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This was not a good idea. He must stop this from happening, so Xu Qianxing smiled and said, "You are performing martial arts, and Lin Zhiyun is performing arts; how can you two perform together? It's fine if it's a joke. The students wouldn't agree to both of you performing together; everyone is waiting to see your martial arts!"

Yang Ming smiled and said nothing. He was secretly more and more convinced that Xu Qianxing wanted to pursue Lin Zhiyun, but this guy was more advanced in talking. He knew how to make steady progress incrementally and hide himself.

"Right, Yang Ming. Your girlfriend, Chen Mengyan, is also a cadre of the Student Union. She is the vice president of the Student Union of the Department of Economics and Management. How could she not partic.i.p.ate in the art festival? You have to persuade her. Although she is very busy working part-time outside while studying, she should partic.i.p.ate in the activities organized by the school. If she doesn't partic.i.p.ate in the activities, how could she set an example?" Xu Qianxing seemed to remember this thing inadvertently.

However, Xu Qianxing was indeed deliberate. He intentionally mentioned Chen Mengyan. His purpose was very simple; he wanted to remind Lin Zhiyun that Yang Ming had a girlfriend, so she should stop mingling with him too closely. This was also a disguise to beat Yang Ming, letting him understand that he knew about his relations.h.i.+p with Chen Mengyan, so he shouldn't sow his wild oats here. Otherwise, he would tell Chen Mengyan himself so that Yang Ming would face the consequences.

Yang Ming was not stupid. When he heard Xu Qianxing mention Chen Mengyan's name, he understood what he was thinking. This guy was reminding him that Chen Mengyan was his girlfriend, but Lin Zhiyun was not.

Yang Ming pretended that he had not heard the implied meaning of Xu Qianxing. He slightly smiled, "Zhiyun also works with Mengyan in the same company. Zhiyun, if you are too busy, why don't you tell President Xu that you won't partic.i.p.ate in the art festival's performance?"

"Can I?" Lin Zhiyun listened to Yang Ming's words and was a bit tempted.

Xu Qianxing was almost mad at Yang Ming's words. What is this mess? Does this kid really not understand, or is he pretending that he does not understand? Letting him disturb things like this would cause Lin Zhiyun not to partic.i.p.ate in the art festival!

However, from the dialogue between Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun, Xu Qianxing heard a little bit of information. That was, Lin Zhiyun and Chen Mengyan knew each other! Moreover, the two also studied and worked part-time in the same company, so the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun was a bit confusing.

Since Lin Zhiyun knew Chen Mengyan, it is utterly impossible that she didn't know that Chen Mengyan is Yang Ming's girlfriend. In this way, is the relations.h.i.+p between Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming just a good-friend relations.h.i.+p and not what I imagined? Did I complicate my thoughts about him?

The waiter pushed the dining cart and came in, ready to start serving. Looking at the exquisite dishes. Xu Qianxing felt that the money spent was really not worth it. He couldn't curry favor in front of Lin Zhiyun.

Looking at Lin Zhiyun's calm look, Xu Qianxing understood that the things in front of him did not bring too much shock to Lin Zhiyun. Maybe they often eat here. My strategy was wrong from the beginning. He shouldn't show off his family background to attract Lin Zhiyun; he should've attracted this girl from other aspects.

However, Lin Zhiyun's usual dress was very simple; she was really unlike those Misses of the rich families, so Xu Qianxing couldn't be blamed for misjudging. In his view, many of the girls nowadays were gold diggers. Although it cannot be said that this was a shortcoming, in fact, the reality was like this. If you have no money, and yet you go to pick up a girl, do you want the girl to starve?

Therefore, Xu Qianxing would show off his wealthy family from time to time. However, he did not expect that his plans were repeatedly foiled in front of Yang Ming, and he did not get Lin Zhiyun's favorable impression.

After the waiter put the dishes on the table, he left. Xu Qianxing glanced at the dishes on the table, then he smiled and made a gesture to Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming. "Please, Yang Ming, Lin Zhiyun. We're not outsiders; there's no need to be polite. Let's eat quickly."

