So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1331 - A Discussion of Cooperation

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Chapter 1331: A Discussion of Cooperation

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“That’s fine.” Yang Ming nodded. “Are you used to living here?”

En , it’s not bad. It’s similar to my previous place.” Fang Tian was obviously quite satisfied with this. “Dong Jun came over yesterday and bought me some rice noodles. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“My senior is really considerate.” Yang Ming nodded. “If there’s nothing else, I will go back first.”

“Go back. Right, someone has been looking for you for the past few days.” Fang Tian suddenly thought of something and said to Yang Ming.

“Looking for me? Who is it?” Yang Ming looked at Fang Tian, baffled.

“I don’t know.” Fang Tian shook his head.

“…” Yang Ming didn’t know what to say.

“An old man with no name.” Fang Tian shrugged.

“Then, you didn’t ask him?” Yang Ming was very…. at Fang Tian’s behavior; he didn’t know what to say.

“I asked.” Fang Tian said, “But he didn’t say.”

Yang Ming didn’t take it seriously when Fang Tian said this. Since the other party was looking for him, the other person would definitely continue to look for him. If he didn’t find him anymore, then it proved that it was nothing important, so Yang Ming did not care.


At the same time, at the Song Jiang International Hotel, Bao Sanli took Jing Xiaolu before private room 208.

Bao Sanli didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the other party for treating him to a meal here. This was his territory, so he was not worried about tricks the other party could make.

The waiter helped to knock at the door, and a man’s voice came from inside, “Please come in.”

This person was Xu Xiaobin who came here on behalf of Liu Jifei. Xu Xiaobin was very excited. This was his first time meeting Bao Sanli, the legendary figure of Song Jiang City. From a small gang, he took the right path and established Song Jiang’s largest security company.

Xu Xiaobin was not as condescending as Liu Jifei. Bao Sanli was able to achieve such accomplishments today naturally because he excelled in something. Moreover, he was here to cooperate with others, so Xu Xiaobin could not come here with an aloof att.i.tude that deserved a beating.

He didn’t think that Chief Yan’s phone call could let Bao Sanli agree with his request without questioning! Bao Sanli was just giving him face. Xu Xiaobin wouldn’t believe that Bao Sanli didn’t have a backer in Song Jiang! If not, Bao Sanli couldn’t develop the security company successfully. Now, the hotels and communities in the city had hired the Ming Yang Security Company’s security guards. This showed Bao Sanli’s influence in Song Jiang. This couldn’t be possible without the support from government officials.

Therefore, Bao Sanli already gave Xu Xiaobin face by coming to eat this meal. Usually, people couldn’t see him even if they wanted to. Xu Xiaobin also cherished this opportunity, which was an opportunity for him to achieve success in his future career. If he held on to this opportunity, he might become a manager of the Liu Family’s branch. If he didn’t hold on to this opportunity, he would continue to mix in this dead-end position.

Seeing that Bao Sanli and a beautiful young woman entered the room, Xu Xiaobin didn’t dare to be arrogant. He quickly stood up and greeted with humility, “President Bao, I’m very happy that you can come!”

You need to have others’ support to survive in society. When you give face, Bao Sanli would naturally not be too aloof. On the way, Bao Sanli had already discussed with Jing Xiaolu. If this person that Yan Chief introduced understood the rules and didn’t ask for much, Bao Sanli would naturally give Yan Chief face and help them. As long as they weren’t too greedy, Bao Sanli would try to satisfy them.

However, if this person was proud and arrogant, then Bao Sanli was not afraid to offend Chief Yan. Due to his relations.h.i.+p with Chen Fei, Bao Sanli did not fear anyone.

Now that he saw this Xu Xiaobin being very polite, Bao Sanli naturally didn’t despise him too much. He shook hands with him. “Are you the one Chief Yan introduced?”

“Xu Xiaobin, manager of the Hai Cheng Jiangyan Group’s office in Song Jiang,” Xu Xiaobin said in fear and trepidation. “This time, on behalf of the Jiangyan Group, I came to discuss cooperation with President Bao.”

