So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1399 - He is a Dog/ Liu Family’s Liu Huamei

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Chapter 1399: He is a Dog/ Liu Family’s Liu HuameiTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1573: He is a Dog

After checking Xu Xiaobin’s ID card and confirming that there was no problem, he glanced at Jing Xiaolu and her group’s license plate. After confirming that it was from Song Jiang, he nodded and let them go! He couldn’t help but be a little moved especially when he saw the license plate number of the BMWX5 driven by Jing Xiaolu; Song B88B88. These people had the ability to become the company’s partners, so his att.i.tude became better.

“Please go ahead, but you need to follow me to register at the front desk first,” said the security guard.

“No problem.” Xu Xiaobin nodded and took Jing Xiaolu and the others into the company’s lobby.

After making a simple registration, Xu Xiaobin, Jing Xiaolu, and the others were about to take the elevator, but the elevator door opened unexpectedly. Liu Jifei was accompanying a man as they came out of the elevator.

Liu Jifei appeared flattering, seemingly fawning over someone. On the other hand, the man walked in front of him elegantly. This man with his nose in the air seemed indifferent to Liu Jifei’s words.

“Xu Xiaobin, why are you here again? Didn’t I tell you to return to Song Jiang?” The man frowned immediately when he saw Xu Xiaobin after exiting the elevator, “As the manager of the group’s Song Jiang branch office, how can you be absent without leave? You have failed your duty!”

“Vice President Liu… I…” Xu Xiaobin was stunned. When he came to the group’s headquarters and gave the mobile phone recording to Liu Zhenan, Liu Zhenan had deleted the recording. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but after he went back and had Jing Xiaolu a.n.a.lyze it, Xu Xiaobin began to suspect that there was something fishy between Liu Zhenan and Liu Jifei. Seeing Liu Zhenan and Liu Jifei walking together, with Liu Jifei smilingly fawning all over Liu Zhenan, there was a sudden click in Xu Xiaobin’s heart. It seems that Jing Xiaolu is right. Liu Zhenan is inclined towards Liu Jifei. Whatever stabilizing the situation or having internal unity is all nonsense! I was almost fooled by these scoundrels! Thinking of this, Xu Xiaobin was immediately angered in his heart and his tone chilled, “Vice President Liu, these are the people from Song Jiang’s Ming Yang Security Company. They have important matters to report to the group’s senior management.”

“Oh?” Liu Zhenan did not expect that these people brought by Xu Xiaobin were actually from the Ming Yang Security Company, and secretly snorted. This Xu Xiaobin has likely discovered that I was protecting Liu Jifei, and has begun to double-cross me. He actually brought the people of the Ming Yang Security Company to the headquarters to report the situation. What intention does he have?

However, the children of a distinguished family like Liu Zhenan were usually very prideful; he didn’t even put the Ming Yang Security Company in his eyes! While It was true that the other party might be one of the largest companies in their city, it was not worth mentioning in the eyes of the colossus Jiangyan Group. He took a look at Bao Sanli and the others with an arrogant icy gaze and only paused at Jing Xiaolu for a few seconds as she slightly interested him. This is a beautiful woman, if only I can get her on my bed… Liu Zhenan planned to find out about Jing Xiaolu with this idea in mind.

“You are from the Ming Yang Company?” Liu Zhenan asked plainly, “Do you have anything?”

This aloof att.i.tude made Bao Sanli so angry that he really wanted to slap him. This one really deserves a beating. Who does he think he is? However, Bao Sanli kept in mind the overall situation and said calmly, “Vice President Liu, right? I’m Bao Sanli, the CEO of the Ming Yang Security Company. Shall we find a quiet place and talk about it in detail?”

Bao Sanli’s words were very clear. We have important matters to talk to you about. Of course, it is impossible to discuss it while standing at an elevator door. If I really want to show the evidence in public, I’m sure no one would be happy about it.

However, Liu Zhenan didn’t seem to appreciate it at all. Maybe he didn’t understand it, or he didn’t bother to respond. He just said faintly, “If there’s anything, just say it here. I will give you ten minutes. I have to go for lunch.”

