So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1339 - A Plot with an Ulterior Motive

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Chapter 1339: A Plot with an Ulterior Motive

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Even if Yang Ming was suspected of having an affair, Xu Qianxing could only say that it was somewhat immoral, but he couldn’t do anything to Yang Ming.

Xu Qianxing sighed slightly. What is so good about Yang Ming? Why are all the beautiful women so fond of him? Chen Mengyan, the campus belle of the School of Economics and Management, is Yang Ming’s rumored girlfriend, and Lin Zhiyun also has an unclear relations.h.i.+p with him. I’ve heard that the campus belle of the computer science department, Zhou Jiajia, is also very close to Yang Ming… It seems that if I have to do something to separate Lin Zhiyun from Yang Ming completely, I’ll have to start with Chen Mengyan first. Thinking of this, Xu Qianxing pondered.

Chen Mengyan looked at the stage with some disappointment. Tens of thousands of college students wors.h.i.+pped Yang Ming, and they sought after Lin Zhiyun. Their fantastic performance and glamor on the stage made Chen Mengyan feel a little lost.

Although Chen Mengyan had treated Lin Zhiyun as her family member, now when she saw Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming performing on the same stage, it was still uncomfortable in her heart.

In fact, Chen Mengyan did want to perform with Yang Ming. But sometimes, if she had to make a choice, she had to show some manners. Now, Chen Mengyan discovered that being Yang Ming’s genuine girlfriend wasn’t easy. Not only must she have a tolerable heart, but she also had to sacrifice her self-interest under many circ.u.mstances to fulfill others.

What is so good about this seemingly prestigious big sister? Chen Mengyan sighed, but there was no other way. She could either be an enemy of all women who have an affair with Yang Ming, and make trouble all day long, or be amicable with them.

Yang Ming did not hope to see the first scenario, and Chen Mengyan did not wish for it for herself either. The days of fighting against each other were too tiring. Never mind that Lin Zhiyun and Zhou Jiajia were the kinds of people who held themselves aloof from the world; Chen Mengyan did not want to be hostile with them.

The second scenario was the current situation. To show her generosity, Chen Mengyan had to make a lot of concessions. Fortunately, Lin Zhiyun and Zhou Jiajia were not insatiable, so Chen Mengyan still felt very comforted.

As a Student Union cadre, Chen Mengyan was also the Student Union vice president of her department. Naturally, she must also partic.i.p.ate in the art festival. In the beginning, she told Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming that she had to perform with the department Student Union to just allow Lin Zhiyun the opportunity to perform with Yang Ming.

Sister Lin’s temperament was a bit tender. She had not partic.i.p.ated in similar performances. How could Chen Mengyan let her perform on stage alone? Since she had already promised Xu Qianxing to perform on stage, and she would keep her word, she would perform no matter what. Therefore, Chen Mengyan decided to let Yang Ming accompany her.

Chen Mengyan herself said that she was a Student Union cadre. She usually saw a lot of big scenes, so she could handle it very well even without Yang Ming.

She thought it easy at that time, but when it really came to it, Chen Mengyan still felt somewhat lost. When Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun came down from the stage and sat back by her side, Chen Mengyan quickly recovered from her sad mood before, trying to make her smile look natural. “The performance was very successful! Congratulations!”

“If Sister Mengyan went on stage, I believe you will do better than I did.” Lin Zhiyun said, embarra.s.sed. “Wasn’t I nervous until I made a mistake just now? If it weren’t for Yang Ming comforting me, I would not know what to do. Sister Mengyan definitely wouldn’t be like me.”

Lin Zhiyun’s words made Chen Mengyan’s depressed mood feel a bit more comfort. She knew that Lin Zhiyun’s words were from the heart. She pulled Lin Zhiyun’s hand and said, “Hehe, you were not bad, either.”

As they spoke, Tian Donghua and Zhang Bing also returned with the audio amplifier and the megaphone.