Oh ?” Bao Sanli was stunned. Bao Sanli had heard of the Hai Cheng Jiangyan Group before. It was a very famous group in the province. It had more than twenty years of history, and the business it involved was diverse. From real estate to department store retailing, they dipped into everything. However, the most famous one was probably the bank escort business. Bao Sanli was also a person in the security system, so he was naturally clear about this.

Now, he heard that Xu Xiaobin was someone from the Jiangyan Group. Bao Sanli was a bit puzzled! The Jiangyan Group is much better than our Ming Yang Security Company and Ming Yang Entertainment. Even Ming Yang Heavy Industry Group, which is controlled by Yang Ming’s father, is not Jiangyan’s opponent!

Such a behemoth representative must not have come to sponge off of us. Our business means nothing in the eyes of the Jiangyan Group.

Could it be that the other party really wants to discuss cooperation?

“President Xu, hi. I’ve long looked forward to meeting with the Jiangyan Group.” Bao Sanli also became polite after hearing about Xu Xiaobin’s origin. Although Xu Xiaobin was only the manager of an office, the group behind him was a big force, so he was considered a person of the same level as him. Bao Sanli couldn’t ignore him.

Hehe , what President Xu? President Bao can call me Little Xu.” Xu Xiaobin was somewhat flattered, but he also understood that Bao Sanli did not respect him, but the Jiangyan Group behind him.

“Don’t. We’re here to talk about cooperation. We naturally have to be a bit more formal.” Bao Sanli smiled and then introduced Xu Xiaobin to Jing Xiaolu next to him, “This is Vice President Jing Xiaolu, my deputy, and also the company’s first executive vice president.”

Oh ?” Xu Xiaobin listened to Bao Sanli’s introduction, and he was slightly surprised! He didn’t expect that this girl who came in with Bao Sanli, who was too young and too pretty, was actually the executive vice president of the company! Also the first vice president.

This made Xu Xiaobin very surprised. When Bao Sanli came in with Jing Xiaolu, Xu Xiaobin thought she was just a secretary or a.s.sistant, so he didn’t take her seriously. After he listened to Bao Sanli’s introduction, he rea.s.sessed Jing Xiaolu.

However, Jing Xiaolu was indeed too young. Xu Xiaobin looked left and right, and did not think that Jing Xiaolu was over twenty years old. Such a girl was actually the vice president of the company. This was somewhat surprising. Of course, this was not an era that judged people’s abilities by age. In this era, talents come forth by large numbers. Just like his family’s Liu Huamei. She was only nineteen years old, but she had already taken the position of the company’s financial director.

Although she was the direct granddaughter of Grandpa Liu, if she were incapable, how could she be appointed to this position? Although Grandpa Liu had not gotten involved in the company’s affairs very much, it did not mean that he was confused!

The financial director of a company was a top position. Appointing a fool was likely to affect the company’s development.

“Vice President Jing, h.e.l.lo!” Xu Xiaobin quickly reached out to shake hands with Jing Xiaolu.

Once Jing Xiaolu’s hand shook his, it was immediately released. She smiled lightly, “President Xu, no need to be courteous. We might become business partners in the future, so let’s not be constrained by etiquette. Let’s sit down?”

“Okay, okay, let’s be seated!” Xu Xiaobin nodded quickly. “I have forgotten the proper business. Why are we standing at the door? Why don’t we sit and eat as we discuss this?”

The three people sat in turn. Xu Xiaobin had already ordered the dishes, so he informed the waiter, “You can serve the dishes.”

Soon, the dishes were served. Xu Xiaobin did not mention the specifics of the cooperation, nor did Bao Sanli and Jing Xiaolu ask. The way the Chinese did business was not as direct as foreigners. To cooperate or not to cooperate was just a matter of words. Once the cooperation was successful, they would celebrate together with a feast.

However, Chinese people did business differently. They all first ate and drank together and got acquainted with each other. Once they were familiar with each other and on the same page, they would take out a contract to talk about business.

