So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1549 - Caique Gloats at Other’s Misfortune/ What Are You Looking For

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Chapter 1549: Caique Gloats at Other’s Misfortune/ What Are You Looking For

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1873: Caique Gloats at Others’ Misfortune

“Gather some men?” Yang Ming said dismissively, “I appreciate your kindness, but I will handle it myself.”

Yang Ming naturally understood Batterton’s thoughts. Batterton wouldn’t be able to say these words if he didn’t have Caique’s support. But Caique knew Yang Ming’s strength and understood that Yang Ming didn’t need his help at all. The purpose of ordering Batterton to say this was just to express his friendliness.

Ah… Okay. So what should I do now?” Batterton didn’t know why Yang Ming was so persistent. Nancheng Casino’s power is not weak. Even if I gather my men, I may not be their opponent. Can Yang Ming go against Govisik by himself?

In fact, Batterton was not willing to offend Govisik because Govisik’s power in Las Vegas was obviously greater than that of Douglas Vast Hotel. Batterton didn’t want to provoke him.

Since Yang Ming doesn’t want me to partic.i.p.ate, it is clear that he is excluding me from this matter. So regardless of the outcome, I will have nothing to do with it.

Thinking of this, Batterton felt very grateful deep in his heart. He felt that Yang Ming was a good person. At least he was lenient.

“Who called you? Call him back and tell him that three hours have pa.s.sed and twenty-one hours is remaining. Ask their family master to come and meet me within these twenty-one hours. Otherwise, they will bear the consequences,” Yang Ming told Batterton.

“This…” Batterton listened to Yang Ming and was dumbfounded for a moment.

“You don’t have to worry that he will target you. Just tell them that I asked you to convey this message when you looked for me!” said Yang Ming.

“Mr. Yang, I’m not really afraid of him even though our Douglas family is not as powerful as their Nancheng family in the city of Las Vegas. However, if you make me pa.s.s on these words, it will definitely infuriate him…” Batterton expressed his concern tactfully, “Mr. Yang, I don’t know how good your skills are, but there is a saying that goes, ‘few are no match for many’. You are alone, and there are so many of them… I’m afraid that there will be an accident!”

Hehe, it will be fine. You can just do as I said!” Yang Ming knew that Batterton simply said this out of kindness, and was not looking down at him. However, Yang Ming had a plan.

Seeing Yang Ming’s resolute att.i.tude, Batterton had no choice but to agree before hanging up the phone. Batterton hesitated for a while, and then decided to call the family master, Caique.

Although Caique said before that I can take full charge of handling the matters here, Yang Ming does not need my help at all. If something happens to Yang Ming, it will be hard for me to explain to the family master!

So after pondering about it repeatedly, Batterton decided to call Caique and report to him what happened here.

“h.e.l.lo? Batterton, how is it going?” Caique saw that it was a call from Batterton and answered it without hesitation.

“Family master, I want to report something to you!” Batterton said carefully, “It’s like this. Mr. Yang said that he doesn’t need any help from me, but he asked me to pa.s.s on a message to Govisik.”

“What is the message?” asked Caique. Caique had foreseen that Yang Ming wouldn’t need his help. It would just be a matter of seconds if Yang Ming wanted to exterminate his Douglas Family. Why would Yang Ming need his help? It would already be great if Yang Ming didn’t think that he was blocking the way!

“Mr. Yang asked me to tell Govisik to tell their family master to come and see Mr. Yang within twenty-four hours. Otherwise, they will bear the consequences!” said Batterton.

Oh? Really? Hahahaha!” Caique couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he heard this.

“Family master, what are you laughing at?” Batterton felt a little strange. Isn’t Mr. Yang a friend of the family master? Why is the family master laughing mockingly at Mr. Yang? In fact, Caique was laughing mockingly indeed, but he was not laughing at Yang Ming. Instead, he was laughing mockingly at the Nancheng Family.

