So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1345 - Disguise / Master

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Chapter 1345: Disguise / Master

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

In the beginning, she met Bi Hai when she was studying in high school. At that time, Bi Hai was just a little punk. Everyone listened to his commands at school back then. Many students also gave face to him, so Ge Xinyao enjoyed her life.

Many of her sisters also envied her because she had a powerful and cool boyfriend. The other students didn’t dare to bully her, but instead, they had to listen to her.

If there were a conflict between the students, it would be solved after she stepped out; everyone gave face to her. Therefore, students who had something to ask from Ge Xinyao would maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with her.

However, this situation had also ended after high school graduation.

Everyone continued their walk of life, either stepping into the university or stepping into society; everyone’s horizon broadened. They also disapproved of the school’s little gangsters.

In particular, low-level punks like Bi Hai were synonymous with jobless migrants. Students who had desperately wanted to have a good relations.h.i.+p with Ge Xinyao also began to shy away from her. Sometimes they chatted on the Internet, but everyone kept a lukewarm att.i.tude.

Ge Xinyao knew that everyone was looking down on her now. Some of her cla.s.smates who went to society had inherited their family businesses, helping their parents to do business. Some of them had their own businesses, and they actually became quite famous.

She couldn’t even compare to those who were admitted to college. The boys were comparing how pretty their girlfriends were; the girls were comparing how capable their boyfriends were. No one cared whether the guy looked handsome anymore. Only those who were in an immature phase would do so.

Now, Bi Hai had made some achievements. Ge Xinyao had suffered a grievance in her heart. She wanted to show off to those who looked down on her that Bi Hai was not a little punk in the bar anymore. He was now a property manager in the villa area!

Influential people gathered in this villa area. Although Bi Hai was just a property manager, everyone must deal with the property agent, so Bi Hai also knew a lot of people.

He sometimes got a few ten thousand yuan as a tip by helping these rich people resolve the problem of a parking s.p.a.ce. The previous Bi Hai didn’t dare to think about it. In the beginning, Bi Hai did not dare to take it, and he reported it to Bao Sanli.

How could Bao Sanli bother about this little money? He arranged Bi Hai for this position just to let him receive some tips. Otherwise, it would be the same if someone else took his place. Bi Hai was familiar with Yang Ming, so Bao Sanli just gave him this job.

Seeing that Bao Sanli didn’t say anything, Bi Hai also a.s.suredly and boldly kept the tips. After all, this money was considered as his reward. With more money, the living standards of Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao suddenly improved.

Although Ge Xinyao didn’t look very good, Bi Hai didn’t plan to change to another girlfriend. Instead, he treated her better because Bi Hai was very clear of what relations.h.i.+p he had with Yang Ming. If it weren’t for Lin Zhiyun’s relations.h.i.+p, would Yang Ming know him?

Now, there was another Jing Xiaolu who seemed to be Yang Ming’s woman. Moreover, the key was that the relations.h.i.+p between Ge Xinyao and Jing Xiaolu was exceptionally close!

Bi Hai knew that if he wanted to develop in the future, then he would need to rely on his girlfriend. He had to let Ge Xinyao serve the madams, Lin Zhiyun and Jing Xiaolu, so then it was no problem for him to develop in the future.

Otherwise, he didn’t know when he would lose his job as a property manager! Bi Hai was very clear that his position was profitable. Many employees from the company were eyeing this job. Even some department managers wanted to be in his position as a property manager.

Now, even Bi Hai was close to Jing Xiaolu. The property company was only a subsidiary of Ming Yang Entertainment’s real estate company. Jing Xiaolu was now the executive vice president of Ming Yang Entertainment, so Bi Hai was very bad*ss in the company with Jing Xiaolu backing him up.

Many people coveted his position. Those who wanted to take the opportunity to stir up trouble would be aware of this relations.h.i.+p.

“Why don’t you go too?” Ge Xinyao urged Jing Xiaolu.

Indeed, Bi Hai’s Magotan was also very prestigious, but it was one grade lower compared to Jing Xiaolu’s BMW X5. Hence, Ge ​​Xinyao also hoped that Jing Xiaolu also partic.i.p.ated in this cla.s.s reunion.

When the two luxury cars stopped there, she and Jing Xiaolu could let those sn.o.bbish people see how well they did.

“I…” Jing Xiaolu recently was busy discussing with the Jiangyan Group about the security company’s escort business, so she didn’t have much leisure time. It was fine not to attend this kind of cla.s.s reunion.

“Go with Yang Ming.” Ge Xinyao saw that Jing Xiaolu hesitated, so then she spoke quickly.

Yang Ming? This is a good opportunity to contact Yang Ming alone. If I invite Yang Ming to go with me, Yang Ming can’t bring Chen Mengyan, right? Jing Xiaolu regarded matters with Yang Ming as the most significant events in her life. Therefore, it was more important to be alone with Yang Ming when compared with the Jiangyan Group’s matter. Thinking of this, Jing Xiaolu was somewhat tempted.

