So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1341 - The Good Feeling from a Slap in the Face

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Chapter 1341: The Good Feeling from a Slap in the Face

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yang Ming smiled slightly. “Just wait for our triumphant return!”

Chen Mengyan ignored Yang Ming and pulled him toward the backstage.

Zhang Bing was envious. My bro is so bad*ss. His family relations.h.i.+p is so harmonious. Unlike my own family… Zhang Bing had some headaches when he thought about the relations.h.i.+p between Zhao Sisi and w.a.n.g Mei.

Xu Qianxing saw Yang Ming, who ran with Chen Mengyan, and the smile on his face immediately became brilliant. “At the crucial moment, you both have to go together! Yang Ming, it all depends on you this time!”

“Am I not obliged to do this? I was born to accompany my wife on stage.” Yang Ming made up his mind to flirt with Chen Mengyan and make her happy, so his words were a bit cheesy. Furthermore, he also secretly warned Xu Qianxing, hoping that Xu Qianxing could understand his words.

Chen Mengyan’s face flushed as she gently hit Yang Ming and said nothing.

Xu Qianxing heard Yang Ming’s words and felt something was odd. It was sensible that Yang Ming accompanied Chen Mengyan, but Yang Ming was accompanied by Lin Zhiyun on stage just now! As Yang Ming said he was born to perform on stage with his wife, what about Lin Zhiyun? Had she become his wife?

Thinking of this, Xu Qianxing secretly swore. Yang Ming, don’t blame me for giving you a tough time. Why did you get so close to Lin Zhiyun? If you stayed away from her, I will definitely not sow dissension. Now that you have blocked me from picking up girls, then I have to play dirty with you.

Hehe , Yang Ming, you can’t simply say this, especially in Little Chen’s face.” Xu Qianxing pretended not to care and jokingly said, “You accompanied Lin Zhiyun up to the stage just now! How will Little Chen think if you said this? Little Chen, you have to watch out for Yang Ming. Right now, he is the idol of all the college girls!”

How could Yang Ming not hear what Xu Qianxing meant? The more Yang Ming thought about it, the more he felt that this guy was shameless. He actually spoke badly about him in front of Chen Mengyan. That was malicious!

“It’s okay. I don’t mind.” Chen Mengyan smiled slightly, “Zhiyun and I are good friends, and she often stays at my house. If Yang Ming has anything to do with her, how will I not know?”

Chen Mengyan thought. Of course, I know about their relations.h.i.+p, and they even slept together. Why do you want to bother so much?

Hearing Chen Mengyan say this, Xu Qianxing was troubled. He did not expect Chen Mengyan to answer like this. He could not help but be a little embarra.s.sed! However, he got an unexpected gain. The relations.h.i.+p between Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun was great, even to the extent of being close friends! Therefore, it was reasonable that Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun had a good relations.h.i.+p.

It seems that I thought too much. Lin Zhiyun and Chen Mengyan are close friends. How could the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun not be good? Since Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun are so close, then there should be nothing between Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming. Thinking of this, Xu Qianxing breathed a sigh of relief. Did I misunderstand Yang Ming?

However, there was no fault for being careful. Besides, Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan performed together. It was also a popular event. Yang Ming once again stepped on the stage and brought a small climax to the party. With that, Xu Qianxing could make up for his own mistakes.

“For the following performance… do you want to have a guess?” Lai Mingxu was not like Ning Chen. He had no prejudice against Yang Ming. Since it was the time to announce the agenda, he kept the audience in suspense. In fact, this was also Xu Qianxing’s intention previously. He was afraid that Ning Chen would mess it up.

“Guess?” The students in the audience showed their surprised and strange expressions. From elementary school to university, every time they watched a performance, they would watch whatever the hosts introduced. The host had never let them guess the performance! So these people were very shocked.

Hehe , our new popular guy, Yang Ming, will once again step onto the stage!” Lai Mingxu certainly didn’t expect anyone in the audience to guess what it was. He just roused everyone’s enthusiasm and quickly revealed the answer. “Yang Ming brings his girlfriend, who is one of the campus belles of the university BBS – Chen Mengyan, to bring us a music poetry recitation!”

