So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1409 - Wait and See/ Infiltrating the Lancer Family at Night

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Chapter 1409: Wait and See/ Infiltrating the Lancer Family at NightTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1593: Wait and See

“Is there any response from the b.u.t.terfly Family?” Kevithan sat in the family master seat in the conference room and asked a disciple in charge of intelligence. This conference room had become the family’s temporary headquarters; any orders that Kevithan gave were issued from here!

Slade, Thomas, Lecroft, and Jetson were also sitting in this conference room. The first three were sitting on the elder’s seat, and Jetson was sitting side by side with Kevithan to highlight his importance.

“Reporting to the Family Master, the b.u.t.terfly Family has not had any special response. They still continue in their own way and have not made any response,” reported the disciple.

“Oh?” Kevithan frowned slightly after listening. How could the b.u.t.terfly Family be this quiet? Didn’t they hear my declaration? “Did they receive the news from us?”

“They should have received it. People in our intelligence department have deliberately spread the news in Ello Town. Unless the b.u.t.terfly Family’s Intelligence Department is deaf or just for show, it is impossible for them to not receive any news,” replied the disciple.

“That’s right, they have no reason not to know. Could they be pretending to be stupid? Or do they not believe that we have this strength?” asked Kevithan coldly.

“This… I’m naturally unclear. Family Master has to make the decision!” How could the disciples dare to guess presumptuously? The current family master was the most powerful in the history of the Lancer Family.

“What about the Buffon Family? What’s their reaction?” Kevithan snorted as he was a bit unhappy in his heart. He had already shown that he was so strong, but the other party acted as if nothing had happened. How could Kevithan not be angered?

“Replying to Family Master, there is also no movement in the Buffon Family.” The disciple said carefully, “However, it is said that Buffon Family’s patriarch is not at home, so…”

“Okay, I don’t think they believe in my abilities. En, maybe they don’t believe in Cousin Jetson’s abilities. Should we teach them some lessons?” Kevithan said as he looked at Jetson. This was the only backbone of the Lancer Family. They would be alright as long as Jetson nodded and agreed to destroy the b.u.t.terfly Family and Buffon Family. Otherwise, no matter what he said, it would be useless if Jetson didn’t support them.

“Kevithan, don’t worry,” Jetson said faintly, “There are rules at our Central; we can’t just simply break the rules of the common world. I’ve already made an exception to come out to help you this time. However, there must be preconditions. The condition is that there must be a situation in which someone is really trying to harm you. I cannot take the initiative to find trouble with someone else!”

Of course, there was one point that Jetson did not say, nor was it necessary to tell Kevithan and the others. It was simply impossible to tell these people about Dr. Benjamin’s ambitions. It might cause some unnecessary troubles if their power was exposed too early.

However, if the b.u.t.terfly Family or the Buffon Family came to provoke them, he would kill them in one fell swoop, so that no one would be able to say anything. Otherwise, everyone would try to protect themselves and collectively resist the “Central” which wouldn’t be a good thing. Although “Central” might not be afraid of these so-called big families, they could not simply ignore their influence.

Kevithan couldn’t say anything after seeing Jetson’s indifference. After all, his family’s only hope was Jetson. If Jetson didn’t take the initiative, then others couldn’t force him either. With his strength, who dared to force him?

“I don’t think the b.u.t.terfly Family will let it be,” After Thomas saw Jetson’s terrifying strength, he quickly adopted the proper mindset and adapted to his ident.i.ty as the elder, “We were too weak before, which is the main reason why the b.u.t.terfly Family despised us and is unmoved! In their opinion, we might be a spent force who is just trying to have a last rampage. They could never think that we have a powerful support in Mr. Jetson. So I support Mr. Jetson’s wish. Once the b.u.t.terfly Family sees that we’re done messing around, and that we do not wish to honor the commitment of surrendering Goode to calm their anger, they will definitely attack us!”

“En, Second Brother Thomas speaks sense,” Lecroft had now completely given up the fight for the family master status. It was beyond his ability to compete with Kevithan, who had such a powerful backer as Jetson. So there was no compet.i.tive relations.h.i.+p between him and Thomas anymore. Their att.i.tudes had also changed from originally doing things their way to prioritizing family interests together. “However, Second Brother, are you really sure that the b.u.t.terfly Family will take the initiative to trouble us?”

Lecroft’s words were not aimed at Thomas, but he was afraid that the b.u.t.terfly Family would give in in the future. If this happened, the chance to teach the b.u.t.terfly Family a lesson would be lost! If Jetson could attack, the b.u.t.terfly Family would not dare to provoke the Lancer Family in the future. The Buffon Family would also not act against them. Knowing that there was a powerful backer behind the Lancer Family, they would not dare to cause trouble to the Lancer Family. In this way, the Lancer Family’s status in the upper-cla.s.s society could reach a new level.

