So Pure, So Flirtatious So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 145: Find Someone To Screw You Guys Up!

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Chapter 145: Find Someone to Screw You Guys Up!

The hotel had a dining hall. A buffet was served in the afternoon, where it was ten yuan per person. They could choose to accept it or not. Since everyone had just arrived here and wasn't willing to go out, the majority of the people had chosen to eat the buffet here.

Yang Ming, Zhang Bing, and Chen Mengyan were part of this group.

“What do you all want to eat? I can go and grab it for you guys,” Zhang Bing asked Zhao Sisi eagerly.

“It's alright. I can go look for it myself with Chen Mengyan. We don't need to trouble you both.” Zhao Sisi wasn't close to Zhang Bing, so she didn't feel like troubling him.

“Er... about that Zhao Sisi. Then you are wrong.” Zhang Bing just pulled Zhao Sisi aside and said to her seriously.

“Ah? What do you mean by that?” Zhao Sisi felt slightly confused. Why would it be my fault if I didn't want to trouble you?

“En, this was the case. You know of the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan, right? If you let the both of us go and grab something to eat, and you are there guarding Chen Mengyan by yourself, wouldn't that be very impolite? Wouldn't Yang Ming hate you for that?” Zhang Bing said it with some seemingly convincing logic.

“Ah? Really?” Zhao Sisi suddenly felt a bit lost. Was I truly disrupting them? “Then what do you think I should do?”

“The both of us can move away from them and give them some s.p.a.ce together. Stop being their third wheel.” Zhang Bing pretended to not know anything and just held Zhao Sisi's hand as they both walked quickly to the area where food was served.

Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan just looked at one another and smiled bitterly. The reasoning from Zhang Bing was pretty high-sounding! But Yang Ming didn't really understand. Why would Zhang Bing fall for Zhao Sisi? How did I not notice that before this?

Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan took up their dining tray and went to the other side to get some dishes.

Chen Mengyan got herself some vegetables, while Yang Ming kept picking up food like red braised pork belly [1], and slices of fish onto his plate.

Suddenly, there seemed to be some chaos in front of the main food area. Yang Ming frowned because he heard Zhang Bing's voice.

“Please take my tray back. I will go and have a look.” Yang Ming told Chen Mengyan.

“Do you want to go there? For what? Don't create more trouble!” Chen Mengyan was concerned.

“Zhang Bing seems to have gotten himself into some trouble. I must go.” Yang Ming placed his dishes on the counter beside him.

“Then you be careful. Don't get yourself into any trouble.” Chen Mengyan reminded him. She wasn't the type of person who liked to get herself involved in other people's business, but she was also genuinely concerned for Yang Ming.

Yang Ming hastened his steps as he walked there, then he saw Zhang Bing and Zhao Sisi surrounded by a few gangster-looking people.

“What happened?” Yang Ming asked a student who was just a busybody, observing the situation.

“This was the case...” The student summarized what had occurred.

Once Yang Ming had heard about the situation, he understood what had transpired. It seemed that Zhao Sisi wanted to eat the date cake [2], but there was only one piece of date cake left. The green haired gangster's girl also wanted to eat date cake. Therefore when Zhang Bing took the last piece of date cake, the gangster just used his chopsticks to s.n.a.t.c.h the date cake over. Zhang Bing was visibly enraged, he said, “What are you doing? Don't you know the term, first come, first served?”

The green hat gangster saw how Zhang Bing dared to talk back to him and got incensed as well. He ruthlessly grabbed the date cake toward himself while scolding, “You motherf******, let go now!”

If it had been any other time, Zhang Bing wouldn't mind this kind of little thing, but right now Zhao Sisi was beside him. How could Zhang Bing lose this portion? Therefore, he tightened his throat and also clenched on tightly to that date cake with his chopsticks, “Who are you scolding? You let go of your hand now. Do you believe that I can find someone to screw you up?”

“Ha, find someone?” The green haired gangster laughed loudly as if he heard a big joke, “Did I hear it wrong? Did you want to find someone to screw me up?”

“Yes, so what? If you know how to read the situation, you should let go right now!” Even though Zhang Bing had hung around with Yang Ming for a while now, he was still a student who never actually went into society. So he didn't have that ruthless aura like Yang Ming. His vigor seemed to be a notch lower than the opponent.

The green haired gangster had never put Zhang Bing in his eyes. Therefore he just used his force to get the date cake over to his side. Zhang Bing wanted to take it back, but the cake fell to the floor.

The green haired gangster was angry. “Do you want to die!” As he finished his sentence, he took his chopsticks and attempted to attack Zhang Bing.

Zhang Bing's head was fuming. He wasn't afraid of anything now. All that he wanted to do was to have a life and death fight with the green haired gangster. But Zhao Sisi was a bit scared, so she pulled Zhang Bing's s.h.i.+rt and said, “Stop fighting with him. We can't offend them...”

“Hui! There was still a little girl beside you? Still pretty good looking. How about you call me a word of good brother, then I will give the date cake to you?” The green haired gangster smiled lewdly.