“Yang Ming! Yang Ming! Yang Ming!”

The audience immediately began to get excited again. They watched a few uninteresting performances just now, and everyone was a little tired of it. When they suddenly heard that Yang Ming was going up on stage again, it was like being shot with a cardiotonic agent. Everyone’s eyes showed excitement in their gaze.

Although they heard that the performance was a music poetry recitation, seemingly not as interesting as the knife-throwing, with Yang Ming’s support, they didn’t care what Yang Ming performed. They were happy once they got to see Yang Ming coming up on the stage.

“Yang Ming, you haven’t told me what poem you wanted to recite.” Chen Mengyan was too engaged to refute Xu Qianxing and forgot to ask Yang Ming what to perform. At this time, she only remembered once she had to go on stage. She was anxious all of a sudden. “Both of us have not rehea.r.s.ed yet. Don’t screw it up, or we will become a laughing stock.”

“Do we still need a rehearsal? We have established a tacit understanding early. I know what you are thinking with just a gaze.” Yang Ming smiled and said, “Let’s go. There’s no problem with it. Let me think about what song you are going to play. ”

Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming hadn’t thought about what to play, and she was about to cry. Do you know what’s happening now? You’re still so sloppy. She glared at Yang Ming helplessly. “You still haven’t thought about it even now? Are you sending us to lose face together?”

“Lose face? How will that happen?” Yang Ming waved his hand. “Let’s do this. Play the song “With You Forever.”

“With You Forever?” Chen Mengyan was stunned, but she did not know why Yang Ming asked her to play this song. This was a song popular in 2003.

Yang Ming nodded. “Because I’m with you forever! Listen; be obedient. Play this later on.”

Chen Mengyan slightly blushed and was embarra.s.sed because of Yang Ming’s words. What happened to Yang Ming today? He has been flirty ever since the beginning. She didn’t know Yang Ming’s emotions previously and thought that he took the wrong medicine.

“Don’t mess around. This is a big party at our university…” Chen Mengyan was afraid that Yang Ming would come on stage and make a shocking move, so she quickly instructed.

“I have already been on the stage once. If I simply messed around, how can the Student Union cadre let me go on stage again?” Yang Ming comforted Chen Mengyan, “Do not worry. I know what to do.”

“Then, why do you want me to play this song… What do you want to do?” Chen Mengyan felt subconsciously that Yang Ming must have a purpose in changing the song to “With You Forever” at the last minute. As for what the purpose was, Chen Mengyan still could not guess it.

“It’s still a music poetry recitation!” Yang Ming said, “It is just that I don’t like the one you chose before.”

“Why aren’t you both onstage yet?” Ning Chen ran to Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan in annoyance. She seemed to have deep hatred as she and glared at Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan.

“We are going up now.” Chen Mengyan saw that the host was in a hurry; she quickly pulled Yang Ming and smiled at Ning Chen.

Yang Ming frowned. What is with the att.i.tude of this little girl? She seems like she had irregular menstruation as if I owed her a hundred million.

“You are still a Student Union cadre. What kind of person are you!?” Ning Chen snorted. “You have no concept of time, flirting backstage. What’s with the bad manners?”

Although Ning Chen’s voice was not loud, it could be heard clearly in the quiet background. Chen Mengyan’s face turned sour as she looked down, and Yang Ming was a little unhappy after listening. “Pay attention to your words. What’s wrong with flirting? Which eyes of yours noticed it? Also, Chen Mengyan is my wife. If I flirt with her, what does it have to do with you? What about being a Student Union cadre? Even the US President still has to marry a wife and have children.”

“You…” Ning Chen was stunned for a moment because of his words; she simply didn’t know what to say! Indeed, they were dating. What’s wrong with them being intimate and flirty? She didn’t seem to have the right to put her nose in it. However, she was still unwilling in her heart. Yang Ming had not been pleasing to her eye for a long time. She snorted. “Bad manners!”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Xu Qianxin’s eyes for people. Even someone like you gets to host the show,” snorted Yang Ming.

