So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1400 - The Psychology of Jealousy/ Secretly Compete

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Chapter 1400: The Psychology of Jealousy/ Secretly CompeteTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1575: The Psychology of Jealousy

Liu Huamei had just discovered this loophole recently. Previously, Liu Zhenan had not been so unbridled and did not violate any rules; it was only in the last month that he began to separate the bill. To say that there is no expert guidance behind this, with my brother’s IQ… Liu Huamei laughed disdainfully.

Does he think that I can’t figure out this low-level method? Liu Huamei decided that she would raise and fix this loophole at the next board of directors meeting, and stop Liu Zhenan in his way.

The phone rang while she was thinking hard about how to exchange words at the meeting. Liu Huamei habitually and politely answered the phone. Although her mind was occupied and she didn’t want to be distracted by other matters, her tone of speech was not affected in any way.

“Director Liu, I’m Xu Xiaobin, the head of the group’s Song Jiang Branch Office. Are you free now?” Xu Xiaobin asked carefully.

“Song Jiang Branch Office? Xu Xiaobin?” Liu Huamei was stunned. She carefully searched for the name in her head, but she did not have any impression of it. I should not have dealt with him before! Moreover, the office was not under her management. In theory, she should have no business relations.h.i.+p with this Xu Xiaobin. However, since the other party had looked for her specifically and he was a person within the group, Liu Huamei would naturally not ignore it, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Director Liu, this is the case. Our group has cooperated with a local security company in Song Jiang. The other party has a lot of dissatisfaction with our company in terms of the contract. They want to discuss it with the senior management of the group…” Xu Xiaobin said carefully.

“Oh?” Liu Huamei had heard about the cooperation the group recently had with a local security company in Song Jiang to set up a new bank escort company. However, why does the other party want to look for me to discuss the issue? I am the Director of the Finance Department and I am responsible for the company’s finances. Even if there is a problem, you should report it to the president or vice president, right?

When he noticed the doubts in Liu Huamei’s words, Xu Xiaobin quickly explained, “Director Liu, are you free now? Some things need to be said in person to make it clear…”

Xu Xiaobin especially emphasized and accentuated the word “in person”. With Liu Huamei’s ingenuity, it was likely not difficult to hear the problems.

Sure enough, Liu Huamei raised her eyebrows unconsciously after hearing Xu Xiaobin’s words, and keenly noticed a trace of peculiarity. Xu Xiaobin, as the company’s expatriate office manager, did not look for Liu Zhenan or Liu Hua to report the situation but looked for her instead. This inevitably appeared peculiar…

“Alright, come up. I’ll wait for you in the office.” Liu Huamei hesitated but agreed. Although she did not want to have a direct conflict with Liu Hua’s side, her uncle and two cousins had been getting more outrageous recently! They even went against her at the expense of the company’s interests. Liu Huamei could not bear with it anymore!

Liu Huamei could understand if this rivalry did not damage the family’s interests. She had become accustomed to it by growing up in such a family. She did not fight for power and remained patient and accommodating for Liu Family’s benefits, but Liu Hua still wanted to crowd her out from the Jiangyan Group. Liu Huamei could not tolerate this!

If Grandpa was not still alive, I would most probably… Liu Huamei sighed. Her father was lying in hospital with his life or death uncertain, and her mother was a delicate woman who shed tears beside her father’s bed every day. The family relied on Liu Huamei to sustain it. Liu Huamei strove for vindication; she didn’t do it for anything else. I am also a member of the Liu Family, and I’m also the eldest granddaughter of the main family. Why can’t I have a place in the Jiangyan Group?

However, the current situation was not very optimistic. No matter how strong her personal ability was, Liu Huamei’s status today was maintained under the support of Liu Jiangyan. If Liu Jiangyan took his last breath today, then it was likely Liu Huamei would be removed from her Financial Director position tomorrow.

Sometimes, Liu Huamei really felt like she was mentally exhausted, but there was nothing she could do about it. She didn’t want to fight for power, she just wanted to get the share that she deserved, but the other party wanted to be ruthless.

