So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1537 - Manager is Very Amazing/ Killing Yourself

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Chapter 1537: Manager is Very Amazing/ Killing Yourself

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1849: Manager is Very Amazing

“Could I trouble you to call your manager, Mr. Batterton,” Yang Ming asked the receptionist.

“Ah…” The receptionist froze momentarily. She didn’t know why Yang Ming had suddenly asked for the manager. Was he dissatisfied with the service here? However, Yang Ming seemed to know Manager Batterton since he directly called out his name. Therefore, the receptionist did not dare mistreat him in case the guest in front of her had a good relations.h.i.+p with her boss. If she didn’t hurry to report to her boss, her boss would blame her, and that would be unfortunate!

Thinking of this, the receptionist nodded quickly. She said, “Sir, please wait a moment. I’ll give my boss a call immediately!”

“Okay.” Yang Ming just wanted a room, so he treated this receptionist quite well. He wasn’t rude and didn’t have any thoughts about her.

The receptionist walked quickly to the front desk, picked up the phone and dialed a number. It was her boss, Battterton’s, office number.

Batterton was working hard on his female secretary’s body at the moment. He pushed the female secretary onto the desk. He was about to go for the final sprint when he was surprised by his phone’s loud ringtone.

“Blast!” Batterton cursed. Whoever is disturbing me right now should die! As a hotel manager in Las Vegas, he was much freer and happier compared to hotel managers in some poorer cities!

Las Vegas was simply a paradise for the rich. Every year, he earned a lot more money than others just from the hotel’s performance, so his life was very free. It had become routine for him to have fun with women, drink, and gamble in the office.

And most of his staff knew not to call him unless it was important. When his extension phone rang, he initially did not want to answer it. However, he was afraid something important had happened. After all, the International Jewelry Exhibition attendees were staying at the Douglas Vast Hotel. If something went wrong, it would greatly impact the Douglas Vast Hotel’s overall reputation.

“h.e.l.lo? What’s the matter?” Batterton’s voice was very arrogant. He was this hotel’s boss and whoever was calling his extension must be his staff. So, it didn’t matter if he had an arrogant att.i.tude since his subordinates would not dare say anything.

The receptionist was shocked by Batterton’s voice. She didn’t know why Batterton’s att.i.tude was so poor. So, she said carefully, “Mr. Batterton, a guest wants to see you!”

“A guest? What guest?” b.u.t.terton asked impatiently.

“There is a guest who just came to the hotel and may want to stay here, but we have no more rooms available… His friend is in the hotel and is our guest…” the receptionist explained.

“What a mess. I don’t want to see him. Tell him I’m busy!” When b.u.t.terton heard that it was a guest who wanted to stay in the hotel despite the hotel having no rooms, he was so annoyed that he instantly hung up the phone. He said to the female secretary below him, “Don’t worry, baby. I’m here!”

The receptionist held the phone dumbfoundedly. She listened to the busy tone coming from the phone and shook her head. She was in a difficult situation as she was caught in the middle. If the guest wanted to see the boss but the boss wasn’t willing, the guest would be unhappy. At that point, who wouldn’t direct their resentment to her.

“Sir, my apologies. My boss is very busy right now and doesn’t have time. You see…” The receptionist explained to Yang Ming helplessly.

“Very busy? Busy with what?” Yang Ming frowned and said to the phone, “Caique, did you hear that? This Batterton is so busy. He doesn’t have time to see me!”

When Caique heard this, he broke into a cold sweat. He also heard the receptionist’s words from the phone just now. He cursed the a.s.shole Batterton in his heart. If you want to die, just die. Don’t drag the Douglas family down with you!

“Well… Mr. Yang, please don’t be angry. This is just Batterton’s att.i.tude. It has nothing to do with our Douglas family! Please believe me!” Caique explained quickly. He was afraid that Yang Ming would blame him. He hurriedly attributed b.u.t.terton’s att.i.tude to personal behavior. What I mean is every wrong has its cause. Search for the correct person if you get angry, Mr. Yang. Every debt has its debtor, so don’t look for me. Go to Batterton directly!