“Yang Ming, just speak less.” Chen Mengyan pulled Yang Ming’s hand. Ning Chen was also a celebrity in the university. She had a good relations.h.i.+p with Xu Qianxing. Chen Mengyan didn’t want to cause trouble. “Okay. Ning Chen, Yang Ming is like this. Don’t mind him.”

“If you said it was okay, then would it be fine? Who are you? The Department of Economics and Management President and yet you are the vice president. Why did you come and meddle with the university’s literary and art department Student Union Head?” Ning Chen simply did not give Chen Mengyan face. Yang Ming was not pleasing to her eye because of Xu Qianxing. At this moment, Yang Ming scolded Xu Qianxing too. Ning Chen immediately became outraged, pointing to Yang Ming. “What are you saying? I dare you to say it one more time. Things are not over!”

“A Student Union cadre really takes herself too seriously.” Yang Ming looked at Ning Chen with disdain. He didn’t understand if she had a problem with her mind. “I don’t have time to bother with you now. We can talk again when I return.”

“No! You can’t go! You have to explain it to me today! Either you apologize to me and Brother Qianxing, or else, this is not over!” Ning Chen grabbed Yang Ming’s clothes and prevented him from leaving.

Yang Ming frowned. He didn’t expect this Ning Chen to be like a crazy b*tch when she was enraged. If they weren’t in the university auditorium, Yang Ming really wanted to trample her to vent his anger. But, Chen Mengyan was by his side. She didn’t like fighting at all, so Yang Ming endured it.

Xu Qianxing was proud of the success of his plan. After listening to Chen Mengyan’s words, he had a general understanding of the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming, Chen Mengyan, and Lin Zhiyun. He secretly celebrated that Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun should have no other relations.h.i.+p apart from being good friends. He was thinking about whether or not to build a good relations.h.i.+p with Yang Ming, but then, he heard a quarrel from backstage.

Xu Qianxing didn’t know what was going on, but as the main person in charge of the art festival party, he definitely could not allow any disharmony at the party. Hence, when he heard the quarrel, he subconsciously ran backstage. As he arrived, he found out that Ning Chen was crazy and refused to let Yang Ming go.

“Ning Chen! What are you doing?” Xu Qianxing was so annoyed. Yang Ming was about to perform on stage. Lai Mingxu already announced on stage, and yet she was still quarreling with Yang Ming. Isn’t she stirring up trouble when the boss is not around? “Hurry and let go; let Yang Ming go on stage!”

“No, he has to apologize to me and you!” Ning Chen could not let go. She thought that if she sided Xu Qianxing in this way, Xu Qianxing would be very moved, and maybe they would be together.

“What does it have to do with me?” Xu Qianxing was surprised, but he didn’t have time to ask. “You let him go first. What’s the matter? Let’s wait until the party is over!”

“Impossible! He said that you don’t have good eyes for people and chose me as the host. He must apologize for what he said.” Ning Chen did not recognize the situation. She still held Yang Ming and yelled.

“There is no need for me to say anything at all. President Xu, you chose such a person as a host. I am really sorry…” Yang Ming shrugged and said to Xu Qianxing.

Xu Qianxing was about to blow up. Just now, he had made up his mind to keep a good relations.h.i.+p with Yang Ming. This Ning Chen actually looked around for trouble. It seems that Yang Ming is right. I have bad eyes for people. How can I let her host the party?

Pa !” Xu Qianxing stepped forward and slapped Ning Chen in the face and said, “Let go!”

“You… you slapped me?” Ning Chen looked at Xu Qianxing inexplicably. She didn’t expect him to slap her. What’s more, the reason was actually for this Yang Ming! Ning Chen felt that she was wronged! Obviously, she only seized Yang Ming to defend Xu Qianxing. In the end, Xu Qianxing not only did not praise her but rewarded her with a big slap. How could Ning Chen accept it?

Ning Chen was utterly stupefied at this time. She did not bother with Yang Ming as she cried and covered her face.

Xu Qianxing didn’t have time to take care of her. He smiled and walked over to Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan.”I’m sorry. I treat Ning Chen like a sister, and I’ve spoiled her. Please don’t mind it. Quickly, go on stage and perform.”

Yang Ming was now certain that Ning Chen liked Xu Qianxing. He could see this from her gaze on Xu Qianxing. Yang Ming shook his head secretly. He felt sad for Ning Chen in his heart.