“Xu Xiaobin, screw you. You who double-crossed your employer, what intention do you have in bringing people from the Ming Yang Company to the headquarters?” Liu Jifei jumped out without waiting for Bao Sanli and Xu Xiaobin to respond. He was very qualified as a lackey; the moment his master spoke, he ran out to bite, “Do you not want to work here anymore?”

Liu Zhenan naturally found it inappropriate to say such vulgar words. Although he was a petty person, he was very hypocritical in public and would not easily tarnish his reputation.

However, Liu Zhenan appreciated Liu Jifei for speaking up for him and cast him a look of approval. He was satisfied with Liu Jifei as a lackey.

Liu Jifei was stunned by Liu Zhenan’s approval. He was as proud as a peac.o.c.k, “And you, stinky floozy Jing Xiaolu, don’t you know how to behave after getting together with a nouveau riche [1]? Do you think that you are so capable after becoming a vice president? Go to h.e.l.l! Let me tell you, my backer is Vice President Liu Zhenan. It will take only a matter of minutes to screw you over. Do you know who our Brother Nan is? He is the grandson of the group’s chairman Father Liu!”

Liu Jifei had Liu Zhenan’s support, so he was not afraid of Xu Xiaobin, Bao Sanli, Jing Xiaolu and the others. He was even more fearless after knowing that Liu Zhenan had deleted the phone recording in Xu Xiaobin’s hand!

He had a better ability to discern someone’s thoughts from their body language. Previously, he saw Liu Zhenan’s contemptuous glance at Bao Sanli and others; he only paused at Jing Xiaolu for a longer time, and his gaze changed from his previous contempt to desire!

As a man, Liu Jifei knew very well under what circ.u.mstances a man would have this gaze. Liu Zhenan undoubtedly had desires for Jing Xiaolu. Well, since I couldn’t get a hold on this girl, I will let Liu Zhenan, a person with a background, get her. This can be considered as seeking revenge for before! In addition, I have timely pointed out Jing Xiaolu’s background and also won the favor of Liu Zhenan.

Liu Zhenan heard Liu Jifei’s brief account of Jing Xiaolu’s background and even felt that Liu Jifei was a talented person. He has keen eyesight and keen awareness in day to day matters! He could immediately detect that I was interested in Jing Xiaolu, and timely pointed out Jing Xiaolu’s background. It seems that I have to promote him in the future.

After completely throwing away my suspicion of her, it turns out that Jing Xiaolu is only a woman who sold her body for a higher position. This type of woman is the easiest to get. As long as I have something that she has a high interest in, how can I be afraid that she will not run into my arms?

“What are you talking about? Boy, repeat your words if you dare, otherwise, you should apologize immediately. Do you believe that I won’t kill you?” Bi Hai saw Jing Xiaolu being scolded and was immediately unwilling! He knew the relations.h.i.+p between Jing Xiaolu and Yang Ming and knew that he was rapidly promoted to his current position only because Ge Xinyao and Jing Xiaolu were good friends with Lin Zhiyun. Therefore, he would naturally be the first one to stand up when Jing Xiaolu was bullied.

“Who are you?” Liu Jifei squinted at Bi Hai and looked at Bao Sanli mockingly, “President Bao, right? What kind of people do you have in your company? What qualities do they have? They even threaten people?”

“Bi Hai!” Bao Sanli took a deep breath and scolded Bi Hai. The shame they suffered today would be paid back in double. But now, they were in others’ territory. Great plans could be ruined by just a touch of impatience. Yang Ming wasn’t around to handle the situation, so Bao Sanli couldn’t allow any accidents to happen. He could only endure it at this moment, “Vice President Liu, the one beside you is also not a high-quality talent, right? Using swear words again and again, he doesn’t seem to be much better!”

“Ha! Who told you he is a person? He is my dog!” Liu Zhenan laughed after hearing Bao Sanli’s words, “Do you expect a dog to be proper?”

Bao Sanli, Jing Xiaolu, Bi Hai, and Xu Xiaobin were all stunned. They didn’t expect Liu Zhenan to describe Liu Jifei like this! These were words that Bao Sanli couldn’t say. Bi Hai was his brother and friend. Although they had a subordinate relations.h.i.+p, Bi Hai couldn’t be called a dog!

