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He went back later. The main purpose of this trip was to teach Jing Xiaolu a lesson. What he couldn't imagine was that there also seemed to be an unexpected gain.

"To say high-end, that is the Song Jiang International Hotel which is the best hotel in the city." Chief Yan said, "But the price is very high."

Liu Jifei thought, I'm not paying the bill. I said that it is my treat, but I'll definitely think of a reason to ask Bao Sanli to take the initiative to pay the bill. Then he said, "Then, we'll just pick this place."

How would Chief Yan know about Liu Jifei's cunning plot? He thought that Liu Jifei really wanted to treat for the meal, so he nodded and said, "Okay, I will reserve a private room in a while. I will inform Bao Sanli. How about we set it at half-past eleven?"

"Alright, set it at half-past eleven." Liu Jifei nodded. He began to ponder how he would take the opportunity to claim the Ming Yang Security Company.

Chief Yan took the initiative to book a room. The Song Jiang International Hotel was the only five-star hotel in Song Jiang. At this time, it was a bit late to reserve a private room. After all, it was very popular.

However, Chief Yan was one of the personnel from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Although he was not a powerful chief, he was still a chief, after all. He had no real power, but his colleagues did. Who could guarantee that he did not have a good relations.h.i.+p with someone really powerful in the unit?

Therefore, when Chief Yan introduced himself, the Song Jiang International Hotel still gave him a reserved private room. Each hotel would have reserved private rooms. Even if it were full, it would not let outsiders book it. It was just to prevent such an emergency.

The relations.h.i.+ps in this society were intricate, and many people did things through networking and social connections. For example, Chief Yan had very little power, but it was hard to say whether there was a more powerful force in the circle behind him or not.

Therefore, the face of such a person needs to be taken care of at one's best abilities if he did not violate the principles.

"It's done! I reserved a room." Chief Yan was a little proud. He thought that his face was still very useful. "Song Jiang International Hotel's private room is not easily reserved; it has to be reserved two or three days in advance. Even foreign guests have to reserve in advance! However, they still gave me face! They forcefully gave me the room from another's hand!"

"Hehe, I know that Uncle Yan must have a way." Faced with Chief Yan's boasting, Liu Jifei couldn't help but praise. The Liu Family had businesses in the hotel industry. How could he not understand these rules?

For a person like Chief Yan to reserve a room, the room that was booked in advance would certainly be used. However, Liu Jifei did not expose his lie, but he just let Chief Yan brag. However, he was calculating in his heart on whether he could take advantage of Chief Yan's power to claim Bao Sanli's company for himself.

Bao Sanli hung up the phone inexplicably. The phone call was haphazard; a person from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau actually introduced a person for cooperation. Bao Sanli did not dare to make his own decision, so he called Yang Ming and asked him what to do about it.

When Yang Ming just returned to school, the phone rang. He looked at it and saw it was Bao Sanli, so he picked it up. "Brother Bao, why did you call me just after we separated? What's the matter?"

"Brother Yang, I just got a call; it was from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau," said Bao Sanli.

"Industrial and Commercial Bureau? Why are people from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau looking for you?" Yang Ming was also a bit puzzled. My company pays management fees on time, and there are no illegal operations. Why did the Industrial and Commercial Bureau look for us at this time?

"He said that there is a foreign customer who wants to cooperate with our security company. They arranged to meet up and eat together at noon. I don't know if they really have the sincerity in this regard... or they merely want to sponge[1] off of us..." Bao Sanli hesitated before he expressed his own thoughts. The longer he worked with people from all walks of life in society, the more he knew how complicated the business got. Although he was dominating when he used to be a small punk at the bottom of society, if he wanted to talk business, there were still people who could overwhelm him.

"Oh? If they only want money through relations.h.i.+ps and the amount is not large, then just give it to them." Yang Ming couldn't worry about these little things every day. These things were entrusted to Bao Sanli to handle.

"Okay, I got it." Bao Sanli got Yang Ming's instructions, so he knew what to do. After all, he couldn't use violence with his current ident.i.ty. If the company wanted to grow, every aspect must be done well. It was also necessary to guard against these petty characters who wanted to sponge off of them. These people couldn't do anything right. If Bao Sanli really offended them, sometimes things would become difficult.