Liu Huamei smiled bitterly. If I didn’t behave too strong and talented, would Liu Hua’s people still deal with me this way? But if I behaved weakly, I might not even be able to hold on to the shares, right?

Liu Huamei was keenly aware of something after listening to Xu Xiaobine’s words. What he wanted to report had probably hit the wall through normal channels, which was why he looked for her instead.

Liu Huamei could figure out that Xu Xiaobin was using her discord with Liu Hua’s people to make her help them, but so what if she knew it? If the matter reported by Xu Xiaobin was really a big matter related to the company, then Liu Huamei would unhesitatingly stand out even if she knew that she was being used. This was the fundamental difference between her and Liu Zhenan!

Liu Huamei’s foundation was for the sake of the company! It was fundamentally different from Liu Hua, Liu Zhenan, and Liu Zheqiao. This was one of the reasons why Grandpa Liu Jiangyan supported Liu Huamei! It was not only because of Liu Huamei’s ingenuity. No matter how clever she was, if she was doing it just for herself, then Grandpa Liu Jiangyan would not be at ease giving her the foundation that he had worked hard to create for half a lifetime!

“Dang dang dang——” There was a clear knock on the door. Liu Huamei placed the report in the drawer, then raised her head and said, “Please come in!”

“Director Liu!” Xu Xiaobin respectfully walked in with Jing Xiaolu and Bao Sanli. Bi Hai and the others stayed at the lounge beside the company’s lobby.

They had previously brought many people to prevent Liu Zhenan from playing tricks, but the target had become Liu Huamei. Xu Xiaobin had naturally heard a lot of the company’s rumors about this talented and devoted woman, so there was no need to take so many people up. On the contrary, it would not look good. Liu Huamei would feel that their purpose was not genuine, and it might be disadvantageous for them in this matter.

Xu Xiaobin dared not have the slightest contempt for the little girl in front of him who might not even be twenty years old. Age doesn’t matter, talents come first. Xu Xiaobin carefully began to introduce, “I’m Xu Xiaobin, the head of the group’s Song Jiang Branch Office. This is Bao Sanli, the CEO of Song Jiang’s Ming Yang Security Company, and this is their vice president, Jing Xiaolu.”

“Oh?” Liu Huamei did not expect that the other party was made up of a CEO and a vice president. This lineup could be said to be quite formidable! Liu Huamei had also previously inquired about Song Jiang’s Ming Yang Security company. Although Liu Huamei did not pay too much attention to the company’s tyrannical nature, she did not underestimate them either! Especially since the other party’s individuals were all considered as characters that could make decisions. Liu Huamei quickly got up to greet them. She smiled and stretched out her hand, “Welcome, President Bao, Vice President Jing!”

Liu Huamei would naturally omit the prefix “vice” in vice president if Jing Xiaolu came by herself. But, the CEO of the other party had also come, so it wasn’t appropriate to do so.

Bao Sanli was surprised that the legendary director was a little girl in her twenties, but he did not show it. He shook her hands politely and said, “Director Liu, I’ve bothered you.”

Liu Huamei didn’t feel that anything was wrong with Bao Sanli, but she was shocked when her gaze fell on Jing Xiaolu! It is already a miracle for me to take the position as the company’s Financial Director at the age of twenty. The other person seems to be about the same age as me, but she is already a vice president?

Although the size of the Ming Yang Security Company was much smaller than that of the Jiangyan Group, Liu Huamei intuitively felt that this girl could not be underestimated!

Did this other person also rely on her father to be promoted? However, I can find out about her ability in a while. Nonetheless, it was unknown why Liu Huamei had a faint hostility to the equally beautiful Jing Xiaolu.

This kind of hostility did not mean that she had any opinions about the Ming Yang Company represented by Jing Xiaolu, but only towards Jing Xiaolu herself! This was purely the jealousy that arises when a beautiful and capable woman saw another equally beautiful and capable woman!