However, the key is, will Yang Ming accompany me to the cla.s.s reunion? What reason should I use to invite Yang Ming? Jing Xiaolu fell into deep thought.

Ge Xinyao looked at Jing Xiaolu’s frowning look, and she knew that Jing Xiaolu was tempted, so then she didn’t continue to pursue. It would be easier as long as Jing Xiaolu was tempted.

Yang Ming wasn’t interested in the subsequent shows at the art festival. The shows were performed by people he didn’t know and also very similar. They were either singing or dancing. He was so bored watching them.

Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun commented from time to time instead, so Yang Ming simply moved to Chen Mengyan’s side and let them talk to each other.

The annual school art festival party was over. After one week, the first, second, and third prizes of this evening show would be selected as well as the outstanding individual award.

Of course, in addition to the opinions of several school leaders, the selection still required everyone to partic.i.p.ate. There was a poll on the campus network. Although the school leaders’ views were very important, if the winners of the poll were entirely different from the school leaders’ views, the school leaders couldn’t go against the students’ opinions. After all, this event was for the students themselves. Excessive interference from the school leaders would cause dissatisfaction among the students.

Therefore, what the, moral education vice, and Liu Weishan said initially about awarding Yang Ming first prize, it was only based on the school leaders’ opinions. As for whether Yang Ming could get the first prize, it depended if the students had this intention.

Falcon… who was the mysterious behind-the-scenes boss, carefully unpacked an international air express package, took out the things inside, and gently placed it in his hands playing with it.

“Dr. Benjamin is indeed a genius. This new product is much better than before.” The Falcon said to himself, “I have to be careful this time. I can’t make any mistakes.”

After that, Falcon reached out and tore his current skin mask! If someone were next to him, the person would be scared to death. What was even more amazing was that there was another face behind Falcon’s skin mask!

However, no one had seen this. Falcon had put a new face on and put the old face into the previous courier box.

Falcon wanted to put these things in the cupboard to keep them for an emergency. However, after thinking about it, he still threw the box containing the skin mask into the fireplace, watching the raging fire burn it to ashes.

After doing all this, Falcon opened his office door and went out.

Huang Youcai was waiting outside. The two men wanted to discuss the next plan to deal with Yang Ming. Then Falcon received an international parcel and went into the office to check it out.

Huang Youcai didn’t seem to be surprised about this. He tried to know less about the matters that weren’t related to him. When he heard the office door opening again, Huang Youcai thought Falcon was coming out. However, he saw a stranger walk out as he looked up.

“Who are you?” Huang Youcai was subconsciously alert. He stood up, stared at the man who came out and shouted.

“It’s me,” Falcon said faintly. “Don’t panic.”

Hearing Falcon’s voice, Huang Youcai suddenly settled down. After taking a careful look, he realized that the dress, manner, and even voice were the same as before. Only his face had changed. Falcon had completely turned into someone else at this time. If he didn’t speak, Huang Yuoucai would have a hard time to a.s.sociate them as the same person.

Before, Huang Youcai had suspected that Falcon wasn’t showing his real face. Now, he didn’t doubt this anymore, and he was slightly relieved. The police were searching for Falcon’s previous image. Now that he had changed his face, he didn’t have to be afraid of showing up publicly.

“Boss, this is amazing. I can’t imagine this is the result of disguise.” Huang Youcai exclaimed.

Hehe .” The Falcon smiled slightly. This is a high-tech product. How can it compare with those simple disguise techniques?

Chapter 1345: Master

“Boss, what are we going to do next? That Yang Ming is very active; he is getting prosperous, and his company is getting bigger and bigger!” Huang Youcai remembered the dire situation when his previous boss was wanted, and then his mind went active again.

“Let’s wait and see. Now is not the best time to make a move.” Falcon had just been warned by Dr. Benjamin not make any small moves, but he couldn’t tell Huang Youcai about this. He still needed Huang Youcai’s help.

Huang Youcai thought it was just something that happened before, so Falcon had to keep a low profile, and he didn’t think too much about it. “Okay, then take a break and start working again later.”

Yang Ming sent Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun back home first, and then he drove to the Song Jiang International Hotel.

The staff at the hotel knew Yang Ming. Yang Ming waved his hand to stop them from ​​greeting him. He went straight to the elevator, went to Victoria’s room, and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” It didn’t take long for Victoria’s voice to come out of the room.

“It’s me.” Yang Ming didn’t expect Victoria to be in the room. He thought, This girl is really good at staying in the room all day without going out.

The door opened naturally. Victoria was wrapped in a bath towel, and her hair was still wet. She had obviously just finished her shower. The short bath towel couldn’t cover anything at all; her white thigh appeared from the bottom. Yang Ming was dazzled from looking at it.

If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have come. Yang Ming was a bit embarra.s.sed; he was in a dilemma.

However, after Victoria opened the door, she did not stand at the door, but she turned and walked into the room.

Yang Ming had no choice but to go in and close the door.

“What’s the matter?” Victoria was so concise every time she spoke. Her thoughts were not complicated. Now, she was Yang Ming’s woman. Yang Ming must have something to instruct her when he looked for her every time.

