h.i.+ng clothes outside. Why didn't she stop Yang Ming? Zhou Jiajia was a bit puzzled, but after she carefully looked at Xiao Qing's expression, Zhou Jiajia knew that Xiao Qing was not awake yet. She should now be in a state of being half-asleep and half-awake, so she probably did not think too much.

Coming around to the idea, Zhou Jiajia had some sympathy for Xiao Qing. Zhou Jiajia was also someone who had experienced a bitter love, so she knew some of the sadness of it. Zhou Jiajia was not a petty person who liked to be jealous, and she was clear that she was not qualified to be jealous or bother about Yang Ming's matters. It was already very hard for her to be together with Yang Ming.

However, the problem now was not whether she was jealous or not! Zhou Jiajia was in a difficult situation. What should I do next? Push the door in and join their group?

Thinking of this, Zhou Jiajia blushed a little. What is this messy idea that I'm thinking? How can I think this? She shook her head and discarded this idea.

Since I can't push the door and go in, what should I do? Pretend that I don't know? Wait until Yang Ming and Sister Xiao Qing are done being intimate, and then go in again? This is indeed a more appropriate method, but what happens after Sister Xiao Qing wakes up?

Even if I pretend that I don't know, Xiao Qing would most probably suspect something. In that way, there will be a sore point, and matters would be worse. Maybe there will be a rift in our relations.h.i.+p.

To be honest, Zhou Jiajia really had a headache. If it were Chen Mengyan who saw this scene, she might be furious, but Zhou Jiajia was not. Firstly, the relations.h.i.+p between her and Xiao Qing had been very close. She also sympathized with Xiao Qing's experience. Logically, she would not blame Xiao Qing for anything.

Secondly, Zhou Jiajia could now be with Yang Ming entirely because of Chen Mengyan's generosity; if she were in that position, Zhou Jiajia would not blame Xiao Qing.

These were all secondary. The main problem now was that she had seen a scene that she should not have seen. Yang Ming had never mentioned that there was another level of relations.h.i.+p between him and Sister Xiao Qing, then it meant that Yang Ming didn't want to mention this. Perhaps he wanted this to be kept a secret all the time; perhaps the time was not right yet.

But now, she had stumbled upon it. She suddenly fell into a dilemma. I can't go in, nor can I go out. If Sister Xiao Qing asks afterward, I also don't know how to answer it.

Zhou Jiajia couldn't help but frown. Where did the wise Zhou Jiajia go? How could I be thrown into a panic on this matter? Actually, Zhou Jiajia couldn't be blamed for this. This situation was beyond her cognitive range. She didn't know how to deal with it.

Yang Ming has his privacy, and Xiao Qing has her privacy. Their matters should be very private, and it was not told to others yet, but I have stumbled upon it.

Although Zhou Jiajia was also one of Yang Ming's closest people, even the most intimate people couldn't have no reservations. Zhou Jiajia had stumbled upon the privacy of Yang Ming, so she really didn't know how to face Yang Ming.

Regardless of whether she said it or not, once this thing was not handled well, there would always be a gap between them...

While Zhou Jiajia was thinking about what to do, she heard Xiao Qing's voice in the room.

"Yang Ming? Is it really you? How come you are here?" Xiao Qing was half-awake before, but after Yang Ming kissed her for a while, she became awake. She opened her sleepy eyes, and she was suddenly shocked!

She never thought that she wasn't dreaming just now, but it was real. Xiao Qing suddenly sat up from the bed and pushed away Yang Ming in panic. "Don't be reckless. Zhou Jiajia is was.h.i.+ng her clothes outside. What do we do if she sees this?"

Xiao Qing was really scared. She didn't expect Yang Ming to be so bold, quietly getting on the bed without saying anything. She thought of Zhou Jiajia, who was still was.h.i.+ng clothes in the washroom outside, then her face suddenly reddened.

Yang Ming smiled bitterly in his heart, Zhou Jiajia? What to do if she sees this? The problem now is not about what to do, but Zhou Jiajia has seen this already!

Indeed, when Yang Ming entered the room, he did not notice that there was another person in the washroom; he directly pushed the door and walked in, and went to Xiao Qing's single bed.

However, what was Yang Ming's career? He was an; he was very sensitive to the surrounding environment. When Zhou Jiajia pushed open the door and entered, Yang Ming had already seen Zhou Jiajia!

Yang Ming had no other way than to think secretly that things were no good. Yang Ming was not the kind of person who wouldn't take responsibility for doing things. At this time, it was impossible to push away Xiao Qing and deny the relations.h.i.+p just because it was seen by Zhou Jiajia.

Since Zhou Jiajia had already seen it, Yang Ming didn't care anymore. What should continue should be continued. As for Zhou Jiajia's problems, he could only discuss it later.

Therefore, Yang Ming pretended not to see Zhou Jiajia come in and leave the room with a reddened face; he could only do this now.

If he were eager to deny the relations.h.i.+p with Xiao Qing now, Xiao Qing would try to cover up the facts, but Yang Ming knew that it must be very difficult for Xiao Qing.

She is also a normal woman. Why wouldn't she want to be together with me openly? But because of all kinds of scruples, we could only sneakily meet up.

Yang Ming would never forget when they were in Hong Kong, Xiao Qing was carefree. The two people had fun at Disneyland. If possible, Yang Ming would like to let Xiao Qing leave the city and go to a place where no one knew her.

Yang Ming knew Xiao Qing's mind very well. Therefore, since Zhou Jiajia had already seen it, Yang Ming's heart had made a plan not to continue to hide this.

Yang Ming had not thought about whether to tell Chen Mengyan or not, but he must let Zhou Jiajia know about the relations.h.i.+p between him and Xiao Qing.

Yang Ming knew Zhou Jiajia very well; she was not a girl with a big mouth. Moreover, the most important point was that Yang Ming was sure that Zhou Jiajia would stand in the same position as him.

No matter whether it was Chen Mengyan or Zhou Jiajia's parents, Zhou Jiajia would stand on Yang Ming's side without hesitation when Yang Ming's interest was involved.

"Who else would it be if it's not me?" Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing wake up in advance, and he couldn't help but smile bitterly. "There is no need to hide this from Jiajia anymore..."

"What do you mean?" Xiao Qing was still a little confused as she was waking up. She couldn't help but be stunned. However, Xiao Qing immediately realized it as her eyes widened. Her face turned red instantly, and her voice trembled a little, "You... are you saying that Zhou Jiajia has seen this?"

"Jiajia is just outside. If I'm not wrong, she should have seen everything..." Yang Ming looked at Xiao Qing's nervous look and found it somewhat funny. He shouted toward the door of the room, "Jiajia, come in. There's no need to hide..."

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