So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1312 - A Knife-Throwing Competition

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Chapter 1312: A Knife-Throwing Compet.i.tion

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Ren Jianren didn’t know about the grievances between Xu Qianxing and Yang Ming. He also didn’t know that they had just eaten together tonight. Therefore, Ren Jianren felt more righteous to mention Xu Qianxing’s name.

“Xu Qianxing?” Yang Ming looked at Ren Jianren with great interest. This Xu Qianxing’s reaction is quite quick. I have just embarra.s.sed him, and then he sends Ren Jianren to trouble me? Isn’t it very fast? This Student Union president t.i.tle seems to be quite powerful.

However, if you send such a waste, are you sure you can teach me a lesson? Yang Ming was a little amused. He had some trouble thinking of what to perform at the art festival, and then this guy came to him.

This guy must be thinking the same as Xu Qianxing. He believes that I really don’t have any Kung Fu, and I relied on the power of the breaking bricks to win by luck? But since they thought so, Yang Ming was too lazy to explain. Yang Ming, of course, wouldn’t stop this guy from being cannon fodder again.

“Yeah, Xu Qianxing, the Student Union president.” Ren Jianren nodded. He thought that Yang Ming respected Xu Qianxing, so he said this smugly.

“He told you to look for me?” Yang Ming asked Ren Jianren.

“Yeah, or else, how can I find your cla.s.s?!” Ren Jianren didn’t know about the matters between Yang Ming and Xu Qianxing. He wanted Yang Ming to agree to perform together with him, so he brought up the name of Xu Qianxing.

Hehe , then how do you want to perform together? You won’t be playing another act of breaking brick technique, right?” Yang Ming said with a smile, “Although this performance is quite entertaining and attractive, it will be a bit boring to perform it twice.”

Ren Jianren’s face flushed from Yang Ming’s words, but he couldn’t be furious. He was afraid that Yang Ming would turn around soon as he became enraged. He could only swallow his anger. “That is impossible. We are performing something else this time…”

“Performing what? It’s still the same. If you want to perform Taekwondo, I can’t.” Yang Ming shrugged. “If you want to perform something else, I can still consider it.”

“Yeah, I am here to discuss with you the program we are going to perform this time,” said Ren Jianren.

Oh , what benefits can I get?” Yang Ming looked at Ren Jianren and asked directly and bluntly.

Ah ?” Ren Jianren was stunned. He didn’t expect Yang Ming to be so realistic. He directly asked for benefits from him. He couldn’t think of what to say for a moment. However, after he thought about it again, Ren Jianren felt that it wasn’t odd for such a student like Yang Ming to do anything, so he said, “Tell me what benefits you want then.”

“Why don’t you treat me to a meal?” Yang Ming didn’t really need any benefits he got from Ren Jianren; he just wanted to make fun out of Ren Jianren.

“A meal? No problem!” Ren Jianren agreed willingly. He thought, Isn’t it just a meal? I can regain the Taekwondo Club’s reputation by that time. It’s worth it no matter what the price of the meal is.

Yang Ming just simply made a joke with him. Yang Ming wanted to trick him, but he couldn’t be too eager. If he were too eager, this guy would doubt. Yang Ming had already fooled him once, so he would definitely be wary of Yang Ming. Therefore, Yang Ming must make him let his guard down.

“That’s all right. Let’s go now?” asked Yang Ming.

“Alright, let’s go to the Ju Yuan Chun Restaurant next to the school!” said Ren Jianren.

Yang Ming had already eaten, but since Ren Jianren was treating, Yang Ming didn’t care if he had another meal. Anyway, Yang Ming’s idea was to let this guy be cannon fodder again this time. However, he couldn’t let Ren Jianren notice it. Otherwise, he would definitely back out.

The two walked out of the school side by side and came to the Ju Yuan Chun Restaurant near the school. It was the best restaurant near the school. Many of the students were here to eat; Sun Zhiwei also treated a meal here previously.

They asked for a small private room and walked in like good buddies. When the waiter brought the menu, Ren Jianren took the menu first, fearing that Yang Ming would order expensive food.