It would be okay if Bao Sanli or Bi Hai were referred to as Yang Ming’s dog because it was not an insult, but a glory. However, Liu Zhenan obviously wasn’t at that level. He was just a fool. Bao Sanli felt that he didn’t even have the qualifications to be Brother Yang’s dog, so he thought that this Liu Jifei was even more foolish for fawning over and courting Liu Zhenan’s favor; he even began to secretly despise Liu Jifei.

As expected, Liu Jifei did not become angry and was just like a dog; he just didn’t bark.

Chapter 1574: Liu Family’s Liu Huamei

Bao Sanli really wanted to curse! But he wouldn’t argue even if he was upset. It’s like arguing with a dog! However, this also showed that Liu Zhenan was not an easy person to deal with. He indeed came from a big family as he could resolve the crisis in one sentence.

“Vice President Liu, do you mean to say that you don’t plan to find a quiet place for us to discuss?” Jing Xiaolu raised an eyebrow. It didn’t make sense to get angry with Liu Jifei, there were more important matters at hand. Moreover, after Liu Zhenan said that Liu Jifei was a dog, Jing Xiaolu was completely indifferent about Liu Jifei’s previous words. Since his owner said that he was a dog, then no matter how loud and unpleasant the dog was, it was just a dog.

“Oh?” Liu Zhenan became interested when he saw Jing Xiaolu finally speak. He sized Jing Xiaolu up and l.u.s.tful desire flashed through his eyes, “Miss Jing, if it is you alone, I can still use a bit of time to accompany you and discuss with you. I should be a little graceful in front of a lady, but the others don’t have the face to interfere with my mealtime.”

“Vice President Liu, what do you mean?” Jing Xiaolu frowned and pretended not to know. But, how could she not notice what Liu Zhenan meant at this moment? However, Jing Xiaolu would never let Liu Zhenan have any opportunity, “Vice President Liu, we are here to discuss important matters, not the so-called demeanor. Since Vice President Liu is not available, then we can discuss it with others. The Jiangyan Group is such a big company, I’m sure that decisions can not be made by only one vice president!”

“Jing Xiaolu, Brother Nan has kindly reminded you, but you are not smart!” Liu Jifei jumped out again. He was really professional as a dog, “Hmph Hmph, I am not afraid to tell you that although Brother Nan is a vice president, Brother Nan’s father is the CEO and the chairman is Brother Nan’s grandfather. It’s useless for you to find anyone. Once you offend Brother Nan, nevermind the Jiangyan Group, you will even find it hard to do business here in Jiangyan!”

“Jifei, since they are willing to find someone else, let’s just go and eat.” Liu Zhenan lost interest and shrugged his shoulders. This was a tricky matter. Liu Zhenan was also clear about the purpose of Bao Sanli and the others in coming here; it was nothing more than to change the contract! Therefore, Liu Zhenan was unwilling to waste time on them. Since they were willing to find someone else, Liu Zhenan couldn’t wait to get rid of this burden. The signed contract was firmly held in his hands. Regardless of how Bao Sanli caused trouble, no one could do anything as long as he did not agree to change the contract. That’s why Liu Zhenan was so fearless.

“Okay, Brother Nan, please!” Liu Jifei ran to open the way for Liu Zhenan. When he turned around, he did not forget to glare at Jing Xiaolu fiercely. Then, he gave a gesture and mouthed to Xu Xiaobin. Xu Xiaobin clearly understood that he mouthed his girlfriend’s name, w.a.n.g Lixia!

“Hoo-” Xu Xiaobin’s breathing became quicker. His fists clenched, and he wished that Liu Jifei could be beaten to death on the spot. However, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to harm Liu Jifei, as he was under the protection of Liu Zhenan!

“If this is Song Jiang, I would have long beaten him until his dad doesn’t recognize him- No, I would even beat up his dad!” Bi Hai gritted his teeth fiercely and scolded as he watched Liu Zhenan and Liu Jifei’s figure from behind as they walked away.