Xu Qianxing had already made his words clear enough that he only considered her as his sister, which meant that he did not like her at all. Most likely, such a hint was not just given a few times. Ning Chen was still obsessed with it. The onlooker sees more of the game.

However, Xu Qianxing was really outstanding. In order to pursue Lin Zhiyun and to please Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan, he could abandon Ning Chen, a girl who loved him deeply. He would slap her to please Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan!

Yang Ming was also very clear about Xu Qianxing’s reason for pleasing Chen Mengyan and himself. Previously, he noticed that Xu Qianxing was hostile to him and had him accompany Chen Mengyan to perform a show. The purpose and motivation of the proposal were also impure. It was true that Yang Ming was very popular with the students. He could bring a climax to the party with him appearing on stage once again, but this was definitely not the purpose Xu Qianxing asked him to go on stage with Chen Mengyan. His purpose was not pure.

It could be guessed that Xu Qianxing wanted him to perform with Chen Mengyan to give Lin Zhiyun a warning. That was to let her know that Yang Ming was someone with a girlfriend and that she should keep a certain distance.

Of course, this was Yang Ming’s guess. Yang Ming wouldn’t know whether Xu Qianxing had such an idea. However, the very fact that Xu Qianxing was trying to please him was really true. After listening to Chen Mengyan’s words, Xu Qianxing changed his mind and made him feel that Yang Ming did not pose any threat in his pursuit of Lin Zhiyun, and Yang Ming could probably even help, so Xu Qianxing began to please him.

This Ning Chen was also unlucky enough to become a victim of Xu Qianxing’s pleasing Yang Ming. Yang Ming shook his head. The pathetic person certainly has something to be despised. She, as a person, was too self-righteous. There was no harm in teaching her a lesson.

As for why Yang Ming could have a contrasting impression between Jing Xiaolu and Ning Chen, it was because she and Jing Xiaolu were essentially two different kinds of people. Jing Xiaolu’s conflict with Yang Ming previously was like a mischievous child who was ignorant. Jing Xiaolu acted out such an arrogant att.i.tude. For a girl living in her environment, she had to build a resistance to external factors to protect herself. She had to make herself appear stronger.

But Ning Chen was different. One could see from Ning Chen’s outfit that this girl was completely a proud woman. Now, she was a university Student Union cadre and the host of various campus activities. In other words, she got pampered everywhere. The arrogance she showed was a kind of contempt att.i.tude that looked down on people. She felt that everyone was not as good as her, and not one was as good as her beloved Brother Xu Qianxing.

Yang Ming didn’t really like an arrogant person like her, let alone have sympathy and pity on her. He just thought that she reaped what she sowed.

Chen Mengyan also had grievances toward Ning Chen in her heart. At that time, she was afraid of delaying the performance and decided to settle it, but Ning Chen was persistent. She was also very annoyed, but now, when she saw Ning Chen get slapped and crying pitifully by the side, Chen Mengyan’s grievances disappeared. “President Xu, the fault is not all with Ning Chen. My Yang Ming is also at fault.”

“It is alright. I’m just teaching my sister a lesson. It is normal. You don’t have to think too much. Quickly, go to the stage. I wish you a successful performance.” Xu Qianxing said with a smile.

For Chen Mengyan’s “My Yang Ming,” Yang Ming was somewhat inexplicable. Chen Mengyan is not the kind of girl who is particularly bold. How come she said this suddenly?

Although his relations.h.i.+p with Chen Mengyan was not a secret at the university, she would not say something too intimate in front of outsiders. Did Chen Mengyan also change her personality today?

But after a slight hesitation, Yang Ming understood. Chen Mengyan was still unforgiving! Although Ning Chen was slapped, she couldn’t say anything. However, she certainly could not let go of what Ning Chen said previously, “What’s with the flirting?” Now this sentence “My Yang Ming” was probably directed to Ning Chen, meaning that she and Yang Ming were a family. So what if they were flirty and intimate?

Thinking of this, Yang Ming couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t expect Chen Mengyan to speak like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1341 - The Good Feeling from a Slap in the Face

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