Hahaha. It’s hilarious. The Nancheng Family is going to be destroyed soon. It is funny that these fools still don’t know what kind of person they have offended. How pitiful! how sad!” lamented Caique. “I would apologize quickly if it was me. How dare they even send people to provoke him? Haih, it can’t be helped that they have pea-sized brains!”

“Family master, what are you talking about?” Batterton was bewildered and confused by Caique’s words.

“Nothing. It’s just that the Nancheng Family is doomed. You don’t have to worry so much. You just do whatever Mr. Yang said!” Caique commanded.

“Yes, family master. I understand now!” Batterton dared to carry out Yang MIng’s task after getting the affirmation from Caique.

After Caique hung up Batterton’s phone, he said to the several family elders beside him with a smile, “I’m not sure how the Nancheng Family provoked Yang Ming, this malefic comet [1]. I guess they are probably doomed!”

Haha, is that so? That’s good news indeed!” One of the elders was so delighted that he roared with laughter immediately after listening to Caique’s words! His grandson was previously in a conflict with a son of the Nancheng Family. As a result, the elder had no choice but to bring his grandson to apologize to the Nancheng Family because they were so powerful. Plus, he even paid a huge sum of money to settle things.

Although the elder taught his grandson a lesson, he held a grudge against the Nancheng Family at the same time. When he heard that the Nancheng Family had actually provoked Yang Ming now, he was overjoyed! Indeed, justice always prevails. Although I dare not provoke the Nancheng Family, some other people definitely dare to! And Yang Ming can definitely afford to provoke them. Perhaps this will be the end of the Nancheng Family.

Several other elders naturally knew the grudge between this laughing elder and the Nancheng Family, so they all laughed together. After all, the Nancheng Family and the Douglas Family crossed each other in many businesses, and they had a compet.i.tive relations.h.i.+p. After the Nancheng Family was wiped out, the Douglas Family would naturally be one of the beneficiaries.

“Family master, I think we should maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with Mr. Yang. Then if any family dares to provoke us in the future, we can use the name of Mr. Yang as a s.h.i.+eld!” suggested an elder.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Caique glared at him, “Do you think Mr. Yang is a man who works as a hitman for others? Don’t be whimsical or else you will cause unnecessary trouble!”

The elder felt that Caique’s words made sense after hearing them. If Yang Ming knew that we used his name to teach others a lesson, he would definitely find our family and get even with us first.

“Family master, I was just saying it casually…” The elder quickly shut up.

“Okay, our relations.h.i.+p with Mr. Yang is considered fine now. Although there were some misunderstandings in the past, I contacted Mr. Yang several times and gave him some benefits. It can be seen that Mr. Yang is not an ungrateful person!” Caique said, “Take for example what happened to Batterton this time. Mr. Yang spared him. In fact, he didn’t embarra.s.s Batterton! Actually, he was courteous to us, Douglas Family. At least our relations.h.i.+p now is pretty harmonious. That is enough!”

Caique’s words made the elders nod in agreement.

After Batterton hung up on Caique’s phone call, he called Govisik.

“Mr. Batterton, how is it? Is there any news? Is that person currently staying in your hotel?” Govisik had been waiting for Batterton to call back. He had already contacted the Guillotine Gang’s boss. They would send a team of people to catch Yang Ming later!

In fact, the Guillotine Gang’s boss was just a spokesperson for Govisik. Govisik was just hiding behind the scenes.

“Mr. Govisik!” Batterton smiled bitterly, “I was about to tell you about this! After my inquiry, that Yang Ming you mentioned is indeed staying in our hotel. I was afraid that he would run away, so I sent some men to surround his room first. However, he seemed to realize my intentions, so he told me that he would not even attempt to escape. Besides, he also asked me to pa.s.s on a message to you, saying that there were only twenty-one hours remaining out of the twenty-four hours. He asked the family master of your Nancheng Family to come to the hotel to meet him within twenty-one hours. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences! ”

Batterton was afraid of Govisik interrupting him, so he finished what he had to say in one go. He had already fabricated the excuses previously. It would be a bit abrupt to directly pa.s.s on Yang Ming’s message, so he used the previous excuses.