Yang Ming felt very funny in his heart. He thought, I never wanted you to pay for it. Who will be polite with you? Yang Ming did not want to take advantage of Xu Qianxing. He was different from Jin Gang back then, and Lin Zhiyun was not the same as Zhao Ying.

Zhao Ying was Yang Ming's teacher. In the beginning, there was no special relations.h.i.+p between them. Jin Gang was also considered to be Yang Ming's teacher. Even if he was tricked by Yang Ming, he just suffered an unspoken loss; he couldn't tell it to anyone.

Could he announce everywhere that he was played by a student? Then people would definitely ask him why he was played by the student, and he would have to reveal the matter with Zhao Ying.

Even so, it would not implicate Yang Ming, it would only make Jin Gang even more humiliated.

But at the moment, it was different. Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming had a significant relations.h.i.+p, and Xu Qianxing was also their cla.s.smate. Yang Ming didn't want to take advantage of him. Otherwise, he could take this opportunity, in the end, to spread rumors around that Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun took advantage of him.

Although Yang Ming was not afraid of anything, Lin Zhiyun's face as a girl would not look good if she was talked about like that, so Yang Ming was not prepared to be a.s.sociated with Xu Qianxing.

On the other hand, Yang Ming was not willing to cause too much enmity with Xu Qianxing. His father was the boss of the Song Jiang Mining Industry, a man who was considered to be influential in Song Jiang. Xu Qianxing and w.a.n.g Zhitao were different. After all, he was not the kind of person who played evil tricks everywhere; he was just normally pursuing Lin Zhiyun. Yang Ming really couldn't do anything to him and could only let him back out as he hit the wall.

Yang Ming wasn't courteous, and he directly gave a crab to Lin Zhiyun, then he said, "Zhiyun, you should eat more. You are so thin, even worse than Jiajia."

Xu Qianxing naturally didn't know who Jiajia was, and he wouldn't even think of Zhou Jiajia who was one of the forum's campus belles. He just thought that Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun were too flirtatious in their speech, and he was a bit uncomfortable in his heart. He thought, I'm treating this meal. Why does it seem like you are the one who is treating? He naturally refused to be outdone and said, "Yes, Lin Zhiyun, you have to eat more. Girls who are too thin do not look good."

Yang Ming did not bother with Xu Qianxing. Lin Zhiyun was eating crabs; she did not speak. No one responded to what Xu Qianxing said, so he was very embarra.s.sed.

Although the dishes were delicious, Xu Qianxing was not in the mood to eat. He felt that he should impress Lin Zhiyun in another way. It was too tacky simply to show off.

On the one hand, Lin Zhiyun's family background should be very good, so she simply was not moved by these so-called dazzling wealth. On the other hand, Lin Zhiyun's character may have also decided that she was not the kind of person who favored the rich and disdained the poor.

So Xu Qianxing wanted to change his way of pursuing Lin Zhiyun. Isn't there a saying that girls liked romance? It seems that I should consider some romantic methods to impress Lin Zhiyun in the future.

Xu Qianxing was very uncomfortable to eat this meal. He had been watching Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun eating while he was like a waiter sitting by the side; he did not eat anything from beginning to end.

He was annoyed in his heart. I must quickly find out what the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun is. Otherwise, if Yang Ming joins in between Lin Zhiyun and me in the future, my pursuit of Lin Zhiyun will never be successful.

This little time today has almost caused me to lose in the compet.i.tion. If it were a little longer, I would become a foil to Yang Ming. Xu Qianxing thought, I am the Student Union's president, but I'm not even comparable to an ordinary student. This is absurd!

To make it in time for the evening, Yang Ming deliberately paid attention to the time while he was eating. Lin Zhiyun's appet.i.te was small, so she was full after she ate for a while. There were still a lot of dishes left on the table. Xu Qianxing was somewhat distressed, but it was also embarra.s.sing to pack leftovers; it would seem a little stingy.

"Yang Ming, there is still a lot left. Wouldn't it be wasted?" Lin Zhiyun looked at the dishes on the table; she was not someone who liked to waste food.

"It's fine. I will pack it back later and eat it with Tian Donghua in cla.s.s." Yang Ming said with a smile, "It's not a waste anyway."