"What's the matter? The company's matter?" Jing Xiaolu heard Yang Ming mentioning Bao Sanli on the phone, so she guessed that it should be the company's matters, and then she asked. She did not dare to simply ask about Yang Ming's other matters, but it was fine if it were the company's matters. She was now the vice president of the company. It was not a big deal to ask about these things.

"Oh, Bao Sanli called and said that people from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau introduced him to a businessman that wants to cooperate with us. He didn't know if they want to sponge off of us or not." Yang Ming did not hide from Jing Xiaolu. "They planned to meet up and have a meal together at noon."

"Oh? Cooperation? Would you like me to tag along and check it out for you?" asked Jing Xiaolu.

"You? Alright." Yang Ming originally wanted to say, "for what reason do you want to b.u.t.t in and tag along for?" but thought that Jing Xiaolu was very savvy. She was not easily deceived. If she went, it would prevent the other person from attempting daylight robbery and unscrupulously taking advantage of them.

"Then, I will return to the company to find President Bao in a while." Jing Xiaolu nodded.


Liu Jifei let Chief Yan set the time and then call Bao Sanli to confirm it.

Of course, Chief Yan would not tag along for the meal. This old fox was very clear about what position he was in. It was impossible to act rashly until everything was clear.

Liu Jifei said that he was here to discuss cooperation, but his Liu Family was huge. It was difficult to say whether this cooperation was fair and whether the other party was willing to cooperate or not. If Chief Yan hastily intervened, there was a chance that he might not be able to get credit. On the contrary, others might think that he, as a government official, colluded with businessmen, and then his future career would be murky. Therefore, Chief Yan was not so stupid. He first set up a connection, and then he let Liu Jifei go and discuss it himself.

Whether the discussion was fruitful or not, it had nothing to do with Chief Yan. When the matter was confirmed, he could go and reap the rewards again. After all, he directed this, so he would not suffer a loss.

"Alright, I have already made an appointment with Bao Sanli, President Bao, for you. At noon, you will go to Song Jiang International Hotel's private room 208 to meet up. I won't be going." Chief Yan said, "I still have a meeting in the afternoon, so I can't make it."

Liu Jifei originally came with a conspiracy, so of course, he did not wish for Chief Yan to follow him. When the time came, some words would be inappropriate to say, and Chief Yan would be a hindrance instead. What he wanted Chief Yan to do was to build a connection and let him contact Bao Sanli. He wasn't required to worry about other things. Hearing that Chief Yan couldn't go, Liu Jifei was overjoyed.

Before, he was still worried about this. He thought about what excuse to use to keep Chief Yan from tagging along with him. As a result, Chief Yan himself took the initiative to say that he couldn't make it before Liu Jifei could even open his mouth. What else could be better than this?

Therefore, Liu Jifei pretended to say with regret, "Chief Yan, it's a shame that you can't go… Ai, but the meeting couldn't be delayed. It's still important. I'm already very grateful that you can help me build a connection. I will treat you to a meal next time separately."

Chief Yan waved his hand, smiled, and said, "It's alright." However, he was calculating in his heart. If I really successfully facilitated this cooperation, then I am considered a hero. How can I take credit from the leader?

After Liu Jifei came out of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, he went straight to the Liu Family's office in Song Jiang. Xu Xiaobin was also a nephew of the Liu Family, but he was at a level worse than Liu Jifei. He wasn't from the paternal side but the maternal side. He was considered a relative who had a different surname and little blood relations.h.i.+p.

Therefore, Xu Xiaobin was even less popular within the group. He was sent to Song Jiang, where the Liu Family had no business at all. They let him become the director of the Liu Group's office in Song Jiang!

Euphemistically speaking, he was here to expand the market, but the family had no connections here at all. With the office expenses of tens of thousands of yuan per year, how could Xu Xiaobin go to expand the market? Who would cooperate with him?