Oh, you don’t have to explain so much. I don’t want to trouble you,” Yang Ming said lightly. “What now?”

“Well… Mr. Yang, ask the waiter to give Buaterton another call and ask him what he is busy with. If he’s doing nothing, ask him to hurry down!” Caique said.

“Okay.” Yang Ming nodded and said to the receptionist, “Please call your boss again and ask him what he is doing. If he’s doing nothing, ask him to come down just for a while. Someone is looking for him.”

Yang Ming’s words were still courteous because he would not go so far as to cause trouble for the receptionist. After all, she was only a low-level staff member. Why should Yang Ming get annoyed at her?

“Okay, sir. Please wait for a moment. I’ll ask for you right away.” The receptionist nodded and went to make the phone call.

She didn’t know Yang Ming’s background, but hearing him call her boss’s name directly, he seemed to be someone of high status.

Batterton had just hung up the phone but the urgent ringtone sounded again not long after. Batterton wanted to swear. Will these phone calls stop?

“Who is it? d.a.m.n, why do you always call? Don’t you know I’m currently banging a woman?” b.u.t.terton didn’t listen to what the other side said and hung up the phone immediately.

It was just an inside call anyway. The callers were all his staff. Batterton didn’t care.

“Ah…” The receptionist’s face flushed after getting scolded by the boss. She did not know what to do. Regarding her boss’s vulgar words, the receptionist was helpless.

The receptionist walked up to Yang Ming and shook her head, “Sir, as soon as I called, the boss hung up angrily… He said, he said he was…”

The receptionist was a bit embarra.s.sed to talk about this. She whispered, “He said he was doing that thing…”

“What thing?” Yang Ming froze?

“Just, making love…” The receptionist couldn’t describe it using her boss’s language directly and could only use a more implicit word.

Ugh… Alright, you may go. There’s nothing else,” Yang Ming waved the receptionist away and said to Caique over the phone, “Did you hear it?”

“Mr. Yang, I heard it…” Caique was sweating profusely. He already had the impulse to throttle Batterton to death. “Please allow me to make the call. I will personally call Batterton!”

“Alright, you call him,” Yang Ming shrugged and hung up the phone.

“Brother Yang, who are you calling? Also, do you know this hotel’s boss?” w.a.n.g Mei looked at Yang Ming with surprise.

“I don’t know their boss, but I know their boss’s boss. He is the person I just called,” Yang Ming said.

“Ah!” w.a.n.g Mei already knew that Yang Ming was powerful, but she did not expect that he even had friends in a foreign country. He was not an ordinary person.

Caique was so angry. His lungs were about to explode. Isn’t this Batterton too outrageous? Since he was a distant cousin of an elder in the family, Caique didn’t say anything regarding his placement in a place as lucrative as Las Vegas. However, you can’t go too far right? Isn’t offending Yang Ming pus.h.i.+ng the entire Douglas family into the fire pit?

Because Batterton was a mere relative of the Third Elder, Caique decided to quickly get in touch with the Third Elder. After all, although he was the Family Master, he could not underestimate the power of the few elders. He should at least show them some face on the surface.

He dialed the Third Elder’s phone number. The third elder’s voice sounded, “Family master, is there anything wrong?”

Today was not a day for family discussions. Generally, if there were no special circ.u.mstances, the family master would not call him. Thus, the Third Elder reduced the volume of the television channel he was watching and asked.

“Here’s the thing, Third Uncle. I have something to tell you in advance. I’m going to replace that Batterton from Las Vegas and give him the harshest punishment!” Caique said.

“What? Family master, what do you mean? What’s wrong with Batterton? Why do you want to punish him like this? Don’t forget, he is also your distant cousin!” The Third Elder’s voice suddenly sank. He thought Caique was going to replace this lucrative position with one of his own people.