Yang Ming smiled bitterly. It seemed that Victoria would need some time to integrate into normal life. Her cold personality makes it difficult for her to get along with others.

“This time, I am looking for you to discuss college admission.” Yang Ming said, “I have gotten your new ident.i.ty. Stop using the name, Victoria.”

Yang Ming did not ask Chen Fei to handle Victoria’s ident.i.ty. He did not want Chen Fei to know too much about his things, so Victoria’s ident.i.ty was handed over to Gao Changfu from Mount Jing, who was also inside the Supernatural Investigation Bureau system. He was familiar with this procedure.

The police at Mount Jing didn’t ask much at all. Gao Changfu’s people often changed their ident.i.ties to perform different tasks, so they made Victoria’s ident.i.ty very easily.

Victoria’s ident.i.ty became Gao Changfu’s cousin who came from the remote Mount Jing to seek refuge with Gao Chanfu. Her name was changed to Chen Mengxi. Yang Ming made up this name and didn’t take it seriously.

En ,” said Victoria.

Yang Ming was about to say something, but what happened next so stupefied Yang Ming that his eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell out.

He saw Victoria casually take down the towel on her body to wipe her hair and revealed her naked body in front of Yang Ming.

Ugh …” Yang Ming broke into a sweat. What does Victoria want to do? Is she trying to seduce me? Yang Ming swallowed his saliva. He had to admit that Victoria’s figure was perfect. Those girls who knew martial arts would have such a golden ratio body. w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was such a woman, and Victoria, who was better than w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, was even more so.

Yang Ming tried hard to turn his eyes away from Victoria’s body. Although he turned his gaze, the full angle of the special abilities began to work unconsciously, looking at Victoria thoroughly.

Yang Ming cursed. Motherf*cker, so my special abilities were also lascivious. Yang Ming, the shameless guy, directly blamed his lewdness on the innocent special abilities.

“What happened to you?” As Victoria was rubbing her hair, she saw Yang Ming suddenly not talking. She saw him looking at her with a weird expression. Victoria was baffled.

“You… you just take off your clothes like that in front of others?” Yang Ming stuttered, and he didn’t know how to say this.

“This ah …” Victoria didn’t have so many complicated ideas, but it didn’t mean she was unreasonable. When she saw Yang Ming’s embarra.s.sed look, there was pleasure in her heart. It turns out that this guy is still interested in me. Thinking of this, Victoria suddenly felt complacent.

Victoria was still very confident about her appearance. The previous Bobby also coveted her beauty, and he wanted to make a move on her. It was just that he was too timid; he was afraid that she would kill him in bed, so Bobby had never done that.

Since she had a more powerful master, Yang Ming, Victoria had gradually learned about Yang Ming’s ability, and she devoted herself to him. One could say that Yang Ming had given her a life.

Without Yang Ming’s help in removing the time bomb in her body, she would probably be dead by now. Therefore, Victoria wasn’t as hostile to Yang Ming as she was with Bobby.

This master completely treated her as an equal person instead of a machine or a tool. Therefore, Victoria felt that if Yang Ming wanted to do something to her, she would express unwillingness on the surface, but she was willing in her heart.

Even if Yang Ming used force, she was not his opponent, so Victoria couldn’t resist Yang Ming as she did with Bobby. Moreover, Victoria didn’t even think about resisting Yang Ming.

However, since Yang Ming took her as a subordinate, he almost ignored her. Yang Ming wouldn’t even call her except when he had something to ask from her. This severely damaged Victoria’s self-esteem.

She even suspected that Yang Ming had problems with his s.e.xual orientation. However, after the nights when she protected Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, Victoria completely dispelled her suspicion.

Although Victoria didn’t peek at what Yang Ming and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan were doing inside the cabin, it was enough to know just by listening to it.

Therefore, Victoria was very worried about this. She had a contradiction in her heart. When Bobby wanted her body, she wouldn’t give in no matter what. However, now that Yang Ming didn’t bother with her, she had this idea instead.

Now, Victoria finally understood that it wasn’t that Yang Ming was not interested in her, but he was very good at concealing it.

When Victoria used the towel to wipe her hair, Victoria wasn’t doing it deliberately to seduce Yang Ming. In her subconscious mind, she had already treated Yang Ming as her man; she didn’t think of guarding herself against him.

He was her master. If he wanted to mistreat her, she was helpless even if she discovered it. Yang Ming was different from Bobby. Bobby was a good-for-nothing, but Yang Ming’s skills were more horrifying than hers.

It was because Yang Ming was stronger than her. Victoria would only do the same when she was alone in the room. She casually took off her towel to wipe her hair, but she ignored the fact that Yang Ming was a normal man.

“You are my master; I belong to you.” Victoria did not intend to cover herself in the slightest. She continued to wipe her hair with the bath towel. “I naturally won’t do that in front of others.”

Her statement was very dull. Yang Ming couldn’t get any special hints or temptation from it, but even this plain statement could make Yang Ming’s heart feel itchy.

This was the pinnacle of temptation.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1345 - Disguise / Master

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