Chapter 1576: Secretly Compete

“Jing Xiaolu.” Jing Xiaolu was also a.s.sessing this legendary and genius Miss of the Liu Family! Liu Huamei had dropped out of school and gone home, and was then promoted to the Financial Director position in just a few months. Even if she had a strong family, how could she be placed in such an important position if she didn’t have the ability? Other than those wanting to ruin the company, who would give the position of Financial Director to a young girl? It was the majordomo of the company!

However, Jing Xiaolu didn’t have much jealousy towards Liu Huamei. Jing Xiaolu always knew about her ability. She was almost cheated by Liu Jifei. Although she had evidence in hand now, it still fell short. There would inevitably be lingering fear even if the company’s loss was recovered. Moreover, she was also worried about whether Yang Ming would be furious and fire her as the vice president when he returned.

“Liu Huamei.” Liu Huamei wasn’t boastful; she directly announced her name. Although she knew that the other party might have already known her name, it didn’t matter. Her admiration for Jing Xiaolu was shown through this action!

After they were seated, Liu Huamei informed her secretary to serve tea, and then asked in a hurry, “Mr. Xu, you looked for me to report something, right? However, I want to know why you didn’t directly find the president or vice president?”

Liu Huamei had guessed that Xu Xiaobin had possibly run into a wall with Liu Hua or Liu Zhenan, but she also wanted to know the truth of the matter. She couldn’t be unclear about the situation even if she was to be used as a tool.

Xu Xiaobin knew that his intention couldn’t be hidden after listening to Liu Huamei’s words, so he said with a bitter smile, “Director Liu, I did look for Vice President Liu, but I’m afraid that this matter was supported by Vice President Liu so… ”

Although Xu Xiaobin’s sentence was incomplete, Liu Huamei already understood that there was a possible problem with the cooperation with the Ming Yang Company. Xu Xiaobin came to Liu Zhenan to solve it, but he refused. Liu Zhenan might even be the lead conspirator in this matter!

However, this cooperation was clearly led by Liu Zhenan’s people. How would it benefit Liu Zhenan if it went wrong? Is there any hidden reason behind this?

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Liu Huamei nodded, “Presumably, you brought President Bao and Vice President Jing to look for me because there is a problem with the cooperation?”

Xu Xiaobin glanced at Jing Xiaolu and Bao Sanli, asking who would speak. Jing Xiaolu thought for a while and said, “President Xu, it’s better for you to say it.”

“Okay, let me begin.” Xu Xiaobin nodded. He was one of the parties involved and was also a victim. He took a deep breath and began to narrate.

Liu Huamei gave Jing Xiaolu a glance of admiration and let Xu Xiaobin speak. She would naturally feel that it was fair if the person speaking was Xu Xiaobin, a person from her own company. Otherwise, if Jing Xiaolu spoke, then even if her words were true, it would inevitably lead to the suspicion that the wicked would sue first.

There would be no such trouble if Xu Xiaobin were to speak unless he had already betrayed the company for the interests of the other party. Of course, Liu Huamei could also distinguish right from wrong. She would not be foolish enough to not notice if Xu Xiaobin were to deliberately distort the truth.

“It’s like this…” In fact, the whole matter was very simple. Xu Xiaobin quickly recounted the whole thing; even the situation where Liu Jifei took advantage of his girlfriend, w.a.n.g Lixia, was spoken in detail.

This matter had already been told to Liu Zhenan, so he was not afraid to recount it to other people. Moreover, the recording on the mobile phone could also be presented as evidence, so he did not hide it.

When Liu Huamei heard that Liu Zhenan had actually rejected Xu Xiaobin with such a ridiculous excuse as “no precedent to change the contract”, and deleted the recorded evidence in Xu Xiaobin’s hand, she was immediately angered; her face was terrifyingly somber!

This Liu Zhenan is either a fool or has ulterior motives! Even if this kind of cooperation under unequal interests is really forced to be maintained by a contract, can we count on the other party to cooperate sincerely?