“He offended someone he shouldn’t and cannot offend,” Caique said lightly.

Chapter 1850: Killing Yourself

“Even if he offended you, you can’t do this! Are you not giving me face anymore?” The Third Elder was furious and roared fiercely. He thought Caique was being a bully, Even the Family Master can’t do this right?

“If he offended me, of course, I will give you face. However, Third Uncle, the person offended by Batterton may not give you face,” Caique said with a hmph. He only informed Third Uncle in advance out of respect. Otherwise, he would have done the deed immediately.

“So, it wasn’t you who Batterton offended? Are you sticking up for outsiders?” The Third Elder became even angrier when he heard what Caique said. If Batterton offended Caique, then he couldn’t say anything if Caique, the Family Master, wanted to deal with Batterton. After all, the Family Master was the supreme authority in the family. No matter what the punishment for offending the Family Master was, it was not enough!

However, the key issue was that b.u.t.terton seemed to have offended someone else. Yet, Caique wanted to stick up for an outsider and deal with b.u.t.terton. Isn’t this clearly not giving me, his Third Uncle, face?

“What about it?” Caique said coldly. “Okay, I need to respond to Mr. Yang quickly. if he gets anxious, b.u.t.terton will probably lose his life.”

“Mr. Yang?” The Third Elder froze.

“Yang Ming, Mr. Yang! Your distant relative offended Yang Ming, and I don’t want him to affect our Douglas Family.” Caique was very unhappy with his Third Uncle’s previous questions. So, he deliberately said, “Third Uncle, if you insist on protecting Batterton, then I will speak with Mr. Yang. However, I’m sorry that I can only say that it is your personal att.i.tude, and has nothing to do with the family! As you know, as the Family Master, I must consider the interests of the entire family!”

What Caique meant was already very obvious. That was, if you are tired of living and want to die, you should die alone and bury yourself alongside Batterton. However, don’t pull down the rest of the Douglas family. We no longer have any relations.h.i.+p!

The Third Elder, of course, knew Yang Ming’s name. Not only did he know him, but he dreaded the name! Goode’s death and the Lancer family’s downfall were still vivid in his memory. He did not expect that Batterton would provoke Yang Ming! He must really think his lifespan was too long. The Third Elder decided he wouldn’t mingle in this. Idiot! As if he would protect the person who offended Yang Ming? If it ended up badly, it would even drag the whole Douglas family down. That would be even more awful!

Thinking of this, the Third Elder hurriedly said, “Family Master, this Batterton is really too ridiculous. Just deal with him as you please. If I see him, I will punish him severely!”

Caique sneered secretly. Weren’t you very strong before? You even yelled at me. Why are you so weak now? However, Caique was pressed for time and too lazy to talk nonsense with the Third Elder. He merely said, “En, I’m going to give this fellow, Batterton, a call.”

The Third Elder quickly nodded and agreed.

After Caique finished calling the Third Elder, he dialed Batterton’s office number.

Batterton was going crazy. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing yet? Did I unleash my rage for nothing just now? Why does it seem that these staff don’t know how to take a hint? I have to take care of this. These people interrupted my pleasure time!

However, despite his increasing annoyance, the ringing of the phone was incessant. It wasn’t going to stop until he answered. Batterton had no choice but to pick up the phone.

The internal and external telephones in the office were placed side by side and were very close to each other. Because of his current irritation, he subconsciously a.s.sumed that this call was also made through the internal line like the previous two calls. Batterton picked up the phone directly and yelled, “Do you want to die? Blast! Didn’t I just say that I’m having fun with a woman? What’s the matter?”

Batterton couldn’t be blamed for being furious. After these past few calls, he had become a little flaccid. When people reached middle age, they were most afraid of this. This was why Batterton got more annoyed every time.