Yang Ming smiled secretly. This Ren Jianren is not stupid; he is more intelligent than Xu Qianxing. He knew when to seize control to order dishes. If I got the menu, I would probably order a few expensive dishes to disgust him.

“Shredded pork with spicy garlic sauce, fried pork in scoop [1], home-cooked cold dish, and fried cuc.u.mber with shredded pork.” Ren Jianren ordered four dishes in one go. These were the most popular dishes, and it wouldn’t cost more than a hundred yuan.

“Alright.” The waiter didn’t feel that anything was strange. The popular foods in the restaurants near the school were nothing more than this home cooking. “What staple food [2] do you want? Do you need any drinks?”

“Drinking alcohol or eating rice?” Ren Jianren asked Yang Ming after he finished ordering the meal.

“Let’s eat some rice. We don’t have to order alcohol; aren’t we going to talk about the performance?” Yang Ming had just accompanied Lin Zhiyun to eat some seafood, but he didn’t eat any staple foods, so he was a bit hungry now.

“Then, give me two big bowls of rice.” Ren Jianren told the waiter. “Two more bottles of cola.”

“Please wait a bit.” The waiter nodded and left the private room.

“Yang Ming, we can’t do something similar like the breaking brick technique anymore for this performance!” Ren Jianren first set the direction to block Yang Ming’s backup plan. “What you did is like a grandstand. If we have to perform, we need to perform real martial arts. Stop those deceptive performances.”

“Sure.” Yang Ming didn’t care. He thought, Are you good at real martial arts?

Seeing that Yang Ming promised so easily, Ren Jianren had some doubts. “Let’s be sure. Are we really competing with real martial arts?”

“Didn’t you say that?” Yang Ming asked, “Why? Then let’s compete with other things.”

“No, no need. Let’s just compete with real martial arts!” Ren Jianren was shocked. Yang Ming’s meaning seemed like he wanted to renege, so he quickly waved his hand. “Let’s just compete with real martial arts.”

“I can agree to it, but there is a condition,” said Yang Ming.

“What condition?” Ren Jianren thought, Yang Ming wouldn’t be so forthright as I expected. So, he asked calmly.

“It’s very simple. We can compete in real martial arts, but not Taekwondo because I don’t know Taekwondo.” Yang Ming said, “Not before, not now.”

When Ren Jianren listened to Yang Ming’s condition, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. As long as we are competing with real martial arts, it’s fine if it’s not Taekwondo. “It’s okay. I know you don’t know Taekwondo, so we don’t have to compete with Taekwondo as long as we are competing with real martial arts.”

“Real martial arts? Then, I have to think about it…” Yang Ming pretended to hesitate.

En , then you think carefully about it!” Ren Jianren didn’t bother Yang Ming; he let Yang Ming think for himself so that Yang Ming wouldn’t say that he was interfering.

Ai , you know. I’m best at kickboxing and using bricks to hit other people, but I can’t really think of anything if we are going to have a match.” Yang Ming shook his head.

Huh ?” Ren Jianren’s face turned green, listening to Yang Ming’s words. This Yang Ming beat around the bush, but he still comes back to the kickboxing topic? Ren Jianren was traumatized being hit by Yang Ming’s brick last time. He wouldn’t dare to simply kickbox with him. If he were tricked again, then it wouldn’t be fine. So, he said, “Yang Ming, we can change the compet.i.tion. We don’t have to do kickboxing. Our art festival is a performance show. If we just fight on the stage, it won’t be appropriate, right?”

Oh , art performance?” Yang Ming pretended to be disappointed, then he nodded and said, “Why don’t we have a knife-throwing match?!”

“Knife-throwing? What do you mean?” Ren Jianren didn’t understand Yang Ming.

“Isn’t knife-throwing simple? Each of us finds a partner, then we will put an apple on our head and let our partner throw a knife at the apple. Whoever hits the most apples will be the winner. How about that?” Yang Ming said, “Isn’t this easy? And it’s also artistic.”

“What kind of compet.i.tion is this?” Ren Jianren revealed a strange expression.

“Why not? It is a test of your reaction ability. If your partner’s knife throwing is off the mark, then you can quickly move your head to take the knife… Oh , no, it’s the apple on your head.” Yang Ming said, “This is also a match to compare our courage. It can kill two birds with one stone. Isn’t this a good idea?”