The money to build a relations.h.i.+p was not only this little! In fact, everyone who knew this understood that the Liu Family's sons and daughters who were raised well in the group did not take him seriously, nor did they expect him to bring any business to the company. So, they made him go to a faraway land to wait for his death.

Of course, Xu Xiaobin's salary was very comfortable in the eyes of ordinary people. The monthly salary was over ten thousand yuan. He intercepted and kept the annual activity funds so that he could obtain an income of two hundred thousand yuan in one year.

This was almost the same level as the white-collar workers who busily worked every day, and Xu Xiaobin didn't have to do anything. He played computer games and drank tea at the office every day.

The staff that the company hired for him were just a driver and a secretary. He could drive a car himself, so he dismissed the driver. He could even save two thousand yuan in salary a month. He also didn't need a secretary; he directly called his girlfriend to do the job, so that salary was also saved. They could even be romantic in the office, having a romantic couple's world!

This was the life of G.o.ds in the eyes of ordinary people, but Xu Xiaobin was not satisfied. Because others were not in contact with the lives of the several children in the upper level of the Liu Family. As long as they were in contact, they would feel extremely unbalanced.

The same ancestor's blood is in my body. Why can they enjoy the wealth, and they can call the shots in the group, but I have to come to this backcountry to be some office manager?

People thought that I'm a manager, but in fact, I'm a bullsh*t manager. In addition to leading my girlfriend, there is no one else. Therefore, when Liu Jifei came to Song Jiang and found Xu Xiaobin, Xu Xiaobin was keenly aware that this was an opportunity, a good opportunity to thrive!

Although Liu Jifei was also an ancillary relative, he was a bit stronger than Xu Xiaobin because he was surnamed, Liu. This meant that he was one of the Liu Family. Although he was an ancillary relative, he had more rights to talk in the group; he could even apply for one million in venture capital. As a Liu Family member with another surname, he couldn't even dream of having this one million yuan worth of venture capital.

Although he stayed here for five or six years and could get one million, Xu Xiaobin was not reconciled. He believed that Liu Jifei would not be willing to take a million yuan worth of venture capital and wait for his death.

But he did not show his thoughts. He did his best to help to handle Liu Jifei's matter. The Liu Family's business in Song Jiang was very rare. Even if there was something, Xu Xiaobin wasn't allowed to partic.i.p.ate. Therefore, Xu Xiaobin's network was limited. They were all middle-level cadres in some departments; a lot of them were chiefs, and the most powerful one was just a department chief. He didn't know any bureau chiefs.

Even so, Xu Xiaobin did his best to help Liu Jifei contact these people. What he thought was that if Liu Jifei really did succeed in something, he would definitely look up to him, so Xu Xiaobin worked very hard.

He heard the sound of a car outside the office, and Xu Xiaobin was a bit surprised. This office was actually a residential house, and the place was relatively remote. Usually, a few people pa.s.sed by, and there were fewer cars, just because the rent was cheap.

Now that someone came, Xu Xiaobin was a bit puzzled. When he looked up, he saw Liu Jifei's Honda Accord stopping. Liu Jifei jumped out of the car and quickly walked into the office.

Xu Xiaobin quickly asked his girlfriend, Xiaolan, to get some tea, and then he greeted at the door, "Brother Fei, you are back! How was it? Are matters progressing smoothly?"

"It's very smooth!" Liu Jifei patted Xu Xiaobin's shoulder. "Xiao Bin, it's all because of you!"

"We are a family. What's with the polite words?!" Xu Xiaobin quickly shook his head, indicating that it was nothing.

"A family?" Liu Jifei sneered aloud, "Hmph, if those people in the group really think of us as a family, that'll be great!"

Hearing Liu Jifei, the nephew with the Liu surname, publicly vent his dissatisfaction with the Liu Family, Xu Xiaobin was somewhat surprised! He immediately decided to stand on the same line with Liu Jifei. "Yes, Brother Fei. You are slightly better. At least, you are a member of the Liu Family, but what about me? I am just a relative with a different surname. They sent me to this place as an office manager. How can I make any progress in this life?"

