So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1390 - The Lancer Family Meeting/ Open Rivalry and Veiled Strife

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Chapter 1390: The Lancer Family Meeting/ Open Rivalry and Veiled Strife

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1535: The Lancer Family Meeting

No matter what, Slade could only pa.s.s up his cravings. However, Thomas might not be able to get away so easily. He had to either give up being the family master, or abandon Goode… It would depend on his decision.

Slade’s old, chrysanthemum-like face broke into a sinister smile after thinking up to this point. This was a great opportunity. If this opportunity had come a little later, he feared that Wich might have already built a strong foundation. By then, even if Thomas were to abdicate, his grandson Wich would definitely take his place as the family master.

But Wich was still young right now. Although he had a good start, he was still a bit inferior to Slade’s mature son, Kevithan. So, Kevithan had an eighty percent chance to acquire the family master position at this moment.

So, Slade didn’t mind firing his first shot before anyone else spoke. He directed his attack towards Thomas. Even though it was a simple question and his words did not imply that he was opposing Thomas, his intentions to take the throne were still clear as day to everyone. By asking if this issue was caused by the b.u.t.terfly Family, he was plainly complaining about Thomas. The Lancer Family had been affected because Thomas’s grandson had provoked the b.u.t.terfly Family.

Thomas’s expression changed slightly as he faced Slade’s question which contained hidden meanings. I knew that Slade was dissatisfied with me from the start. But during this time when the family is in danger, this old man is still thinking about fighting internally. This is really…

“Elder brother, this issue was indeed caused by the b.u.t.terfly Family.” Thomas didn’t deny it, because it would not help the situation even if he denied it. Everyone knew the reason. There was no need for Thomas to justify or deny it.

Hmph, it is indeed the b.u.t.terfly Family. Second brother, the issue this time has nothing to do with our Lancer Family. It is obviously a dispute between the Douglas Family and the b.u.t.terfly Family. Why do we stick our noses into others’ business when it has no relation with us?”

“Slade!” Thomas’s face suddenly turned sour. The way he addressed Slade changed directly from elder brother to his first name. He was fuming. Slade didn’t forget to strike at him even at this moment, “The main problem now is how to solve the issue that our family faces. Why are you mentioning these things?”

“Why do I mention? I just want to say that if it wasn’t for that Goode, would our Lancer Family face its current difficulties? Isn’t this all caused by that Goode?” Slade snorted, “Now something has gone wrong, and he’s fine. What’s the reasoning behind letting the Lancer Family face the problem?”

“Slade! Goode is your niece’s son and your closest relative. How is it not related to our Lancer Family?” Thomas felt anxious after hearing Slade’s words, “Why are you so ruthless?”

“I’m ruthless?” Slade shrugged. “Is Goode’s surname Lancer? His surname is Douglas! None of the Douglas family stuck up for him. Why should our Lancer Family stick up for him? What kind of reasoning is this?”

Everyone went silent after Slade said this. Thomas, who had been clamoring before, also shut his mouth! It was because what Slade had said was right. Why should the Lancer Family stick up for Goode when the Douglas family themselves did not? What was the reason?

Thomas himself knew that he was at a loss in this matter. Any explanation would be futile. It was because he had stuck up for Goode that the current consequences had occurred.

Everyone had their own objectives, including his third brother Lecroft, who had never spoken up. He wasn’t a good person either. He was younger than Thomas by twenty-ish years and was also one of the candidates to be the family master. It was only that he kept to himself and always appeared to be aloof to any affairs that everyone overlooked him.

That was also why Slade didn’t take him seriously. To Slade, Lecroft had no intention to become the family master. Lecroft vowed to be a carefree elder and didn’t want to get involved in any family disputes. That was why Slade’s son Kevithan’s only compet.i.tor was Wich.

However, Thomas knew that Lecroft didn’t fight only because he knew that his situation was weaker than Thomas and Slade. He was born late. By the time he was an adult, Thomas and Slade had already formed their foundations in the family. They controlled many of the family elders and had each formed their own factions. Lecroft would only raise these two guys’ guards if he hastily joined in the battle, and it would be more difficult to achieve his goal.

Once when the three brothers went to sweep their late father’s grave, Lecroft was murmuring something in front of their father’s grave with his back facing him and Slade. Here, Thomas found out an earth-shaking secret!

It turned out that it wasn’t that Lecroft did not want to fight for the position of the family master. He was complaining about why he was born a few years later with too few foundations left for him by his father and the fact that his father had pa.s.sed away before he could fully develop.

Thomas was secretly shocked. It seems that I have spied on my third brother too little in the past! So, Thomas had begun to guard against him secretly since then. After taking these precautions, he had found a lot of little backstabs from Lecroft.

Thomas was very glad that he had discovered this big secret, or else he would have fallen into Lecroft’s trap unknowingly.

Perhaps, Lecroft also realized that this was an opportunity to take down Thomas! He must make sure he hits the bullseye in order to successfully take over as family master before Kevithan.