Chapter 1874: What Are You Looking For

“This kid has quite an arrogant tone, huh?” Govisik heard Batterton’s words, but he didn’t care as Smith had already said something similar when reporting to him previously. So Govisik was not surprised when he heard it for the second time.

As for Batterton’s somewhat c.r.a.ppy reasons previously, Govisik didn’t give it much thought. He didn’t suspect anything.

“Yeah, that’s what he said! He also told me not to meddle in this, or else he wouldn’t be polite!” Batterton smiled wryly, “Mr. Govisik, as you know, I’m in the hotel business. Naturally, I am not very dominant. I dare not offend such a person! ”

En, I got it. Since that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about it then. I’ll settle things with him!” said Govisik.

“Alright, I was afraid that he would mess with me, so I changed him to the luxurious VIP room on the top floor. After you come, you can go to him!” Batterton said, “He’s in room one.”

En, I got it.” Govisik was laughing at him secretly. Isn’t this Batterton too much of a coward? A few words was enough to scare him to this extent. Not only did he dare not do anything, he even changed him to the best private room.

“Okay, I won’t get involved in this matter,” Batterton expressed his att.i.tude.

Govisik said in his heart. It’s great that you do not want to intervene. Now that you don’t care about your hotel, I can do things as I wis.h.!.+

Upon hanging up, Govisik dialed the number of ‘Headless Wolf’, the Guillotine Gang’s boss. This ‘Headless Wolf’ was just a nickname. He was an Indian and was usually responsible for the Guillotine Gang’s daily affairs. In fact, he was the spokesman for Govisik.

“Headless Wolf, send some men to the Douglas Vast Hotel to catch Yang Ming for me now!” commanded Govisik. In his opinion, this matter would be effortless.

“Yes, Mr. Govisik!” Headless Wolf was extremely respectful of Govisik. Although the Guillotine Gang had some shady income, how could this meager shady income be sufficient when they constantly needed to recruit new members to expand. It was not even enough to cover the usual expenses. If not for Govisik’s support, the gang would have been gobbled up by other gangs.

Headless Wolf was still very excited to be the leader of a rapidly growing gang. He felt that he must execute everything Govisik requested properly in order to win Govisiks’s trust and support. This would allow him to stay in this position.

After receiving Govisik’s order, Headless Wolf ordered his confidant, Mike, to take ten men with him in two minivans and charge towards the Douglas Vast Hotel.

In his opinion, it was more than enough to send Mike to catch someone. Mike was his confidant who held a very important position in the gang. Mike was also a team captain under him.

All of them wore black suits and white gloves. The Guillotine Gang had sufficient funds, and Govisik also paid more attention to these external things. Therefore, the appearance and style of these men were comparable to those of the first-cla.s.s international gangs.

The car stopped at the entrance of the Douglas Vast Hotel, and Mike walked into the hotel’s lobby in casual clothes, followed by ten burly men.

After Batterton finished the phone call just now, he came downstairs and stood in the hotel lobby to wait for Govisik’s men to arrive. Batterton’s nerves suddenly tensed when he saw a young man dressed in casual clothes walking in with ten macho men behind him.

He knew this Mike person. He was a confidant of the Guillotine Gang’s boss, Headless Wolf. Batterton had seen him before at a banquet previously.

“Mr. Mike, you are here?” Batterton greeted him immediately.

En, the boss asked me to catch someone. I hope Mr. Batterton will excuse me.” Although Mike said polite words, his expression was still cold.

“It’s alright. I have already said that I won’t get involved in this matter.” Batterton didn’t really care. After all, these people were not good people, so their att.i.tudes didn’t matter.

“Where is the man?” asked Mike.

“He is on the top floor of the hotel, private room one.” Batterton said, “You can go up using the elevator over there.”