Isn’t this taking the company’s interests and credibility as a joke? Is this Liu Zhenan totally out of his mind? Which one of Liu Zhenan’s various actions in his daily life is not based on his personal interests? Since when did he care about the company’s interests as a whole?

Previously, Liu Huamei had placed importance on Jing Xiaolu, but now, she was a little disappointed with her Although Liu Jifei had used a despicable method that was hard to detect, Jing Xiaolu was still tricked.

Thinking of this, Liu Huamei’s rating of Jing Xiaolu was reduced by a few points. She sighed and said, “Mr. Xu, is there any evidence for this?”

“Yes.” Jing Xiaolu smiled slightly, took out a small voice recorder with an external amplifier function, and pressed the play b.u.t.ton. Liu Jifei’s voice suddenly came out.

“—— Think about it. You have become my lover, so how can I treat you badly?-”

Liu Huamei’s face immediately changed. Naturally, she could recognize Liu Jifei’s voice. Recently, this person had suddenly become a celebrity beside her cousin, Vice President Liu Zhenan.

Liu Huamei had deliberately investigated Liu Jifei for this reason but unfortunately found out that he was only a prodigal child. All he could do was please Liu Zhenan.

I really don’t know how my cousin could value such a fool and let him follow him.

“Wasn’t this recording deleted by my cousin? How is it still around?” Liu Huamei naturally did not forget Xu Xiaobin’s previous words.

“A friend of mine who is a computer expert helped me recover it from the phone’s memory…” Jing Xiaolu said somewhat embarra.s.singly, “At that time, I heard Xu Xiaobin say that the recording was deleted, so I found my friend with the intention to try to recover it. I didn’t expect it to really work.”

Liu Huamei nodded. It seems that Jing Xiaolu is still quite capable. It is not easy to think of this. If it was someone else, they would most likely just regret it and not think of using this method.

“However, this is only supplementary evidence. There is no direct evidence to prove that the contract was falsified.” Liu Huamei took the pen drive containing the recording and put it in her own hands. Then, she looked up at Jing Xiaolu.

In fact, with this pen drive, Liu Huamei was completely confident that Liu Zhenan and Liu Jifei would be attacked on the company’s board of directors meeting. As long as Grandpa gets involved, this contract will definitely be re-signed and the previous contract will become invalid.

However, it was unknown why Liu Huamei always wanted to test the young girl in front of her to see if she only had this little ability. Liu Huamei would feel better if Jing Xiaolu was really just young and beautiful, and did not have an outstanding ability.

After all, as one extraordinary woman had encountered another extraordinary woman, Liu Huamei would definitely feel uncomfortable. The glory that had originally belonged to her had been taken away by another person; no one would feel good about it.

“Of course there us other evidence.” Jing Xiaolu nodded confidently, “Director Liu, I have a fingerprint identification report here, please take a look.”

As Jing Xiaolu was speaking, she took out a doc.u.ment from the doc.u.ment bag, put it on the coffee table in front of her, and pushed it to Liu Huamei.

“Oh? Fingerprint identification report?” Liu Huamei was slightly stunned. For a moment, she couldn’t figure out Jing Xiaolu’s intention in taking out this fingerprint identification report! Liu Huamei frowned. She didn’t directly read the specific content of the report, but she began to secretly compete with Jing Xiaolu.

Since Jing Xiaolu took out such a report at this time, it must be critical evidence in the whole matter. But what is it?

Liu Huamei was lost in thought. She quickly went through the whole process in her mind, but unfortunately found that she still couldn’t guess how the fingerprint identification report was related to the whole thing.

Liu Huamei sighed slightly. It seems that I have lost this round! Although the other party did not know this, Liu Huamei’s stubborn self-esteem was somewhat thwarted. She picked up the report and read it carefully.

As her eyes continued to read, her originally frowned brows slowly stretched out because she had figured out the intention of this identification report as evidence!

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1400 - The Psychology of Jealousy/ Secretly Compete

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