Otherwise, it would be more difficult to achieve what he wanted when Thomas and Slade became wary of him. So Lecroft was forbearing until this opportunity appeared.

Lecroft also realized that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he resolutely joined the battalion and began to attack Thomas, “Second brother, I think that elder brother is right. This is obviously a matter for the Douglas family. Why do we, the Lancer Family, have to intervene? Is our Lancer Family so comfortable that we need to find trouble to fill up our time?”

Lecroft had always been neutral at family meetings as if he had nothing to do with the things around him. Due to this Slade felt strange that Lecroft was actually on his side this time, and was attacking Thomas along with him!

Slade could not help but be overjoyed after realizing this. He didn’t think much. From his perspective, Lecroft didn’t want to partic.i.p.ate in the family dispute. This time, he must have been obviously dissatisfied with Thomas’s approach, so he spoke up!

After all, Lecroft was also a member of the Lancer Family, and its fate was also closely related to him. It was impossible for Lecroft to not speak up now that the Lancer Family was at stake.

Thomas didn’t expect that Lecroft would choose to oppose him at this time. He was suddenly annoyed and scolded in his heart, You finally couldn’t help it after holding it in for so long? But you are still too tender. How could you be Slade’s opponent? Even if you were to speak up now, you can only be cannon fodder. All the benefits will go to that old man Slade in the end.

“Fine, no matter what, this issue was indeed caused by me. But now is not the time for us to blame someone. Instead, we should work through the difficulty together first?” Thomas said solemnly, “If we can’t get over this matter, the Lancer Family is finished. What is the use of talking about this?”

Thomas’s words seemed to remind Slade and Lecroft. They indeed had to resolve the problem at hand first instead of attacking Thomas. It wouldn’t be too late to plan against this old man after the issue was resolved.

“Hmph!” Slade snorted coldly, “Although the immediate priority is to resolve the problem at hand, I still think that we have to discuss and confirm the next family master candidate after this. Some people are too arrogant and underestimate their opponents. If this continues, the Lancer Family will meet its end sooner or later.”

“That’s true, I agree with older brother’s words .” Lecroft waited for this sentence and quickly seconded.

‘I underestimate my opponents?” Thomas was furious when he heard these words, “The b.u.t.terfly Family is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Apparently, they had good relations with the Buffon Family, but they still showed weakness in the past. Isn’t this laying a trap for us? If you have such good resources, why don’t you go directly to the Buffon Family to buy firearms? Why do you look for our Lancer Family? Isn’t this intentional?”

Although Slade and Lecroft also knew that Thomas was telling the truth, what exactly was the b.u.t.terfly Family doing? It was almost like laying a trap for them. But the two of them wanted to attack Thomas. Even if they agreed, they couldn’t say it aloud.

Chapter 1536: Open Rivalry and Veiled Strife

“If you didn’t provoke the b.u.t.terfly Family first, they wouldn’t have attacked us even if they were a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Slade huffed, “But it is fine as long as everyone understands this. Now we should discuss how to solve the problem!”

Thomas couldn’t help but feel angry after listening to Slade’s words. What do you mean by it is fine as long as everyone understands this? Aren’t you still implying that I’m not fit to be the family master? People make mistakes. Why are you still scrutinizing my shortcomings?

“Since the b.u.t.terfly Family is definitely trying to take revenge on us, why don’t we ask them what conditions they request?” said Lecroft. He also understood that the attack towards Thomas was enough. Thomas’s position as the family master would be in danger after this incident. It would be fine if they managed to solve this problem peacefully, but if the Lancer Family took a major injury, then Thomas could just wait to be abdicated!

“Correct. As long as we make a little sacrifice, I believe the b.u.t.terfly Family will not hold onto us tightly. After all, we can’t fight till death!” said Slade solemnly.

“Who said we can’t fight until death?” It was fine when they did not bring up the conditions from the b.u.t.terfly Family at first. But once they brought up the b.u.t.terfly Family’s conditions, Thomas was furious. These conditions were obviously bullying! Thomas even had the urge to fight the b.u.t.terfly Family until the end.

“Thomas, this is easier said than done!” When Slade heard what Thomas had to say, he couldn’t help but look at him angrily, “Don’t forget, the Lancer Family is not your own family, but our family. Do you intend to disregard the whole family’s well being and fight the b.u.t.terfly Family to the death for a bit of personal enmity?”

“A little bit of personal enmity?” Thomas had bloodshot eyes at this moment. “Do you know what the b.u.t.terfly Family asked for? Do you know what it would take for them to stop?”

“Oh?” Slade sneered, “I don’t know, I would like to know the details.”

“That fellow w.a.n.g Songshan said that he would stop only if I presented Goode’s head to him! There was only this one condition, and no others!” Thomas roared.