Xu Qianxing listened to Yang Ming's words, then his eyes nearly popped out. He was regretful in his heart. He thought, If I knew earlier, I would have packed it for myself! He did not expect Lin Zhiyun to be so frugal, or else, he would have already instructed the waiter to pack it. Would he still let Yang Ming take the lead?

If so, not only can I take it back to the dormitory to eat, I can also maintain a good, hardworking, and frugal image in front of Lin Zhiyun. However, Yang Ming now said that he wanted to pack it and take it back to eat. He couldn't take it from Yang Ming; if he took it back, it seemed a bit too... it would make Lin Zhiyun look down on him even more.

Yang Ming carried a huge bag of packed dishes; it was inappropriate for Xu Qianxing to say anything. This meal was too f*cked up. Not only did he not achieve his purpose, but he had wasted tens of thousands of yuan.

After the waiter led them down to the lobby on the first floor, Xu Qianxing went to the front desk to pay. "Private room 2108, how much is it?"

After Xu Qianxing asked this, he held his breath. For Xu Qianxing, tens of thousands of yuan was a large number. So, Xu Qianxing clenched his teeth and thought that the first thing he would do when he went back was to inquire about the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun.

"Sir, private room 2108 is free of charge; the manager has briefed us before." After the waiter checked the computer, he smiled slightly and replied to Xu Qianxing.

"Free? What do you mean?" Xu Qianxing was a bit stunned. Of course, he understood what it meant, but he couldn't believe his ears. How can this meal that is worth tens of thousands be free of charge? It's a bit too unbelievable.

The waiter slightly smiled. Although he felt that Xu Qianxing's question was very interesting, he still explained, "Sir, the chairman of the group has instructed that Mr. Yang's spending is free of charge. You came with Mr. Yang, so the spending in the private room is free of charge."

Shocked! Xu Qianxing could only feel appalled at the moment! His entire body was as if it were struck by lightning; he was astounded standing on the spot. Yang Ming's spendings here are free of charge? And it's the instruction of the chairman of the group?

How could Xu Qianxing have no concept of how high the position of the chairman of the group was? Never mind a lobby manager; even the general manager of the international hotel had to listen to the group's a.s.signment.

Yang Ming actually had a relations.h.i.+p with the chairman of the group, so it meant that Yang Ming's family background was far beyond Xu Qianxing. Just now, Xu Qianxing felt that his family background was very bad*ss, and now, it was nothing as compared to Yang Ming.

Thinking of the enthusiasm of the lobby manager when he spoke to Yang Ming, Xu Qianxing was disappointed for a while. At this moment, he was already a bit lost. The gap between him and Yang Ming was too great. This couldn't be caught up no matter what.

Yang Ming saw that Xu Qianxing lost his wits, and he naturally knew the reason. Yang Ming clearly saw the dialogue between the front desk attendant and Xu Qianxing.

Yang Ming walked over to Xu Qianxing's side and patted Xu Qianxing's shoulder. Then he slightly smiled and said, "President Xu, Zhiyun and I will leave first. I have to go back to cla.s.s..."

"Ah..." Xu Qianxing recovered from the shock of the moment, and he incredulously looked at Yang Ming beside him with his eyes full of horror.

"Right, President Xu, there is something I have to remind you of first," Yang Ming whispered in the ear of Xu Qianxing. "You are advised not to pursue Zhiyun, or you will surely regret it."

As Yang Ming finished talking, he did not bother with Xu Qianxing. He turned and walked out of the hotel lobby with Lin Zhiyun, leaving only Xu Qianxing standing there in a daze; he had not recovered from the shock.

"What did you just say to him?" Lin Zhiyun asked Yang Ming a little curiously after getting in the car.

"I told him not to pursue you." Yang Ming did not hide, but he said directly.

"So why did he lose his wits?" Lin Zhiyun looked at Yang Ming suspiciously.

"He feels that the gap between him and me is too great, so he naturally lost his wits." Yang Ming also said, "Don't worry about him; let's go back to school."

Now that rush hour had pa.s.sed, not so many cars were on the road. When they were going back, they could take the one-way street, so the distance virtually became shorter. Therefore, when they rushed back to school, it was just six o'clock which was right when cla.s.s started; both of them were not too late.