“Bro, how was it? We didn’t lose your face, right?” Zhang Bing said with a smile, “At the crucial moment, we turned the tides around.”

“I was the one who turned the tides, okay? Your job was only holding the audio amplifier.” Tian Donghua smiled and pushed Zhang Bing to the side.

“You two clowns! But you really made this show a lot more interesting. It was very interactive!” Yang Ming laughed and said, “Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng were not unprepared before. I saw their men in the audience fanning the flames, but they didn’t expect the two of you to be more fierce. You actually appeared with an audio amplifier and megaphone. This is really their tragedy.”

“But bro, you have to tell me. In the end, Li Jiasheng and Ren Jianren fought each other. Was it to your credit?” Tian Donghua knew Yang Ming’s skills. His father was a Shaolin disciple, but he even lost to Yang Ming. It could be seen how powerful Yang Ming was!

It was very well-known that Shaolin and Wudang were the apexes of the martial arts world. How could people who originate from there be weak? If such people were not Yang Ming’s opponents, then Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, who knew a little about Taekwondo, would be no match for him.

Hehe , I didn’t do anything. They were so far away from me. What could I do?” Yang Ming shrugged with a smile. “You can ask Zhiyun if you don’t believe it.”

The two thought that Yang Ming couldn’t say so much in front of many outsiders, so they didn’t care. Anyway, both of them had already acknowledged Yang Ming as a super-powerful existence. They didn’t think that it was a coincidence for Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng to suffer a loss due to their own mistakes today.

Xu Qianxing was absent-mindedly walking up and down anxiously backstage. He had been thinking about Lin Zhiyun’s matter. This was the only girl that tempted him; he must get her for himself!

In fact, Xu Qianxing knew very well that even if he pursued Lin Zhiyun, he would not be able to marry her in the future. His family would not allow him to marry such a girl without a background.

In the future, whether he was doing business or politics, his family would introduce him to a miss who had a similar family background. This miss might be very ugly, or she might be older or younger than him, but these were not important because it was for his business. These were investments!

However, Xu Qianxing was unwilling. He was not willing to marry a woman he didn’t like and live with her for a lifetime. He wanted to find a girl he liked and keep her as a mistress.

Xu Qianxing was a person who liked perfection. There was a reason he started to make a move on Lin Zhiyun now, instead of getting a mistress when he became a powerful person.

He wanted a perfect woman. This woman must also love him. The kind of relations.h.i.+p fostered under the influence of money was simply not reliable; it would even get him in danger at any time instead.

Therefore, he wanted to get Lin Zhiyun before this happened, so that this girl would fall in love with him. This way, even if he were to marry another woman in the future, she would be moved by her feelings. He believed that with Lin Zhiyun’s character, she would definitely be his mistress.

Xu Qianxing was excited for a while as soon as he thought of Lin Zhiyun lying down under his body. He decided to separate Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun as quickly as possible, and this matter could only be started with Chen Mengyan. As long as Chen Mengyan was guarding against Yang Ming, then everything would be fine.

Of course, one other thing to do was to have Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan be together as much as possible. In this way, he believed that a smart girl like Lin Zhiyun would keep her distance from Yang Ming.

Thinking of this, Xu Qianxing smiled and sneaked off the stage and walked quickly to an inconspicuous corner of the corridor. Seeing that no one was around, Xu Qianxing pulled out his phone and dialed.

“h.e.l.lo, are you You Zhengmin? This is Xu Qianxing. Where are you?” Xu Qianxing whispered. However, in this hall, even if he spoke loudly, it would be drowned out by the speech on the stage and the audience’s laughter.

Oh ? It’s President Xu. I’m watching the show below the stage. Are you looking for me?” When You Zhengmin heard that it was the Student Union president, Xu Qianxing, he asked nervously.

You Zhengmin intended to go further. He was now the president of the School of Economics’ Student Union. If he wanted to go further, he would need to become the vice president of the school’s Student Union. Then there would be hope for him to stay at school after graduating. Therefore, he kept a close relations.h.i.+p with Xu Qianxing.