"It seems that Xiaobin is not reconciled to loneliness! Do you also have an intention to make a difference?" Liu Jifei just wanted to pull this Xu Xiaobin into his gang. When he heard Xu Xiaobin, he didn't have to waste time explaining.

"Of course, I want. Why won't I want to?" Xu Xiaobin's heart jumped. He felt that things seemed to have a way! However, on the surface, he still made a very distressed look. "What is the use of just wanting? We don't even have the opportunity. How can we make a difference? We have this intention, but we don't have the ability!"

"Hehe, Xiao Bin, don't worry!" Liu Jifei chuckled. "Brother, I came this time with a project. If you have nothing to do, just do it with me!"

"Is this true?" Xu Xiaobin was stunned. He did not expect Liu Jifei to be so forthright.

"Of course!" Liu Jifei nodded. "It just so happens that I lack a pioneering a.s.sistant! You know, there are matters where I can't appear personally, so I need to have a spokesperson!"

Xu Xiaobin didn't understand why Liu Jifei couldn't personally appear, but since Liu Jifei wanted to pull him into doing a big business, how could he refuse? He quickly said, "Because Brother Fei chose me, I will do my best to help Brother Fei to acquire the business project. Brother Fei, I will be your p.a.w.n in the future!"

Liu Jifei was still very satisfied with Xu Xiaobin's att.i.tude. He patted his shoulder and said, "In a while, I invited Bao Sanli, the president of the Ming Yang Security Company, to talk about cooperation..."

"Ah? You want to cooperate with Bao Sanli?" Xu Xiaobin was stunned; he looked at Liu Jifei with surprise.

"What's wrong? Do you know this Bao Sanli? Is there anything wrong with it?" Liu Jifei was subconsciously wary of it. Luckily, I didn't say too much.

"I know him! How can I not know him? In Song Jiang, anyone who was a little popular knows the name of Bao Sanli!" Xu Xiaobin said, "I have been in Song Jiang for more than a year. How can I not know his name?"

"Is he very famous?" Liu Jifei frowned.

"He used to be a big gangster in Song Jiang; he had the same power as Yu Xiangde who was another underworld boss back then. Later, he entered the detention center. After he came out, he drove Yu Xiangde out of Song Jiang." Xu Xiaobin said, "After that, I don't know what happened. He began to do legal business, and he prospered suddenly. Because of his previous ident.i.ty, many people in Song Jiang gave him face."

"He's just a little punk. What ability does he have?" Liu Jifei heard that what Xu Xiaobin and Chief Yan said was similar, so he was relieved. He snorted. "No big deal!"

Xu Xiaobin couldn't help but be dumbfounded. This guy is really from the big group. He didn't put others in his eye. "If we want to cooperate with others, we have to show some sincerity, right? This att.i.tude is not conducive to cooperation. Although Bao Sanli is nothing to you, Young Master Liu, he is still an influential character in Song Jiang. We are looking for cooperation with others. If we still have such an aloof att.i.tude, it will not work..."

Liu Jifei didn't even plan to tell Xu Xiaobin about his plan now. He was afraid that Xu Xiaobin's mouth was loose and unreliable, and he would screw things up. Secondly, he feared that if he told Xu Xiaobin, Xu Xiaobin would be afraid to continue to work with him.

Looking at Xu Xiaobin's fearful tone and appearance toward Bao Sanli, Liu Jifei felt that he could not reveal his plan. At least, not now.

"Hehe, this is just my temper, so isn't this why I'm asking for your help?" Liu Jifei smiled and said, "You know that the environment in which I grew up as a child was like that. I rarely submitted to others..."

Liu Jifei started to spout nonsense. Since Xu Xiaobin was not clear of it anyway, it didn't matter if he simply talked nonsense.

"It turns out to be the case." Xu Xiaobin nodded. "However, in business, we must be amiable to be rich! Inequality will offend people."

"Yeah, but it doesn't matter. You are a connoisseur in this respect. All these social interactions will be handed over to you." Liu Jifei said, "I will tell you what should be discussed later. You will represent me to attend lunch. I will not show up."[1] to obtain or accept money or food from other people without doing or intending to do anything in return.

So Pure, So Flirtatious 1328 Looking For Cooperation

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