Of course, it is hard to say which way was better or worse; the customs were different.

Although the three did not talk about cooperation, there were a lot of other things to talk about. Xu Xiaobin also introduced the business scope of the Jiangyan Group to Bao Sanli.

In fact, Xu Xiaobin did not have to say it clearly, but Bao Sanli also probably understood the direction in which he wished to cooperate.

Bao Sanli and Xu Xiaobin drank wine while Jing Xiaolu drank juice. Her capacity for liquor was not low, but now, she basically didn’t touch alcohol. She thought that Yang Ming must not like a girl who drank alcohol, so it was better to be a polite girl.

After three rounds of drinking, Xu Xiaobin began to reveal his purpose of looking for Bao Sanli. “President Bao’s security company is the first in Song Jiang!”

“I don’t dare to say that it’s the first. There are still some small-scale security companies.” Bao Sanli said with a smile. Indeed, in addition to the Ming Yang Security Company, Song Jiang also had some small-scale private security companies. However, because the businesses had different target markets, there were no conflicts. These small companies only provided the kind of private bodyguards for rich families. Bao Sanli did not do this kind of business.

Everyone knew that those young masters and misses were not easy to serve. How could that money be easy to earn? Bao Sanli was not willing to make such money. However, some small security companies could not handle contracts for hotels and communities; they could only do business for these small orders.

“In terms of scale, it is the first!” Xu Xiaobin laughed and said.

This was true, and Bao Sanli did not deny it. If he denied it, he wasn’t modest, but he would be lying. “In terms of scale, it’s still decent. After all, it is a cooperation with the Bureau. There are official guidance and supervision, so it’s more convenient than those small companies.”

Bao Sanli also pointed out his own background. Government officials supported his company, and it was not one of those small private companies, so he also let the other party know his weight.

However, Xu Xiaobin had already investigated what Bao Sanli said beforehand. “Right, is our Song Jiang’s bank escort business an escort company that is affiliated with an out-of-town postal system?”

“This should be true.” Bao Sanli thought, We are indeed starting to talk about business. It is similar to what I expected. The other party wants to enter Son Jiang’s bank escort market.

However, Bao Sanli was not involved in t his market, so there was no conflict with his business. If the other party really intended to cooperate, it was not impossible to consider.

“President Bao, as the largest security company of Song Jiang, has the Ming Yang Security Company ever considered acquiring this market?” Xu Xiaobin ate a bite and asked with a smile.

“Our company was founded less than a year ago, and it was not involved in similar industries. There is no such consideration at the moment.” Bao Sanli was telling the truth; his company was established not long ago. How could they consider this? Bao Sanli also did not hide it. Naturally, if he said that he did think about entering the market, the other party would also not believe it.

The bank escort business was very different from the ordinary security business. First of all, they had no experience in training the employees. Secondly, no matter if it were deployment, equipment, or emergency response, it was not something a newly established security company was qualified for.

Therefore, Bao Sanli would not even whimsically think about entering the industry. It was okay if he did it well; if he didn’t do it well, it would simply damage his brand.

“Our Jiangyan Group has the intention of entering Song Jiang City’s market. What does President Bao think about that?” Xu Xiaobin finally revealed his intention. Since Bao Sanli didn’t have the intention to enter this market, it was easier to talk about it.

Oh ? As far as I know, the Jiangyan Group has been doing this bank escort business all this time, not only in the province but also in cities outside the province. It has been established as a specialized escort company.” Bao Sanli said, “Why? Are you interested in Song Jiang’s market?”

“It is certain that we have the intention.” Xu Xiaobin did not deny it. He nodded and said, “However, there are already other companies in the market, and it is not easy for us to intervene. After all, our Jiangyan Group is also a foreign company, so it’s inappropriate to take over the market from the hands of others.”

Having said that, Bao Sanli basically understood why the Jiangyan Group looked for them to talk about cooperation. As Xu Xiaobin said, another company in the province acquired song Jiang’s escort business, and they had an official background, which was operating under the postal system. Therefore, even if their Jiangyan Group were stronger, it was hard to acquire the market from others directly.