Oh , come over. I am looking for you about a matter.” Xu Qianxing glanced at his surroundings and said, “I am at the emergency exit at the bottom right of the stage. You will see me when you come over.”

“Okay, President Xu. I will go right now.” You Zhengmin said quickly.

Xu Qianxing naturally knew You Zhengmin’s intentions. That was why he thought You Zhengmin would be useful to him.

Not long after, he saw You Zhengmin run over. When You Zhengmin saw Xu Qianxing, his face immediately showed a humble smile. “President Xu, sorry for making you wait! My seat was in the middle, so it’s a bit difficult to come out when I have to walk past a few students.”

En , it’s fine.” Xu Qianxing smiled and patted You Zhengmin’s shoulder. “You Zhengmin, do you want to go further? I am the Student Union acting president, so I have to be the president no matter what. Now, the executive vice president’s position is vacant. However, this executive vice president is a very tiring position. It is much busier than you are now, so you will have no freedom and leisure.”

You Zhengmin was moved. He looked at Xu Qianxing as if he didn’t believe it! He indeed wanted to go further to be the vice president, but he had never dreamed of being the executive vice president!

He thought was that it was already very good to be able to get the vice president’s t.i.tle and be the minister of an insignificant department, for example, the Ministry of Health, which had no real power, but often a lot of work.

However, what he did not expect was that Xu Qianxing let him be the executive vice president suddenly, so You Zhengmin was stunned. He somewhat could not believe that this was true.

Although Xu Qianxing was now the acting president, his original position was the Student Union’s executive vice president. However, after he was promoted, several ministerial and part-time vice presidents were eyeing the vacant position. It would be You Zhengmin’s turn to get the position anyhow!

However, things were so strange. Xu Qianxing actually spoke to him about this! You Zhengmin wasn’t afraid of doing more work. He earnestly wished for more work so that he could show his face in front of the school leaders and the school league committee. Then it would be smooth sailing for him to stay at school after graduating.

You Zhengmin’s family wasn’t capable. Under tremendous employment pressure, staying in school had undoubtedly become a good way out! However, not just anyone could find employment at school after graduating.

Looking at the previous graduates who stayed in college, aside from those who were the faculty members’ children or who had the right social connections, the only others left were the Student Union cadre! Moreover, the higher the position in the Student Union, the more likely he was to stay in school!

Generally, as long as someone reached the position of the Student Union vice president, he could be employed at school if he wanted to stay in school. After all, many students who had reached this position didn’t care to stay in school anymore.

However, You Zhengmin didn’t have a way out, and he didn’t have a backer, so he had to consider ​​staying in school. Xu Qianxing naturally knew his thoughts clearly. He didn’t bother about it before because Xu Qianxing felt that there was no need to manage this kind of unimportant matter.

You Zhengmin wasn’t his crony. Why should he bother with an unimportant matter? So when You Zhengmin expressed that he wanted to go further, Xu Qianxing could pretend not to understand.

Now, Xu Qianxing could immediately use this You Zhengmin, so Xu Qianxing directly agreed to You Zhengmin’s request.

You Zhengmin wasn’t stupid. Xu Qianxing must have his reason to make this promise. Since You Zhengmin had long wanted to stay in the school, he naturally knew the way of the world. He proposed to Xu Qianxing that he wanted to be a vice president, but Xu Qianxing did not express anything.

It was reasonable after thinking about it. You Zhengmin’s abilities were not very outstanding, and there was nothing that he could help Xu Qianxing with. Therefore, it was reasonable for Xu Qianxing not to bother with You Zhengmin. But today, Xu Qianxing took the initiative to mention this, and he also promised to let You Zhengmin become the Student Union executive vice president. This meant something unusual was going on.