“It seems that Liu Zhenan has no intention to discuss with us face-to-face.” Jing Xiaolu frowned. “The scariest thing is that he used this trick. If he can really sit down and discuss with us face-to-face, I believe we can most likely convince him to change the contract. After all, if this matter is litigated, then no matter if they win or lose, it will still have a great impact on the Jiangyan Group’s reputation. However, he did not give us this opportunity, so he obviously did not put us in his eyes.”

“Vice President Liu has this temperament…” Xu Xiaobin smiled bitterly, “However, the Jiangyan Group might not be united as a whole. Since he does not cooperate, we can still find someone else. Vice President Jing has said this before…”

Now, Liu Jifei and Liu Zhenan’s att.i.tude had pushed Xu Xiaobin to Bao Sanli’s side. Originally, there were some words that were inappropriate for Xu Xiaobin to say as someone from the Jiangyan Group. After all, his enmity with Liu Jifei was personal; it was not to the extent of the entire company. But what Liu Zhenan did today had completely depressed Xu Xiaobin which was why he could say these words.

“Oh?” Jing Xiaolu was stunned for a moment, then said joyfully, “President Xu, you mean that in addition to Liu Zhenan, there are other important people in the Jiangyan Group that we can discuss with to solve this matter?”

Previously, Jing Xiaolu had also collected information about the Liu Family from the Internet, but as it was the Internet; it could not be verified whether the information was true or false. However, with Xu Xiaobin, a person inside the family, she could save a lot of trouble.

“Liu Huamei, the daughter of the Liu Family’s main family, does not get along with Liu Zhenan. I believe that half of this matter will be solved if we can get her support.” Xu Xiaobin said, ” Liu Zheqiao is also a possibility. Although he is Liu Zhenan’s younger brother, the two brothers have always been in conflict.”

“So, let’s go find Liu Huamei or Liu Zheqiao now?” Jing Xiaolu asked optimistically.

“These… These two are not my direct leaders. Although I have met them, I have not spoken to them before. It is hard to say whether I can get in contact with them…” Xu Xiaobin smiled bitterly, “However, I can only try now.”

“I’ve troubled you…” Jing Xiaolu nodded gratefully.

Legal means was the ultimate solution if there was no other way. Jing Xiaolu was not completely sure whether they could win the case or not. After all, the evidence in hand was supplementary; they had no direct evidence. If this lawsuit was conducted in Song Jiang, then with Chen Fei’s support, the Ming Yang Company would have full confidence. However, they were in Jiangyan, the Jiangyan Group’s territory. Whether it was the Jiangyan Group’s background connections or the protectionism of territory, it was beyond the reach of the Ming Yang Company. Even if this lawsuit could be won in the end, Ming Yang couldn’t afford to drag it!

Therefore, a peaceful solution was best. Bao Sanli really did not dare to lightly use the other methods employed by the underworld. The Jiangyan Group’s influence in Jiangyan City was obviously not light. It was simply a dream for a few people to penetrate another territory to do business.

“Excuse me, what is the phone number of Director Liu in the Finance Department?” Xu Xiaobin turned to the front desk and asked the lady there.

“Please wait a moment, Mr. Xu.” The lady at the front desk quickly checked the number, and then said, “The extension number is 6011. Do you need me to connect you to her?”

“Okay.” Xu Xiaobin nodded and took the connected intercom phone from the receptionist.

“h.e.l.lo, this is Liu Huamei.” Liu Huamei was frowning as she looked at the financial statements in hand. This month, Liu Zhenan’s reimburs.e.m.e.nt account had increased significantly. Liu Huamei couldn’t say anything about her elder brother. If it were not for her Grandfather’s strong support, her position as the Director of the Finance Department would most probably have been replaced by Liu Zhenan’s confidant.

Even if Liu Huamei impeded him with this position, Liu Zhenan could always find some loopholes. For example, the vice president’s reimburs.e.m.e.nt account must not exceed one hundred thousand yuan. However, there was no limit on the number of transactions. This had caused Liu Zhenan to report a bill through a few transactions. In this way, he kept control of the power in his hands and directly avoided some bills that originally required the signature of the Financial Director to report.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1399 - He is a Dog/ Liu Family’s Liu Huamei

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