“Call your mom! What kind of thing are you?” Another person rushed over and started scolding at the nose of the green haired gangster.

This kind of smarta** definitely wouldn't be Yang Ming because Yang Ming would never be a smarta**. Only Chen Ahfu, this type of person, can be described by a word like “smarta**”!

The term “smarta**” seemed to be perfectly created for you! Yang Ming knew that there was a little bit of drama to watch. It seemed that Zhang Bing was right. This Chen Afu was obviously interested in Zhao Sisi.

“Ha!” The green haired gangster was amused as he looked at Chen Afu. “What kind of f*rt are you? Who didn't tighten their b*tthole that you slipped out from it?”

“Brother, which street are you from? Give us some face!” Bi Yuntao and An Quantao also walked there, with a look that genuinely displayed the essence of brotherhood.

Chen Afu was w.a.n.g Zhitao's follower. If he didn't care for his follower, who else would follow him? This type of logic w.a.n.g Zhitao could still understand, so he nodded his head and sent Bi Yuntao and An Quantao to settle the case.

“Give you some face? Who the heck are the both of you?” The green haired punk was very excited. “Little b****. Do you guys think the way you shape a bad person is to turn him into a good person? Stop taking those methods used by schools to embarra.s.s yourself. Return to where you came from. There's nothing here that has to do with you!”

“He's our brother!” Bi Yuntao pointed at Chen Afu as he said, “ Give us a break. Forgive whatever happened. If you ever need our help in the future, just open your mouth.”

“F***! I give you face, and you don't want it.” The green haired gangster gave him a tight slap, “Who the heck do you think you are? F*** off!”

“You!” An Quantao's face turned dark. But the other three gangsters who were with the green haired gangster surrounded them after being instructed.

“Don't you want to serve justice?” The green haired gangster asked in a carefree manner, “Do it!”

If Chen Afu had not gotten involved, Yang Ming would have gone ahead. But since there was a smarta** like Chen Afu who went over to hype up the situation, Yang Ming was also happy to see how he would embarra.s.s himself. Once Bi Yuntao had taken a slap, only then did Yang Ming appear. Since the person who was involved was his own brother, Yang Ming couldn't just leave him like that. These few students who only knew how to pretend at school would unquestionably not be the opponents of a gangster from society.

Yang Ming was certain that he alone could settle the four of them for a reason. The person at the forefront, the green haired gangster, was the exactly the person whom he taught a lesson to in the detention center! He was the one who fought for a bun with Fang Tian!

Yang Ming didn't really understand why he enjoyed fighting others over food. Was he a reincarnation of a hungry ghost? However, these were all out of Yang Ming's concern. Right now, Yang Ming just wanted to send this guy away. Chen Mengyan was still there waiting for him!

En, it seemed like Chen Mengyan didn't want me to get involved in any trouble. Then it was this brat's lucky day. Yang Ming originally planned to at least beat him up until he couldn't wake up for the next three days.

Once Yang Ming walked over, he picked up the date cake from the floor.

Everyone there was stunned! The green haired gangster was stunned. Zhang Bing was stunned. Chen Afu and Bi Yuntao, they all were also stunned! What kind of song was Yang Ming singing?

Because Yang Ming bent down to pick up the date cake, the green haired gangster couldn't see his face. The green haired gangster was still feeling confused. The moment Yang Ming stood up, he shoved the date cake down the gangster's throat.

“Your mo--- “ The word mother was just uttered halfway, and the date cake had gone into his mouth! At this moment, the punk had clearly recognized Yang Ming's face!

Ai ya my mother! The green haired gangster felt a shock in his heart. He was so near to sitting down on the floor! How did this mad person come here? At that time the scene of how Yang Ming beat up Yu Xiangde was still clearly visible in his eyes! This guy typically kills with his every move!

As he thought about this, the green gangster couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver.

“You really like to fight with others over food, right?” Yang Ming ridiculed the green haired gangster before him. “I have heard that dogs love to do this the most. What's your relations.h.i.+p with them?”

“Small brat, do you want to die...” One of the green hair gangster's underdogs wanted to make a move immediately, but the bald gangster who was in the detention center together with the green haired gangster also recognized Yang Ming. He stopped the other two gangsters who wanted to release their anger.

“Don't... Don't fight with elder brother Yang...” As his words finished, he turned around and said, “Brother Yang, you... you... Why are you here?”

“Is it not ok that I came here for a trip? Is it not ok that I came here for a vacation? What does it have to do with you?” Yang Ming replied to him three sentences, pointed at Zhang Bing and he said, “This is my brother. He said he wanted to find someone to screw you guys up. You didn't believe him?”

-- So Pure, So Flirtatious is a novel translated on Gravity Tales. Please read at the source! Chapter Notes:

[1] red braised pork belly

[2] date/jujube cake

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So Pure, So Flirtatious So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 145: Find Someone To Screw You Guys Up!

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