“This…” Ren Jianren didn’t know what to say. Yang Ming’s suggestion was a bit odd. He never thought of such a way to compete, but Yang Ming seemed to make sense. However, he was practicing Taekwondo. Since when did he learn how to throw knives before?

“What? You don’t think it’s good?” Yang Ming frowned. “You want to perform on the same stage with me, but you don’t agree with my suggestion. Then, I think we should do kickboxing.”

“Don’t… then let’s do this one.” Ren Jianren simply didn’t dare to do kickboxing with Yang Ming. The so-called kickboxing with this kid was simply a messy fight. He even brought a brick. This time, maybe he would bring a shovel to the stage. Ren Jianren knew that Yang Ming could do anything.

“Okay, it’s settled then. Let’s see if your Taekwondo is good, or my kickboxing is good.” Yang Ming looked at Ren Jianren and smiled harmlessly.

This smile made Ren Jianren feel a little creepy instead. Why do I think that Yang Ming’s smile is a little strange? However, Ren Jianren thought that this knife throwing was just a match on their own; they couldn’t interfere with each other. Therefore, Yang Ming couldn’t think of any evil tricks to set him up. This was the safest way instead.

Ren Jianren didn’t believe that Yang Ming was so good at knife throwing. Ren Jianren thought about it. Li Jiasheng used to have experience with playing darts . I heard that he played it very well. I can ask him to be my partner, so it shouldn’t be a problem to win against Yang Ming.

As for whether or not this is a real martial art, it doesn’t matter. The audience is all students. Who can understand it? They just have to know that the Taekwondo Club is the winner; I only want to regain the Taekwondo Club’s reputation.

“Okay, that’s a deal!” Ren Jianren felt that he would win for sure, so he nodded and agreed.

Yang Ming devoured most of the dishes on the table, and then he said to Ren Jianren, “Thank you for your hospitality. You can decide on the specific matters. If I decide on it, it might be disadvantageous for you. I believe that you will be fair.”

“That’s alright… then I will decide on it. Rest a.s.sured, I will definitely make it fair.” Ren Jianren was surprised. Yang Ming actually let him decide on the specific rules. He was really afraid that Yang Ming would set rules that would be disadvantageous for him.

Yang Ming turned around and left the restaurant, leaving Ren Jianren there to pay the bill. Although Ren Jianren regretted not being able to beat up Yang Ming up on the stage, the current results were for the best.

If it were a real and solid fight, Ren Jianren was not afraid. He was confident that he could defeat Yang Ming; Yang Ming was always playing tricks. He was worried that Yang Ming would do something bizarre this time.

So it was better to choose this knife throwing. If he could have Li Jiasheng to practice well on it, then it should be no problem. Taekwondo also trained the coordination of the body, so throwing knives wasn’t difficult. In addition, Li Jiasheng had this foundation.

Yang Ming looked at the time after the meal. It was almost eight o’clock, which meant that there would be less than ten minutes left of cla.s.s, so Yang Ming did not have to go back to continue the cla.s.s.

Yang Ming parked the car next to the teaching building of the School of Economics and Management, waiting for Lin Zhiyun’s cla.s.s to finish. Then, he would pick her up and go home. Chen Mengyan had already gone back. Zhou Jiajia stayed with Xiao Qing at night, and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan left with Zhao Ying, so Yang Ming only had to wait for Lin Zhiyun alone.

Downstairs in the School of Economics and Management, Yang Ming didn’t see Xu Qianxing’s Leopaard Jeep. Thinking that Xu Qianxing didn’t come to cla.s.s, how did he contact Ren Jianren then?

After a while, a crowd came out from the teaching building of the School of Economics and Management. The cla.s.s was finished; a pet.i.te white figure caught the eyes of Yang Ming. Yang Ming opened the door, got off, and waved to the figure. “Zhiyun, here!”

Lin Zhiyun sped up her steps after seeing Yang Ming. Yang Ming opened the front pa.s.senger seat’s door, letting her board. Yang Ming also got in the car and started the engine.