Yang Ming first sent Lin Zhiyun to the teaching building of the School of Economics and Management, then he drove back to the School of Computer Science where he had cla.s.s. With a load of delicious food, Yang Ming got out of the car and walked to his cla.s.sroom.

It was a coincidence that it was a lesson from Teacher Little w.a.n.g. Yang Ming entered by the back door of the cla.s.sroom. Teacher Little w.a.n.g did not say anything. Instead, he nodded calmly to Yang Ming and continued to lecture.

Tian Donghua and w.a.n.g Xue were sitting in the last row of the cla.s.sroom. There were not many cla.s.smates at the back, so it was very s.p.a.cious. Yang Ming sat next to Tian Donghua and threw the delicious food to him. "I'll treat you to some seafood."

"D*mn, there are so many crabs and lobsters?" Tian Donghua widened his eyes. "You bought these? How did you know that w.a.n.g Xue and I haven't eaten yet?"

"I went to eat with Lin Zhiyun, then I packed the leftovers for you." Yang Ming shrugged. "You all really didn't eat? Then hurry up and eat."

"I said you can't be so kind, but since you brought so much to me, I am content." Tian Donghua opened the bags and had w.a.n.g Xue move one seat away to put the food in between them.

w.a.n.g Xue didn't have the unscrupulousness of Tian Donghua. She embarra.s.singly looked left and right. "The teacher won't discover it, right?"

"It's fine. What are you afraid of? He can't see." Tian Donghua grabbed a lobster and nibbled on it.

Yang Ming smiled slightly. In fact, the teacher was looking down from above, so he could see clearly; he just didn't always talk about it. Especially when it was college, it was the students' business, whether they studied or not. What did it have to do with the teacher?

University teachers rarely took care of students; students relied on their own consciousness.

Especially Tian Donghua, the young master, now the teachers in their cla.s.s knew that there was such a prodigal child who muddled along in the university and dated w.a.n.g Xue. Who would care about him?

w.a.n.g Xue saw that Tian Donghua relished it, and she couldn't help but eat with him...


Ren Jianren felt that he was very stupid and cowardly, extremely stupid and cowardly. The future of the Taekwondo Club was supposed to be bright. Nowadays, many students blindly wors.h.i.+pped foreign goods and ideas, and they loved to learn Taekwondo, so the development of the Taekwondo Club in Song Jiang Industry University had been very good.

However, because of the compet.i.tion with Yang Ming in the last semester, the reputation of the Taekwondo Club plummeted. He, as the president of the Taekwondo Club, and the vice-president, Li Jiasheng, were utterly defeated by Yang Ming.

Although Ren Jianren didn't think that Yang Ming's Kung Fu was exceptional, because Yang Ming was completely unscrupulous in his fights, the victory only showed that he and Li Jiasheng were too careless; they were not vigilant.

They thought so, but others didn't think so. All the students saw it with their own eyes. Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng lost, and it directly led to the sudden decline of the prestige of the Taekwondo Club.

Many who originally planned to sign up for the Taekwondo Club had retreated, and those who joined the Taekwondo Club gave some reasons to withdraw from it.

This was what Ren Jianren was very reluctant to see. The Taekwondo Club, which he worked hard to manage, was decaying. Where could the face of the president of the Taekwondo Club be placed?

Therefore, Ren Jianren always wanted to put shame on Yang Ming, but Yang Ming wouldn't accept it if he went to challenge him. Moreover, he had already lost. If he went to challenge Yang Ming, he would look too shameless if other people saw it.

Ren Jianren wanted to earn back his face, but he also needed to find a suitable time and reason. Otherwise, Yang Ming would not accept it. Even if Yang Ming accepted it, Ren Jianren was still weaker.

But now, Ren Jianren had found a good opportunity! That was the school's art festival. He felt that as long as he performed a martial arts match with Yang Ming at the art festival, he would definitely reinvigorate the prestige of the Taekwondo Club if he won.

Moreover, this art festival was even bigger than the previous time he fought with Yang Ming. After all, the last fight was only at the school gymnasium. Not all the students in the school went to see it. It was different this time; this was the school's art festival. All the students would be in the school hall. It meant that as long as he was successful this time, he could completely regain the situation.

Thinking of this, Ren Jianren began to plot his plan.

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