“Okay, I got it. That’s all for you here.” Mike waved his hand and brought his men into the elevator.

Looking at the slowly rising elevator, Batterton breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly picked up the extension phone at the front desk to dial the number to Yang Ming’s room.

“h.e.l.lo? Is this Mr. Yang? I’m Batterton. Govisik’s men are here. It’s the Guillotine Gang people. A man named Mike is leading a team of ten men toward you!” Batterton reported to Yang Ming.

En, I got it. Thank you,” Yang Ming said lightly.

After speaking, Yang Ming hung up on Batterton’s phone call and dialed the phone in room three where Golden Bull was staying.

“Golden Bull, it’s me.” Golden Bull did not speak after receiving the call, so Yang Ming spoke first.

“h.e.l.lo boss!” Golden Bull replied immediately. He had always been cautious when going out. So when he answered the phone, he would not speak until he knew the ident.i.ty of the other party.

“Ten men are coming toward us… En, eleven men. Please go and deal with them. Then come and see me with the leader,” Yang Ming instructed Golden Bull.

“Yes, boss!” Golden Bull received the order and walked to the room door. He started watching the movement of the corridor outside through the door’s peephole.

After a while, Golden Bull heard the sound of the elevator door opening, followed by a series of footsteps. He saw a young man in casual clothes walking towards him followed by a few macho men dressed in black.

Golden Bull opened the door of his room and walked out.

Mike was also surprised when Golden Bull came out of room three suddenly. He had seen Yang Ming’s photos before, and he knew that Yang Ming was in room one. The man coming out of room three was definitely not Yang Ming.

But Mike still asked, “What are you trying to do?”

Golden Bull laughed. I haven’t asked him yet, but he asked me first.

“I’m waiting for you here,” Golden Bull said lightly.

En?” Mike froze, and then felt something was wrong. He frowned and made a decision. No matter what this man is trying to do, I should subdue him first. So he waved, “Catch him first!”

The ten macho men in black heard the order and gathered around Golden Bull.

Golden Bull sneered. These guys dared to take the initiative to attack me? Golden Bull moved his body instantly. A bright dagger appeared in his hand out of nowhere, and he weaved back and forth between these macho men speedily.

In the blink of an eye, the few macho men all received slashes on their necks, and fell straight to the ground. Yang Ming’s previous instruction was very clear. It was to clear the incoming men, leaving only the leader.

Since he needed to clear everyone and leave only the leader, that meant he needed to kill everyone else. So Golden Bull showed no mercy when he attacked, leaving Mike alone.

All of these macho men had brought pistols, but Mike had asked them to subdue Golden Bull previously. In their opinion, Golden Bull was alone, and they had ten people on their side. They could surely catch Golden Bull without using their pistols.

The tragedy was that they were killed by Golden Bull before they could even touch their guns.

“You… Who are you? What are you trying to do?” Mike’s facial expression changed instantly. It was not that he had not seen dead people before. When he fought for territory with his men, he had seen way more gruesome scenes than this. But he had never seen a person who could kill ten people instantly without the slightest injury!

However, Mike was not a fool. Although he was afraid, Mike’s hand quietly touched his waist while he spoke. He was prepared to pull out his pistol quickly! In his opinion, even if this man was so powerful, he was not an opponent of a pistol, right?

But at the next moment, Mike’s face became even more distressed and pale! Because when he touched his waist, he couldn’t feel his pistol!

Where is my pistol? Didn’t I bring it? No, I checked it before I set off. Everything was fine! Did it fall in the car on the way?

Without his pistol, Mike lost his life-saving trump card. All of a sudden, cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

“What are you looking for?” Golden Bull asked Mike.

[1] Malefic comet is a Chinese belief that a certain someone is the curse of a person as though he is the person’s natural nemesis that will bring disasters to the person.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1549 - Caique Gloats at Other’s Misfortune/ What Are You Looking For

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