The reason why he said this at this time was to let Slade and Lecroft know that he didn’t want to fight the b.u.t.terfly Family to the death, but they were bullying them! In any case, Slade or Lecroft were both Goode’s uncles. They wouldn’t stand by idly if they heard that Goode’s life was in danger.

With that, as long as the three of them reached an agreement, then things would be easy! It was only an excuse to say that they would fight the b.u.t.terfly Family to the death! The reason was that Thomas was certain that the b.u.t.terfly Family wouldn’t want to fight him to the death! Once the Lancer Family disregarded their lives to go against the b.u.t.terfly Family, the b.u.t.terfly Family would definitely take the initiative to compromise!

The b.u.t.terfly Family was like precious porcelain compared to the Lancer Family. At this moment when the winds and waves were in full swing, there was no way they could fight head-on with the Lancer Family. It would conflict with the development of the b.u.t.terfly Family.

As long as this step was taken, and the b.u.t.terfly Family compromises, then things would be easier afterward. The Lancer Family crisis would be naturally resolved.

However, no matter how good Thomas’s wishful thinking was, Slade and Lecroft did not agree with him at all. Instead of being angry, they took pleasure in the misfortune when they heard that the b.u.t.terfly Family wanted Goode’s life.

Slade and Lecroft both thought, This is awesome. Let’s see how Thomas makes his choice! If you were to sacrifice Goode, then we can say that this time’s conflict was in vain. Your position as the family master wouldn’t be easily shaken. But if you protect Goode and sacrifice the well being of the Lancer Family, then we don’t have to wait until the matter is resolved. Your position as the family master will be abolished!

There was a family rule in the Lancer Family that the family master’s actions must be in-line with the family’s interests. If there was a situation where the family would face great losses and the family master chose to decide alone instead of listening to the other elders’ advice, the family elders could abolish the current family master and elect a wiser one.

So, with this family rule in mind, Slade and Lecroft were thinking about how to use this incident instead of saving Goode’s life! What a joke, this person was only a grandnephew. Moreover, his surname was not Lancer, if he died, then let it be. What is worth to be angry about? If this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d hadn’t done such a thing, the Lancer Family wouldn’t have fallen to this position.

“If so, then you must have made your decision, right, Thomas?” Slade asked again in a negative tone.

“That’s right!” Thomas nodded resolutely, “At this time, we must not compromise. Us three brothers must work together to confront the b.u.t.terfly Family to the end!”

“Confront? When did we agree to fight the b.u.t.terfly Family to the end?” Slade interrupted Thomas immediately, “Are you courting death? Knowing that we have a gap with the b.u.t.terfly Family, are you planning to be persistent in your own way?”

“If we don’t confront them, then are we going to accept the b.u.t.terfly Family’s outrageous request?” Thomas felt that something was wrong as soon as Slade opened his mouth. Slade did not seem to support his proposal at all.

“Yes, that’s right. When will we hand over Goode’s head to the b.u.t.terfly Family?” Lecroft also added, “Hurry up and let this issue pa.s.s. The Lancer Family can’t stand the frustration. It’s a troubling event! ”

“Third brother, you-” Thomas widened his eyes and couldn’t believe that his third brother was so ruthless that he didn’t care about Goode’s life or death.

“You, what?” Slade waved his hand, “Thomas, I think third brother is right. So what if a few people are sacrificed for the sake of the family? Besides, Goode is a distant family member? Would we have fallen into this position if not for sticking up for him in the beginning? Therefore, this sacrifice is also a lesson for him. It will benefit him by making him less arrogant in his next life!”

Next life? Benefit? Thomas was boiling in so much anger that his eyes almost rolled over! What next life? Isn’t this nonsense? It would benefit the next life, what benefit?

“Look, it’s up to you. Second Brother, if you can’t do the deed, then leave it to me. Or you can just send him to the b.u.t.terfly Family. It is up to them whether they want to kill or flay him.” Lecroft said in a breezy manner.

“You-Lecroft, what do you mean?” Thomas was so angry when he heard that the two brothers were determined to use Goode as a scapegoat. He pointed at Lecroft, “Let me say this directly, I will protect Goode!”

“You?” Slade snorted coldly, “Thomas, since you are disregarding the interests of the family and pursuing your own interests, then today I announce as the first elder of the Lancer Family, that Thomas’s position as family master will be temporarily suspended. Third brother and I will tend to the family matters as the family elders until you change your mind or choose the next family master!”

“What? You want to abolish my position as the family master?” Thomas finally understood Slade and Lecroft’s intentions! They were borrowing Goode’s problem to coerce him. If he decided to protect Goode, then he had to give up his position as the family master!

Thomas was really a little sad. The family has come to this point, yet these people are still thinking about internal power struggles and how they to a.s.sume the position of the family master! Couldn’t these people be united for once?

But why didn’t Thomas think that if he hadn’t protected Goode alone and occupied the position of family master, how could his older and younger brothers fight with him at all costs?

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1390 - The Lancer Family Meeting/ Open Rivalry and Veiled Strife

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