“Hehe, I don’t think the b.u.t.terfly Family will let it be.” Thomas smiled and said with certainty, “Previously, the b.u.t.terfly Family made a solemn vow when they said those words. If they don’t fulfill their promises, they will definitely become a big joke. This will not happen unless the b.u.t.terfly Family wants to lose their reputation. Otherwise, they will not have the face to show up in the upper-cla.s.s society and will be regarded as a laughing stock. Therefore, I think the b.u.t.terfly Family will definitely come to cause trouble.”

“En, what Uncle Thomas said makes sense. Then, we’ll wait and see!” agreed Kevithan. In fact, he was not quite sure whether the b.u.t.terfly Family would look to trouble them, but the key issue at present was that Jetson did not want to take the initiative. There was really no other way than to wait and see. Since Thomas was being so reasonable, Kevithan would step aside with his excuse. Otherwise, his face as the family master would be lost.

“I think the b.u.t.terfly Family’s target is likely to be Goode, so I suggest that Mr. Jetson rest next to Goode’s room, so as not to…” Naturally, Thomas was the most worried about the safety of his grandson. Previously, he was able to give his status away to Kevithan because of his grandson. Therefore, he said these words so that Jetson would protect his grandson, Goode.

“Second Uncle, Cousin Jetson is our family’s honorary guest. It’s unjustifiable to let him protect a kid like Goode, right?” Kevithan frowned slightly after hearing Thomas’ words. He had finally understood the reason behind Thomas’s previous words. It turned out that Thomas wanted Jetson to be Goode’s bodyguard. It was very strategic!

“It’s alright. I’ll stay in Goode’s room!” Jetson waved his hand slightly, saying, “Since I’m here to protect the Lancer Family, then naturally I won’t let any member of the family be injured. Since Goode is the opponent’s first choice, I naturally want to focus on protecting him.”

There was one more thing Jetson didn’t say. If the other party really killed Goode under his watch, how would he have any face? Would Central have any face?

“Mr. Jetson, thank you so much!” Previously, Thomas didn’t have high hopes. What was Jetson’s ident.i.ty? How could he be a bodyguard for a good-for-nothing kid? Therefore, Thomas simply suggested it just to try his luck. He did not expect that Jetson would agree immediately, which made him overjoyed! His speech became choked and excited.

Thomas thought, Jetson is indeed a n.o.ble person. He doesn’t bicker so much. He is such a good guy!

Once Kevithan saw Cousin Jetson agree, he naturally would not say anything to oppose him. He took advantage of the situation and said, “Then, I have troubled Cousin Jetson. This nephew is really blessed. It seems that no one can hurt him even slightly this time around.”

Jetson smiled very proudly in response to Kevithan and Thomas’s praise and grat.i.tude.

Alas, Thomas was right! The people of b.u.t.terfly Family came in the evening. Moreover, it was an important character!

Chapter 1594: Infiltrating the Lancer Family at Night

Jetson stayed in Goode’s room under Kevithan’s arrangement. In fact, Jetson did not tell these people that he no longer needed sleep. The so-called sleep was just a disguise.

Goode was in a state of panic for the past few days. After his grandfather stepped down from the position as the family master, he had already understood how great of a disaster he had made! If I originally bore with it, maybe it would not bring such a big disaster to the family, and it would not involve Grandfather. However, I was obsessed with marrying the b.u.t.terfly Family’s Miss. I didn’t even spare Grandfather’s power in the family to cause a fatal blow to the b.u.t.terfly Family.

However, things had taken a new turn not even a day after all this had happened. The b.u.t.terfly Family had actually found such a powerful backer in the Buffon Family, which scared Goode. Goode was even more terrified when he heard that the other party actually demanded his life in their conditions. When he knew that his grandfather had lost his status as the family master to try to protect him, he was even more discouraged.

Later, two suggestions came from the Lancer Family; one was to surrender Goode to the b.u.t.terfly Family and the other was to protect him. Because of his grandfather’s persistence, he was able to stay put temporarily. This made Goode feel as though he was at the brink of crisis. Who could guarantee that the Lancer Family would not hand him over in the end?

It wasn’t until the arrival of Jetson that Goode felt a touch of security! Although he didn’t see the act with his own eyes, he did see the shattered marble conference table in the conference room. How could this be done by normal strength? He is simply Superman! Hearing Jetson calling himself the Terminator, Goode was immediately full of confidence!

Now that Jetson had said that he would protect him, his life must have been saved. Goode was especially ecstatic since Jetson had insisted on marrying him to the b.u.t.terfly Family’s Miss. This Jetson is really a great person. He saved me in the midst of the crisis, and let me hold my head up high in one go. Goode was full of smiles after throwing away his downcast mood.

I finally don’t have to panic anymore. As a matter of fact, Goode had previously discarded all hope of marrying the b.u.t.terfly Family’s Miss. As long as he could keep his own life, then couldn’t he pursue other women out there?