“Did your cla.s.s end so early?” Lin Zhiyun looked at Yang Ming and asked puzzled. Logically, Yang Ming and her cla.s.s should end at the same time which was eight o’clock in the evening. Yang Ming still needed some time if he drove over after the cla.s.s, but now, Yang Ming was waiting for her when she came out. This meant that Yang Ming had been waiting for her here.

“It didn’t. I attended half of the cla.s.s, and then I was called out by Ren Jianren,” said Yang Ming.

“Ren Jianren? Which one?” Lin Zhiyun was slightly astounded, then she immediately remembered who Ren Jianren was. “Oh, I remember. Is he the president of the Taekwondo Club who competed with you in the last semester?”

“Yes, it is him.” Yang Ming nodded and smiled. “I didn’t expect you to remember this person still.”

En , I have some impressions. He later promoted his Taekwondo Club, but my cla.s.smates felt that he couldn’t even beat a freshman, so this Taekwondo is just mediocre.” Lin Zhiyun also laughed. “You are now famous in our cla.s.s!”

“Then did they envy you?” Yang Ming asked after laughing.

“Why would they envy me?” Lin Zhiyun’s face was red; she was a little shy.

“Of course, they will be envious that you have found such a powerful boyfriend,” said Yang Ming. “Don’t girls like boys with a stronger sense of security?”

“They don’t know that you are my boyfriend. How can I simply talk about it? Everyone knows that Sister Mengyan is your girlfriend. If I mixed in, I would be gossiped about.” Lin Zhiyun shook her head.

“Sorry that I let you be wronged…” Yang Ming was ashamed after listening to her words. He held Lin Zhiyun’s delicate little hand, but there was no other way. This was a school, and people usually spread rumors, so Yang Ming couldn’t publicize his relations.h.i.+p with other girls. Otherwise, many people would be envious of him. When they said something harsh, then Chen Mengyan and the others would be hurt.

Yang Ming didn’t care about it, but Chen Mengyan, Lin Zhiyun, and Zhou Jiajia were girls. How could they be thick-skinned? Yang Ming had to think for them even if he didn’t care for himself.

Although Yang Ming could violently make some people shut up, Yang Ming still had little control over it once the news spread.

Therefore, although Yang Ming was very close to Lin Zhiyun at school, Lin Zhiyun had never mentioned to anyone that she was Yang Ming’s girlfriend. People who knew this were Ge Xinyao, Jing Xiaolu, and several other people.

“Why am I wronged?” Lin Zhiyun smiled and said, “I think this is very good. As long as I can be with you, why should I tell others? I don’t care if they know or not.”

Yang Ming looked at Lin Zhiyun. Her expression was very firm; she didn’t seem to be joking. He also knew that Lin Zhiyun was telling the truth. She was such a soft but determined girl. Once she was decided on a certain thing, she would continue with it; she would never change.

“Zhiyun, I am relieved that you’re happy.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Right. Why did that Ren Jianren look for you?” Lin Zhiyun felt that this topic was inappropriate. She didn’t want to talk anymore. She remembered Yang Ming saying Ren Jianren looked for him, so she changed to this topic.

“He asked me to perform at the art festival together.” Yang Ming said, “I think he probably wants to get back his face that he lost last semester, and Xu Qianxing should be the one who helped him, so he came to me.”

“Then… did you refuse it?” Lin Zhiyun thought that Ren Jianren wouldn’t have any good intention to look for Yang Ming. It was really as she expected after she listened to it. She was a bit resentful toward Xu Qianxing who helped him. “How can Xu Qianxing do this?”

“I stopped him from pursuing you, so of course, he will be annoyed. It was just right when Ren Jiaren wanted to get back his face, so they probably hit it off at once. Then, they came up with such a way of performing together on the stage.” Yang Ming said, “But, why should I refuse? I refuse him for what? I directly agreed to it.”

“You agreed?” Lin Zhiyun was shocked. “Why did you agree with him?”

“I didn’t know what to perform. We can just perform together on the stage with him joining me.” Yang Ming smiled. “Didn’t you want to perform with me? It’s just right this time.”

“Ah? I’ll also perform together? Didn’t he ask to fight with you?” Lin Zhiyun was surprised.


[2] staple food –

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