“Batterton, why are you so bold? Why does it seem that you have disregarded the family rules and discipline?” Caique sneered. This Batterton could also be regarded as a peripheral member of the Douglas Family and typically had to abide by the Douglas Family’s rules.

“Who… Who are you?” b.u.t.terton was stunned by the roar over the phone and asked with uncertainty.

“I’m Caique,” Caique said coldly. “Why are you so bold? I asked you to come down but you refused. I asked the waiter to ask you twice, yet you still refused. I think you must want to have a taste of the family rules?”

The Douglas Family had started their fortune in their underworld, so their family rules still retained some of the underworld traditions. Those who violated the family rules were severely punished. Even If it was a light offense, it would be a beating. If it was a severe offense, it wouldn’t be uncommon to break limbs or beat them to death.

Therefore, Caique’s words made Batterton sober all of a sudden. The cold sweat on his forehead also trickled down. He pushed the woman in front of him aside. His voice began to tremble. “Family Master… I… I’m sorry. Don’t get angry, I… I just couldn’t control myself with my girlfriend just now…”

“Bulls.h.i.+t. You already have a wife and children. What girlfriend?” Before calling, Caique had casually looked through Batterton’s details. He knew b.u.t.terton’s life well, which was why he called the Third Elder in advance to inform him.

“This…” Batterton was a little embarra.s.sed to see his lie exposed. “Family Master, are you downstairs? I’ll go down to meet you…”

“I’m not there. There is an important family guest downstairs. There are no more guest rooms. Give him the best room reserved for our Douglas family!” Caique commanded. “Let me tell you, once this matter is settled and the gentleman is satisfied, I’ll let this go. Otherwise, you will not be able to afford the consequences even with your death!”

“Yes, yes!” Batterton immediately agreed when he heard that there was a chance to turn things around.

The reason why Caique did not deal with Batterton directly was because he still needed to host Yang Ming after all. He must first ask Yang Ming’s thoughts. If Yang Ming was satisfied with Batterton, then he would forget it. If he was not satisfied, then Batterton should prepare for death.

He didn’t dare to make this decision himself because he was afraid Yang Ming would blame him for being a busybody.

Batterton wiped the cold sweat from his head and hurriedly pulled up his pants. He rushed out of the office. This regret in his heart was all because of this femme fatale! If he had gone downstairs after the receptionist downstairs made the first call, there wouldn’t be so many issues!

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world. He could only do his best to make up for it. He hoped that this so-called family guest could spare him some nice words in front of Caique. Otherwise, he was definitely finished!

Light punishment would be being relieved from his post and summoned back home to do nothing; heavy punishment would be… Just thinking about it made Batterton break out into a cold sweat.

“Dear, don’t leave. Shall we continue…” The female secretary didn’t know what had happened and said in a soft voice when she saw b.u.t.terton leaving.

“Go away. If it weren’t for you, would I be in this mess?” b.u.t.terton pushed away his secretary and rushed downstairs.

As soon as the elevator door opened, b.u.t.terton rushed to the lobby on the first floor. He looked around and saw the receptionist. He hurriedly pulled her aside. “Where is the guest? Where is the Family Master’s important guest?”

“Ah?” The receptionist suddenly froze. What important guest? What Family Master? What’s going on? What happened to the boss? So she said, “Boss, who are you talking about..”

Batterton was too lazy to explain this nonsense and let go of her. He began to look around in the lobby.

Yang Ming saw a fat man rush down from the elevator and hurriedly asked a lot of questions. He then confirmed that this person was the hotel manager, Batterton. Thus, he asked Batterton, “You are Batterton, right?”

Ah!” Batterton looked up at Yang Ming, but he did not expect to see a foreigner. However, since the foreigner knew him, then he should be the important guest that the Family Master mentioned. Therefore, a charming smile immediately appeared on Batterton’s face. “Sir, I’m Batterton. You must be Family Master Caique’s important guest?”

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1537 - Manager is Very Amazing/ Killing Yourself

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