There must be something fishy for this unexpected event. You Zhengmin didn’t think that his overbearing aura increased suddenly, so it made Xu Qianxing value him. He still knew his weight clearly. Therefore, he figured that Xu Qianxing probably needed to ask him to do something.

However, what can I really do? The family of Xu Qianxing, the Student Union president, was very capable in the city. You Zhengmin didn’t think that he had anything to ask from him.

He couldn’t figure it out after thinking about it, so he had to express his determination with respect, “President Xu, you can rest a.s.sured that I will live up to your expectations and do a good job! I am not afraid of being tired, and I am not afraid of doing a lot of work. As long as I am under President Xu’s leaders.h.i.+p, I believe I can definitely over-fulfill the task!”

En , it’s good since you have this determination.” Xu Qianxing smiled secretly. Do you think you are writing a primary school essay? Over-fulfill the task?

“Do not worry, President Xu. I will resolutely obey your orders in the future. I’ll do whatever you ask me to!” You Zhengmin was afraid that his determination was not loyal enough, so he quickly added a sentence.

Xu Qianxing nodded with satisfaction after he heard You Zhengmin’s words. He was waiting for such a sentence. He looked at You Zhengmin and said, “It’s great that you have such determination. Do it nicely, and then this position is yours!”

“Thanks to President Xu for the cultivation!” said You Zhengmin.

Xu Qianxing said, “Now, I have something to trouble you to do.”

You Zhengmin thought, As expected, he really has something to ask from me. This sounds too good to be true, right? However, You Zhengmin was very confused as to what Xu Qianxing wanted him to do! However, he thought that if the matter were within his capability, then he would do it by all means.

“President Xu, isn’t it normal for you to ask your subordinates to do something? How is it trouble?” You Zhengmin smiled humbly without batting an eyelid. “Please say it if you need any help!”

En .” Xu Qianxing now felt that this You Zhengmin could hit it off with him. “In fact, things are very simple. In a while, you are going to perform a poetry recitation with Chen Mengyan, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with it, President Xu?” You Zhengmin did not know why Xu Qianxing asked about this, so he asked quickly. In a while, he did have to perform with Chen Mengyan. That was one of the programs of the Department of Economics and Management’s Student Union!

He went to recite a poem, and Chen Mengyan played the piano as background music. This was a very ordinary program. He had no talents, but the Student Union president of the Department of Economics and Management had to perform something. Therefore, he could barely perform a poetry recitation with background music. It was considered a program too.

Chen Mengyan’s piano skills were not as good as the previous little piano prince. However, she studied it since childhood, and although she didn’t take the highest level of professional examinations, she also pa.s.sed the national level 6 piano examination. Her skill was still quite good.

Chen Mengyan didn’t bother about what program to play. She must perform something anyway, so she would just cross the stage. The poetry they wanted to perform was w.a.n.g Meng’s “Long Live Youth,” and Chen Mengyan would play “Mystery Garden” as the score.

This was a relatively good program, but it was too formal for college students in this era. However, Chen Mengyan did not want to perform love poetry readings with him, so she could only choose something like “Long Live Youth” that was related to college students.

However, this “Long Live Youth” was still very well written. It let people feel the vigor of young people.

“You will tell Chen Mengyan in a moment that you have a stomachache, and you can’t perform. Then you let her find someone to replace you.” Xu Qianxing commanded.

Ah ?” You Zhengmin was stunned. He did not understand why Xu Qianxing would come up with such an inexplicable idea.

“Why? Is there a problem?” Xu Qianxing frowned. Just before, the boy swore his allegiance, but now, he goes back on his words? Is this kid fond of Chen Mengyan, and he wants to be close to her?

“No… no!” You Zhengmin was shocked. He was afraid that Xu Qianxing would misunderstand him, so he quickly said, “Of course, there is no problem. It’s just that it’s hard to explain to the school, right? In case, Chen Mengyan can’t find anyone. Wouldn’t that affect the image of the Department of Economics and Management’s Student Union?”

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1339 - A Plot with an Ulterior Motive

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