Just when Goode felt relieved, there was further great news! Jetson wanted to share a room with him! In this way, his life would definitely be guaranteed!

Previously, although Goode was also very confident in Jetson, who knew if there would be any accidents? It was better to be safe than sorry in case someone from the b.u.t.terfly Family came and found him before Jetson could arrive. Then, wouldn’t he be in danger?

Now, Goode was completely relieved. If people from the b.u.t.terfly Family could defeat Jetson and then kill him, he would not feel unjustified even if he died.

A person who could defeat Jetson was not in the same cla.s.s as Goode. If such a person came to take his life, then Goode simply didn’t want to live. He would die sooner or later, so it was better to die early.

In the night, although the Lancer Family could not be said to be brightly lit, there were bright street lights at several major crossings. The Lancer Family’s patrol and security guards were patrolling every corner of the home nervously.

Although these people did not have any ability to defend against the real masters, they could at least intimidate the intruders. Even if they were not the intruder’s opponent, they could still send out signals as soon as possible.

Goode had already fallen asleep. This was the night where he could sleep the most securely. With Jetson the super bodyguard to protect him, what was Goode afraid of?

Jetson didn’t fall asleep at this moment. Although the Lancer Family had prepared a very high-grade bed for him, Jetson lay on it quietly with his eyes closed. He seemed to have fallen asleep, but he was actually awake.

He knew that his physiology at this moment could hardly be counted as a human’s. All that was retained from his previous self was his memories.

It was unknown how Dr. Benjamin did it, but Jetson knew that Dr. Benjamin was a normal person. Unlike them, He was a science freak.

Jetson didn’t know how many people like Dr. Benjamin were in Central; these were not levels he could reach. He only reported to Dr. Benjamin and obeyed his instructions. Jetson knew a bit about Dr. Benjamin’s fanatical ideas, but he was not at all clear about Central’s ultimate purpose.

He had not even met the person in charge at a higher level behind Benjamin. In other words, he didn’t even know their name, but only knew that they exist.

It was also unknown whether Dr. Benjamin had a high position in Central. Or was he just a subordinate? Jetson still didn’t know anything about this. Dr. Benjamin also would not tell him.

This time, it was Dr. Benjamin who wanted to send him to China to help a subordinate named “Falcon”. This person seemed to have a high status in Benjamin’s eyes. So Jetson would go and only a.s.sist and obey the Falcon’s orders; he would not be the dominant one.

This was the first task that Dr. Benjamin had a.s.signed to him. This time, he was able to help the Lancer Family because Dr. Benjamin considered him to have too little experience, and thought it was a good opportunity for him to through experience before going to China. This was why his request was approved.

However, Jetson dared not run away because his body was no longer his own. It would probably be fatal if he tried to escape from Dr. Benjamin’s control. In other words, the Jetson from before had actually died in the hospital. The current Jetson was just another person reborn to serve the Central.

However, Jetson didn’t regret it because he knew that it was a blessing to be able to live. Moreover, this trip was considered as returning the favor to his Cousin Kevithan.

“Someone—” A disciple of the Lancer Family dropped his jaw widely. He was about to call for help, but his mouth was covered. A cold sharp knife was placed on his neck.

“Don’t talk; I’ll kill you if you move.” This man was just a disciple of the Lancer Family. It’s plain to say that he was only a subordinate. What courage did he have? He was immediately startled and didn’t dare to make a sound. He quickly nodded to express his understanding.

w.a.n.g Songshan let go of the disciple’s head and asked, “Where is Goode’s room?”

“In… in the front yard, the second floor of the red villa, the third room from the left…” The subordinate naturally knew Goode’s place of residence, and he had received a strange command from Family Master Kevithan!

From today onwards, if there was an outsider asking members of the family for Young Master Goode’s place of residence, they would have to tell the truth and reveal where it was. Although these subordinates and disciples did not know the family master’s intentions, they would just do it as it was the family master’s commands.

When this disciple heard w.a.n.g Songshan’s question, he didn’t hide the information because the family master had already agreed to let it out; what else could he hide?

w.a.n.g Songshan nodded, then asked, “I heard that the Lancer Family recently acquired a powerful backer. Is this true or false?”

“Yes… It’s true…” The disciple hesitated a moment but chose to tell the truth as Family Master Kevithan had not hidden Jetson’s arrival and had instead told the whole family. It was nothing secretive. The disciple said truthfully, “It is said that Jetson, the cousin of Family Master Kevithan, has come. He is a master, an invincible person.”

Invincible? w.a.n.g Songshan snorted in his heart. He really dares to boast! However, he could understand why the Lancer Family had suddenly become tough recently. It turned out that they had a so-called “invincible” backer!

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1409 - Wait and See/ Infiltrating the Lancer Family at Night

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