However, Bao Sanli was different! Bao Sanli’s company was a local company in Song Jiang. It was also a company with official guidance and supervision. If the Ming Yang Security Company took over the market, no one could say anything.

Whether it was local protectionism or supporting local enterprises, it was reasonable; it was impossible to find fault! So, this was the real reason why Xu Xiaobin looked for Bao Sanli.

Hehe , what President Xu means is that you want to pull me in and join you in taking this market?” Bao Sanli was, of course, a little tempted by Xu Xiaobin’s proposal! The Ming Yang Security Company’s development to the present scale meant that it had basically no potential for further development. If they wanted to expand, they could only do so in other industries.

This bank escort business was a good industry project. Of course, Bao Sanli would not be naive to believe that this market could be successful with just the strength of his company! It was not difficult to acquire this market, but the key question was whether this market could be successful! If he ruined their brand, it was better not to get involved in this industry.

So if the Jiangyan Group, a company with extensive experience in the bank escort market, worked with them to carry out this business, there would be no problem.

“President Bao is smart! We do have this idea. What is President Bao’s opinion on this?” Xu Xiaobin nodded. “Of course, you don’t have to make a decision now. After all, we’re here today just to meet up and get acquainted with each other. As for the specifics of the cooperation, it is not too late to discuss after a decision is made.”

“Of course, I am interested in your proposal.” Bao Sanli said, “But, whether we will partic.i.p.ate in this will be decided after we carefully evaluate it.”

“That’s for sure.” Xu Xiaobin said with no concerns. “I am just a manager of the office at the lower level. The head office also decides the specific cooperation intention. Ai, unlike President Bao… I don’t have the right to decide! Come, cheers to President Bao.”

Hehe , we also have a board of directors. Although I am a member of the board of directors, our chairman has to decide on these things.” Bao Sanli did not realize that Xu Xiaobin’s sentence was to pry into his background. Because the Ming Yang Security Company and the Ming Yang Entertainment Culture Development Company were not listed, it was not easy to investigate the company’s structure and shareholding.

“But President Bao is also the second most powerful person in the company. Come, let’s toast!” Xu Xiaobin raised his gla.s.s.

“Good!” Bao Sanli also raised the gla.s.s.

“Right, President Bao. Yang Ming, Mr. Yang is…?” Xu Xiaobin asked casually. This was the task that Liu Jifei gave him, but Xu Xiaobin didn’t think much. He felt that Liu Jifei wanted to pry into some of the other’s trade secrets.

Oh ? Mr. Yang is the chairman of our group. Why? Does President Xu know him?” Bao Sanli did not deliberately conceal Yang Ming’s ident.i.ty. Today, Yang Ming’s high-profile appearance on the podium and Jing Xiaolu’s reveal of his ident.i.ty meant that Yang Ming was already showing himself on the front stage. The news would soon be spread out, so there was no need for Bao Sanli to hide anything.

“I… can’t really say that I know him. I know Mr. Yang, but Mr. Yang doesn’t know me!” Xu Xiaobin waved his hand and said with a smile, “We just met once. There is no reason for Mr. Yang to remember me.”

Bao Sanli nodded and didn’t think much. The two talked about the security industry and the current status of the bank escort industry. Jing Xiaolu rarely spoke. Although she was the vice president of the company, she was only on the job as the vice president for one morning; she was not familiar with a lot of the business. To avoid saying the wrong words, she did her best to listen to Bao Sanli and Xu Xiaobin, and she only asked occasionally when she encountered something that she did not understand.

However, this had given Xu Xiaobin more pressure. In his opinion, it was wise behavior for Jing Xiaolu not to speak. The questions she asked were all the shortcomings and sensitive topics of the escort industry; Xu Xiaobin did not dare to take it easy.

If Jing Xiaolu knew what Xu Xiaobin was thinking, how would she feel?

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1331 - A Discussion of Cooperation

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